Sanguinarius Donors Community Chat 2011-09-16

Written by: Zane Robinson

This is the log of a Community discussion that took place on September 16th, 2011. The "official" topics were that of Sangs and Hybrids, however there was later somewhat of a "sub-discussion" that took place regarding Donors, along with Donors' feelings toward vamps and vice versa. Because this wasn't part of the "official" topics, I decided that it would not be included in the "official" log; however it did occur and is quite interesting nonetheless.

(This is the full, unabridged, unaltered log of the discussion.)


melkia: i have a thought its kina a qestion
Sangi_laptop: feel free to say it
melkia: i have wondered if doners for both sets of vamps get feed on to they open up energy paathways to increse there own groth
melkia: grouth
melkia: like gane things
Sangi_laptop: hmmm
melkia: make semse?
Sangi_laptop: I don't know what "gane" is...careto respell?
Sangi_laptop: or define it?
Cheri: I personally have gained an understanding of my own energy system
melkia: gain
Sangi_laptop: oh, gain?
Sangi_laptop: ok
melkia: ya
Sangi_laptop: thanks''''
melkia: sorry i am a horrid speller
melkia: my appologies
Sangi_laptop: sok,I'm a horrid typer
Sangi_laptop: sok = s'ok
melkia: did your laptop get the energy?
Sangi_laptop: I got to lie down again for a few mins...back pain
Sangi_laptop: I think it did, it seems to be working now better
melkia: :)
Sangi_laptop: ty
melkia: np
Sangi_laptop: bbiab
Isealdor: Anyone have anything else they'd like to talk about in terms of sang or hybrid feeding?
melkia: does taking blood in a emergancy situation make me hybrid?
Sangi_laptop: if you can/do feed on both blood and energy, you're a hybrid. if both methods work for you
Isealdor: To some people, it would. The definitions arent exactly set in stone
Sangi_laptop: welcome TraceoftheMoon
Sangi_laptop: so ifI'm going to conduct researrch, I
TraceoftheMoon: Thank you Sangi, just Trace works
Sangi_laptop: 'll need to define how the word "hybrid" is used for research purposes?
Sangi_laptop: ok
Isealdor: One could argue that a psi pulling energy from blood doesnt really make them a hybrid, it just means they can psi feed from several sources
melkia: yes but i dont feed on blood only if i am an emgerncy situation
melkia: i dont like to feed on blood
Isealdor: Sangi: yes, all terms would have to be defined
Sangi_laptop: that's what I'm tryiongto determine. if they just pull energy from the blood, then a blood feedingshould be pretty much the same as a psi feeding
melkia: its a oh no i need it so bad ill bare the taste
Sangi_laptop: feeding on blood is extreemely risky andif you can refrain from doing so, please do
Cheri: just courious why if you have a source of blood, could you not have just psi fed from the same source?
KickedTisi: So, you are psi that feeds sang in an emergency?
melkia: yes tisi
melkia: cheri dont know how
Sangi_laptop: psi feed and blood feed from the same donor, or psi feed instead of blood feed from the same donor?
melkia: when i get so low
melkia: my abbitlies and systems
melkia: shut down
melkia: my freind has diabities
Cheri: and psi feed from the donor instead of blood was what I had ment Sangi
melkia: and he told the sysmtoms of shutting down when he need suger
melkia: my symptoms are simmalar
melkia: i dont have diabities
melkia: i have been tested
melkia: exept mine are worse
melkia: and if it gets that bad
melkia: only blood could help me or high doses of psi energy
Sangi_laptop: hmmm
Sangi_laptop: how muchblood?
melkia: oh if i eat a bloody stake
melkia: i am good
Sangi_laptop: mmmmm
melkia: thats another way i feed off of steak if i dont have enough ambaint
TraceoftheMoon: melkia, I hate to just butt in, but if a bloody steak does it, have you been tested for anemia or pernicious anemia, and I apologize if it has laready been brought up
Sangi_laptop: how is that?
