Sanguinarius PsyVamp Community Chat 2011-09-23

Written by: Zane Robinson

This is the log of a Community discussion that took place on September 23rd, 2011. The topic to be discussed was that of "Psy Vamps/Psi Vamps/Psychic Vamps." These are individuals who believe that they must Psi-Feed to maintain a healthy existence.

(This is the full, unabridged, unaltered log of the discussion.)


Sangi_laptop: Welcome to #Sanguinarius and our community-wide discussion. I'm glad you could make it. We have a decent turnout this week, too, it seems, and with that in mind, I'd like to remind you to be thoughtful of others.
Sangi_laptop: The channel is full of people with different points of view, opinions and beliefs; please take these in stride and keep arguing, as well as extraneous conversation, out of the channel. Please read and follow the channel rules at
Sangi_laptop: This is the second of a two part discussion on real vampires and feeding.
Sangi_laptop: There will be several questions discussed. Please feel free to add your input. The conversation may go by too quickly at times for you to keep up. Don't dispair. --
Sangi_laptop: We are logging the whole discussion and once we clean up the log and make it easily read, I'll post it on my site, in the Articles Archive and announce it. Probably several others will publish it on their sites, too.
Sangi_laptop: 1.) For psychic vampires who feed or have fed through blood, have you noticed any differences between blood feeding and feeding on other sources of energy? Potency? Length of time between feeding? Quality of the feeding? Feel of the energy? Anything?
faust_: Personally, I'd prefer some blood, but that's hard to come by, so I more often than not use other, or "psychic" means. I find that I must expend more energy for "psychic" feeding, therefore it's less cost effective. I couldn't say for anyone else though.
Sangi_laptop: do you consider yourself primarily sangor primarily psi?
Sangi_laptop: (notice) chat's on. please scroll up to read the introduction.
faust_: Primarily sang, but like I said more often than not I find a need to resort to some psi techniques.
Sangi_laptop: or would you rather not say?
faust_: It's all good, I don't mind talking about it. It's the community wide discussion after all.
Sangi_laptop: or it's supposedto be, anyway
Kasada: Strictly speaking, I've never fed on blood. I have, however, found it to be the most efficient and effective method to access a more dense, "core" energy through it for some forms and applications of 'energy work'. I suspect that it would likewise then be easier to take in energy by the same method, though I don't know that consuming it would make a difference from skin contact in that case.
faust_: Well, I missed the one the other week, so for me it is. :D
***Sphynx-SemiHere pokes people to see who's awake
Sangi_laptop: although, it's about one third of the turnout I expected
Kasada: I also don't know if that applies to everyone's blood, or only those who make a practice of storing it in a compressed form.
Sangi_laptop: so blood energy is denser?
faust_: Well, I'm not sure if it's that, or if I just have to expend a lot of energy to feed with psi techniques...
Sangi_laptop: acompressed form? what do you mean?
faust_: At the very least, it's just easier to make a small cut, and get some blood.
faust_: Minimal energy expended to do that.
Sangi_laptop: *nods*
Tana: i am primarily sang but i have fed by psychic means. it just doesn't last as long as blood feeding for me. it winds up being a cheap sub....if that since it only helps for about 6-12 hours.
Sangi_laptop: but thinking how you take in the blood once it's flowing, not counting cutting.
Sangi_laptop: you just absorb it or...?
Sangi_laptop: I'll brb, I've got to go take some painkillers for my back.
faust_: Nah, once it's flowing I ingest it.
Sphynx-SemiHere: good thing i had burger for dinner.... :)
Sangi_laptop: back.
faust_: Has anyone else had trouble with close-range high-intensity psi feeding where the one being fed from develops a sort of sunburn looking rash?
Sangi_laptop: do you just accept it when you ingest it or do you expend any psi energy to accept it?
Sangi_laptop: oh, what am I trying to ask?
Sangi_laptop: it's elusive, not sure how to ask or what
faust_: Nah, I just drink it, and it's sort of like coming up on a drug. I don't have to expend any energy, it's just there.
Sangi_laptop: can you psi feed by touch?
faust_: Indeed, or from a distance.
faust_: Though touch requires less energy to be expended.
Sangi_laptop: does it take energy to psi-tocuh-feed?
Sangi_laptop: touch
faust_: A little.
Kasada: Answer written up, let me know when the topic change-back is acceptable.
Sangi_laptop: um,go for it?
faust_: It's like, I have to use some energy to keep a psi channel open, a lot through the air, and less through touch, but still some just to keep things flowing.
faust_: That may be an error in my technique, I'm not really sure.
Kasada: Aww, bugger. IRC auto-copied something else after ><
Sangi_laptop: so the further away the psi-source is, the more energy it takes to feed from them?
