The Awakening. A confusing time for many, it is when an individual begins to learn of their vampy(i)ric nature.

Riddled with the countless challenges that the Awakening brings, in addition to trying to keep some semblance of normalcy in one's life, this marks what will probably be remembered by the individual as one of the hardest points of their life. Unsure of what they are and who they are; fighting urges galore, any amount of help is welcome while going through this stage of life. Hopefully the below articles will be of assistance to those individuals who are currently going through this point in life.

  • Am I a Vampyre?
    • "Hey Zane, am I a vampyre?" Well, to be completely honest with you, you're probably not if you're asking me, but I'll err on the side of caution and assume that maybe a few of you who ask this questioin are, indeed, vampyres. For those curious about the answer to this, I've created a sizable list of things to consider when asking this question.
  • Coming Out of the Coffin
    • Sometimes the hardest part about being a sanguinarian, is having no one to really talk to when something related to it happens. This feeling of isolation often leads one to wanting to tell someone, non-sanguin, about who/what they are... so they can have a confidant, someone to talk to. A bit tongue-in-cheek, perhaps, but the phrase "coming out of the coffin" is what the vampire community has been using to mean telling another non-sanguin about being a sanguin... like coming out of the closet for gays, and coming out of the broom-closet for some pagans. :) The hard part, though, is who to tell and how. I hope that in making this addition, I can give some help and advice to those wanting to know a way to do just that.
  • Explanation Behind Some of the "Symptoms" Often Associated With Sanguinarians
    • Often a subset of sanguinarians will mention/complain about something in themselves, which is then agreed with by others and soon seems to gain recognition as a "symptom" of being a sanguin, when this is most likely not the case. The great variance in the susceptability, severity, and even occasion of these ills leads me more to believe they are simply part of normal variation in a giving population rather then caused by or a result of blood drinking. The list that follows remains compiled because I feel you need to know that these non-symptoms can, and often do, have other causes that need to be checked out, especially if they arise suddenly and with no discernible cause. That having been checked out and possibly nothing found, then they are still most likely the result of normal population variation and does NOT mean you are a sanguin just because you poses a certain number of these grievances.
  • Learning to Live
    • When a person is subjected to a sudden change in life, the mind usually takes longer to adjust. Its also common that hearing one persons experience can help others in the same state. I've known this awhile, but have been lax in making this page. So, what follows is a chronological account of how I adjusted to being Sanguin... to the best of my memory. There may be some seeming gaps, it is either because I simply do not recall, or there are others involved who would prefer not to be mentioned ;) My hope, is that this recollection will help others. And if you want to share your story, feel free to e-mail it to me and I will begin another page :)
  • Lessons Learned
    • I truly believe in the above quote, and because of this I decided to make this addition. The things here you can either take or leave. I put them here because many are based on mistakes I have made, and I want others to be able to learn from them. You don't have to apply them, you don't have to listen, they might not even apply to you... Not all are related to Sanguins either, some are things I have learned for other parts of my life. Some of these are serious, but you know I can't make them all that way... I think I would explode or something :) I welcome the experience of others as well. If you have learned something that you think others would benefit from, e-mail me at: Somewhere in the message let me know it is for this page, though. Otherwise I may respond, but I won't post it.
  • My Awakening
    • For myself it was a much longer and confusing process than most, and, interestingly enough, I actually experienced all three styles. When all was said and done, it took me approximately two years to fully Awake.
  • Passwords, Minors, and Information
    • Sanguinarians "awaken" usually at puberty. Typically, puberty occurs between 12 and 15 years of age... minor age. It is during this time, though, that the information on pages such as mine, and Sanguinarius' and SphynxCat's is most needed. The problem arises in that we are talking about having to cut people, blood drinking, and scarring. Permanent, heavy, stuff. Can people younger then 18 handle this? Should they have to? To the first question, I don't know. To the second, I wish the answer was no. Around puberty, people have enough things to worry about, their body is changing, their hormones are kicking up, and life gets tough. Throw in a sudden craving for blood, and well, it doesn't get much better. Can we honestly say that these people do not need our support? NO! Perhaps they are the ones that MOST need our support. Someone other then Anne Rice and Bram Stoker to point them in the right direction and let them know they are NOT freaks, and their lives are NOT over. The trouble comes, in that on this side of the fence, we can see the need because we have been there, on the other side stand the parents, and they have no idea. They want to protect their child, to keep them safe, and I am certainly not saying that should not be so, nor am I saying we should go against parental wishes. What I am saying is that we need to look at this from both sides of that fence. From our side of support, and from the parent's side of protection, and seek the middle ground.
  • The Awakening
    • Question: "So I've read your vampyre Lingo page, and keep hearing about this, "Awakening," thing, but what exactly is it?"
  • Yes, You Can
    • An often heard question. The answer... BULLSHIT! So what, you are a vampire. You need blood or take energy. That is absolutely no reason you cannot enjoy the same things you do now. Liked the beach? Go to the beach! like the sun? Bask away! Love like more sunscreen, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts, open-minded dates... but thats it. Vampirism should, in no way, interfere with your life to that extent. Go, have fun, laugh with friends, get a day job, do what you want to do. Yes, its a bit of a wrench in the gears, but make it work around you, and you can do that. It is not the end of the world, your social life has not just come to a grinding halt, and the sky is not falling, even though I know it can feel like that. Please, please remember this. It IS your life, it IS now or never, and you AREN'T going to live forever. So if you enjoyed it before, you can enjoy it now. Nothing is stopping you.