Sanguinarius Sang/Hybrid Community Chat 2011-09-16

Written by: Zane Robinson

This is the log of a Community discussion that took place on September 16th, 2011. The topics were that of Sangs (Sanguinarians/"blood vampy(i)res") and Hybrids (what many believe to be individuals who can live off of either blood or Energy).

(This is the full, unabridged log of the discussion. The only alteration I have made is that Sangi originally said, "Welcome to #Spanguinarius...," which I corrected as, "#Sanguinarius." Other than that, it is completely unaltered.)


Sangi_laptop: Welcome to #Sanguinarius and our community-wide discussion. I'm glad you could make it. We have a decent turnout it seems, and with that in mind, I'd like to remind you to be thoughtful of others.
Sangi_laptop: he channel is full of people with different points of view, opinions and beliefs; please take these in stride and keep arguing, as well as extraneous conversation, out of the channel. Please read and follow the channel rules at
Sangi_laptop: Thisis the first of a two part discussion on real vampires and feeding. The second part will be held next Fridaty.
Sangi_laptop: Topics include:
Sangi_laptop: Part 1 -- Sang and Hybrid vamps (today)
Sangi_laptop: Part 2 -- Psychic vamps (Friday, 23 September
Sangi_laptop: There will be several questions discussed. Please feel free to add your input. The conversation may go by too quickly at times for you to keep up. Don't dispair. --
Sangi_laptop: We are logging the whole discussion and once we clean up the log and make it easily read, I'll post it on my site, in the Articles Archive and announce it. Probably several others will publish it on their sites, too.
Sangi_laptop: 1.) How much blood do you consume? Is it human, animal or from rare meat or other?
Giselle: *raises hand*
Sangi_laptop: Giselle?
Giselle: I can give you feedback on the size of my donations over the years
Giselle: Is that relevent?
Sangi_laptop: sure
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Yes, please do :)
Sangi_laptop: ANy sang/bloodvamps andhybrids, please answer the question and we can discuss it
Giselle: The first sang was about 10cc's once a month. Then 20cc from the next. The sang I donated to for 3 years was 200cc every 3 months. The one in CO 60 cc's every other week. The couple I donate to now about 60cc each every week.
Sangi_laptop: Do you know ifany of the sangsyou donated to had other donors as well, or only you?
Giselle: How do I know? Some was through the syringe and buttefly method. I have also did contact.
Giselle: Just me.
Sangi_laptop: As for my response tothe question, Iam not actually sure, asit's hard to measure, but I'd estimate between 1-3 ounces at least.. It was human blood
Sangi_laptop: I also get rare steaks as a sub.
Sangi_laptop: ok
Giselle: Now this is NOT trying to make my self special or toot my horn. Non smoking, clean healthy sang donors are hard to find.
***Sangi_laptop nods. Andare very much appreciated
Sangi_laptop: Does anybody else wish to respond?
Giselle: Let me clear up something the 200cc one was getting about 60cc from his wife the other 2 months.
Sangi_laptop: Sphynx? What about you?
Sangi_laptop: ok
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Guestimating about 1-3 ounces, human, roughly once a month, though more often would be better :)
Sangi_laptop: oh and my frequency was estimated about once every week ortwo (although I cou;ld have been happy several times a week, I think)
Sphynx-MostlyHere: With a decent feeding session, about every couple weeks seems to be ideal for me.
Giselle: Geez Sangi too bad you are not close I WOULD donate once a day lol
Giselle: LOL serious two times a week would work for me
GenTisiphone: When I had a donor living with me, I fed every other day.
Sangi_laptop: how much do you figure you ingested?
Isealdor: GenTisiphone: how much, would you say? (and psi or sang?)
Sangi_laptop: in a typical feeding
GenTisiphone: Not sure how much because wasn't exactly like I was measuring. Sang
Sangi_laptop: I know how that goes
GenTisiphone: Pulling a psi feed is almost constant
Sangi_laptop: I'vegot psi feedingcovered next week
GenTisiphone: *nods*
Sangi_laptop: ok,anybody else wish to respond?
Sangi_laptop: Isealdor? Are you sang or psi? or hybrid?
Sangi_laptop: (Iforgot)
Sangi_laptop: *sheepish look*
Isealdor: hybrid
Sangi_laptop: My painkiller STILL has not kicked in
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Have food with it?
Sangi_laptop: how much do you ingest/ how frequently?
Sangi_laptop: some food, yeah but Ideaten earlier
Isealdor: Depends on situation
Sangi_laptop: ok, next question:
Sangi_laptop: 2.) How often do you feel the need to feed?