Sangi_laptop: that makes sense
faust_: Nah, it seems like a constant amount. I just have to use X amount to keep Y sort of channel open.
faust_: So, unless I'm turning a profit, it's not worth it.
Sangi_laptop: Kasada, paste it into notepad and then re-copy it?
Sangi_laptop: which turns the most profit?
faust_: Like, a channel from 30 feet is about the same as a channel from here to london.
Kasada: Just re-typing it. I mean copy-paste saved something else.
Sangi_laptop: oh ok
faust_: Well, any source that has enough energy for me to take more than I need to keep the connection open.
Kasada: And I'd agree with faust on this keeping a channel open using the same amount of energy regardless of distance
faust_: I dunno, it's just something about there being distance, and not touch.
faust_: Wether it's five feet or five hundred.
***faust_ shrugs
Sangi_laptop: hmmm
Sangi_laptop: well, let's get back on track
faust_: Line of sight helps a bit...
faust_: Hmmm, so what's on the track next?
Sangi_laptop: 2.) How often do you feel the need to feed? How often do you feed?
faust_: Every night. Every night. Well, If I find a particulary potent source, A good feeding might last a few days to a week or so.
faust_: With actuall blood however, I might only ingest a drop once a month.
Sangi_laptop: this is psi feeding, right?
***faust_ shrugs
Sangi_laptop: ok
faust_: Yea, the former is psi feeding, blood just seems to work better.
Sangi_laptop: do you thinkthat'sbecause it's closer when you feed or because it contains something different from psi "energy"?
Sangi_laptop: gah evil faerie mice take away my spaces
Kasada: How often I need to 'feed' depends solely upon how much energy I have at a given moment. Typically, I aim to keep my stores near capasity, rather than low. Likewise, over time I've developed mostly autonomous measures to siphon the environment and filter/purify the intake. As such, I have not needed to actively feed in a significant amount of time, and do not know when I will next need to.
faust_: I think that It's probable that I'm just not as good at psi feeding as someone to whom it comes naturally, Also, it does seem like there is some physical material in blood that I can't seem to figure out how to get otherwise...
Kasada: I'll amend that, however, by saying that if I were to undertake a project involving a large energy expendature, I would likely need to feed shortly after, or at least be very uncomfortable if I didn't.
Sangi_laptop: so you are more or less continuously psi feeding on a low level?
faust_: Yea, pretty much any time I have line of sight to people.
Kasada: Yes, I would say that.
faust_: For some reason, line of sight cuts the energy needed.
Sangi_laptop: they say the eyes are the windows to one's soul. maybe they are powerful when it comes to establishing a psychic link with someone?
faust_: I'd vote yes on that one.
Sangi_laptop: coz it goes rightto the soul?
Kasada: Output determines input these days, for me. Lately, both have been low, though a few years ago I did need to feed fairly often, since my storage methods (back to compression again, which I'll keep typing up a response to for later) were a bit less efficient back then.
Sangi_laptop: ok
Kasada: As for the eyes, I believe that they are a form of interpersonal connection.
Kasada: And that connection makes energy transfer much easier
Kasada: Familiarity seems to play a much larger part than distance.
Sangi_laptop: what I'm trying to say is, maybe they automatically make a link with what/who you look at
faust_: That makes sense, then we could think of it as : a touch connection is stronger than a line of sight, and a distance through thought alone is weaker still.
Kasada: I'd agree, on both counts
Sangi_laptop: Sphynx-SemiHere pm
Sangi_laptop: ok, next question time?
Sangi_laptop: .) What is your preferred method of feeding (ambient, deep-feeding, direct contact, elemental, sexual, etc.)?
Sangi_laptop: I'll brb
Sangi_laptop: feel free to type in your responses
faust_: I've got to hit the head, but I will after that. :P
Elligons entered the room.
Elligons: Hello.
Kasada: morning
Kasada: If you're here for the discussion, you're late, but welcome anyway. :D
Kasada: I'm sure there's more to cover
Elligons: Always.
***faust_ waves
Sphynx-SemiHere: The current question is .) What is your preferred method of feeding (ambient, deep-feeding, direct contact, elemental, sexual, etc.)?
Elligons: Direct contact.
Elligons: I'm a psi-vamp, and my fingertips draw out energy better than chakras.
Kasada: I prefer to make the most use of the environment whenever doing anything with energy, to reduce the need to expend my own stores. When I do need to feed, however, I prefer deep feeding if I have a partner to do it with. Otherwise, I'm quite content to pull ambient energy, or to cast a web (that is to say, form a temporary, weak link to everyone in a set area) and draw from the people in it.
faust_: I'm not sure where it fall on that division of categories, but for psi stuff at least, I prefer the "extend a grey spiky tentril from ones sphere, and drive it strait down into the top of the victim's skull, down through the chalkras, at least to the one near the diaphram.
