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Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) Global Vampire Community Discussion (Public) – August 2, 2009

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Discussion Agenda

I. Discussion Information

Welcome to the second Global Vampire Community Discussion hosted by Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC). The transcript from tonight’s meeting is being logged and will be made publicly available. Unlike the transcripts of our Public Agenda VVC Meetings, these Global Vampire Community Discussions are generally not edited for grammatical errors or the discussion restructured to align in sequence for question and answer responses.

Topics will be presented in the order they appear on the agenda. Please do not skip ahead and please do not suggest discussion of items not on the agenda until at the end of each major discussion topic.

Feel free to speak your mind on any and all topics in a civil manner and offer any supporting information, links, or material as needed.

II. Background & Introduction

VVC was founded January 2006.

The purpose of the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) is to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of groups in attaining these ends. – August 8, 2006

Voices Of The Vampire Community (VVC) does not assert itself as the exclusive organization of leaders or notable persons in the vampi(y)re community nor do we view ourselves or our actions as legislative or authoritarian. The members of the VVC are representative of multiple groups, Houses, Orders, paths, beliefs, and segments of the vampi(y)re community who meet and are able to put aside personal differences to work together to discuss, suggest, implement, and support projects, ideas, and other intellectual works that help to improve the overall community.

For more information please visit our web site at: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html

We are available to answer questions through the community feedback form available at the site above.

III. Discussion

a. Discrimination:Have you or your friends and family been discriminated against or threatened because of your vampirism? If so, how have you coped and what advice would you give to others in similar situations? If not, what precautions do you take in your community involvement to prevent facing legal, professional, financial, or personal repercussions in your life?

b. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic you’d like to bring up for discussion is welcome.