Sangi_laptop: no apologynecessary
Sangi_laptop: at least from me
melkia: i have been tested
melkia: o have a thyroid problom
melkia: so blood gets tested alot
melkia: and yes
melkia: my throid levels are good
TraceoftheMoon: pernicious anemia is not the same as regular anemia, it is a stomach condition that does not allow you to absorb nutrients normally, so your B12 would be the big indicator
Sangi_laptop: ergh
melkia: when i go to the docs they check me for everything
Sangi_laptop: bbiab
melkia: however when i feed all my issues go away even when i feed psi way
melkia: its an emergamcy when i go to blood
TraceoftheMoon: and I DO believe people have energy needs, but it is so often missed, and I think everyone vampire or not should be checked for their nutrient levels, if they are consistently feeling undere the weather, and B12 and also Vitamin D depletion are practically epidemic in this country and not always tested for, they are not standard
melkia: this was when i was younger tho
melkia: so i never get to that state i know when i am getting low
melkia: trace i understand compleatly
melkia: i have had thoughts that it was all thease thinga
melkia: but its not
TraceoftheMoon: ok, I am a donor btw, and I know these things cause I do have pernicious anemia, I must take B12 and D daily
melkia: i understand
Cheri: I would worry about donating with any type of blood issue.. but that is just me
melkia: and i think people need to look at all areas before they labal them selves vampires
Cheri: <---also a long time donor
melkia: yes a nonhealthy doner could hurt the vamp and doner
Cheri: well more for the health of the donor with that type of worry
melkia: no i am with u chari
melkia: i get it i am only saying both as in the vamp would feel terrible
melkia: if something would happan
***Sangi_laptop coms back in fora bit
Cheri: yeh I know mine would if I let myself get sick from donating
Cheri: wb Sangi
***melkia wb sangi hands her some asprin
KickedTisi: WB Sangi
KickedTisi: How long have you been a donor, Cheri?
Cheri: over 20 years
Sangi_laptop: what is that disease that causes people to have an excess of iron in their blood where they have to have their blood drawn but they can't use it medically because they HAVE the disease? It'sw not infectious
KickedTisi: Wow, that is a long time
Sangi_laptop: hema chrom...something
Sangi_laptop: I think
Greyiil: Hemochromatosis, maybe... I think
Sangi_laptop: hema chromatosis? maybe maybe?
Sangi_laptop: yeah that's ot
TraceoftheMoon: I have heard of something like that Sangi, and I have been a donor for over 5 myself Cheri, I actually have an excess of energy, donating helps me as much the person I donate to
ara139: hemachromatosis is too much iron but I don't know if levels can really be that high that they can't donate at all
melkia: has there been donors that cross donate to both respective vamps
Cheri: trace are you a sang donor?
KickedTisi: You cannot pass anemia to another person
Sangi_laptop: fortunately
ara139: I mean if iron levels in your blood were so high that donating a unit of it to someone else killed them it'd be kinda odd
KickedTisi is now known as Tisi
TraceoftheMoon: I have been Cheri, as long as I keep my nutrient levels healthy, it is honestly the most relief I get from the heavyness of my energy
Sangi_laptop: yeah
Cheri: I donate to both psi and sang melkia if that is what you are asking
melkia: ya thats what i was asking i dint knnow if one camp whent this way and the other this way i wanted to know if some donors do both
Tisi: This is making me hungry
Tisi: I should fix supper
Sangi_laptop: doboth how so?
***Sangi_laptop is not clear on what youmeant
melkia: me sangi?
Sangi_laptop: yes
Sangi_laptop: <---having trouble concentrating due to the back pain
melkia: ok lets say we have vamp A whos sang and vamp B whos psi
Cheri: I mostly donate sang( that is my prefered type) but have and will donate psi ( I am also very high energy, but have learned over the years to "bleed it off")
melkia: and theres a doner
Sangi_laptop: ok...
melkia: is the donor only psi dontation or sangi or do they go eather way
Sangi_laptop: you're asking "are there psi donors as well?
Sangi_laptop: "
melkia: kinda but mostly
TraceoftheMoon: which donor are you speaking of melkia? I have done both, prefer blood, but practicality makes it mostly psi
melkia: do dont know if donors were only one way or the other
melkia: i am haveing a hard time getting the question right
melkia: lol
***Sangi_laptop thinks
Cheri: I do know some that only donate psi and some that only donate blood, but many do both
melkia: so its more of a preffrence
melkia: ?
Sangi_laptop: can someone donate psi as well as sang?
melkia: ya
Isealdor: back
melkia: like would it hurt them more?
Cheri: welcome back
Sangi_laptop: I thinkso. I'll ask that question when I get a chance to do wsome research on donors
melkia: not doing one or the other
Sangi_laptop: bbiab again
Isealdor: I know a number of donors who donate both psi and sang
Cheri: I personally have never suffered from donating both
melkia: i dont have the lugary of haveing a doner
TraceoftheMoon: I cannot say I have either
melkia: so i dont know
melkia: what drains u more for donating?