Kasada: (cast, in this context, obvioulsy meaning the same as to throw. Like casting a net into water)
faust_: But yea, I've used that net thing before, it works pretty well too.
Elligons: Yes.
faust_: lol, just throw a net across a busy road.
Elligons: I imagine it's the same method as skimming.
faust_: Pretty much.
Kasada: ^ for the benefit of future readers who may have misinterprated
Elligons: I used to take from a room as whole when I'd go clubbing.
faust_: Just a bit off the top every time someone crosses the net.
faust_: Yea, I used to goto parties for that same thing.
Sphynx-SemiHere: Seems like that would be one of the easiest, is that the case?
Elligons: I don't go out anymore, so I'm pretty weak at the moment. There are some things I probably can't do anymore, or at least for the time being.
faust_: Well, if you've got the time to kill, a net works great, over like six hours while you sit still maintaining it. Other than that, a deeper direct connection to one individual seems to provide a higher quality of energy...
Kasada: Aye, quality is nice
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Elligons: I can't skim at work, I think it's the computers interfering. Does anyone have that problem?
Tempest_Moonwolf: back..
Sphynx-SemiHere: wb :)
Kasada: I have a rather good relation with technology, never encountered the issue.
Kasada: wb
faust_: For me it's more of a problem where I interfere with the electronics.
faust_: Not the other way around. :P
Sphynx-SemiHere: I've heard of some having such a bad time with electronics that they have to be nearly electronic free in their home life
Elligons: I'm glad I don't have that problem. I wouldn't get anything done if the computer froze at work.
faust_: Actually, I'm a network adiminstrator. And right now I have like five computers within ten feet of me.
faust_: After a bit of meditation, that interfering effect can be reveresed.
faust_: And with this, whatever it is, one can totally work in harmony with electronics.
***faust_ shrugs
faust_: I'm not sure what that means, but there it is.
Elligons: I wish I wasn't so dependant on feeding off people.
faust_: Well, there are a lot of those, eh, almost everywhere...
Elligons: I can't recirculate the energy within myself, and energy from nature just isn't strong enough.
faust_: :P
Tempest_Moonwolf: so is this still the preferred method question? kinda did the brief scroll back to start kind of thing
Kasada: aye
Sphynx-SemiHere: yes
Elligons: I imagine you're Sphynxcat?
Sphynx-SemiHere: yes :)
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Tempest_Moonwolf: recently - i've had to deal with the "don't feed" and all it's wonderful drawbacks
Elligons: Between your site and Sangi's, the info helped me a lot through my awakening.
Elligons: So, thanks.
SphynxCatVP: You're welcome :)
Elligons: Are you still in here Sangi?
SphynxCatVP: her back was giving her trouble, I think she stepped away for a few
Evolution_ entered the room.
Elligons: I think my energy must be extremely low.
faust_: Why's that?
Tempest_Moonwolf: clud feeding was chaotic and sometimes thsoe with good shielding really freak if they even think they are being tapped that or thier incticts to do that same just causes static... freeding of the weather works a bit.. techncialy speaking though almsot anyone who is energy inclined can do it.. so if you are really starving for a really good strain for some reason you a bit up on how else feels the storm and its sc
Elligons: When I meditate I can usually feel entities, and my candle flame will get tall. But not lately.
faust_: Hmmm, have you tried feeding more?
faust_: That helps sometimes...
Elligons: I haven't been going out.
Tempest_Moonwolf: you like in a house or an aparetment
Tempest_Moonwolf: live
Elligons: I've lost an a lot, haha. Like I'm asleep in a way.
Tempest_Moonwolf: grr....
Elligons: Things will change when I move to FL.
faust_: Yea, you could get a boat and stuff.
Elligons: I'm in a house.
SphynxCatVP: florida? Why on earth would you move to hurricane central? :)
Elligons: I miss living in a haunted house. I never felt alone.
Elligons: Florida is closer to a lot of places I'd like to go.
faust_: Well all, I've got to run. It's been good chatting.
Elligons: I've also heard of a vampire friendly night at the Castle in Tampa.
Elligons: Good night Faust.
***Kasada waves
Tempest_Moonwolf: night faust
Tana: florida is so warm though...i'm content in the land of other people pumping my gas for me
Kasada: lol Oregon?
SphynxCatVP: hehehe
Elligons: I'm a vampire in the Valley of the Sun.
Elligons: I know warm.