Merticus: Voices of the Vampire Community
Merticus: Global Vampire Community Discussion - August 2, 2009
Merticus: Pre-Discussion Conversation Highlights
Merticus: ** We're at the 10 minute mark. If anyone would like to promote a web site, group, forum, book, twitter, other "vampire" related item please go ahead and do so. Feel free to exchange contact information and also post where you live for social networking purposes **
Merticus: <- Atlanta, GA USA
Merticus: Contact = merticus@gmail.com * Web Sites = www.merticus.com + www.atlantavampirealliance.com + www.suscitatio.com
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Adya: <- Topeka, Kansas USA
Adya: <- AIM Nekogoddess007
Adya: <- Travels often back to NYC USA
Slinky: <- Greater Seattle Washington USA
Slinky: www.VCMB.org
Zimmerchild: <- Bremerton, Washington USA
Zimmerchild: Reachable though zimmerchild1@msn.com and thevampirezimmerchild@hotmail.com and pretty much any Zimmerchild you see around the web, except for that tennis player.
viola_geek: <- Rochester, NY USA
viola_geek: <- Often travels back to NYC or Long Island USA
viola_geek: <- Twitter: viola_geek, AIM: SanguinMusicNote
jyu_dragon: <- East Anglia, UK
ancient_arcane: www.houseofancients.com - We teach Energy-Working: (Ranged-Energy send/receive, Scanning, Shielding, Healing, Sparring, Aligning Chakras, Clearing, Grounding, Constructs, Centering, Meditation, Energy-Types)
Ren|BRB: <- Columbia, SC USA
Lenxecan: <- Dunnellon, FL USA
Cette: <- Stillwater, OK USA
Miizturi: <- Chicago, IL USA
Isealdor: <- Joplin, MO USA
Isealdor: I can be reached at Isealdor@vampires.nu, http://vampires.nu, or in #vampirerealm here on Dalnet
AcrophobicPixie: Twitter: AcrophobicPixie, Blog: AcrophobicPixie.wordpress.com Website: www.blackswanhaven.org/forums
diss: <- Geneva, Switzerland; donor blog at mizzdizz.wordpress.com
Brokenangel242: <- Salt Lake City, UT USA
AcrophobicPixie: <- Western Pennsylvania USA
ancient_arcane: <- Florida USA
Marcus_Noir: <- Boston, MA USA - www.myspace.com/marcus_noir
Lenxecan: <- Florida USA
Amikeco: <- Berlin, Germany
Ren: ren.saiyuri@gmail.com facebook.com/ren.saiyuri
Ausar24: MySpace = www.myspace.com/jsallalone
ColeVonCat: <- San Francisco, CA USA
amber_psionic: <- Toronto, Canada
amber_psionic: http://www.myspace.com/_amberswan_
Camazotz: Nice to have other UK peeps here
Quiest: <- Toronto, Canada
SophieAnn: <- I'm in the UK
Loxfin: Contact Info = http://www.myspace.com/loxfin http://twitter.com/loxfin
Loxfin: North and South Carolina USA / Meetups out of Charlotte, NC / House site being revamped @ http://www.houseobsidian.com
Z1V2: <- Cincy, Ohio USA
Merticus: For those just joining us please post your location and any contact/advertisement for vampire related materials you'd like.
Merticus: The main discussion will begin in approximately 5 minutes.
Lono: <- Florida USA
Lono: http://www.psivamp.org
Empath: <- Texas USA
NyteMuse: <- San Francisco (ish), California USA
NyteMuse: http://www.kherete.org
Ciunas: <- UK
Ciunas: tir_far_thoinn@yahoo.co.uk
jade_green: <- Houston (Area) Texas USA
enraptured1: <- Kansas City, MO USA
Merticus: New Book From Corvis Nocturnum - Allure of the Vampire: Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead: http://www.amazon.com/Allure-Vampire-Sexual-Attraction- Undead/dp/1448658942/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1 249243098&sr=1-4
Merticus: New Book From Joseph Laycock - Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism: http://www.amazon.com/Vampires- Today-Truth-Modern-Vampirism/dp/0313364729/ref=sr_1_1
Kai: This is quite a large meeting
amber_psionic: Notices there are 69 people in here now
AcrophobicPixie: Whoa, it's above 70
Sanguinarius: Wow, 74 people in here!
Miizturi: Wow, 75 users now.
VVC: Post Discussion Note:81 attendees at the peak of the discussion + more were filtering in and out for a total of 171 unique attendees over the course of three to five+ hours.
Merticus: ***************************************************
Merticus: I. Discussion Information
Merticus: Welcome to the second Global Vampire Community Discussion hosted by Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC). The transcript from tonight’s meeting is being logged and will be made publicly available. Unlike the transcripts of our Public Agenda VVC Meetings, these Global Vampire Community Discussions are generally not edited for grammatical errors or the discussion restructured to align in sequence for question and answer responses.
Merticus: Topics will be presented in the order they appear on the agenda. Please do not skip ahead and please do not suggest discussion of items not on the agenda until at the end of each major discussion topic.
Merticus: Feel free to speak your mind on any and all topics in a civil manner and offer any supporting information, links, or material as needed.
Merticus: II. Background & Introduction
Merticus: VVC was founded January 2006.
Merticus: The purpose of the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) is to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the acti
Merticus: Voices Of The Vampire Community (VVC) does not assert itself as the exclusive organization of leaders or notable persons in the vampi(y)re community nor do we view ourselves or our actions as legislative or authoritarian.
Merticus: The members of the VVC are representative of multiple groups, Houses, Orders, paths, beliefs, and segments of the vampi(y)re community who meet and are able to put aside personal differences to work together to discuss, suggest, implement, and support projects, ideas, and other intellectual works that help to improve the overall community.
Merticus: For more information please visit our web site at: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html
Merticus: We are available to answer questions through the community feedback form available at the site above.
Merticus: III. Discussion
Merticus: (Broken Into 3 Parts)
Merticus: Part 1: Have you or your friends and family been discriminated against or threatened because of your vampirism? Yes or No
Lono: Yes
AcrophobicPixie: Yes
ancient_arcane: No
Gabby: Yes
Slinky: Yes
Zimmer: No
Camazotz: No
diss: No
Adya: Yes
Isealdor: No
annahksunamun: No
Z1V2: No
Ghostheld: No
Merticus: No
jyu_dragon: No
viola_geek: Yes
Corpus: Yes
NyteMuse: Yes
Brokenangel242: Yes
Miizturi: No
Typhoeus: No
SophieAnn: No
Ciunas: Yes
jade_green: Yes
Marcus_Noir: No
AsarGangle: No
SphynxCatVP: No
Kalie: No
RevDevon: No
Ren`: No.
LordTaka: No
xeurika: No personally, Yes friends
Quiest: Yes
enraptured1: No (I haven’t opened up to anyone yet)
Merticus: Part 2: If so, how have you coped and what advice would you give to others in similar situations?
Merticus: Feel free to explain your situation (for those who have) - those who haven't will have time to answer part three after this one.
