Welcome to Archives

Archives is a project whose aim is to serve as a "public library" of sorts, only that Archives contains documents specifically relating to real vampyres/vampires and Psionics as opposed to "general" reading material. These may be from online resources such as websites (as most of it currently is), or may be transcribed from written works into a digitally presentable media.

All material within Archives is viewable on the Web just as easily as any typical web page. There are no downloads necessary, and this is how it shall always remain.

A unique feature of Archives is how authorship is handled. Many sites will have one or two authors writing material, or even many authors writing material but publishing under the organization's name. As Archives serves simply as a medium of information, authors are given utmost importance. Credit is given immediately in the presentation of documents, while if a reader wishes to read more from a specific author this is easily accomplished – simply click on the author's name. The landing page provides the author's website (if applicable), contact information, and all works written by him/her currently listed in Archives. In this way, writers who create quality material are much more likely to receive readership than those who write just for the sake of writing.

One goal of Archives is to create a type of "peer review system." There are many, many, many "real vampyre/vampire" articles floating around out there. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, while others are just plain...well...out there. By implementing a system of peer-review, trusted individuals will be able to "Rate" an article through a review process where the author can receive feedback from the reviewers regarding any questions/concerns/suggestions that may arise. This allows authors a chance to receive quality feedback from colleagues, while allowing readers to know if what they are reading might be good material, or if it is good material. In additions to receiving a "stamp of approval" (so to speak) after being reviewed, the approved document will be automatically formatted for the Web and added to Archives, taking care of the painstaking process of actually getting people to read their work by posting it on Archives where it will be exposed to a much larger audience than most personal websites/blogs.

It is my hope that all who browse the pages of Archives finds at least something of use to them. Anybody who has a question, suggestion, or concern is encouraged to submit them to subm...@awakeanddrink.org.