Vampiric Aging Conference 2005-06-10

Written by: Lady CG
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This Conference was held as a way of introducing this topic to members of the community with a vested interest in the changes involved in Aging, as a Vampyre, and a way for Vampyres over 35 to get to know other Vampyres going through similar issues.

While no great epiphanies were forthcoming, it was a wonderful experience for all of us who participated and was a wonderful prelude to other Aging Conferences I hope the community will continue to hold.

Vampyric Aging is not a studied topic at this time. Many Vampyres who are going through the process find comfort in the company of others going through this trying period, and we all agree... we are not aging like most of our mundane relatives, and many of us are interested in defining the differences between Mundane aging and the process we Vampyre go through, for future reference and those who come after us.

There is very real comfort in knowing we are NOT ALONE!

Lady CG


* LadyCG brings meeting to order
NightDove: I will never turn this computer off... nope..
LadyCG: lmao!!!!!
SphynxCatVP: LOL
Teezer: lol
Sanguinarius: @LadyCG Apparently Catherene couldn't figure the irc thing out, lol...
Sanguinarius: aww, darn...
SphynxCatVP: bummer!
LadyCG: lol.. I figured you'd feel that way, lol
NightDove: Nightpoe ??
SphynxCatVP: I even sent her a couple emails too
LadyCG: but I wanted to hear her story, I really did
SphynxCatVP: next time maybe
SphynxCatVP: I'll have better instructions up for the next time
Sanguinarius: *nod*
LadyCG: I know my own experience with vamp aging has been VERY ... weird...
vlad2292000: if nothing else, this is a good "dry run"
LadyCG: and from what she has on her site hers must be fascinating!
Lilith_girl_: mine too
NightDove: I'm not out of sympathy with Ms. Nightpoe. She seems to be a nice woman
LadyCG: yes.. Lilith and I became friends because we were going through the same very strange things.. or very similar.. and vampiressuk as well, though she can't get in apparently
SphynxCatVP: I sent her pointers to the java page, and to a Mac irc proggy
LadyCG: I don't mind Catherene
vlad2292000: I think I'll add irc to my system, before next time.
LadyCG: when I first found her site I thought she was BAKED... but the older I get the more I wonder... maybe I'm getting senile, cause some of it is beginning to make an insane kind of sense.
LadyCG: I use Pirch, Vlad, but most people prefer mIRC
Teezer: the only problem I have with her site is the immortal vamp stuff.. *shrugs*
Lilith_girl_: that we did lady....and I got to the point of I feed from wherever I can
Teezer: a lil too...Hollywood??
vlad2292000: the insanity of it all is misleading, at best.
LadyCG: I might be one of the few people I know who doesn't scoff TOO much about that... the reason being no matter how smart we think we are and no matter HOW much we THINK we know... we do not know everything
NightDove: There may be immortals... somewhere.... I'm not one.
Teezer: very true
EloraGrey: I'm back now
Teezer: who knows.
Teezer: wb
LadyCG: me too Lilith
LadyCG: I HAVE to have blood now.. not like when I was younger
vlad2292000: we don't actually know that. all of my family dies of massive stroke, so I have not an idea of our lifespan.
Lilith_girl_: lol...I guess that comes with age...the newly awakened worries about that and the elders don't its trivial
LadyCG: When I was younger I got by lots on psi.. I can't do that anymore.. it doesn't help much now
EloraGrey: ty teezer
EloraGrey: yeah I'm much the same way myself
Teezer: I've noticed lately a change in my body temp.. I feel the same but my skin temp is hotter? My son says I'm burning him when I touch him? I think hes exaggerating a lil though.. lol
NightDove: I don't drink blood... I just get weirder and weirder...
SphynxCatVP: I've been hitting the vitamins to head off the family health problems
SphynxCatVP: so far I'm winning
EloraGrey: ooh the body temp thing!
Nightdancer: I always thought I was not sanguine but now at this age...starting to think I was wrong...taking a second look ...I cannot do what I use to with managing energy
LadyCG: my temp is normal at over 100F, lol. so I am overheated too
EloraGrey: the other day I was feeling a little off and took my temp - i was roasting and my temp was 96.3
vlad2292000: it has seemed to me, that women need more blood, and men actually psy more as age comes on.
Lilith_girl_: menopause perhaps
Lilith_girl_: ???
SphynxCatVP: interesting
Nightdancer: I think that is common perhaps...
SphynxCatVP: that's an interesting quirk
LadyCG: hawkmoor will agree with that Vlad.. he mostly Psi feeds now and he is nearing 50
Teezer: my temp is normal.. but my skin feels can actually feel the heat coming off me.
Nightdancer: I have been like that for years...subnormal temp and hot
EloraGrey: vampopause lol
vlad2292000: the temp thing also is in men.
SphynxCatVP: I prefer my room temp around 65
Lilith_girl_: I have low blood pressure low body temp and low pulse
LadyCG: I call it vamp menopause.... but it doesn't really have anything to DO with menopause
SphynxCatVP: well, not mundane menopause, no...
Teezer: my bp is high..
SphynxCatVP: mine's low
Sanguinarius: back *scrolls up to catch up*
NightDove: I had a very easy mundane menopause..
SphynxCatVP: high heart rate, low blood pressure
LadyCG: WE need to start somewhere.. so... let start with this...:
Sanguinarius: *tries to tune out the game show in the background* :/
LadyCG: how many people here have been through a sort of 2nd awakening that seems to cause physical changes?
vlad2292000: bp a bit high, temp high, but not out of "normal" realms.
EloraGrey: That's where I seem to be right now CG
EloraGrey: like at the beginning fringes
Teezer: I've always been hot blooded...out in shirtsleeves in
Lilith_girl_: me
SphynxCatVP: I've noticed my photosensitivity getting more extreme
NightDove: body completely changed and I collapsed and nearly died.
SphynxCatVP: my high temperature tolerance has dropped, but that could be from working temp-controlled data centers for a decade too
LadyCG: I nearly died as well nightdove...
Teezer: yea I have to wear my shades all the time almost..
Sanguinarius: *nods* same here
vlad2292000: light is worse, anger management is better, but power seems to have grown more of late.
Sanguinarius: I use to prefer heat to cold by far, but now I tend to opt for mild temps
EloraGrey: I can't go out without my shades. Just thinking about it makes my eyes hurt.
Sanguinarius: mild to cool
LadyCG: I can only speak for myself.. but I knew from knowing Lilith so well I was NOT the only vamp to go through a very severe physical change
Teezer: yah.. cant take the heat.. prefer cooler temps.
Lilith_girl_: it was rough
SphynxCatVP: I'm wondering if some of that severity can be warded off with a hefty vitamin regime
LadyCG: in my case my entire body changed.. one system at a time.
NightDove: I can take cold better now.. heat is deadly
vlad2292000: if we work in the weather, it seems lees extreme
EloraGrey: yeah that's what my husband says
EloraGrey: he works in an warehouse that's not heated nor air conditioned
EloraGrey: I don't know how he stands it
SphynxCatVP: giiigh
SphynxCatVP: the thought makes my brain curdle
LadyCG: I don't do extremes of heat or cold very well
vlad2292000: doing the vitamins is good, but so far no effect.
SphynxCatVP: what vitamins are you doing?
EloraGrey: oh mine too. :curdle curdle:
LadyCG: I'd like to know if anyone else here went through the same thing or similar to what I did.
Teezer: I am low in iron.. have to supplement.
Lilith_girl_: my cravings got fierce and I was like a new born putting everything in my mouth or should I say
Nightdancer: I don't like heat...why I like San Diego...where I live its mild most of the time.
SphynxCatVP: I'm taking a cubic assload of C, 1,000IU's of E, a super-uber b-complex, and 1,200units of D
EloraGrey: now I'm the opposite, Teezer. I can't take in any extra iron or B-complex. They make me ill
Teezer: its unseasonably warm here right now.
Teezer: also low on iodine? *shrugs*
NightDove: I don't take vitamins either.. they make me sick
vlad2292000: Heavy on the d. extra calcium. and others at slightly higher than normal levels
EloraGrey: I can't do salt or iodine either
LadyCG: when I went through it my cravings increased exponentially... one system at a time my body broke down on me.. I'd get so sick I thought I'd DIE.. then just when it seemed I was not going ot make it, my body flips around...heals up and works better than it used to
NightDove: I live on potassium chloride...