AcrophobicPixie: I was there for them, and was a sounding board for them to vent at.
ancient_arcane: Coping: Michael Rendier told me a while back "Who are people going to want to be around, someone that they feel drained around or someone they feel love and energized from?" So I've learned to do what he does, flow my love and energy into people around me, fill them up with me extra energies that I don't need, and take a bit from them of what I do need. It's symbiotic and people love it.
jade_green: I was pushed out of that circle, and I now live more quietly about what is going on in my life.
Slinky: I was threatened to be beaten to death with a bat if I did not turn someone that a fellow vamp I knew told.
Slinky: I am very careful who I let know. I generally do not tell other people. Those who know have approached me for the most part. I suggest you be very careful who you tell.
Slinky: I also do not join groups such as magical circles where my being a vampire would be an issue.
Gabby: I was by my ex, when I cane out of the coffin, to put me in an asylum, and also by a pagan group for being vamp...
Gabby: I divorced the ex, and told the pagan group to open their minds up
NyteMuse: I lost a close friend about the time I came out about my vampirism. Since he was a best friend, I confided a lot in him. We discovered later he had some psychological issues, so it's possible it wasn't the vampirism that drove him away singly, but it seemed to contribute.
NyteMuse: From it I learned the value of discretion and going slowly until trust is well and truly established.
NyteMuse: But I didn't go too gun-shy, as I only lost that one friend (who wasn't so hot a friend to other people, so it might've saved me some drama). I have dozens of other friends who know and are cool with it, and help me along.
Ciunas: It's an ongoing situation. It’s a previous donor of mine who apparently has been left bitter by my moving on to a new donor.
Miizturi: I don't tell many people unless they are close to me and understand in at least a part (usually they are either energy sensitive or otherkin themselves). So not many have discriminated against me.
Sanguinarius: I and my family were threatened/harassed by an ex donor who was mentally unstable
* Sanguinarius really doesn't want to talk about it though
Merticus: That's ok Sangi - just tell what you feel comfortable mentioning - same goes for everyone.
Merticus: Doesn't have to involve "names" or "specific details".
Adya: Had someone else mention in casually in conversation, and we were then followed for a good 3 blocks by some creepy guy claiming to be from house 'bruha'. Pepper spray is most handy in such situations.
Gabby: wow
Lono: I have coped by finding a new school and erasing my pic from facebook, myspace, or any references which might correspond to my real name and my scene name....it was blatantly obvious that the admins of my old school were more concerned with my website than an email i sent argueing with a classmate.
Marcus_Noir: I feel that vampirism is only an issue if you make it into one.
AcrophobicPixie: I've been very picky about who I open up to when it comes to my involvement in the community.
annahksunamun: I can count in one hand how many people know, therefore I have not experienced any difficulties towards myself, I also don't know any others in my area.
Gabby: I agree with Marcus...I just try to explain to those who ask about my nature, and let it go, if they wish to keep asking then I'll answer.
viola_geek: I was by a few now-ex-friends. I told them (individual times, they did not know each other). I thought I could trust them, but apparently I couldn't because they later tried to use it against me while fighting. We are no longer on speaking terms.
Isealdor: @Sanguinarius: were you threatened physically because of the vampirism, or just because they were crazy?
Sanguinarius: Both
SphynxCatVP: On my end, I've always been of the belief that people just Don't Need To Know in RL - so the list of people who Know can be counted on two hands, and they're all people I've known for decades.
xeurika: It's not unique but having vampirism come up in a custody case doesn't end well.
xeurika: It did in my friend's divorce
Gabby: Having been on TV, actually I am surprised at how many people from my high school days and direct family have mentioned having seen me, but responding positively.
Isealdor: @Marcus I have to agree about the only being an issue so long as you're not careful and make an issue out of it.
AcrophobicPixie: My parents and one biological sister knows. The other two sisters and my biological dad are left in the dark.
AcrophobicPixie: My father had a hissy fit when he found out I was pagan, and has already suggested I need to be committed.
Isealdor: @Lono can you talk a little more about your situation? What exactly the issues where, what sort of legal recourse you had, etc?
SphynxCatVP: I've always been very well aware that things like this can come back and bite me in the ass later, so I've always been extra paranoid careful :)
NyteMuse: I was actually surprised by how many friends figured it out before I did, and didn't give two shakes. Them being nonplussed about it helped teach me to not put so damned much significance on it.
jade_green: My parents don't know, none of my family knows
viola_geek: Go slow with it, and make sure the trust is really true/there. On both sides. That would be my advice...
Merticus: Yes, I know two individuals who have either lost or came close to losing their children. While usually there are other factors at work that is not always the case. It varies largely by region and discretion of child services.
xeurika: True Merticus, it often isn't the only factor, but it certainly doesn't help the case
xeurika: Indeed Sphynx - "safety is no accident"
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Unfortunately, given the amount of maturity and the kind of mindset it takes to manage being a vampire without crossing the line, you can't expect everyone you meet in the community to be completely stable.
Marcus_Noir: In a conversation about this topic the other day, I made this analogy. It is one thing to love punk rock, have a rebellious attitude, a couple of tattoos on your arm, AND still be functional part of everyday society by keeping your personal life to yourself. Now if you want to have a two foot blue mohawk, safety pins in every part of your body...
Marcus_Noir: and not shower for a month, then you better be ready to deal with the public consequences.
* SphynxCatVP giggles at Marcus' comment :)
viola_geek: Marcus, haha :) Good point.
Isealdor: @Marcus too true...so long as you don’t go out biting everyone around you on the neck, most people in the general public really don’t care.