Sangi_laptop: sang andhybrids only
Sangi_laptop: Sphynx, can you take over, I can barely sit here, I'm in too bad a pain right now
Sphynx-MostlyHere: sure
Sangi_laptop: thank you. I'll be close by, lyingflat or on my side
Sphynx-MostlyHere: How many hybrids are in the chat right now?
***Masticina listens to the crickets, psi here
***Isealdor raises hand
GenTisiphone: Qualify as hybrid because I feed anyway I can
Sphynx-MostlyHere: GenTisiphone, how often do you feel the need to feed?
GenTisiphone: My apologies, checking the child's school account
Isealdor: And to answer, I rarely have a donor situation such that I dont feel a need to's more a matter of degrees of need
GenTisiphone: The need depends on what is going on at the moment....more stress, more need....more attention to certain tasks, you can feel that need to supplement your energy levels, just like you would with the need for a snack in the afternoon
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Isealdor, can you explain?
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Hello, Carpe, welcome to #sanguinarius friday discussion night :)
Sphynx-MostlyHere: carpe_nocturn, we are on question 2 of the evening, essentially are you sang or hybrid, and if so, how often do you feel the need to feed?
Isealdor: Sphynx: Sure. For me, it's largely a matter of quality; if I have plentiful access to good sources to feed often from, then I don't feel nearly as strongly the need to feed. If I have sources that don't mesh as well or aren't as...concentrated, for lack of better way to put it...or if I'm unable to feed as often, then I feel the need to feed more
KickedTisi: I was kicked and am still here.
Sphynx-MostlyHere: weren't kicked by us
Giselle: From my experienes IF you can feed every week, its makes the vampire
KickedTisi: No, I think it was my connection
Giselle: 'Quality of life better
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Yes, it does
Giselle: Speaking as a donor, it makes me feel like I did my job well.
Sphynx-MostlyHere: :)
KickedTisi: Regular feeding is part of a healthy diet.
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Indeed :)
KickedTisi: Giselle, my donor has the same attitude.
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Any other answers for question 2?
Giselle: I have notice it does not take as much blood when you have a steady supply.
carpe_nocturn: i am a sang, and i usually feel the hunget all the time but it is hard to find a suitable donor. i have been resorting to very rare steak for a quite a while now.
***Masticina might has an interresting question later
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Question 3.) How long have you gone without feeding?
KickedTisi: After feeding the first time sang?
carpe_nocturn: its been about two and a half weeks since i last fed
Sphynx-MostlyHere: It's been about 3 months here (not my ideal situation...)
KickedTisi: The longest between sang feeds, several months. It sucked, but my donor had to get the personal life in order
carpe_nocturn: i hear you there, ther are times when i feel like im going to lose it because i am so hungry
Giselle: Makes it easier when the donor is like me and has NO personal life,lol
Sphynx-MostlyHere: (Carpe, low carb diet will help that)
Sphynx-MostlyHere: hee! yes, it does :)
KickedTisi: Agreed, Giselle! However, not realistic. ;)
carpe_nocturn: i have found that diferent kinds of juices help curb cravings just a little
carpe_nocturn: also smoking helps
Sphynx-MostlyHere: not everyone is a smoker, and that can cause more problems than it helps - but that's interesting, anyway
Giselle: I see it as my responsiblity. I do see donation as a seperate act but I still feel the "pull" for lack of a better word.
KickedTisi: I have noticed during my dry spells, we eat more spaghetti with red sauce. I know I tend to drink more V8 juice
Giselle: I do not smoke and eat mostly a veggie diet but, 24 hours before the donation Imake sure I have meat for meals leading up to donating.
Sphynx-MostlyHere: I tend to eat more meat - sometimes a lot more, depending on availability
carpe_nocturn: i mix lemon juice, orange juice, carrot juice, and cranberry juice together and that curbs my cravings for about half a day
KickedTisi: I am trying to curb my consumption of meat from the grocery store
KickedTisi: I try to be more of local-vore, doing my part for the community there.
Sphynx-MostlyHere: I'd like to get all of mine from the local organic farm... trouble is getting up when they're open :(
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Any more responses for question 3?
Giselle: Kicked I use to weigh ALOT. the only thing that worked was to stop eating alot of meat. When I do i try to get the grass feed organic meat
carpe_nocturn: but for the most part i try to eat i usually go to the meat locker and buy steak in bulk
KickedTisi: Just call me "Tisi", Giselle
Giselle: Tisi it is.