Teezer: I take spells of craving salt..
NightDove: LadyCG.. did you stop eating so much starch?
SphynxCatVP: I have kosher salt for the salt cravings
SphynxCatVP: I've found it's also good mixed with beef blood
Lilith_girl_: I am healthy now except for anxiety but I have my
vlad2292000: just watch it, as we have a tendency to retain water. more than most.
EloraGrey: Valium is our friend
Sanguinarius: what's the difference between regular salt and kosher salt?
Lilith_girl_: Valiums????
LadyCG: at one point I had two heart attacks in less than 3 months... chest pains.. it was AWEFUL... the doctors had me on nitro, and blood pressure pills... I was very ill... then out of the blue after almost a year.. **poof. I was all better... the scarring disappeared, I passed every stress test with flying colors and the doctors threw their hands in the air and said I was fine
NightDove: No iodine in Kosher salt and larger crystals
LadySlinky: size
Ku_Shin: I just use plain rock salt
Sanguinarius: If I retain too much water, I end up feeling lousy, having headaches, etc.
LadySlinky: and its been approved by a rabbi
Sanguinarius: LadyCG, how old were you when all that happened?
NightDove: If you hold water take some Potassium chloride salt..
Teezer: lack of sleep too.. only get @ 3 - 4 hrs a night..
EloraGrey: I've been having BAD problems with insomnia lately
LadyCG: nightdove I live almost entirely on blood now.. to be honest... blood and nearly raw steaks, and vitamins
LadySlinky: I had something like that happen with my last pregnancy. Total chemical rework.
LadyCG: I was about 38
Sanguinarius: I drink's a diuretic
Teezer: *lives on coffee*
vlad2292000: any caffeine helps, but not with sleep issues!
EloraGrey: I had to go off caffeine a little over a year ago
LadyCG: I drink a lot of coffee too but I'm still asthmatic and coffee help me
Sanguinarius: coffee -- the miracle drink (well, apart from blood, lol). Helps with migraines, too, because it constricts the blood vessels
Teezer: *drinks it black*
LadyCG: Lilith.. didn't you go through chest pains too for a while?
vlad2292000: yes
Lilith_girl_: I am fine now except for the anxiety but that comes with being a mom, grandma, and unemployed student
Lilith_girl_: YES very bad
Nightdancer: Does anyone here constantly get asked if you are anemic?
Sanguinarius: I can drink a cup of coffee and fall asleep (not decaf, either...*Bela Lugosi voice* I never drink...decaf...)
vlad2292000: i had the pains too, but all gone now.
Lilith_girl_: I thought I was dying
EloraGrey: I do Nightdancer
SphynxCatVP: Not constantly, but occasionally I have days where I look paler than usual
Lilith_girl_: that all went away
NightDove: I developed breathing troubles and heart troubles
SphynxCatVP: everyone asks me if I'm sick
Ku_Shin: I suffer really bad from anemia
LadyCG: I used to be anemic.. but I do well on my present diet.. in fact I am quite healthy now for the most part
Ku_Shin: badly even
SphynxCatVP: not anemic otherwise
Teezer: don't get me started on migraines.. O.o
SphynxCatVP: an occupational hazard, I'm afraid
Nightdancer: I had to go to doctors...I get quirky things...say I have CFIDS And Fibro...and first that test for anemia
vlad2292000: with a constant donor, I am better than I have been in ten years.
Lilith_girl_: wow we sound like a bunch from a nursing
Nightdancer: been doing that to me all my life and some of my children and their children too...I never am
EloraGrey: lol
LadyCG: how many here, besides myself an Vlad, get a steady diet with blood?
Nightdancer: I cannot be in the sun more than about twenty minutes without a burn
SphynxCatVP: just don't drag out the depends....
* SphynxCatVP cringes
NightDove: I had CFIDS too until I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.. now I'm just your average vampire. LOL
SphynxCatVP: lol
Teezer: no donor here.
Sanguinarius: not I. I don't even have a donor right now.
Teezer: I burn in the sun easily too
LadyCG: I drink a lot of animal blood when I do not have a donor.. but I HAVE to have blood of some kind..
Lilith_girl_: the sun doesn't bother me I cant breathe when its sunny but it doesn't burn...but I have an Italian complexion
Teezer: I blister O.O
EloraGrey: how are you defining "steady"? lol
Nightdancer: I notice a trend though since talking to many
LadyCG: fairly regular, enough to make you feel better
EloraGrey: then ''d say I qualify
Nightdancer: immune system problems...nervous system and light and sun sensitivities...chemical too
Nightdancer: all about the environment
Teezer: *is a diabetic*
Sanguinarius: the sun feels very hot on my skin, like a heat lamp or putting your hand over a toaster, and I can burn easily, but I stay out of it for the most part
LadyCG: I found when I switched to more blood in my diet many of my problems became more manageable
Lilith_girl_: I can't breathe when its hot and sunny and I am very tired when I am in the sun that's all it does to me
Sanguinarius: but I used to have to burn in order for it to turn into a tan later
LadyCG: I don't do well in sun.. ask Sphynx, lol
Teezer: heat makes it hard for me to breathe too.
SphynxCatVP: heh, yea, I had to walk her through dealing with heatstroke
Lilith_girl_: I don't burn I tan
Teezer: I burn...peel ..and back where I started. LOL
Lilith_girl_: lol
LadyCG: I found a solution to my sun problems, or most of them.. but I have to actually DO it for it to work...
Sanguinarius: what is that?
SphynxCatVP: btw, if any of you get heatstroke/sunstroke.... hop in a cold shower... worry about shivers when they actually happen
vlad2292000: 20 or so years ago, I could work in the sun without a shirt. now I blister in less than an hour.
LadyCG: I start in about march... 3 minutes in a tanning bed and over the course of three months I go up to 10...slowly!
SphynxCatVP: heh, fake-n-bake
LadyCG: it helps me adapt to sun before summer
Teezer: lukewarm is better than cold.. cold will be a shock to the system.
LadyCG: like allergy shots
LadyCG: lol
Lilith_girl_: I love just laying in the tanning beds without the lights on...lololol
Teezer: I don't see how people lay out in the sun and just bake.
* SphynxCatVP shudders
LadyCG: I did it last year.. but not this year.. last year I had NO sun or heat stroke.. this year I didn't do it and I've had heat and sun trouble already.
SphynxCatVP: Teezer- when you're overheated like that, you've gotta get cold FAST
SphynxCatVP: I use the same principle for dealing with burns
SphynxCatVP: I haven't gotten a scar yet from a burn I self-treated
Lilith_girl_: lady make sure you lotion up your body when you finish
LadySlinky: vinegar helps with burns
Teezer: always heard cold would be a shock...the quick change in temp...could stop your heart??
Lilith_girl_: don't want your skin to turn to leather
SphynxCatVP: haven't heard of it happening
SphynxCatVP: hypothermia would come first
LadyCG: I only tan for about three months a year.. and for short amounts of time.. it does seem to help
Nightdancer: I love the outdoors but don't like to be in it...makes no sense but my friends have don't
LadyCG: I prefer to be nocturnal myself when I have a choice
vlad2292000: Japanese use a hot bath then ice water within seconds. It is quite refreshing!
LadyCG: is anyone here besides me nocturnally inclined?
SphynxCatVP: me
SphynxCatVP: my house is a cave
Teezer: yeah.. and polar bear
LadyCG: mine too
LadySlinky: I am naturally.
vlad2292000: I have always been.
SphynxCatVP: well, as cave-like as it can be with the windows covered
Teezer: yeah
LadySlinky: I live opposite my natural clock though
NightDove: I put down all my hurricane awnings so it's dark as a tomb in here
Teezer: always been a night person.
LadyCG: maybe we vamps just do not belong out in the sun
Nightdancer: I'm like that too...hardly ever open drapes except to keep electric bill down...very high out here
Sanguinarius: I'm nocturnally inclined
EloraGrey: I have never tanned in my life.