Slinky: Being a vampire is practically meaningless in the community as it could be just someone who dresses up.
AcrophobicPixie: My best friend doesn't know about my vampirism ties, but his wife does.
Miizturi: Marcus_Noir: Very true.
Loxfin: I urge all of my members to form a strong understanding of discrimination. I have found in the past when members confronted me about being discriminated against they are solely discriminated against by their individuality and self expression. They just chose to call it vampire discrimination.
SphynxCatVP: Oh absolutely, Loxfin!
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:But see nonetheless most of the people I have met so far are the most down to earth and grounded people I've met even IRL.
Marcus_Noir: I will admit that Gotham and NYC makes it too easy to be public... when you have a community of roughly 1000+ in an already diverse larger community.
Camazotz: If we didn't use such a polemical term as 'vampire', how many would still have problems? We wouldn't *be* any different to how we are, we just wouldn't cause such misconceptions
* NyteMuse agrees with Cama
SphynxCatVP: Too many people whine because people don't accept their individuality when the complainers are being total assholes about it.
xeurika: Nail on the head Sphynx
Lono: I’m not sure of the legal recourse but they stepped on egg shells and said they didn’t think i was a good fit for their hippy massage school...and asked my to"withdraw" or they would expel me...but i think i pretty much got screwed because I didn’t want any record of the event to get to any government paperwork. Ravena’s donors article was a main concern of theirs, that troubled them...
Lono: I was like wtf I didn’t even write it.
Lono: Her donors article which I agree with mentioned bloodletting, which I have a disclaimer on my site saying there was none of...
Sanguinarius: The whole point is people discriminate against that which is different.
Merticus: What other experiences have been gone through (those who haven't spoken up yet)?
Adya: Personally, I hate the NYC 'scene'
Slinky: Those in my life who know are the ones who use the term vampire to discuss it and ask me about it.
Slinky: I can call myself whatever I want those who are curious ask about the V word.
Slinky: those who come looking use the v word to find us.
Marcus_Noir: People discriminate when they don't understand.
viola_geek: the NYC 'scene' ? What do you mean, Adya?
annahksunamun: @Adya what do you hate about the NYC scene?
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:In so many ways, all these issues always come back to Hollywood at some point.
Miizturi: Adya: A lot of lifestylers :/
AcrophobicPixie: The only visual cue to me being involved in the community is when I wear the donor bling Jade bought me :P
Marcus_Noir: Adya: the NYC scene is dead
Corpus: Trying to survive school not hiding who I am
Gabby: I would advise those who are willing to/about to be open, to consider how you present yourself to others when you are about to make such admissions.
xeurika: On the other hand, it should be clear that if one is being threatened, one should not hesitate to go to the authorities.
Adya: NYC scene- in my opinion, it is a collection of people with crappy costumes and terrible fake fangs, all hissing and dancing at lame parties held by DJ's who run lame websites.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:@Gabby Doesn't matter how I present myself I still live in the Bible Belt :P
Isealdor: I typically run into more misconceptions or fear of the concept than anything. I know of a couple cases where people have had issues with child services because the social worker found out their belief, but since they weren’t actually doing anything around the kids, it came to that it's similar to any other alternative lifestyle--so long as no one is hurt, no one cares.
SphynxCatVP: I freely admit to being a not-so-closet Goth, and a Halloween nut, so that gives me some good cover too :)
diss: While I haven't experienced any discrimination (yet) (as a donor), my vamp has been kicked out of several groups when her vampirism came up. Mostly religious/magickal groups.
jade_green: I just about always wear my little swan necklace, when somebody asked me, I said look up the symbolism and decide for yourself what you think I'm saying with it.
Merticus: It can be tricky here in the South (Georgia) - on one hand we can be open for the most part here in Atlanta but south or in Savannah I know of situations where vampires have had to remove their children from school, forced to leave their Church, and employment called into question - or at the minimum made to feel uncomfortable and outcasted from society.
Merticus: It’s easier somewhat in urban areas to blend at times.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:LOL Merticus, I was born semi raised in Atlanta. Most of my family are political/religious radicalists....
Miizturi: Oh gods. I saw someone with fake fangs at the Korn show I went to the other night. I snickered.
jade_green: Lots of fake fangs at Otakon, but that was cosplay
Lono: I didn’t out myself intentionally, the email I sent, I sent from my website email address...that was the stupid mistake on my part. the admin instantly Googled my email address and my site.
annahksunamun: I most say that I have never experienced any discrimination do to the fact that only a and full of people know.
Adya: After making friends with some 'individuals' who feel as if their vampirism makes them super special, and meeting their other supposed super special friends.....yeah. the NYC scene is lame.
SphynxCatVP: Owwwww, Lono :(
Sanguinarius: Nothing wrong with fake fangs... just don't go implying they are real.
xeurika: Buttplugs had way to much time on their hands apparently Lono. Didn't they have anything better to do?
SphynxCatVP: ROFL
* NyteMuse agrees with Adya
SophieAnn: I try and only tell people I wish to explore with. My Pagan group knew when I presented a topic on real vampirism and they were interested.
Typhoeus: @annahk: Nor have I, actually people seem to line up to feel the euphoric high I give when I feed.
Adya: you can take a trip down to St. Marks place, and see at least three stores now that carry books on vampirism, which are being picked up by teeny bop Goths with nothing better to do.
Lono: It was a fluffy bunny hippy massage school...we are all evil after all in their minds.
NyteMuse: There are way too many people in the vamp, pagan, and Otherkin communities who seem to have a need to "prove their specialness"
Marcus_Noir: My point is that just keep it to yourself but if you go public, be ready to deal with the consequences...
xeurika: There is a certain irony in running an uptight message school.