Kasada: Topic drifting. I'd like to call a vote for next question. :P
lutasi: Seconded :P
SphynxCatVP: Heh! The next one in sangi's list is "open discussion"
SphynxCatVP: Though we could go over the first two again for stragglers, if you want
lutasi: Un seconded
Elligons: Haha, ok.
SphynxCatVP: Ok, I'll paste the first two again then :)
SphynxCatVP: 1.) For psychic vampires who feed or have fed through blood, have you noticed any differences between blood feeding and feeding on other sources of energy? Potency? Length of time between feeding? Quality of the feeding? Feel of the energy? Anything?
SphynxCatVP: 2.) How often do you feel the need to feed? How often do you feed?
Elligons: I was lucky enough to catch the last few mintues. I keep missing these discussions.
Kasada: lol I waited for 2 hours before-hand, because I wanted to catch it (missed last week)
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Kasada: longpost is long. Sangi, can I pm? I don't think that my answer earlier regarding the meaning I apply to compression really *fits* this discussion.
Elligons left the room.
faust_ left the room.
Aagney left the room.
***Sangi_laptop is back, with an aching back
Sangi_laptop: I hada phone call whichis why I was away so long
Sangi_laptop: yes you can pm me
Tempest_Moonwolf: when it started its was blood .. smel breathe want it.. and as a kid with cronic bloddy noses my blood smelled the best.. but the thing is i didn't feed rl blood till probably my teens, but i hunted in dream before i knew what a training bra was. between i dunno 10 and 15 if people broadcasted or vented their energy i could catch it like a sponge flitering was a major issues and kida being kids i spent the greate
Kasada: Okay... my next question is how? I've never initiated PM ><;
Kasada: (using mIRC)
Sangi_laptop: Tempest_Moonwolf, your text cut off after "i spent the greate"
Sangi_laptop: Kasada, let me pm you
Tempest_Moonwolf: part of my school years being feared.
Tempest_Moonwolf: char cap in triallina an di didnt know lol
lutasi: Wait.. why were you feared?
faust_ entered the room.
Tempest_Moonwolf: new kid in fur differnt school and it went the same each time
Tempest_Moonwolf: four...
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Kas|afk: need to get dinner
Tempest_Moonwolf: i dunno i was like the anti-bully
Tempest_Moonwolf: hoenstly i dont know just if they didn't pick on me try to beat me up they would totatly go out of thier way to advoid me
Tempest_Moonwolf: Once I had a clsoe freind accuse me of makeing her and some other freind sof mine sick cause i was so frustanted and angry i was radiaiting it
Sangi_laptop: better than gettingbeat up, I suppose,though...less"social"...
Tempest_Moonwolf: snagi most hte fights i got in with one (me) agisnt anywhwere between 5 to 20 kids
Aagney entered the room.
lutasi: Did you win?
Tempest_Moonwolf: never a bruise.... and most th witnesses would never admit ti what they saw
Tempest_Moonwolf: always
Tempest_Moonwolf: it was kinda sad reallyu
Sangi_laptop: they ganged up on you? :(
Tempest_Moonwolf: yupp
lutasi: ^5 for winning at least
Sangi_laptop: oh I feel like the side of my back is going to kill me, must liedown bbiab
Elligons entered the room.
Kas|afk: Hm. I never got into fights. Still don't, really.
Tempest_Moonwolf: first one was in missouri.. four guys decied to corner me and pick/poke me intoa corner i "blacked out" and when i regained focus six were on the floor bear two were by the door looking shaken and hte rest of the class was looking at me with aw and soemthing else..
Tempest_Moonwolf: i dunno
Elligons: That was weird. I think I got pinged..idk.
Tempest_Moonwolf: i was ten maybe and deffintly not looking for a fight..
lutasi: Sounds like a book :P
SphynxCatVP: Elligons, the java client disconnects when that screen surfs to another page
Tempest_Moonwolf: no shit
Elligons: Do I have to separate my windows instead of having tabs?
Tempest_Moonwolf: lol the funny thing was karate kid first came out then... and the lok fintiess center was also the town dojo where half the kdis went to
SphynxCatVP: I would expect tabs would work? But might be safer to have separate windows if tabs is giving you trouble
Tempest_Moonwolf: course im a girl the :orginal karate kid" was a boy that too place in ca and i was in mo...
Elligons: I didn't surf away from the chat.
Tempest_Moonwolf: lol anyways i need mean to ranble about it
Elligons: I walked away from my computer.
Elligons: Are we talking about movies now?
Tempest_Moonwolf: lol
Tempest_Moonwolf: no lutasi said it sounded like i book i pointed out its occured the same time karate kid 1 first came out
Tempest_Moonwolf: yeah im old lol
***lutasi has no idea how old that movie is :P
Tempest_Moonwolf: lol good