Tisi: I have returned with a sandwich
Cheri: depends on the type of vamp for me, I get more tired from sang donations, but more drained from psi, and a hybrid that feeds from both at the same time is the most draining for me
TraceoftheMoon: honestly melkia, I do not get drained, but I definitely feel more gets pulled from a sang than a psi, I get much more relief from it, if the person pulling is doing it correctly
melkia: do u belive one can donate while online psi i mean
Tisi: That makes sense, Cheri.
Cheri: I believe some have the skill to pull online, but I think the effort to do so makes it less "filling"
melkia: agrred
Cheri: but honestly you can pull energy from almost any distance if you have the skill, just not sure it is worth it
melkia: inless the conetion is strong emotinaly
TraceoftheMoon: I am with Cheri on that, it is not really "online" either, it is more "astral" I believe in that case, the connection may be made online, but the pulling comes through the "ether" so to speak, not the computer lines
melkia: well put
melkia: i was just seening were u 2 were at on that
melkia: never really had chats with donors
Cheri: well I have a "connection" to my current vamp who is more sang then psi( can survive off psi but it helps very little for the effort) but it is not really worth the effort for him to try to pull from so far away( we live over 1200 miles apart atm)
melkia: so forgive me for asking loads of questions
Cheri: I never mind ppl asking
TheInfamousCJ: did i miss the festivities?
TraceoftheMoon: no problem
TheInfamousCJ: seems like a decent turnout
melkia: so as doners do u feel portected with said vamp
Cheri: I would never donate to a vamp unless i trusted them 100%, protected? not more then I would with any good friend that would stand up for me if needed
melkia: that and ok this is just me but i belive vamps and other kin portect donors from spirts or other things from the respective donor
Sangi_laptop: back again
Isealdor: ello, CJ. We're kind of on open topic now, mostly about donors atm
Cheri: wb
melkia: wb
Sangi_laptop: hey CJ
Sangi_laptop: thax
Isealdor: wb
Sangi_laptop: 24 peeps in here
Sangi_laptop: well, 23 peeps and one bot
TheInfamousCJ: i was at work when i got the text
TheInfamousCJ: hope you are recovering well down there in Joplin Isealdor
TraceoftheMoon: sorry had to go move around a bit
Isealdor: Getting better, bit by bit, thanks :)
Cheri: Melkia, I know my vamp would help me if I needed help in that area for some reason, but I feel ppl should be able to protect themselves if they are gonna mess with energy
TheInfamousCJ: anyone care to offer a brief synopsis of the first few hours?
melkia: i agree i was just wondering tho if more vamps portect there donors as they would another member
***Sangi_laptop sees melkia's pm andresponds
Sangi_laptop: CJ, give me a moment to copy and paste the questions list
TheInfamousCJ: well from a purely instinctual standpoint donors are our sustenance...of course we would be a little more protective of their well being
Sangi_laptop: Part 1 -- Sang and Hybrid vamps (Friday, 16 September):
Sangi_laptop: 1.) How much blood do you consume? Is it human, animal or from rare meat or other?
Sangi_laptop: 2.) How often do you feel the need to feed?
Sangi_laptop: 3.) How long have you gone without feeding?
Sangi_laptop: 4.) Are you also able to feed psychically (that is, on psi, chi, elemental, etc. energy)? If so, have you noticed any differences between blood feeding and psychic feeding?
Sangi_laptop: 5.) Open discussion of suggested topics and any questions.
TraceoftheMoon: another member?
melkia: like of a house or fammily meber
melkia: trace i was trying to figure out how the donors felt
melkia: i agree with u
TraceoftheMoon: how donors feel about what melkia?