Loxfin: I have also found that when people come out of the coffin so to speak they go through a change in their lifestyle and the way they dress. I have found that you can be less and discriminated against if you are to gradually change your lifestyle in dress. Being overly defensive about your lifestyle tends to push people against your lifestyle.
Miizturi: NyteMuse: So true.
Slinky: @NyteMuse that is a big issue
Marcus_Noir: NyteMuse: that is any subculture
annahksunamun: @Typhoeus when feeding I try to be as inconspicuous as possible, is not easy though
Garth_Knight: I don't get discriminated simply because when all is said and done I don't know what I am
Lono: Though the thought of encouraging any vamp interested in massage therapy to that school has certain twisted appeal
NyteMuse: @Marcus: Point, probably, but I do see it hugely in the three named
* SphynxCatVP smirk
Adya: Right around Halloween time, one fang smith *cough* TODDLES *cough* stirs up quite the fan club.
Merticus: What about donor discrimination or do you know if your donors have suffered in the past?
Ghostheld: My donor was discriminated once for "Putting up with me."
Camazotz: Nope… none of my donors have ever had any problems. Neither I, nor they would allow for such circumstances to arise.
Isealdor: @Ghostheld discriminated against how?
Slinky: Mine has not but then he is extremely quiet about it.
AcrophobicPixie: Merticus, I had to keep any ties to the community hush hush at my old job. When you've got access to class 3 drugs, being involved with "nutso things" is bad bad
jade_green: @ghostheld you can say the same about a lot of marriages
Ghostheld: @Isealdor When he told a few of his friends, they kicked him out of the house.
SphynxCatVP: Yea, I see what you mean
Ciunas: No... My ex donor is the one causing me the problems. None of them have complained of any to me.
Lono: Other than that the other 10 years, no discrimination what so ever, in my professional life. a little bit with some Wiccan relations in the 90's , but nothing major.
Merticus: Who has experienced direct involvement with the courts, law enforcement, or civil proceedings? Anyone?
ZoelleZ: My donors have never had problems, but they have never really been that open about it.
Isealdor: @Ghostheld was he kicked out because he was a vampire, or because he dressed different, etc?
Ghostheld: @Jade_Green I can see that happening XD
codec1: Really... for this... I see it one manor, If you tell people... who arent close or who family and so on and are under the age... you will get it... all depends on who and what they believe in.
annahksunamun: @Merticus I am ashamed to say that some of my donors are unaware of the fact that they're donors. Some are attracted to me but do not know why
viola_geek: Nope, no direct involvement with the law :)
Sanguinarius: Oh, I don't know if this would be considered discrimination or not, but I had a boss at a fast food place where I worked shove a cup of meat blood in my face and say something smartassed (I can't remember what now).
Ghostheld: @Isealdor He was kicked out for being my donor.
SphynxCatVP: *hugs Lono*
Ghostheld: @Isealdor Oddly enough, they never bothered me.
Ciunas: Yes. In the custody case for my daughter.
Amber_Psionic: I know of a few psi who are enlisting soon and they are not willing to out themselves because being psi and/or sang is apparently a ‘no no’ in the military.....Does anyone know anything about that?
Adya: I was at a night club in NYC that was shut down by the cops, as one kid decided it would be fun to bite the other on the neck. NOT cool.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Did it hit the news?
Adya: Nope - cops came in, had the music turned off, grabbed the kids, and peaced out.
Adya: the most news it made was within the local party go-ers.
ZoelleZ: Ciunas... it came up in the custody case?
Isealdor: @Ciunas can you explain more?
jyu_dragon: My bosses know that I am vampire, and we are in the clinical research industry, never been a problem.
Merticus: How did the case turn out?
Merticus: Or is it still pending?
RevDevon: I myself keep a low profile as I live in a very sparsely rural area in Northern NY.
xeurika: Damn Sangi, there is a fine line between douchebaggery and discrimination/ harassment
Ciunas: It did. My ex-husband attempted to use it as proof that I was an unfit parent.
jade_green: Yeah, Vampirism is considered a mental disorder, not a fact of life by most in the medical community
annahksunamun: RevDevon me too
WickedMaraya: The only discrimination I have encountered has been on a couple of Witchcraft/Wicca/magic elists. Other than that, nothing. But then, I'm very careful with who I tell.
Slinky: It’s getting a lot harder to keep a low enough profile the more vampirism is brought out to the masses and media.
codec1: Slinky, basically as I see it, we are already coming out in the masses, the more movies and shows come on about vampires people will start to wonder about the real thing.
Loxfin: Donor discrimination can be quite difficult to deal with. As makings and scars and can be seen as self mutilation. If you’re not careful your donor can end up in a mental institution.
Miizturi: Online discrimination happens all the time. But it's happened so often now I just shrug it off.
Typhoeus: .... I suppose I’ve never worried about what my food thought. ;)
ZoelleZ: Ciunas... and how did the judge/jury take that information?
Ciunas: Judge, no jury in civil court. Not well. At all.
Amber_Psionic: Being gay was once considered a mental illness as well....I hope that we as a community can overcome that.
annahksunamun: @WickedMaraya I do not understand how is possible that Wiccans are so quickly to reject, I myself was consider a Wicca during the time I was still figuring out who I really was.
diss: @loxfin, I’m definitely very careful about my scars. In particular the ones which resemble self-injury scars are not shown.
WickedMaraya: @Miizturi ... I do the same thing. If they boot me from their list, I go quietly.
jade_green: I agree, it will all come in time.
ZoelleZ: wow, sorry Ciunas
Isealdor: @Ciunas has the custody been resolved yet?
Ciunas: I won. But more because of his past history than anything. The judged summed it up as my being the lesser of two evils.
Corpus: People tend to think anything but the truth when they see cuts on your arm
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:But I guess I just consider myself lucky.
Miizturi: WickedMaraya: Yep.
NyteMuse: It annoys me the necessity of having to keep it on the down low. I agree there are some workplaces/professions where being considered eccentric is not a big deal. Unfortunately, working with children isn't one of them...
WickedMaraya: @annahksunamun ... Wiccans tend to think of us as predators and people who 'take' without asking.