***Sangi_laptop comes back in for a little while, pain reduced somewhat (for the time being)
Giselle: Welcome back
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Welcome back :)
KickedTisi: Good @ pain reduction
Sangi_laptop: of course, sitting her will cause me to hurt again soon
Sangi_laptop: soI'll have to break again in aq little whiole
carpe_nocturn: and every now and then the local locker has black pudding
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Question 4, for sangs and hybrids: Are you also able to feed psychically (that is, on psi, chi, elemental, etc. energy)? If so, have you noticed any differences between blood feeding and psychic feeding?
Sangi_laptop: Thisis an important question and I'd like all hybrids present to respond
Sangi_laptop: welcome Greyiil
Greyiil: Thank you, hi. :)
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Welcome Greyiil, we're on question 4 of the evening's discussion: Question 4, for sangs and hybrids: Are you also able to feed psychically (that is, on psi, chi, elemental, etc. energy)? If so, have you noticed any differences between blood feeding and psychic feeding?
Sangi_laptop: canwe repeat the question for Greyiil?
Sangi_laptop: oh you got it already, thanks
Sphynx-MostlyHere: :)
Isealdor: For me, yes, and yes--in connection with my earlier answer, different sources (and methods) tend to be different in "quality"/effectiveness
Sangi_laptop: care to elaborate on that, Isealdor?
carpe_nocturn: well, i have to be at work in a hour so i must say goodnight to all of you
carpe_nocturn left the room.
Sangi_laptop: Got to break again, the pain's gettin g bad again. Sorry I'm in and out like this, folks.
KickedTisi: Yes, able to feed psychically....yes, the energy is different
Isealdor: Generically, physical = more effective than strict psi, but it's not exactly cut and dry...psi from one person might be more effective than from another, or psi from an active energy-working vampire might be as or more effective than sang feeding from someone else
Sphynx-MostlyHere: I don't seem to be able to feed psychically at all - my attempts have been ineffective
KickedTisi: The best psychic feed tends to be hospitals, where people are in pain and "throw away" their energy
KickedTisi: Does that makes any sort of sense?
Sphynx-MostlyHere: To each their own, I think :)
Masticina: : thinks dance places are a good place to feed
Masticina: YUM
Sphynx-MostlyHere: I've not been fond of hospitals in the first place
Masticina: You gotta go o a good night though HARDCORE and METAL are not really good for the taste of the energy
KickedTisi: I live in close proximity
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Any more answers for question 4?
Greyiil: I can try to answer, don't think I can really go into detail though: I've never really been able to feed psychically, not for lack of hopeful attempts :p, and don't believe I have ever clearly fed unintentionally/subconciously.
Sphynx-MostlyHere: Anyone else? If not, we can move into open discussion period
***Masticina pets the crickets
***Isealdor feeds them crumbs
melkia: i have discovered
melkia: i can feed the then store it into crystels
melkia: so i dont need to feed every other week
Isealdor: I know a few friends who do things similar to you find you "lose" some of the energy that way, melkia?
Sphynx-MostlyHere: ((Open discussion period is on))
melkia: no becuse i use a construct to keep fillin it back up
Masticina: energy that flows is kept alive
melkia: it whole job is to keep the energy from stoping
Isealdor: Where does it collect the energy from?
KickedTisi: How would you draw the energy out of the crystals? And does it offer you the same effect as a regular feed?
melkia: i use tendrils to feed from it and yes its still a good feed
KickedTisi: I have never used that method, so I am curious
melkia: ans ise it goes out and collect random amabiant
Sangi_laptop: hey melkia
Isealdor: melkia: gotcha
Sphynx-MostlyHere is now known as Sphynx-Sleepy
melkia: i live 30 miles from stpual
Sangi_laptop: glad you could make it
Sangi_laptop: greets Mizree
melkia: thanks sangi
Mizree: hey there sorry I am late
Sangi_laptop: what is stpual?
Sangi_laptop: oh, St. Paul?
melkia: ya
Sangi_laptop: Mizree, it's okay. What questikon are we on Sphynx?
Sangi_laptop: Ican'ttype worht crap
Giselle: Sangi calling it a night. I got up at 5:30 thismorning.
Sangi_laptop: esp when ,my mindos on my back pain
Giselle: Hope you feel better
Mizree: hey Giselle
Sangi_laptop: mindos = mind is
Isealdor: Sangi: we did question 4, she opened it to the floor
Sangi_laptop: ok, bewell, Giselle
Giselle left the room.
Sangi_laptop: could we paste all the questions again for latecomers if they want to respond to any of them?