melkia: i belive its the vamps responesabillty to portect said done from the mondane and the spirutal
melkia: i ask about doners if they felt portected by there vamps
TheInfamousCJ: i wouldn't say its our duty...but certainly in our interest
***Sangi_laptop nods
melkia: i feel its a duty but this is my opion
TraceoftheMoon: I think it depends on the relationship between them, much like Cheri, I feel if you are going to involve yourself in play on the spritual level you should be able to protect yourself, that said, those that have fed on me have been inclined to be protective I would say
Cheri: I agree CJ, I never expect my vamp to protect me in any situation outside the actual donation, but yeh they tend to be protective
Sangi_laptop: in about 20 mins, I'm going to need to excuse myself from the rest of the discussion because I have to be up at 5 am to get ready for running a booth at the pagan fall fest in Tucson
TheInfamousCJ: cool what are you running
Cheri: sounds fun Sangi
TraceoftheMoon: while many vampires feel that they are strongly connected to something spiritual and feel they may have "special" abilities, some donors, myself included also have spiritual connection and ablity to use energy
melkia: ah
melkia: ok
melkia: just seeing what people thought
melkia: for me
melkia: and this is just me
melkia: i feel
TheInfamousCJ: I think many...whether vampire identified or donor....come into the community wanting to belong to something more than their mundane life....nothing wrong with that....but such sentiments aren't fact very few things are universal if any in this community
Isealdor left the room.
Sangi_laptop: true, true
Tisi: Agreed, CJ
Cheri: very true
melkia: oblogated to portect a doaner becuase there invlovent in me may or may not bring in other spirtual forces that said donor may not know how to deal with
TheInfamousCJ: to be direct....being sanguinarian or vampire or is rather mundane..and is as magical as you want it to be
Tisi: Looking for your Edward to your Bella or vice versa leads to very bad places
TraceoftheMoon: I agree CJ, and not all donors consider themselves mundane, which is kind of what i was saying, it is not like we are needing protection from some kind of higher level of life or anything, as is protrayed in vampire fiction
Cheri: I joined the online community because I felt alone as a donor, but then most of my time as a donor has been in the offline
***Sangi_laptop nods
TheInfamousCJ: and you are quite wise Cheri I must admit
melkia: my thinking is more spirtual
Tisi: Honestly, I don't have time to constantly track my donor for protection
Sangi_laptop: both parties need to be responsible for that
Cheri: I ... I would not want my vamp wasting the energy on a constant protection for me
Tisi: I have to work, go to school, cart the kid around......playing spy on my donor's spiritual activities to protect him/her from entities is not on my calendar
***Sangi_laptop was thinking ofa more psyiucal form of protection, sorry
melkia: agreed sangi its just my mind set to portect
Sangi_laptop: psyucal = physical
TheInfamousCJ: I merely trust my donor to be a capable adult able to handle his or herself
Cheri: ty CJ , but not really wise, just have made a snot load of mistakes over a long time doing it :)
melkia: cj i see and repect your point i just see it diffrently
melkia: i am a very very spirtual person
melkia: and worry
TheInfamousCJ: the more you interact the more superior perspectives you decide to adopt
TheInfamousCJ: that philosophy just seems to be lost on this "must be right" culture we have
melkia: ya i agree
Tisi: My donor is NOT my child
TheInfamousCJ: this is just personal opinion here melkia.....but you worry over nothing...literally
Sangi_laptop: I think I'm going to excuse myself a little early becauseIneed to lie down to reduce back pain again and by the time I get back up, it'll be time to leave anyway for me
Cheri: lol I live by the " how can I not mess this up" train of thought
Cheri: ok night sangi
TheInfamousCJ: enjoy the postcard Sangi?
Cheri: sleep well and have fun
Tisi: My donor knows what s/he is getting into long before I put a blade to skin, Melkia
Sangi_laptop: so, be well, all,and thanks for coming. (I'll stay connected)
TraceoftheMoon: sorry to hear you are in pain, Sangi, I live with a great deal of it myself, please take care of yourself
Tisi: Have fun tomorrow, Sangi!
Sangi_laptop: oh and Parttwo for psi vampires is same time, next friday
melkia: ill be here for that sangi
Sangi_laptop: see my Xanga blog at for more info
Sangi_laptop: thanks
melkia: i may be late due to martial arts
melkia: but ill be here
Sangi_laptop: and adonordiscussion is in the planning stages
Sangi_laptop: andsorry for all the typos
TheInfamousCJ: no long as we understand ya hon
Sangi_laptop: better late than never
Sangi_laptop: gotta go lie down! *winces*
Tisi: I will not be here, I have family intown next week. I would love to come for a follow up, if you have them, Sangi
melkia: are my portection thoughts odd ?