AcrophobicPixie: The thing some people don't realize is that there are places to cut, etc, that don't show as much when you're wearing shorts and short sleeves.
Merticus: Those who have had experience dealing or working with those in the Pagan/Wiccan/etc. communities - do you think there is an improvement in the way vampires are perceived and treated than say 5 or 10 years ago?
AcrophobicPixie: Merticus, not in my neighborhood.
ZoelleZ: codec1... The problem with all the TV and movie exposure right now, is that if you come "out", they think you're a poser.
WickedMaraya: I've tried explaining that we are not in the habit of just taking and that we have donors, but they tend to close their minds off from hearing.
codec1: I personally like to use needles, for blood letting if I can. Avoid the scars.
NyteMuse: @annahksunamun: Bad press. Psychic Self-Defense is a popular book.
Camazotz: Yes, I'd say so Merticus. More of a problem with trying to communicate the difference between being an actual vamp and vampirism as a magickal archetype.
SophieAnn: I would. I presented a topic on vampyres to my pagan group and they were ok... curious.
SophieAnn: Cautious too..... but they are still nice to me.
Adya: From what I've seen in my experiences at NYC gatherings, for the most part everything and anything is accepted lately.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:NyteMuse: Unfortunately I figure we pass on the side of science that may not come for several years. So in the mean time what isn't ruled by science is ruled and kept down by mainstream theology, and you know how hard it is to pass that
jyu_dragon: Could someone explain why I never have a problem with most people knowing I am a vampire, as I hide in plain sight?
YoungChild: You're lucky like that, Jyu?
LucienvW: There's so many here I don't know yet...
Lono: We need better press agents!
AcrophobicPixie: The pagan alliance here are a bunch of stick in the muds, from what I've seen.
Marcus_Noir: Adya: NYC right now is now what it used to be
Adya: True, Marcus
Isealdor: @Merticus very much so here, at least. Where as several years ago, many of the wiccan/pagan communities would pretty much eject any vampire, some are more open minded now.
Kalie: Yes to Merticus’ question on the wiccan/pagan community.
NyteMuse: @Merticus, I would say so. I know quite a few of the local Big Name Pagans who are building bridges with the vampire community.
codec1: ZoelleZ, yes I know, but basically when they start looking on the net, like I did when I was awakening, then that’s when they start to think more about the real and fake on TV.
annahksunamun: @NyteMuse I do not understand?
AcrophobicPixie: The only good thing about the PA here is that they adopted a highway (in front of the xtian tv station)
Zimmer: With all the mention of pagan and wiccan groups, I just remember my discovery of myself. I remember being chewed out on and so I left the group of a long time.
Isealdor: Of the groups actually here locally, the majority of the pagans are vampire friendly, though there was one wiccan hearth who kicked a friend out because she identifes as a vampire.
LordTaka: Sanguinarius, the difference is though, that blood drinking has known and drastic health risks associated with it. Further, the fear is that risky behavior may be learned by children and carried on putting them at risk as well.
ZoelleZ: codec1 - very true, if they are open minded enough.
Marcus_Noir: With all the work that many have been doing, more and more pagans are open to us now...
xeurika: I think a lot of the past/ present Wiccan/ Pagan issues with us is fall out from Dion Fortune.
Miizturi: Merticus: I work for the most part solitarily. Only joining online forums or chatrooms occasionally. It would seem that some in the pagan communities are more accepting about it. But then you find others who think that vampires and otherkin in general are completely bonkers.
NyteMuse: @annakhsunamun: Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune introduces the term "psychic vampire" as a very bad thing.
ancient_arcane: Part of the problem is the "I'm greater than normals" attitude many vamps have to their food, Normals... in fact, that's discrimination too.
codec1: ZoelleZ, yes and if they have enough mind to accept that, then I’m sure they can accept the real true don’t you think?
Amalgam1: I wouldn't want a "vampire" to take care of my kids, for obvious reasons. It's not discrimination.
Sanguinarius: What obvious reasons? That's a discriminatory attitude.
Slinky: WOW
NyteMuse: @Amalgam1: Um...how is that not discrimination?
Amalgam1: No, "vampires" often talk of their hunger and how hard it is to resist it. They also talk of times when they "twoof" and actually hurt people they like/love. Just as I don't want a schizophrenic to take care of my kids, I wouldn't want a vampire to take care of them.
Slinky: Why would a vamp babysitting your children teach them any of that?
Dlos: I think it is because of the Wiccan Rede "in ye harm none" and they may perceive vampire as harming others.
Dlos: Has anyone ever asked "why"?
WickedMaraya: @Amalgam1 ... Why would you not want a vampire to babysit your child(ren)? *curious*
Lono: Don’t get me started, i was in an Alexandrian coven; that had very hostile attitudes towards psychic vampires...
Sanguinarius: Ok, well, not all vampires are schizophrenics and not all schizophrenics are vampires.
Loxfin: If you’re into bloodletting I find it best to make a series of incisions in the same area in a design of a spider web. It looks less like self mutilation and can be explained as self expression through scarification.
Slinky: What vamp in there right mind would feed while babysitting?
LucienvW: Dion Fortune did paint a rather icky picture of the psi vamp
Isealdor: @Dlos that was exactly the reason that was cited for kicking her out of the hearth.
NyteMuse: Amalgam1: So all vampires are unable to control their hungers?
LordTaka: If a babysitter is using intravenous drugs in your home, does that not worry you that your children may be affected by it?
AcrophobicPixie: Lono - I was engaged to an open minded Gardnerian
Typhoeus: @ancient: have u ever asked your hamburger how it feels about you eating it? lol
Sanguinarius: I wouldn't want a schizophrenic to take care of my kids (if I had kids)
SophieAnn: However, Pagans also see what is consumed as recycled, hence the natural path of nature.
AcrophobicPixie: His mother loved me until she found out about my brother being a vampire.
AcrophobicPixie: And then it was all "Oh hell no, you're not marrying my son!"
NyteMuse: Of all places I have been tempted to feed, work was NEVER one of them...*makes face* Junk food.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:LMAO Typhoeus
Adya: Cows are friends, not food.