Sangi_laptop: YAY, A TYPO FREESENTENCE! :d
Mizree: lol
melkia: so my construked goes to st pual picks some ambaint brings it bacck for me and the crystel
melkia: this mind u use an emgarncey type feeding
KickedTisi: @Melkia, you have basically constructed an energy net to catch ambiant energy from St Paul?
Isealdor: Are you also able to feed psychically (that is, on psi, chi, elemental, etc. energy)? If so, have you noticed any differences between blood feeding and psychic feeding?
Isealdor: erm weird...
Isealdor: 1.) How much blood do you consume? Is it human, animal or from rare meat or other?
Isealdor: 2.) How often do you feel the need to feed?
Isealdor: 3.) How long have you gone without feeding?
Isealdor: 4.) Are you also able to feed psychically (that is, on psi, chi, elemental, etc. energy)? If so, have you noticed any differences between blood feeding and psychic feeding?
melkia: yes kicked
melkia: keeping in mined this is not a system id live on this is an oh shit
KickedTisi: Please call me "Tisi"....the "kicked" refers to my loss of connectivity
melkia: i need energy
melkia: my appologies
KickedTisi: No worries. :)
KickedTisi: Just making it easier
melkia: and to awnser number 3
Mizree: btw this is Cheri.. well that is how I am best known, not sure how to change the name for this chat
melkia: i have gone 3 months
Isealdor: to change names, type "/nick Whatever-your-name-is"
Mizree: ty
Mizree is now known as Cheri
Sangi_laptop: Ifanybody wishes to respond to any of the questions at this point, please feel free to do so. I realize you might not want to go "on the record" with your information and I'm going to work out an anonymouse survey you can fill out and send soonish.
Cheri: well I am a donor so mostly here to observe
Sangi_laptop: Donors are welcome. I'm in the planningstages of a donor discussion and will announce that soonish (maybe a couple of days, may be a month)
Sangi_laptop: DOnors can tell how muchthey generally donateto the vamps, if they wish
melkia: number one is a N/A question becuase i am a psi
Cheri: that would be interesting.. the donor discussion.
Sangi_laptop: psidiscussionis next friday
KickedTisi: I have a question, may be a bit many sangs are blood donors? Like to Red Cross and such?
Cheri: I most often use a direct method so the amount is hard to tell
Sangi_laptop: feel freeto private message(query) me and talk to me aboujt issues you deal with as a donor thatyou'd like tpo see discussed
KickedTisi: I mean, straight to Red Cross blood bank donations.
Sangi_laptop: I donated a pint or two when I was in hs...brb phone
Sangi_laptop: bak
Isealdor: wb
Cheri: I know my last sang did fairly reagular
Sangi_laptop: thnaks
Sangi_laptop: hs = high school
Sangi_laptop: if I disappear suddenly, it's coz my laptop battery died (although it shouldn't because I have the blooming thing plugged into the wall) but I got a low baqttery warning)
ara139: This might be hard to answer, but I was curious what makes someone want to be a donor? How did people first approach you? (or did you approach others?) Did you first think people were freaking nuts, etc?
KickedTisi left the room.
Cheri: I had a good friend ask me to donate when his donor moved, he knew I would not freak at the idea of blood...
Cheri: and yeh I did think he was joking at first
Masticina: I am going to nap
Masticina: see you all next week I guess
Sangi_laptop: Masticina, pleasant nightmores
KickedTisi entered the room.
Sangi_laptop: thanks for coming
Masticina: no troubles :)
Cheri: was his sang donor for many years before he passed away, but he had introduced me to some of his friends and I chose to continue as a donor after
Sangi_laptop: wb KickedTisi
Masticina left the room.
KickedTisi: ty Sangi
melkia: do mosts sangi vamp use needles to draw it ?
Cheri: I have had a few, and my current vamp will be learning, but I prefer they use a direct method
melkia: whats that?
Cheri: direct from the wound
melkia: ahh
Cheri: but sometimes that is not enough to meet their needs, so the needle is used instead
KickedTisi: I prefer that method, Cheri
***Sangi_laptop discovers her plug in was unplugged and plugs it back in and now hopefully the battery won't quit on me
ara139: did it take a little while to process what he asked/ told you? I mean I can kind of imagine... I mean when a close friend says he has a secret to tell you I'd imagine that the biggest it'd be is like 'I'm gay' or something...
melkia: i am a psi vamp so know some thimgs about the other half
***melkia sould send some energy to sangi's comp
Cheri: for someone not as... open minded as I have always been( also empathic) it may have been harder... but I had been involved in much odder things by then