melkia: i just see it a certin way
TheInfamousCJ: in this society at large....hell yes
melkia: i dont care about the other society i feel more apart of this community as more inportent to me then the other ones
TheInfamousCJ: nothing wrong with a cherished belief...but if you state that belief has the basis of anything other than personal faith people are more apt to challenge it or find it weird
TraceoftheMoon: don't underestimate the power of society melkia, cause society can play hell with your life
melkia: i ment mundane socity
TheInfamousCJ: on the other hand if you play your cards right you can carve a niche into society
Cheri: we all find our place in the community here, me I just sorta float here and there :)
TraceoftheMoon: I am speaking of mundane society, it can create problems for you, you can try to set yourself a part, but even if you prefer underground, vampire, whatever, you need to realize you are a part of it and it will affect your life
melkia: i know
TheInfamousCJ: even if you self identify as vampire or not
TheInfamousCJ: the entire vampire community is really in its infancy stage
TheInfamousCJ: trying to find its own identity....and the commonalities
TraceoftheMoon: so many people entering communities like this one feel they are set apart, they are not, we are a subculture, but we exist within the flow of the greater society
melkia: it is the mundane socity that makes me feel at home with the otherkins vamps and what not
melkia: i understand your point
melkia: but i feel those in thease kind of communtys are set aside
melkia: i think we have risin above the normal boundries to let ourselves be oourselves
Tisi: My apologies, All, I must depart. I have Accounting to work on in the morning. (blah!)
TheInfamousCJ: have fun
Tisi: Have good night!
melkia: i am not trying argue
Cheri: night
melkia: night
TraceoftheMoon: but you still have to answer to society and it's expectations, it is where you earn your living, and meet most people in physical real life, and those people can and will hurt you for being different
Cheri: sleep well
TraceoftheMoon: Yes, I need to go as well, I have a class in the am also
Tisi: Thank you
Tisi left the room.
TraceoftheMoon: Good night folks
Cheri: I have 110 coffee cakes to help make in the am :)
melkia: night
Cheri: night
TraceoftheMoon left the room.
TheInfamousCJ: and everyone is leaving when the conversation was getting interesting
TheInfamousCJ: sad day
Cheri: lol yeh
TheInfamousCJ: emerging communities is my graduate school niche
Itchies: not everyone's leaving
TheInfamousCJ: i am an expert in this
Itchies: some of us have been lurking for four hours
Cheri: I have always found your opinions interesting even when I did not agree CJ
Itchies: simultaneously watchong buffy
melkia: keep in mind i am not trying to aruge
melkia: :)
Sangi_laptop left the room.
TheInfamousCJ: there was a lot of wisdom in yours....i may argue strongly....but it doesn't mean I don't listen just as strong
melkia: thats is wise
Cheri: good debate is always good
TheInfamousCJ: good being the operative term *chuckles*
Cheri: lol
melkia: i just feel i dont belong bigger soiciteys
Cheri: it makes people think and truly see if they believe what they think they do
melkia: cuase i feel diffrent
melkia: thats why i like our communitys
TheInfamousCJ: what i have observed in this year is that if the vampire community wants to make strides for itself and remain needs to recognize its intrinsic differences within and not see itself as one unwieldy entity
melkia: i do agree
Cheri: My belief melkia, and it is only my opinion is that we make our own place in any community. our actions and reactions all effect how others see us
melkia: oh i agree
Cheri: even in the greater world community
melkia: but
TheInfamousCJ: it goes without saying...but sometimes has to be reiterated
melkia: when u are asked by a shrink
melkia: your belifs
melkia: you tend to lie
melkia: becuase vampire and demonkin
melkia: are words ppl are afraid of
TheInfamousCJ: i don't think they are afraid of it
melkia: or not understanding
TheInfamousCJ: just rather ridicule it because it is rather incredulous
melkia: yes
melkia: and than makes me upset
TheInfamousCJ: and you should be upset
TheInfamousCJ: you feel marginalized solely on the basis of your beliefs
melkia: this is why i dont like or feel neccasery to belong to the bigger collevtive
melkia: people are to naroow minded in my opion
TheInfamousCJ: its an advanced concept but a lot of how people handle these sort of beliefs or experiences is how you present you believe its part of some universal truth or does it just apply to yourself
Itchies left the room.
melkia: i dont know
TheInfamousCJ: its something worth pondering
melkia: i just feel people in soicity as a whole only
TheInfamousCJ: if the do set your self up for skepticism
TheInfamousCJ: if the are more insulated from that kind of scrutiny
Cheri: I personally feel we have to be able to be enough a part of the larger community but we do not have to let it change who we are
melkia: cheri i have a thought for that
Cheri: enough a part to know what is going on...