Sanguinarius: cave-like is good
Nightdancer: Me either
LadyCG: maybe we are meant by our very genetic makeup to be nocturnal
vlad2292000: my natural clock says I should just be waking up. I hate living in the daylight.
Lilith_girl_: all vamps are nocturnal aren't they
NightDove: I turn red throw up and fade to white!
SphynxCatVP: LOL
EloraGrey: sounds like me night dove
Sanguinarius: my apartment except for the bedroom, is cave-like; bedroom is very bright...stupid picture window
Nightdancer: all my children are nocturnal...I mean I needed canons to get them awake for school
SphynxCatVP: I told my boss I'm going to be doing a lot of working at night due to the heat
Lilith_girl_: I take late classes and I do everything in the night hours
SphynxCatVP: I like working at home
EloraGrey: my mom swears I was nocturnal in the womb
NightDove: LOL
Sanguinarius: I hate the diurnal bigotry I receive
vlad2292000: I need a job like that! in fact I need a job!
Lilith_girl_: my bedroom is pitch black 24/7
LadyCG: so far what we all seem to have in common: nocturnal.. can't take sun..., we all have health problems. and most of us have been through drastic physical changes as we have aged
Teezer: I worked night shift for many years
NightDove: This is great! I've finally found my own kind!
Lilith_girl_: I have red velvet drapes and blinds on my windows and my room is black
Sanguinarius: one fellow told me, "Well, get up in the morning and shine a bright light in your ace, and it'll reset your clock to what it should be"
Sanguinarius: :/
LadyCG: what age did everyone start to go through the changes?
Sanguinarius: I wanted to strangle him
LadyCG: I was 37 - 38
EloraGrey: I'm 36
Lilith_girl_: Lady the beginning or now
vlad2292000: same here
Sanguinarius: I need to shop for some drapes
Lilith_girl_: oh ok
LadySlinky: yah
Lilith_girl_: a few years back
NightDove: I've changed a couple of times really
Sanguinarius: which changes?
LadyCG: when did it become noticeable to you Lilith?
SphynxCatVP: a few years ago is when I noticed the photosensitivity getting worse
LadySlinky: 3 years ago
LadyCG: how old would that have made you?
vlad2292000: it seems to be a constant change after you get in the 30's
Sanguinarius: at what age, though?
Lilith_girl_: about 45
Lilith_girl_: years old
Teezer: yeah been a couple of years on the light aversion..
LadySlinky: 27
NightDove: 45 is when the changes start mounting up
Lilith_girl_: I may have had ones before I remember feeling odd in my 30s
LadyCG: so for the most of us from 35 to 45...
Lilith_girl_: yep
Nightdancer: I started noticing things getting worse around 38 or so
Lilith_girl_: now when did everyone awaken what age
LadySlinky: Good to know what I have to look forward to
NightDove: I think we have always been changing but our bodies could make adjustments at a younger age.
Sanguinarius: Allergies seem to bother me a lot more than in the past
LadyCG: I was in my late teens
EloraGrey: awakened? I was late. I was 26
LadyCG: when I awakened
LadySlinky: 16ish
Lilith_girl_: I was 14
Ku_Shin: hi Kel
* Sanguinarius , in the great and ancient traditional Slavinian Friendship Greeting, bows low, plucks a nosehair and offers it to Kelandris
LadyCG: welcome Kel!
Kelandris: GAH.
Teezer: I notices vamps seem to have a lot of health problems for a race that is supposed to be.. superior physically??
EloraGrey: mostly because I didn't know what was going on until I met the right people who could tell me
* Sanguinarius figures that's all due to lack of proper diet
Sanguinarius: (adequate blood)
EloraGrey: exactly
LadySlinky: I often wonder how much our health problems are connected with how we live.
SphynxCatVP: I've been awakened since early early childhood, even if I didn't have a name for it then
LadyCG: one of things I noticed first when I started to change was my muscle density increased.. I am a body builder, so it was very noticeable to me
Kelandris: Superior physically only counts if you're not getting the proper nutrients, in ADDITION to getting fed the proper amount.
Teezer: virtually absent from my diet right now..
Lilith_girl_: now that I think about it since I awakened I had a weird change in every decade
Sanguinarius: "<Kelandris> Superior physically only counts if you're not getting the proper nutrients, in ADDITION to getting fed the proper amount."
* Sanguinarius tends to figure that is so
SphynxCatVP: I always had decent strength, but since my back went out, I can't lift as much as I used to - it's frustrating
Nightdancer: same with Sphynx...I called it "behind the eyes"
Nightdancer: *with me
vlad2292000: in some respects, we seem to have a muscular advantage, and even some advantage in out bones. Have any broke bones of late?
SphynxCatVP: "behind the eyes" ? huh?
LadyCG: I KNOW I am healthier since I went to large amount of blood in my diet
Nightdancer: I was about three or four
SphynxCatVP: Ahhh
LadyCG: I haven't broke a bone since I was 16
EloraGrey: I broke a toe 8 years ago.
Teezer: never broke a bone
SphynxCatVP: yea, that sounds about right for me
NightDove: I've never broken anything..
Kelandris: I'm healthier when I feed, not as when I'm not. But I have health problems above and beyond no matter what.
Nightdancer: I knew I was different and I would say...I am behind the eyes
Sanguinarius: my body's gone all to hell since I haven't been getting blood, and I'm only *mumbles* 34
LadySlinky: I got a hairline fracture when I was young
NightDove: Sangi... stop eating starch. It'll kill ya.
Sanguinarius: body and health
vlad2292000: I feel six feet, landed on my side on concrete, without breaking a bone.
LadyCG: I went to bloody diet when I realized I had nothing to lose. I felt better almost at once
Kelandris: Or at least reduce the amount of starch you're getting.
Lilith_girl_: I break easy but heal very fast I once broke my leg and in a few days I took off the cast and was walking fine I went to the doctor and he x-rayed me and said my leg was good to go
EloraGrey: did you bounce Vlad?
Sanguinarius: *snerkle*
EloraGrey: :P
SphynxCatVP: heh
LadyCG: another question for the group... how many here are or were ADHD?
SphynxCatVP: me
LadySlinky: me
Kelandris: Not me.
LadyCG: me
Nightdancer: I have never broken a bone
EloraGrey: I've been told that I am ... but I've never looked into it
vlad2292000: they said I did, but was up almost instantly.
NightDove: Nope.. I was just a pain in the ass as a student
Teezer: *eats a lot of starch* lol
Sanguinarius: I haven't been diagnosed with that, but I was diagnosed as hyperactive when I was a child.
Sanguinarius: I suspect that I'm at least somewhat ADHD, though
LadyCG: it seems common among vampyres, that is why I asked
EloraGrey: yeah that's what they called it when we were little Sangi!
Kelandris: However, I hyper-focus, which is symptomatic of ADHD.
SphynxCatVP: I was so bad with ADHD as a kid at first the schools thought I was retarded because they were so boring I didn't pay attention
LadySlinky: I do much better on meds
Sanguinarius: *nod*
SphynxCatVP: It got much better once my folks put me on a health food diet
Ku_Shin: I didn't find school very interesting either
SphynxCatVP: I can multitask really well - Sangi can attest to that
EloraGrey: school bored the heck outta me
LadyCG: the doctors tried to tell my parents I was autistic as a very small child.. but then I learned to talk, lol...
Kelandris: Well, unless you have great teachers, school's awfully dull.
Lilith_girl_: we are mortals and we are human so we will have loads of medical problems like everyone else
Sanguinarius: I was in the Gifted/Talented class, the Behavior Disorders class AND the Learning Disorders (Disabilities?) class!
* SphynxCatVP laughs
LadyCG: I do not FEEL human.. have not in years!
EloraGrey: lord that sounds like my oldest son! LOL
NightDove: I'm mortal but I'm not human... anymore
Kelandris: Right, Lilith, but we're trying to track what, if anything, we all have in common.
Sanguinarius: how so not human, NightDove?
LadyCG: I know how you feel nightdove
LadyCG: I do not call myself human either
Lilith_girl_: we are still vampire we feel things that most humans don't feel
NightDove: I eat a weird diet, my body is banged up from trying to be human.
NightDove: if I'm to recover I must consider that I am NOT human.