Merticus: Anyone ever had to explain cuts or the like to medical professionals or otherwise? Or been classified as someone who "cuts" or "self-harm", etc.? As a result were you sent for a mental health screening or evaluation?
codec1: Lono, we have that down here as well, sang vs psi crap, but luckily for me, I’m seen as both so I’m neutral :P
Camazotz: Yup, but it's never been a problem Merticus
annahksunamun: @Typhoeus perhaps some of us are vegetarians
RevDevon: Having always having lived outside the norm I easily adapt.
RevDevon: Having been awoke for nearly 40 yrs.
LucienvW: I work in the medical profession and have seen quite a few who consider themselves cutters Merticus.
Marcus_Noir: The term "psychic vampire" was already a bad thing when the Satanic Bible came out. LaVey wrote on the subject, mind you, from the classic psychological interpretation.
NyteMuse: @Marcus: True, but the distribution of the Satanic Bible isn't nearly as prolific as Psychic Self-Defense.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Marcus: I always thought the concept was once held long before LeVey wrote about it. Just as a concept, not a topic.
YoungChild: Merticus, yes
Isealdor: @Merticus: One of the big ones I've seen with that is when people, particularly donors, try to get into the military, and have scars all over.
AcrophobicPixie: Merticus, the only time I had to explain that was when I -was- doing self harm cutting.
Corpus: I had to get mental screenings 2 times for cuts that where on my arm.
Amalgam1: People are different, you say that YOU have never twoofed out and done shit like that at work. But I've read so many posts on various sites where the vampire suffers from stuff like that all the time.
LordTaka: The fear isn't that the vampire individual is bad, but fear of their behavior. Blood letting has, historically, been a sign of mental illness
Miizturi: Honestly, I don't see why a vampire would allow themselves to be around most people while they're "hungry" ... I know I don't.
ancient_arcane: Typh, I feed on entire cities, I'm just as guilty.
WickedMaraya: @Amalgam1 ... Not all vampires lack control. I've worked in two daycares and never fed off of any of the children.
Isealdor: Most people try to then pass it off as cat scratches or accidental injuries.
LucienvW: I usually look for signs of how the cuts are made to determine whether it was done for bloodletting or for self abuse
codec1: Miizturi, I try not to... but I have a life to live :P
Slinky: @taka - historically bloodletting was medicinal
Amalgam1: @Wickermaraya, worst argument ever. YOU haven't done it. But you still claim that vampires often lose self-control.
NyteMuse: @Miizturi: Hunger does not necessarily equal lack of control. It's possible to be around people when hungry, and not feed.
Miizturi: codec1: True enough. But at least you can walk away.
Amalgam1: True, it's very POSSIBLE
LucienvW: Some are hard to pass off as accidental though @Isealdor
codec1: Lono, your not alone :P
Lono: history...and current law...two different issues...
Adya: I've had people ask me about cat scratches, thinking its 'self harm' or what not.
Slinky: It has also been a nutritional part of a normal diet for centuries up untill just about 100 years ago.
WickedMaraya: I claimed what?
Amalgam1: I'm not saying that all vampires are feral beasts,
Marcus_Noir: Correct the concept... from a psychological approach. Not the way we use it.
Gabby: I'm a mom, and a vamp, and I would never harm my kids, let alone someone else's.
SphynxCatVP: Some vampires seem to lack control because they appear to be UNWILLING to consider other methods of getting by without feeding.
AcrophobicPixie: Yeah, well, the MIL tried to pass it off as "Asatruar aren't real pagans" not the fact that I was related to a vampire.
codec1: Miizturi, well truthfully, any right headed vampire can.
Lono: Concerning bloodletting I mean.
jyu_dragon: Children and animal are sancrosanct as is any adult that cannot give express permission to feed.
LordTaka: Slinky: They also believed drilling holes in your head would release demons, and we've moved away from that too. Attitudes change, but the one we currently have is the one that we need to understand and figure out what to do with.
Isealdor: @Slinky so were a lot of things, like feeding babies alcohol to get them to sleep...doesnt mean they're safe or accepted ideas now.
NyteMuse: Amalgam1: If you want to discriminate, discriminate, but don't try and paint it up as something else. Be honest.
jade_green: I have told people my cuttings were from cats or rose bushes.
Amalgam1: Just that they obviously have needs that they may (or may not) give in to.
Amikeco: Maybe it's Amalgam1 who needs to learn about control ;)
SphynxCatVP: Amalgam1 > Control is something that has to be worked on - not everyone seems to, but I'm one of the ones that *does* make more effort that most to stay IN control.
codec1: Amalgam1, same as well, control can be learned if WANTED (main word)
codec1: Lono, for psis?
Merticus: Any other specific cases others would like to share about what they or their donor have gone through before we move into part 3 (for those who haven't, etc.)?
Amber_Psionic: Why is it that BDSM is considered "normal"....while being sang and/or psi is not? I have often wondered about that.
annahksunamun: @Adya I think cat scratches look different than other kinds
NyteMuse: @Amber: BDSM is not considered "normal"
Isealdor: BDSM is considered normal? That'd be news to most of the BDSM community.
LordTaka: Amber_Psionic: BDSM is normal? I have a feeling if I went to work in a collar and chaps I'd find myself unemployed.
* SphynxCatVP laughs
Adya: Kitten scratches have a funny way of looking like razor marks.
Archeron: More easily understandable, I suppose AP
NyteMuse: I know a pro-domme teacher who was blackballed when that identity was revealed to her school.
Lono: codec1 no for sangs.
YoungChild: Amber, different things set off different buttons for different regions.
Amber_Psionic: My doctor is understanding of it.
Merticus: BDSM by and large is considered a paraphilia.
WickedMaraya: @Amalgam1 ... I've never claimed anything. It may be the worst argument to you, but it still holds. You're implying that all vampires lack control. But, that's not true.
ancient_arcane: Yeah BDSM down here in Fort Lauderdale is 'normal'.
Slinky: @taka and is yes they are not now so dont say they were not historically please.
Miizturi: NyteMuse: I know. But there are times in extreme hunger that you just can't be around people in general. Not really because of control. At least for me, it makes me nauseas. And that I'd rather let myself starve then try to do anything rash.
Isealdor: @Taka lol I'm with you there.
Lono: lol Amber
Amber_Psionic: Maybe it’s just this city.
codec1: LordTaka and NyteMuse, it is where Iam :P and yes... its a little weird what you see in my town...