melkia: i pretend i am a christain when ask what religon i am
melkia: becuase when i say my belifes
melkia: its a lacture
TheInfamousCJ: and not just from your parents i take it
melkia: no no
melkia: my parents
Cheri: :) see I am at a point in my life where I have nothing much to loose, my kids are grown and I am who and what I am, like it or not
melkia: gave up on my conversion
TheInfamousCJ: I have to hide this part for the most time....I intend to enter a field where I have to have discretion about this part of my life
TheInfamousCJ: although my interests within the field could help enable the vampire community as well as many emerging communities to fight against stigma and prejudice
melkia: chari i agree but when your job or freinds think your a freak becuase your A B and C
melkia: and thats what i feel always happands to me
melkia: stigmas
melkia: ohh hes claiming to be vampire and demon kin oh hes a satanist hes evil
melkia: no i am me
Cheri: oh I agree most are not able to be as open as I am, I do work a job that it should have effected, but has not
TheInfamousCJ: are you a baker?
Cheri: I am an EMT
TheInfamousCJ: when i heard coffee cakes.....i am a bit of a food obsessive
Cheri: lol no I also work with the 4-H youth and we have our fundrasiser next week , we sell them at the fall fest
melkia: and i feel in soicaity as a whole if your not chrsitan or a main religon or belif your astrosided
TheInfamousCJ: there is stigma toward all non favored groups in American society
Cheri: and yes even knowing I am a donor to "OMG vampires" I have never had an issue working with this towns kids :)
melkia: its upsetting cj
melkia: it is indded
melkia: i dont know how to handle it
melkia: sometimes
TheInfamousCJ: certainly stigmas against self proclaimed vampires is very strong...but at this point in time we are a community in organizational infancy
Cheri: but still you can not let it get to you on a dialy basis
melkia: cheri it doese
melkia: in fact its gotten away so much i sleep during the day
Cheri: you need to find a balance that allows you to be comfortable in your skin and still be public correvt
melkia: and onoly leave at night
melkia: i am confertbale with me
TheInfamousCJ: one thing that is helped me is to treat it like no big deal
melkia: i do
melkia: but ppl freak out
TheInfamousCJ: I will offhand tell potential donors about this just in the middle of casual conversation...and really use the least sensational language
TheInfamousCJ: i can
melkia: omg omg omg we need to to bring him to a prist thats what one lady said to me
melkia: i was so angey
melkia: thats when i said the hell with soicity
Cheri: I just tell ppl I am undecided as my religion
melkia: but thats lying to myself
Cheri: and that I do not discuss my religious beliefs with strangers
TheInfamousCJ: that is a class way of handling it
melkia: dealing with my father is another issue
melkia: luckly i am 27 and live on my own so he cant tell me shot
melkia: shit
Cheri: yeh a parent can be hard, my dad is a penticostal( spelling) minister
TheInfamousCJ: kill them with kindness
Cheri: with him I just nod and let him talk
Cheri: then go about my own life
melkia: thats what i do i just let him ramble about jesus
melkia: like w/e
TheInfamousCJ: my dad was upset about me being bisexual....but I just treated him with love as if it didn't time marched no longer mattered to him
Cheri: we have actually had some interesting debates over time, and I enjoy it :) but I respect him for being trur to his beliefs as he has me about mine
melkia: its when he forces jesus of nazorith the movie down my throught it pisses me off
TheInfamousCJ: ask if you can see Life of Brian instead
Cheri: yeh the BI thing got my parents more then the donor thing has lol
TheInfamousCJ: most women are bi anyway....whats the shock
melkia: and when he says if u wanna walk u need to go to heavan
melkia: i am disabiled
GenTisiphone left the room.