SphynxCatVP: celiac will give anyone a banged up body if they don't discover it
Sanguinarius: I consider myself human, but also a vampire (just different from your "average" human)
LadyCG: how is everyone night vision?
SphynxCatVP: excellent
LadyCG: mine too
SphynxCatVP: I scare my cats sometimes
Sanguinarius: mine is really good
NightDove: True. But I think it's something more. I've never heard of Celiacs who hated the sun.. etc.
Sanguinarius: lol
Kelandris: Pretty good if I'm not depleted on A.
SphynxCatVP> NightDove : got a point there... the celiac person I worked with loved the sun
vlad2292000: I drive everyone crazy as I am a "light nazi" turning out all the lights.
EloraGrey: Yeah, that's the way I look at myself, too, .... eh, I got a little behind here lol
NightDove: Celiacs can eat starch, meat, vegetables... I can't
Sanguinarius: vlad2292000, same here
Kelandris: Our roommates call us "trolls", hee.
SphynxCatVP> vlad2292000 : get compact fluorescents, or the new LED bulbs - they use MUCH less electricity
SphynxCatVP: LOL
SphynxCatVP: Awww, but you're OUR trolls )))
LadySlinky: I can adjust my eyes and have great night vision but learned not to so I could drive
Lilith_girl_: whether we call ourselves human or not we still are ...we get sick we heal and we will die...that makes us human...we just live different think different and feel different than most people
EloraGrey: yeah the new fluorescents are nice
Sanguinarius: my parents always used to follow me around turning off the lights and griping; now I follow them around doing the same thing
Kelandris: Yeah, but I haven't found a fluorescent yet with a flicker rate I can stand.
NightDove: I have blue bulbs everywhere 25 watt or night light bulbs
LadyCG: so we now have... problems with food, physical changes... muscle density, good bones, night vision, nocturnal, need blood
LadyCG: oh and sun issues
SphynxCatVP: @Kelandris: an LED bulb would probably do it for you then, no flicker
Sanguinarius: migraines?
Teezer: blue bulbs hmm.. *wonders where to get some*
Kelandris: But some of that, in my case, I can contribute to existing medical issues.
SphynxCatVP: I'm waiting for them to come down in price before we stock up
Kelandris: Yeah, I've been hearing about LED lights.
NightDove: Actually I'm 53 and I have a very muscular appearance naked.. odd!
LadyCG: and we agree the changes start to become drastic between 35 and 45 as a rule, but that is variable
SphynxCatVP: the LED *night lights* though are AWESOME.... $5ish for something that gives a decent amount of light for our eyes
Lilith_girl_: damn hold up the grandkids are yelling for me
SphynxCatVP: heheh
Sanguinarius: what about blacklights? Do they drive you crazy to look at them, and the light cast off from them visually irritating?
Lilith_girl_: brb
SphynxCatVP: ok, pause for breather time
LadySlinky: yes
Kelandris: Actually, I ADORE blacklights.
LadyCG: I get TERIBLE migraines or used to. not so bad now... but a lot of my health issues were put right with my high blood diet
vlad2292000: I used to think it was just women that had migraines, but what a time I have with them!
SphynxCatVP: blacklights give of UV I think
Teezer: I get migraines a lot
NightDove: Black lights are ultra violet.. not good for sun sensitive folks
LadySlinky: I like them but they are annoying if that makes sense
Sanguinarius: LadyCG, ergh...then they're due to hit me sometime in the next year or so...
LadyCG: anyone need a smoke break beside Lilith?
Kelandris: I have been told that, but I find them soothing. And I don't burn under them.
SphynxCatVP: I've been wearing welding glasses for over 10 years as people would wear sunglasses
EloraGrey: I need to brush my teeth ROFL
Sanguinarius: I adore the CONCEPT of blacklights. I just can't stand them
LadyCG: Sangi I have read your journal.. I see signs you are already starting to have problems, unless you always got blood rage as bad as you do now...
LadySlinky: How about eye problems like glaucoma?
Sanguinarius: I need a coffee/cereal break
vlad2292000: Any UV source, sucks for me. Fluorescent or any other source.
SphynxCatVP: no glaucoma here
Kelandris: Not so far,'s a possibility.
NightDove: I've got nerve damage in one eye... no glaucoma
EloraGrey: I have macular degeneration in my left eye
LadyCG: Ok.. lets take 5 minutes for bathroom, smokes, cereal etc...
EloraGrey: no glaucoma
SphynxCatVP: I take enough vitamin C I'm not worried about that
LadySlinky: I have been borderline for 10 years.
LadyCG: macular degeneration runs in my family, Elora
Kelandris: Kayo.
LadySlinky: Also been told my eyes focus more then most.
vlad2292000: no eye probs.
Sanguinarius: I have gotten it bad, but not as bad as nowadays...although in-between times seems to be less intense to deal with
EloraGrey: yeah it does in my dad's family too
NightDove: My aunt had macular degeneration
Teezer: *eye problems*
EloraGrey: although lately, it's slowed down in my "bad eye" and my actual vision has improved in that eye - but the "good eye" has gotten worse. LOL
Sanguinarius: like, the constant simmering thirst is there, but it's not as bad as in the past...but the flare up can be truly evil
Sanguinarius: a major hell-bitch
LadyCG: my mother and sister both had macular degeneration.. I've been fortunate
EloraGrey: yes you have
SphynxCatVP: @EloraGrey: Eat bean sprouts, and take more C...lots of it
EloraGrey: I'll do that!
EloraGrey: Thanks!
Kelandris: I can second the bean sprouts thing. It helps.
Sanguinarius: mmm, bean sprouts
SphynxCatVP: this link has info on vitamin C used for glaucoma and other eye issues:
LadyCG: Sangi... It was one of my first changes.. the heightening of my blood rage...
NightDove: bean sprouts must be washed good though
LadySlinky: thanks
SphynxCatVP: the sprouts have to be RAW but they can be buried under whatever salad dressing you like
SphynxCatVP: have a handful a day
EloraGrey: I have the dry kind, thank goodness. I've not progressed in almost five years now. I was diagnosed 8 years ago
Kelandris: Yeah, but if you buy them in the boxes with the little holes, you can run the entire box under water, shake the whole thing out, no problems.
SphynxCatVP: they also, incidentally, reduce the photosensitivity pain....
SphynxCatVP: ))
EloraGrey: excellent!
NightDove: I haven't eaten vegetables for years... or meat either
EloraGrey: and I love sprouts so it works out
EloraGrey: LOL
Sanguinarius: what do you eat?
Teezer: says page not found
LadyCG: Elora.. don't be too surprised if your eyes actually IMPROOVE... I find whatever is happening to me gets VERY bad, then whatever part of my body or system that is affected suddenly get better all by itself, which is one of the oddest things for me
Teezer: *potato chips* yay.. lol
SphynxCatVP: @NightDove: I know you've got extenuating circumstances with your celiac thing
Nightdancer: what do you eat NightDove?
EloraGrey: Yeah mine have been getting better - and it HAS been shocking. I've been legally blind since I was 13 LOL
NightDove: Lactose free milk and chocolate mostly... no vitamin troubles though.
EloraGrey: brb
LadyCG: NightDove.. have you TRIED a diet heavy on the blood?
Sanguinarius: I'm legally blind in my left eye. I have a partially detached retina
SphynxCatVP: ouch
SphynxCatVP: I didn't know that before
LadyCG: brb... need a P break, lol
NightDove: Nope. I'm a vegetarian.. used to be a no animal food at all person.
Lilith_girl_: hey I gotta grandkids need my attention I will try and come back
Kelandris: Awww. Okay.
Sanguinarius: does chocolate help anybody deal with the thirst/need?
Sanguinarius: to make it less?
SphynxCatVP: only in milk :P
Teezer: vegan?
SphynxCatVP: but not really
Sanguinarius: milk seems to help somewhat
NightDove: chocolate IS blood.... right???
Teezer: yes chocolate helps
SphynxCatVP: I find my b-complex works great for that
Kelandris: Not chocolate...Algae does, weirdly--like, algae drinks, juiced vegetable blends and the like.
LadySlinky: I don't know if it helps any but I eat a lot of it when craving
Teezer: dark chocolate better.
