Controlling The Beast / Vamping Out

Written by: SphynxCatVP
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Beast Control

This is a more mental aspect, and requires ways of regaining or keeping mental control over yourself.

Wear yourself out physically - this leaves no physical energy to get swept up with the Beast, i.e., even if you did feel like attacking something, you'd be too worn out to do so.

Take martial arts classes - By practicing controlling how much power to put into a move and how to train your mind, it helps to be able to strengthen your will and be able to resist the effects of the Beast too.

Remember that it IS a part of you! You may not like that it's part of you, but it is. Treating it in the third person distances yourself from it, but also (subconsciously) limits your ability to control it (because part of you thinks it's not really "you", therefore beyond your control). Once you accept it as part of yourself, it becomes easier to control.

Vamping Out

This is a physical reaction to the Thirst when the mental aspect of the Beast becomes all-consuming. Usually this is accompanied by a rapid pulse, rapid breathing or panting, sometimes drooling, and usually the expression on your face will be more predatory than normal or will give people the creeps, even if it's not really a predatory expression. Your body starts reacting without conscious direction and your mind is focused primarily on ways of getting blood, and soon. This is aggravated if you are around people, so the best way to deal with it is to get away from people until you can calm down. ("Vamping out" is sometimes called "twoofing" or "beasting" or a variety of other terms.)

Consciously slow your breathing.Take deep breaths and try holding your breath for a count of, say, 5 each time. Once you can get your breathing rate to slow down, your heart rate should slow down as well.

Distract your mind if at all possible. Watching a silly but engrossing movie is one way, same with books. See if there's certain odors or smells that will help. (Aromatherapy anyone?)

DO NOT PANIC! Panicking when it hits does not help at all, as your body's natural reaction to panic is to increase breathing and heart rates. Panicking will prolong the problem, not shorten it!

Getting a drink of cold water (or any of the other tips above) may help once you have your breathing under control.

Time between fits: If you have gone without blood for an extended period of time, the time between "vamping out" may increase BUT when it hits, it will also be stronger. (Or is that only a subjective impression because you're not dealing with it as often? Who knows...) In general, "stronger" means you will breath faster, and it will be harder to slow down and get back under control.

Learn quickly what the early signs are for you (they vary from person to person) so that you can be prepared when it strikes.

Dealing with pain: If you experience pain when "vamping out", keep your painkillers of choice handy. Use whatever you aren't allergic to, obviously. DO NOT MIX ACETAMINOPHEN (Tylenol) AND IBUPROFEN! (Advil) The combination has been proven to do liver damage. by the way, this also means don't mx Excedrin and Advil - Excedrin contains both asprin AND acetaminophen (as well as caffeine).