TheInfamousCJ: i can make counterarguments....but there are just too diabolically godless
TheInfamousCJ: i'm no stranger to throwing molotov cocktails but that is when there is little to lose
Cheri: some people just will never let up melkia but then you have to respect they truly believe what they preach ( if they live as they preach)
TheInfamousCJ: offer them deference but stand your ground
melkia: me
melkia: i am the one in the walker
Cheri: I think one of the boys here is on netflix again
Cheri: my web will not load fast nuff
melkia: the reporter said CP is a disese
melkia: its not
melkia: that pissed me off
TheInfamousCJ: mind if you expand more on that
melkia: cearbal palsey
TheInfamousCJ: i know what it is...but what is it really....if it isn't a disease...i suppose i want to know where you are coming from on that statement
melkia: its a conditon at birth usaly the imbilical cord is around the child neck
melkia: rasulting in breain damige
melkia: in my case thats what happand
Cheri: well no because there is a seperate name for the cord around the neck
Cheri: the type of damage is what is called CP
TheInfamousCJ: just there a CP culture
melkia: cheri u know what i am trying to say
Cheri: so it would be more a brain injury then a disease
TheInfamousCJ: kind of like there is a deaf culture
melkia: yes but there all in my option stuck on the god is everything bull
TheInfamousCJ: ftr one of my ex's had CP
melkia: so i tend to stay away
TheInfamousCJ: didn't realize there was such overlap
TheInfamousCJ: i wonder how much of that is "opiate of the masses"....having a disability now makes life difficult so look for some pie in the sky
Cheri: I have only had one kid in my 4-H program with it and his was very mild so I do not have much exp with it
TheInfamousCJ: as was with my ex
melkia: mine is madorte
melkia: err
melkia: mid
melkia: u know
Cheri: yeh
melkia: i can walk with a walker
melkia: and i use a power chair for stuff like
melkia: stores and stuff
Cheri: ok the offical name is a movement disorder not disease
melkia: well the repoter said disease and it upset me
Cheri: oh I was not sure what the offical was on it so I had to look
TheInfamousCJ: the devil is in the details....if i was part of a group not very well understood *looks around me* i'd be wary of each detail
Cheri: lol indeed :)
Cheri: I have RSD from almost loosing my rt hand
melkia: i had to deal with children all my life not wanting my "disease" so no one wanted to play with me
Cheri: the terms make the diff in how it is seen by the world
TheInfamousCJ: framing is so important
TheInfamousCJ: the reason i wondered about why you were upset about CP being called a disease was that I wondered if there was a movement stating CP as just another way of being as some advocates in the deaf culture do
melkia: no it upset me becuase said reporter was not educated enough on the condition i have
melkia: if it were some random person id not care but a reporter
melkia: should be educated
Cheri: question for you
TheInfamousCJ: did you let them know? its an important distinction in this..yes
melkia: on said story
Cheri: did you take the time to contact them after and educate them?
melkia: no becuase i was to upset
melkia: and story was over
melkia: i just let it go
Cheri: if we do not take the opertunities given to us, we will never change the world
melkia: i know
melkia: it was to upset to say anything
TheInfamousCJ: next time there is a timely place to bring up such distinctions let yourself cool down and then go for it
melkia: i will
melkia: but my point is valid he was wrong
TheInfamousCJ: no one here will argue otherwise
Cheri: nope
Cheri: btw CJ you will most often find me on these kinds of chats( open internet ones) as Mizree
Cheri: every place else I use Cheri lol
TheInfamousCJ: this is really the only chat I go to...and usually when I want to talk to Sphynxie
Cheri: I am mostly on DD& D chat, but now and then here
melkia: brb need to reboot
melkia: vent not working
Doc^Holiday entered the room.
Cheri: hey Doc
TheInfamousCJ: i haven't been on DD&D in ages....i'm not usually anywhere really
melkia left the room.
Doc^Holiday: hi
TheInfamousCJ: i wonder if there are old posts of me back in like 2002
TheInfamousCJ: what's up doc
Doc^Holiday: nm cj
Cheri: lol I started there because Ithril invited me there... and found I like most of the ppl
Doc^Holiday: most..
Cheri: well even a big people person like me is gonna disagree with some
TheInfamousCJ: Ithril is pretty neat
Cheri: I got to meet him in Aug
Cheri: and yeh he is a good guy
TheInfamousCJ: he is in South Carolina isn't he
Cheri: yeh
TheInfamousCJ: did he make jewelry for you?
Cheri: lol no
Cheri: we had a meal
TheInfamousCJ: was it you :P
Cheri: may see him when I go visit my vamp in oct
Cheri: lol
Cheri: we will be in the same city
TheInfamousCJ: there are self identified vampires in my hometown...but really no one worth associating myself with tbh...its really nice to have some sort of nearby kindred spirit
Cheri: there are a few near me, but only one of them I have any interest in knowing
Cheri: and only as a friend
TheInfamousCJ: i have met quite a few on my travels though
Cheri: same here