Sanguinarius: mmmmm
SphynxCatVP: I tried a pseudo algae drink, my stomach screamed in terror and ran off
Kelandris: Chocolate is blood?
LadySlinky: yuck milk chocolate better
Kelandris: Maybe I just like sludge.
Sanguinarius: choclate syrup
Teezer: Hershey's chocolate syrup ..right out of the can.. LOL
NightDove: Chocolate milk has Carrageenan in it ... seaweed... bleech!
Nightdancer: I get sugar free...I worry about diabetes...runs in family
LadyCG: back
* Sanguinarius puts a little milk in with her chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk
Teezer: wb
Teezer: lol
Kelandris: How is chocolate like blood?
* LadyCG wonders if NightDove would be healthier on a high blood diet...
LadyCG: I use chocolate to stave off blood cravings
Sanguinarius: I think so
NightDove: Probably.... now where am I going to get blood in Florida????
SphynxCatVP: @Kelandris: Might be
Teezer: both rich..?? lol
NightDove: meat in Florida is toxic...
Sanguinarius: pounce on the illegals?
LadySlinky: I find chocolate to be closest in craving to blood.
Sanguinarius: strike that, please. I did NOT say that out loud...
Kelandris: *snerk*
LadySlinky: I used to think I just could not get enough chocolate before I had blood.
EloraGrey: mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate
LadyCG: its a good question Nightdove... I use animal blood when I have to... or very bloody steaks, though I'll admit that I often drink the blood off my plate and feed the meat to the dog, lol
vlad2292000: yes you did!
Sanguinarius: no I didn't
LadyCG: we recently did a thread on the board, testing blood substitutes...
* Sanguinarius was thinking with her stomach, not her head
Teezer: also for me sweet tea helps.. (fake sugar) lol
Kelandris: No, she never said any such thing. We're just sharing the mass delusion.
NightDove: LadyCG.. you have access to good meat. I don't. it's foul here.
Sanguinarius: LadyCG, what's the url to that thread?
EloraGrey: well my husband just decided we need to run to the mall
Nightdancer: did you read that article awhile back where they were creating foods from blood?
EloraGrey: is this being logged?
vlad2292000: I wouldn't though, too much danger of diseases
Teezer: yes I did read about that.
Sanguinarius: sweet! now if only they could create blood from foods
LadyCG: it's missing right now since the crash, I'm afraid.. but I did that article I recently wrote using the info from that thread
Sanguinarius: yeah, it's being logged
Teezer: *wrings out steak in glass* lol
EloraGrey: cool. I'll catch everyone later then. have a good one.
NightDove: We need to take blood from cattle like they take milk..
Sanguinarius: ack
Kelandris: Ack?
vlad2292000: I used to.
Teezer: *patches up hole*
LadyCG: do you know though.. what the most COMMONLY effective sub was...
Sanguinarius: I think she quit due to it's being logged?
LadyCG: (hold your stomachs...)
vlad2292000: needles and jar!
NightDove: pickles?
LadyCG: Semen.
Nightdancer: Don't the Massai (however it's spelled) drink milk and blood
Sanguinarius: ewwww
Kelandris: I thought she quit due to her husband saying, she needed to go to the mall now, and she'd catch up with the logfile later.
Teezer: lol
Sanguinarius: ok, what's the second?
LadyCG: lol
vlad2292000: beef blood!
Teezer: yeah.. same nutrients as blood
LadyCG: donors are easier to find.. **tongue in cheek
Sanguinarius: I am NOT ingesting semen...
LadyCG: donors, even
LadyCG: lmao!!!
LadyCG: I'm just telling what feedback we got, lol
Teezer: *tongue where?* O.O
Teezer: lol
Sanguinarius: I know
NightDove: I'm looking for a chocolate donor...
Sanguinarius: errrr
Sanguinarius: I know
Kelandris: I did a lot of that before the Dyke Urge surfaced...I can't say it helped AT ALL with the blood hunger. Sorry, guys, that theory's...hrm...blown out of the water.
Teezer: *laughs*
LadyCG: chocolate was WAY up the list
Teezer: does sweet tea help anyone..? or is that a southern
LadyCG: but what we found out most was that there really is NOT a great sub for blood to keep blood rage at bay.. except bloodwine, which is just another way to get blood
Kelandris: Define sweet tea.
Teezer: tea with sugar (sweetener)
vlad2292000: mother's milk. It contains the same essence that semen does!
SphynxCatVP: what IS sweet tea?
Sanguinarius: what's the best kind of (still affordable) steak to buy to cook rare/med-rare? I bought a marinating steak and wasn't too impressed with it
Teezer: *points up at sweet tea* lol
SphynxCatVP: Ah, ok
Kelandris: Guy told me to juice spinach and beets, and that was a great alternative to blood, and--when I can get it, I don't have a juicer--it works pretty well.
Nightdancer: In the south they always have sweet have to ask for no sugar there
SphynxCatVP: sweet tea, I like it, but with sugar
Sanguinarius: there is no real substitute for blood, unfortunately
NightDove: Tea = 4 oz tea.... 1lb sugar.. heh heh
Teezer: wb
Wingsey: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
SphynxCatVP: LOL
Teezer: *hands Wingsey sweet tea* lol
Wingsey: lol. thanks
Kelandris: GAAAAH....NEVER put that much sugar in iced tea! The poor tea!
LadyCG: WB Wings!
vlad2292000: I did do v8. it helped some.
Wingsey: *gulps thirstily and looks for bloodwine
Wingsey: thanks hunny
Teezer: cant do the v8 *shudders*
Kelandris: Nor I, too much tomato acid.
NightDove: yeah.... tomato sauce is good.. just don't use spaghetti sauce
LadyCG: me either.. I don't like V8
Wingsey: you might not like my coffee then
Wingsey: Liquid Lightning
Teezer: drink coffee black.
Kelandris: Well, weirdly, coffee I junk up--coffee I take a little coffee with my cream and sugar.
Wingsey: 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup cream itty-bitty bit coffee
Sanguinarius: brb, *needs more coffee*
LadyCG: I sometimes find WINE helps stave off blood cravings.. if you drink enough...
Kelandris: I drink ESPRESSO black, though.
Kelandris: Can't take red wine, though--MIGRAINE inducer.
vlad2292000: true, CG
Teezer: espresso I like flavored...mmm raspberry..
Wingsey: *sighs* I wish I had a nice wonderful donor
Teezer: prefer white wine.
NightDove: wine isn't good for me either.. beer is much worse
LadyCG: we ALL wish we had donors...
SphynxCatVP: V8 and carrot juice
Teezer: beer...eww..
SphynxCatVP: oddly enough
SphynxCatVP: I can't stand straight carrot juice, but it's good mixed with v8
LadyCG: now I understand what I didn't understand about my grandfather growing up...
Wingsey: hun, V8 IS carrot juice
Teezer: veggies were not meant to be drunk.. lol
SphynxCatVP: LOL
LadyCG: I understand why he did the things he did to feed...
vlad2292000: I used to do Bloody Marys.
Kelandris: Carrot juice is another good one, but I'm not sure if it just alleviates the cravings, or ups the Vit. A in my system and my system calms down.
Wingsey: with other veggies added in for flavor
SphynxCatVP: ups the vit. A at least
SphynxCatVP: carrots are a good source of beta carotene, the body converts that to vitamin A
Kelandris: Yep
Wingsey: yuppers
LadyCG: maybe we need to ask ourselves how our vampiric ancestors managed...
Nightdancer: I love V8 and fresh carrot juice
Wingsey: I drink milk so I don't need sunlight. *winks*
vlad2292000: we took!
LadyCG: my grandfather was a vampyre...
Kelandris: By knocking people down and...well.
SphynxCatVP: I'd love to, but I'm the only knowing vamp in my family
Teezer: I think my dad was a psi vamp...always drama and extreme highs and lows.
LadyCG: and that is what he did, Vlad.. he TOOK
Kelandris: I drink milk and STILL have to take Vit. D. <-- Vit. D deficient
NightDove: My ancestors didn't admit it but I bet they ate all sorts of odd things.
Wingsey: as far as I know I am the only vamp in my family
Sanguinarius: I can't drink wine anymore. makes me sick, gives me migraines
vlad2292000: as did my father , and his.....
