My Awakening

Written by: Zane Robinson
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For myself it was a much longer and confusing process than most, and, interestingly enough, I actually experienced all three styles. When all was said and done, it took me approximately two years to fully Awake.

It began in the summer between 8th-9th grade (American school system) with very subtle changes which I entirely ignored.

  • Some of these included:
    • Hearing my name shouted randomly. I would ask my mother if she had called, and she said that she did not. It was impossible for anybody else to shout my name since I lived 15 miles (25 minutes) from the nearest town. I simply shrugged it off.
    • I began "seeing things" that would appear and then disappear briefly. I also shurgged it off as a child's imagination. (As I would later discover, I was catching glimpses of the auras of Spirits.)
  • Then once I entered 9th grade:
    • I continued to hear things and see things. It worried me a little since I was sure that they were ghosts or something similar, and it mostly just happened around my house – not at school. So I did some research... As it would turn out, the Trail of Tears ran straight through my yard (more-or-less), and along many old trails around my house you could find dozens of arrowheads because the area where I lived was filled with Native American campgrounds.
    • Shortly after the school year began, I noticed a delicate grace to my step. It was as if I was (for lack of a better term) "floating." I also lost almost all traces of clumsiness, and no longer accidentally bumped into people. (I used to be VERY clumsy, haha.)
    • About a month after the school year began I began seeing random colors. Again, I thought that I was crazy. (I was a very logical (and skeptical) kid who never allowed myself to believe anything anybody said without either experiencing it myself, or being given a lot of undeniable reasons as well as a good argument. And even then I may remain skeptical.
  • Then, about 2 months into the school year:
    • Something inside of me kind of 'clicked' and said, "Hey, you moron. They're auras. God you can be so stubborn sometimes...." Okay, it wasn't exactly like that, but you get the point. I began seeing the Spirits' auras even more clearly, and pinpointing an exact location on where they were. Then I became curious about whether or not living entities had auras about them. The next day I went to school, and, as it turns out, they did! So, then I began to figure out that different colors were different people, and that the different conditions of their auras were directly associated with their moods. Then I began to see mine, then my family's.
    • It was around this time that I disregarded my graceful step as being due to being in Tae Kwon Do for 3 years at the time.
    • I suddenly had a much more improved sense of smell, although passed it off as puberty along with better eyesight, enhanced night vision, and a few other really basic things. Oh, and I also stopped bleeding as much, got over my lifelong rather severe asthma (in fact, I went so far as to run Cross Country), and...well, that's about it, really.
  • It was around this time that I had moved out of state.
    • Once there, I was just getting used to the new school (which was much better than my previous), the location, starting the new classes, etc., and did not have much time to think about auras and other such matters, but it seemed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to satisfy my hunger. No matter how big of a meal I ate –even to the point that I felt like I was going to burst– it felt like I was still hungry. In short, it baffled me.
  • After about a month of residing there:
    • I began to see auras a lot again. It just started out of nowhere.
    • Again out of nowhere, I began to... pick up peoples' scents... It wasn't their perfume or cologne – it was...them. When I was looking for somebody around the school, I would always know exactly where to find them. One day I paid attention to how I did this, and realized that I was, for lack of a better word, "tracking" them like a dog does. I then practiced this skill, and eventually became better at it, being able to do it consciously.
    • All of the food –both at the school and at my house– that I had always loved began to taste bland. No matter what I did to try adding more flavor, pizza, pretzels, apples, and chicken (some of my favorites at the time) never tasted the same; they never tasted quite as "colorful" as I had remembered.
  • A few weeks after that:
    • It started out as me turning my head to look at a person right after they looked at me, even if they were behind me and out of my eyesight. It was as if I could feel eyes on me, and would turn around shortly after they began to look. How did I know it was shortly after? Because they were not situated comfortably yet. How did I know that they were not comfortable? Because they were still shifting in their seat so that their bodies would match the way that their head was facing since it is uncomfortable to be looking behind you with your body still straight ahead.
    • ..........*ponders to self* I wonder how many of you just tried that............
  • One week later:
    • I began to somehow "know" when somebody was going to look at me. I would turn my head towards somebody, and then anywhere from a split-second later to 2 seconds later they would, surely enough, turn their heads to look at me. Shocked, they would typically turn right back around wondering why I was looking at them.
    • It was also around this time that I began to date a vampyre. At the time I did not know she was a vampyre, nor did I believe that vampyres existed. The thought had never even crossed my mind.
  • A month or so later:
    • The vampyre and I broke up. She didn't mind.
    • I started dating the woman who is now my loving fiancĂ©e, Azaria (who also did not believe in vampyres).
    • I began noticing that I was seeing auras very easily now.
    • I started to become clairvoyant (typically in my sleep).
  • Then about 3 months after that:
    • I asked Azaria if she believed in auras. Long story short, we began to see each others' auras. As time went on, we realized that our auras were always present with the other – especially at night.
    • The next week we discussed ghosts and Spirits. We were skeptical at first, but as we discussed it and bounced ideas off of each other more and more, we also began to believe in them more and more.
  • A few months after that:
    • Azaria randomly asked me if I believed in vampyres. I told her that while I did not think that they are alive in this era, I believed that they were alive at some point in time. Probably not how fiction depicts them, but alive at some point in the past.

Time went on, we had a few more conversations about vampyres, Spirits, telepathy, telekinesis, etc., etc. Then one day for some unknown reason I had asked her:

  • "What would you say if I told you that I want to [not quite sure what word/phrase I used here...] your blood?"
  • "Why?"
  • "I don't know."
  • "Why? You're being strange."
  • "I... I don't know... I just... I mean it in a sweet way... I want your blood inside of me. I want to know that a part of you is what is keeping me alive. That you are always with me."
  • "But by drinking blood it doesn't go into the bloodstream."
  • "Yes, I know, but... Still. I feel like it is what will be keeping me alive."
  • In a nutshell, she passed it off as me just being strange, and we did not speak of it until a month or two later when she brought it up.
  • A month or two later:
    • I don't remember the exact words, but basically she brought it back up, we discussed it, she understood what I meant by keeping my alive even though we both agreed that it was illogical.
  • That winter:
    • We discussed it and we exchanged blood.
    • We both felt better than we ever had before. Both of our migraines had disappeared, our lethargy had disappeared, we became more tolerant to light, our unquenchable "hunger" had filled – everything seemed "right" in the world.
  • The next few days:
    • Because this wasn't...well..."normal" by any means of the word, I got online and ran an Internet search on "Real Vampires."
    • The result? I stumbled acrossed
    • I was skeptical at first... Very, very skeptical. None of it made sense. Well, I mean it made sense, but the fact that Azaria and I were ones – well, that was simply ridiculous.
    • All of our 'symptoms' matched... Everything in the world seemed to just "click," and suddenly everything made sense. The voices, the auras, the blood, the "knowing," the smelling, the hearing, everything. It all seemed to fit. I did not want to believe it, but I couldn't help it. It all just felt so "right."

Azaria and I then discussed it, and we both agreed – we must be vampyres. We went through EVERY logical explanation. "Too much reading, too much time in the dark, puberty, insanity, anemia, we could be psychopathic killers who don't know it yet," everything (including the last one, actually, though it was in jest.) When it all came down to it, logic was more illogical than "myth."

Anyway, this is the story of my Awakening. I hope it helps those of you who are going through it in discovering and coping with who you are. Know that you are not alone. Know that many before you, like myself, have been through the same. Know that in the end, no matter how dark or hopeless things may seem, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that everything will be alright.