NightDove: Wine has all sorts of additives now.
LadyCG: our system is more humane.. but we are not healthier for it
Wingsey: started out mostly psi, but I always had a taste for nice bloody steak
Kelandris: Not the good stuff.
SphynxCatVP: my father, his mother, his sister... possibly my cousin on that side, but I've seen him I think 3 times since he was born
LadySlinky: Blood was a normal part of a lot of cultures diets
Teezer: you need to make your
Sanguinarius: if anyone is, it'd probably be my mom
Teezer: wine that is..
vlad2292000: but we took from animals rather than man.
Teezer: not blood
Teezer: lol
SphynxCatVP: possibly my grandfather on my mother's side, but I'd need to see him again to be sure
Sanguinarius: she has a few of the secondary symptoms and I swear she's a psi vampire...
Wingsey: then new religions said it was sinful to consume blood, and it got farther into the 'darkness' of sin to be ourselves
* Sanguinarius nods
LadyCG: My grandfather was horrible man.. he TOOK where he could get it... and I'm happy we don't do that.. but we need a better solution than we have now if all vamps are going to be healthy vamps
SphynxCatVP: vitamins vitamins vitamins vitamins
SphynxCatVP: ))
vlad2292000: we raised our own cattle and hogs, and would consume when we slaughtered.
SphynxCatVP: (It helps)
Teezer: yes my dad too.. took...
LadyCG: vitamins don't replace blood for me, though, Sphynx
* Wingsey volunteers to be the 2005 bloodwine taste-tester
LadyCG: lol
Teezer: lol
SphynxCatVP: it helps support your body's health though
SphynxCatVP: LOL
vlad2292000: LOL!
Kelandris: Vitamins help more, trusted sources of blood would help better, and that's the problem.
Wingsey: does a body good
Teezer: vitamins don't seem to do much for me.
LadyCG: I agree.. we need to preach vitamins to our young vamps...
* SphynxCatVP giggles
Sanguinarius: w00t!
vlad2292000: LMAO!
LadyCG: and I preach meditation while I'm at the pulpit too
SphynxCatVP> Teezer : It may depend on what you're taking and how much of it, AND what form it's in
vlad2292000: true
SphynxCatVP: mine are higher than RDA levels, capsule or powder form
Kelandris: Exactly. Avoid the mass-market store brands, for example.
Teezer: multivitamin usually..
NightDove: vitamins are mere imitations of food...
SphynxCatVP: some of them are WAY WAY WAY higher than RDA
Teezer: Centrum I think it was...
SphynxCatVP: oh gack, no wonder
SphynxCatVP: Centrums suck
Teezer: for women
Wingsey: also most vitamins are glued together by compounds that the body can't digest, so a lot of the pills sold as supplements just go through the system undigested
SphynxCatVP: they don't digest for shit
Kelandris: Yeah, Centrum being one of those mass-market store brands you want to avoid.
LadyCG: Sphynx.. could you do up a vitamin regime that would work for most vampyres?
SphynxCatVP: be delighted to
Sanguinarius: please do!
Kelandris: Now THERE'S an article.
LadyCG: I think the communities need one
vlad2292000: go for it!
SphynxCatVP: I'll share mine, I'll include links to what I'm taking
SphynxCatVP: that should help
SphynxCatVP: er, should
Kelandris: I'd be happy to link it.
Teezer: how do you know what vitamins work then and what don't?
Teezer: ?
SphynxCatVP: experience
LadyCG: anyone besides me find that meditation helps you adapt?
vlad2292000: I'll post it to SSVC
SphynxCatVP: the fact that I'm probably the healthiest person in this room
Kelandris: And I can mirror it to Blood & Coffee, if you like.
LadySlinky: Can't meditate mind wont shut up
Teezer: my mind usually races too much to meditate effectively
NightDove: LOL Lady S
vlad2292000: self hypnosis
Sanguinarius: sounds familiar here, LadySlinky
SphynxCatVP: NyQuil
Wingsey: if I try to meditate I get shut down faster than a subway with no electricity
Kelandris: Meditation works, but the mind must be trained. And that...can take a few years.
LadyCG: me either if we are talking transcendental... I can't do it... BUT... I CAN and DO find guided visualizations to be awesome help
LadyCG: anyone can do a guided visualization
Teezer: cant seem to calm enough.. *shrugs*
LadySlinky: I can trance dance just not still meditation
LadyCG: I have one that is for restoring energy...
Wingsey: that works for me, but if I meditate alone, I go into coma-sleep mode
LadyCG: It helps immensely
Kelandris: Hey, trance meditation, dance meditation, Sufis use dance meditation. It's still meditation.
NightDove: I can suck energy out of the "ether" but that's not meditation
SphynxCatVP: hee hee
LadySlinky: different outcome though
Kelandris: Washing dishes can be meditation--work for hands, the Buddhist principle. Anything can be meditative if approached in the right way.
LadyCG: I like the guided visualizations because I can use them to program myself
Teezer: trees help me.. sit and lean against them.. seems to draw energy from them.. calming.
LadyCG: like inputting software
Wingsey: not for me. lol. <--herniated L5 disc, all I need to do is get dizzy and fall on my a$$ I go to hospital. lol
Kelandris: Oh, trees VERY helpful. And friendly.
SphynxCatVP: Trees niiiiiice
LadyCG: I agree!
SphynxCatVP: earth energy calming
* Kelandris nods*
vlad2292000: very nice!
Teezer: yes just ask first.. lol
Wingsey: I agree with the dishes thing
NightDove: Trees can talk to each other too...
Sanguinarius: what do they say?
Wingsey: they do. forget can, lol
Teezer: never take from a tree without asking.
vlad2292000: music also helps a lot. CALM music, not metal!
NightDove: My father had one tree removed because it was dying. Now the other tree is also sick. I think it died of a broken heart.
Teezer: *headbanger* lol
Sanguinarius: that's sad
Teezer: possibly
vlad2292000: playing music even helps me more. that's why I started again.
Kelandris: Well, metal can center you in a different sense, you just won't be CALM.
Teezer: lol
Nightdancer: Yes I like what is on now
Teezer: can get great energy from it though.
Nightdancer: Dargaard...In Nomine
Kelandris: *nods*
Sanguinarius: from music?
Wingsey: I use trees when I ground and shield. I use Be A Tree Method
LadyCG: so it seems to me we as older vamps have more in common physically and mentally than I thought we would...
Teezer: twa
LadyCG: we have a LOT in common
vlad2292000: I just sit, and play my autoharp.
LadySlinky: Bach is just old metal
Teezer: *yes
Kelandris: Oh, sure--live music performance is best, but sometimes, you can get enough energy from recorded music to charge you.
Kelandris: I've done it.
SphynxCatVP: or popular radio stations
Teezer: *nods*
NightDove: I never have had anything in common with anyone else... new experience
SphynxCatVP: provided you can stand the music
Sanguinarius: that would explain why sometimes I can get *quite* hyper when listening to music
LadyCG: now.. knowing that ... how do we prepare our young vamps for what WE are going through NOW so they have it easier
LadyCG: ???
Sanguinarius: quite hyper
Kelandris: Well, getting them to listen is the hardest part.
SphynxCatVP: I'd say tell them to listen to their elders but that NEVER works
Wingsey: music moves molecules, which is energy at a base level, if it is strong enough it can energize you on a molecular level, and it is a domino effect from there
vlad2292000: I have as well. but more good in playing for me, as it was something I missed for sooo long.
Teezer: most of what we could tell them they wont believe...
Teezer: exactly
LadyCG: true.. but they all hunger for real information
Kelandris: Because they know everything, see, and we're old and know nothing.
NightDove: I don't know where this will end. Somehow I don't think our journey is over quite yet.
SphynxCatVP: it's not
Sanguinarius: use Garfield to teach them!
SphynxCatVP: LOL
Kelandris: Eww.
LadyCG: and when they get to the point we are at now, like us they are desperate for the REAL information we CAN provide
Teezer: lol
Teezer: mmm...lasagna...
SphynxCatVP: Mmmmm
Sanguinarius: (if anybody watched the Animal Planet last night, you'll know what I'm talking about)
LadyCG: I KNOW I am still changing.. just not as fast as I WAS
Wingsey: I think Life is the journey, and death is the vacation until you continue doing what you are supposed to do
LadySlinky: We continue doing what we are doing. Answering their questions and filling them with our experience. We share with them.
vlad2292000: it's never over, don't you see? that is the purpose of those, such as we.
Kelandris: And thwap them when they get out of line.
LadyCG: lol
Teezer: lol
* SphynxCatVP passes out the cluebats
Kelandris: *nods*
LadySlinky: yay bats!
* SphynxCatVP giggles
Teezer: *volunteers to be thwapper*
Ku_Shin: mmmm cluebat
Sanguinarius: are they vampire cluebats?
LadyCG: I would like to come up with a list of what vamps can expect to go through and how to most effectively deal with it
* Wingsey takes one gleefully and adds nails and spikes to hers
SphynxCatVP: if we're usin' 'em they are
Sanguinarius: for sure
LadyCG: no one should have to go through what we have clueless and alone...
vlad2292000: to mentor, to provide, that is our reason for being alive.
Kelandris: It is?
Teezer: only problem is every vamp is different...we have similarities but we all go through different things?
Sanguinarius: it gives us a use..,.
Wingsey: you know, before I got to DDD, I was clueless. I thought I was a damn freak, who spawned fellow freaks
LadySlinky: I think that would be best received if done in a autobiography way
SphynxCatVP: we all seem to handle it differently
LadyCG: I am driven to teach in this life..
Nightdancer: do many of you look more youthful than what most expect at your age...does your voice sound younger?
SphynxCatVP: probably a product of our upbringing, what we're taught to accept
SphynxCatVP: yes
LadyCG: I am already nearly finished a vampyre handbook..
NightDove: Yep.
SphynxCatVP: I still get carded for booze
Sanguinarius: SWEET!!!!!!!
vlad2292000: it also gives them a point of contact, with what is the reality of what we are.
Kelandris: Well, again, explained by current medical problems. But yes, look/sound younger.
Teezer: everyone tells me I am too young.. O.O lol
LadyCG: Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres
Wingsey: me too and smokes
Nightdancer: I did until about 33
Teezer: I don't feel young
Sanguinarius: Keep me posted LadyCG!
SphynxCatVP: but only if I buy the hard liquor these days, not so much for wine anymore
LadyCG: it will be finished by summer
NightDove: I'm 53 but I have the body of a 30 yr. old. (Face is a bit wrinkly )
SphynxCatVP: hehehe
Nightdancer: but I constantly get your voice doesn't sound 58...and don't look that old
Teezer: lol
Nightdancer: what do I do...heh
LadyCG: Sphynx has an unfinished copy in her possession right now
Teezer: *facelift* ?? lol j/k
* Sanguinarius drools and begs for a copy
SphynxCatVP: yea, I'm going to read it this weekend
Nightdancer: have my age tattooed on me or die my hair gray
LadyCG: I would LOVE to have this common info to add to the Aging part of my book
Nightdancer: I don't have gray hair yet
Nightdancer: my Mom didn't until in 70s
SphynxCatVP: I've got a few, but most people don'; notice it until I say something
Wingsey: if I could kick my metabolism in to working, I could lose about 30 pounds, I would look about 15 years younger, and I been mistaken for a high schooler 3 years ago on the bus
NightDove: My mom died at 66 with brown hair
Teezer: premature gray runs in my son had his first gray hair at 7...
Wingsey: wow
Sanguinarius: my mom noticed *I haven't checked) that I had some grey hairs supposedly growing on the right side of my forehead/hairline
Kelandris: Ooh! I have three grey hairs! I...think. I keep losing where they are. But I think I finally have some!
LadyCG: my book at this point lacks ONE article I am still working on 10 article intros and the info from this conference to update the aging article and its finished
Ku_Shin: three?
Kelandris: WHEE!
* Ku_Shin checks hers
Sanguinarius: of course, that was before we dyed my hair not-green-anymore
Ku_Shin: I think I have three that aren't...
Wingsey: not me
SphynxCatVP: LOL
Wingsey: no grey yet
Sanguinarius: back to natural color
Teezer: yank them...they double...LOL
Kelandris: Do they really?
Kelandris: Don't kid now.
Wingsey: yup
Teezer: seems so.. lol
SphynxCatVP: I told Hank I was contemplating dying my hair purple...or blue...or something
vlad2292000: I have the "perfect" salt and pepper on the sides. no wrinkles!
Kelandris: FABulous!
Wingsey: that is what I heard too
SphynxCatVP: It'll probably end up just being dyed black just 'cause
LadyCG: Sphynx.. how long would it take you to come up with a vitamin regime for vampyres in transition, like we are?
SphynxCatVP: Um, gimme a few days?
Kelandris: Of course, I am thinking of dyeing the hair again, too. *snerk*
SphynxCatVP: I've got paying work I need to plow through too
Wingsey: I wouldn't mind all white hair. lol I think it would look cool and freaky all at once
LadyCG: perfect...can I use it in my book?
LadyCG: with credit?
Teezer: *wonders what color this time* lol
SphynxCatVP: Oh sure!
LadyCG: wonderful
SphynxCatVP: I'll make a point of getting it ready this weekend then
NightDove: They have liquid vitamins.. better than pills that don't dissolve.
Sanguinarius: all-white hair rocks
* LadyCG has very RED hair
Wingsey: would getting back on track with vitamins help kick my body's metabolism and straighten out my damn insomnia?
Teezer: but its never ALL
SphynxCatVP: @NightDove: I've seen the liquid kind, but oddly enough, they don't have as much "oomph" in strength as the capsules I'm taking do
Wingsey: I have black
Kelandris: Depends on what's causing the insomnia, Wingsey.
SphynxCatVP: Wingsey: Take niacin, that'll fix your insomnia
Wingsey: I don't know what is
LadyCG: everyone has had insomnia lately
LadyCG: its epidemic
NightDove: Capsules would come out as they went in with me. LOL
SphynxCatVP: unless you have a medical cause for insomnia
Wingsey: summer lethargy and no desire to go to bed alone?
LadyCG: I wonder....
Teezer: I don't sleep much either.
Teezer: do good to get 3 or 4 hrs a night
Sanguinarius: Hail Sphynxie, Queen of the Vitamins!
Kelandris: Hee...
Nightdancer: I'm blond naturally but I lighten it because if I don't get that 'are you feeling well' thing constantly cause my skin is so pale
SphynxCatVP: @NightDove: Oh damn, yea, take the liquids then... sorry, I know you have celiac, but I forget too...
Teezer: lol
Wingsey: I went to bed at 7 am this morning, 5 yesterday, 4:15 day before and 4 before that. all am
Teezer: Vitaqueen lol
* SphynxCatVP giggles
SphynxCatVP: nothing wrong with promoting good health :P
NightDove: Y'all need to convert to a night time schedule.
Sanguinarius: true
Teezer: sounds like a new CT lol
LadyCG: by keeping track on the board for a couple of years we have discovered (and this will sound baked...) that when Mercury is in retro almost all vamps become cranky and blood-rage-y... I wonder if there is a planetary equivalent that causes insomnia in vamps...
Kelandris: I would, if only my sweetie worked the night shift. She doesn't, so I have to be less nocturnal than I want to be.
Wingsey: you said Pluto was retro now
NightDove: Mercury was retrograde when I collapsed in 1999...
LadyCG: yes and one other planet.. Venus I think...
LadySlinky: cant be nocturnal with kids
Wingsey: nope
Wingsey: I have 2 wonderful young'uns
Wingsey: 4 & 6
Kelandris: Well, you can if you make them be nocturnal, but that's freaky on the kids.
NightDove: Aaaawwww....
SphynxCatVP: lol
SphynxCatVP: depends on the kids
Wingsey: and my oldies are 16 and 13
* LadyCG is going to make up a list of recommendations for living as healthy older vamps from this log...
SphynxCatVP: kids with Xeroderma Pigmentosum kind of HAVE to be nocturnal for their health
Wingsey: good I will be a guinea piglet
Kelandris: And on that list should be, "Stress kills, try to relax".
NightDove: Tell vamps past age 35 to stop eating starch.
SphynxCatVP: or polymorphous light eruption
SphynxCatVP: LOL
LadySlinky: true but they are rare Sphynx
SphynxCatVP: come to think of it I have backed off on the starch th last few years
Kelandris: Hey, I know, Sphynx!
SphynxCatVP: ))
Wingsey: starch? as in potatoes? *gets defensive and holds my potato hostage*
SphynxCatVP: LOL
LadyCG: what would each of you recommend most that I put on my list of recommendations?
Sanguinarius: what does "Mercury is in retro" mean, exactly, anyway?
Kelandris: Never part me from my potatoes. Back off, fiends! But all other starch should be taken in moderation.
Wingsey: assistance with insomnia
NightDove: Potatoes aren't as bad as WHEAT.. killer grain IMHO
Wingsey: assistance with raising metabolism
LadyCG: it doesn't mean they will TAKE all the advice but we can at least offer it
LadySlinky: listen to your body and stay as healthy as you can
Kelandris: Well, whole grains are better than bleached grains, and other grains are better than wheat...there's a wide variety of older grains out there now.
Wingsey: some don't WANT to listen to the almighty BOD
LadyCG: if we can come up with good recommendations we MIGHT be able to raise a generation of healthier elder vamps
SphynxCatVP: some kids wouldn't know how to listen to their body if it leaped up and slapped them upside the head a few times with a cluebat
vlad2292000: if they don't they pay later!!!
LadyCG: exactly
Wingsey: unless it is sprayed on the hotness of a gorgeous other BOD
Kelandris: Processed foods and chemicals = BAD FOR YOU.
SphynxCatVP: Amen!
NightDove: People should eat more often and less each time. 5-6 small meals a day... snacks of good food items
SphynxCatVP: yes
Kelandris: Exactly.
SphynxCatVP: grazing
Sanguinarius: I prefer smaller, more frequent meals
SphynxCatVP: keeps the metabolism more regular
LadyCG: my recommendation is that they find a way to have a high blood content diet. it's helped me a lot
Wingsey: yup, but for kids in school, that is impossible
Kelandris: Yes, but unfortunately, without good donor availability, impossible for some.
SphynxCatVP: kids in school need to develop a "healthy food kick" :P
LadyCG: true.. but kids don't need it as much as we elders need blood
Nightdancer: Yes but I have problems...don't drink coffee, hardly ever drink drugs/illegal...don't like drugs legal and use to be vegetarian...took all sorts of homeopathic stuff...ran a health spa...taught massage...why do I have problems then, lol
LadyCG: kids can get by on some psi
Wingsey: no fast food by schools! *makes picket signs*
SphynxCatVP: blargh
NightDove: Nightdancer-- because you're a vampire.. that's why!
SphynxCatVP: schools need to rip out the f**king soda machines
LadyCG: I don't know Nightdancer.. do you have a high blood diet?
Sanguinarius: something that kind of annoys me...
Kelandris: GAH, yes!
Nightdancer: well ya don't have to rub it in ....hahaha
Wingsey: you taught massage? DAMN I would have been a example dummy. *donates body to the cause*
SphynxCatVP: LOL
LadyCG: lol
SphynxCatVP: I think we call could use a good massage
Nightdancer: never considered myself sanguine...that is why I said I was reconsidering...maybe a mistake
vlad2292000: I'll donate!!!! Me!
Kelandris: That's something else--massage REALLY HELPS with blood cravings, and regulating the body.
Nightdancer: Old age epiphany, lol
NightDove: I did the hippie health food thingy for years and I got sicker. Now I just eat chocolate and I'm better LOL
Wingsey: ooooh yeah. I was told I need to find a good PT before my injuries finally go knotted
Kelandris: This I can personally attest to. AND, it helps with photosensitivity. Have no idea how, but it does.
LadyCG: Would anyone besides me, like to have ANOTHER conference on this topic? anyone willing to attend?
Sanguinarius: with the limited availability of donors, people who don't really need blood (fetishists, wannabees/not-real vamps, people who just LIKE it), take up the donors
SphynxCatVP: that IS weird
SphynxCatVP: Oh! Your migraines!
vlad2292000: Of course I get to run around with belly dancers and wenches!
NightDove: Sure. Might as well talk about it. Ghastly to go through it alone!
Wingsey: I would
SphynxCatVP: @Kelandris: How bad are your migraines when you get a massage?
Kelandris: When I was in Kirkland, I was living with someone in massage school, and she and another student worked on me twice a week
Kelandris: So I found this out.
Sanguinarius: If I had someone to feed me chocolate and give me massages, I'd definitely be a happy vamp
Kelandris: My migraines GO AWAY.
SphynxCatVP: @LadyCG: Yes, me (of course)
Kelandris: I'd be up for another convo, if I can just remember to get my butt in here on time.
SphynxCatVP: I'll email you a reminder easily enough
Wingsey: *feeds you chocolate, cracks knuckles and massages your neck*
LadyCG: then I say when we have processed the info from THIS meeting we hold another.
Sanguinarius: Subscribe to Sanguinarius News & Updates at to receive site updates, community information and events, and more.
Kelandris: It can't be on the 18th, 19th, or 26th, though.
LadyCG: we might get some more older vamps to attend the next one and everyone here now knows how to get in here...
Kelandris: Will do that, Sangi.
LadyCG: so it should be easier to put another meeting together
Sanguinarius: kewlies!
NightDove: I'll give it another try. I'm a klutz at maneuvering on the web
LadyCG: it would have to be next month...
SphynxCatVP: Emails!
SphynxCatVP: let's all share emails
vlad2292000: thunderstorm too close for comfort, so I will take my leave, ladies!
Wingsey: my zoo is closed until Sunday. for repairs!!! lol
SphynxCatVP: Good luck!
Lilith_girl_: there's one coming my way too
Kelandris: Yipe. You do that.
Nightdancer: good bye
Sanguinarius: be well vlad2292000
Lilith_girl_: bye-bye
Sanguinarius: feed well
LadyCG: I'll send out notices for the next meeting
Wingsey: bye! see you Vlad!
NightDove: We're having hurricane Arlene.. some of it.
LadyCG: bye for now Vlad
Kelandris: EEP!
Sanguinarius: yuck
LadyCG: Thank you ALL for coming!
SphynxCatVP: I think Arlene is why the ENTIRE east coast is in a heat wave
Wingsey: I wish I was here for the whole meeting.
Kelandris: Wau.
NightDove: Thanks for inviting me... us.. our community...
LadyCG: you'll see the log
Lilith_girl_: so do I
Wingsey: yup, and I will be at the next one
LadyCG: perfect!
Lilith_girl_: it was dinner time here and it's a hard time to be online
Sanguinarius: thank yo7u for holding the conference
* LadyCG bows
LadyCG: I'm going to go now and process some of this for now.
Nightdancer: Yes... thanks for the invitation...I saw it posted in our Council...and since I'm the oldest always thought it was just right for me...nice to be with people over 30
LadyCG: I'll catch up with everyone soon.
Kelandris: Hee.
Sanguinarius: yup yup yup!
LadyCG: it IS nice to be with vamps our own age!
NightDove: Bye. I'm out too.
Sanguinarius: yup yup yup!
SphynxCatVP: AMEN!
Lilith_girl_: ok well I came back to say good bye
LadyCG: night Nightdove!
Kelandris: Instead of under 20 or under FIFTEEN!
Lilith_girl_: bye all
LadyCG: lol
Sanguinarius: yup yup yup!
LadyCG: night Lilith
LadyCG: I'll catch you later, dear
Lilith_girl_: night babe
Lilith_girl_: ok hun
Nightdancer: good evening all
Lilith_girl_: how do you sign out of here
Kelandris: Bye-bye.
LadyCG: click the X
Lilith_girl_: oh lolol ok
LadyCG: or type /quit
SphynxCatVP: yea, type /quit
Lilith_girl_: bye dears
SphynxCatVP: the x may not work on the java client
* LadyCG waves
Lilith_girl_: ok
Sanguinarius: hehe
Wingsey: nice meeting new people, and see you all later!
SphynxCatVP: have fun
* Sanguinarius waves
LadyCG: I think that went rather well!