xeurika: Part of the problem is most people's only experiences with vampires are from wingnuts that show up on Springer or the like.
Marcus_Noir: All of us can be viewed as paraphiliacs.
ancient_arcane: Some places things are more normal than others.
Sanguinarius: Wingnuts belong on airplanes, not talk shows.
Lono: lol xeurika!
LucienvW: @xeurika in most cases i agree with you on that one
Lono: Exactly
NyteMuse: @Amber, there are cities where BDSM is recognized by some people as existing, but that doesn't make it normal or accepted as non-deviant.
* NyteMuse laughs and agrees with Amikeco
LucienvW: Sometimes jerry springer isn't even in the pic
SphynxCatVP: If I think i'm not able to maintain control, I just don't leave the house. It's that simple :)
Merticus: The Safe Sane Consensual just goes a long way to deflect negative attention in some areas - some with "loose verbal or written contracts" - whether they would withstand legal challenge or not. Though this is definitely not true everywhere.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Marcus: Well see that's the problem. Most people I have ever talked with that are against Paganism state that one of the reasons is because it started in the 1950s with Gerald. They completely try to invalidate any possibility that it started with Paganism in ancient Rome. As such, psychic vampirism started for many people with the integration into LeVey's book and hence into the semi-mainstream.
LordTaka: Slinky: What I'm arguing is that for the past few decades to the present, those who self injure, wether to draw blood for a vampire, or for pleasure, or for psychological reasons, are treated as mentaly ill. Further, it's not healthy and if untrained or stupid, can be deadly for the donor.
Slinky: @taka. It IS healthy for sangs and there are many studies that say it is healthy for donors as well to give blood.
Slinky: @taka there are far more dangerous activities we all engage in daily.
LordTaka: Slinky: Yes, there are, but drawing blood is small enough of a subgroup that you can make it a pariah without disenfranchising your entire way of life like you would with cars, processed food or cigarettes . . . and even those are coming under increasing fire as needlessly dangerous.
Slinky: @taka SO we should be pariahs?
Amber_Psionic: I guess you have a point Nyte.....maybe the people in my circle of friends are not as judgemental as others.
Typhoeus: @sphynxCat - i am picky with my food. this allows me much control :)
Sanguinarius: My phlebotomist is mentally ill then...she draws blood. :p
SphynxCatVP: Typhoeus > I'm picky with my diet in general - better health, means better control :)
LucienvW: LaVey didn't really have a good view of psychic vampires either
diss: re BDSM being more normal, if pressured i would be more likely to say that my scars are from bloodplay than from vampirism. At the very least that means i don't have to explain about what vampirism is, and people around here are more or less accepting of fetishes.
NyteMuse: @Amber: The people in my circle of friends are non-judgmental as well, but the same cannot be said for the people at my workplace, or my blood family.
ancient_arcane: People consider normal to be what they themselves can do, so dressing up or hitting people with whips is more normal than someone that can drain your energy from across the room, or wants to drink your blood for life energy.
Amber_Psionic: Mind you, I my mother still does not understand any of this......and I have given up trying to make her understand.
Sanguinarius: It should be considered why they do it.
xeurika: Would double suck if your phlebotomist had multiple personalities and each personality wanted to take a turn.
Lono: Psychic vampirism didnt start in the 50’s especially if its mentioned in the early 1900's....now the community, thats a different story...
Merticus: Part 3 - If not, what precautions do you take in your community involvement to prevent facing legal, professional, financial, or personal repercussions in your life?
WickedMaraya: @Sphynxcat ... I'm right there with you. If I feel that my need is in control more than I am, I stay away from others until I regain control. However, that hasn't happened for a very long time.
Ghostheld: @Adya I agree with you - What's that?
Loxfin: One of my members has a branding mark on her body to feed from. The nerve endings around the area are dead and that is the only area that she feeds from leaving her with the only one scar on her body. Another way not to draw a lot of attention is to use a needle… given it is less sexual but easier to make blood wine.
LucienvW: Merticus, disclaimers are my friend.
Amber_Psionic: I am lucky in that I run my own business and I manage to keep my status unknown to all who work with me.
NyteMuse: Identity distinction. No legal name used in anything relating to vampirism, no pictures to link the second identity with the first.
Miizturi: No luring unsuspecting people down dark alley ways... :/
Sanguinarius: Loxfin, now that's an idea.
AcrophobicPixie: As I said before, two of my biological sisters are left in the dark. One just graduated from nursing school, and in the area we grew up, you got shunned if you went to the wrong church, let alone involved in something odd.
* Kyuubi_No_Kitsune is soo glad he's not sang, with hemaphobia and phelaphobia(?) I couldn't do it.
AcrophobicPixie: They got enough flack when I came out of the broom closet when I was in High School.
SphynxCatVP: My community identity is completely separate from my real life identity - no overlap, no problem :)
AsarGangle: I use a "nightside" name and try to keep my personal life very separate from my profesional life.
Lono: My advice...follow SphynxCatVP's lead in a complete segregation of the professional and night side selves... but I'd imagine it would get lonely not meeting other people every now and then.
Sanguinarius: Kyuubi_No_Kitsune, what's phelaphobia?
codec1: Loxfin, if you can, use the same blood bags the redcross uses to draw blood into for donations
xeurika: Same here NyteMuse, although I haven't been as careful with my myspace friends
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Sanguinarius: Fear of needles I think.
LucienvW: Good point NyteMuse...legal names, addresses, phone numbers
Slinky: Am I the only one that finds that (Taka’s comment) outragously offensive?
LordTaka: Slinky: I simply state what is, I make no moral judgements one way or the other.
Slinky: Sangs built a lot of this community.
Sanguinarius: Yeah we did.
Amalgam1: I did not say that all vampires have a lack of self-control, but they do have greater needs, correct? I'm saying that these vampires should be judged on an invidual-basis, but to generalize is human. And we do it for a reason. I'm not saying that vampires don't have self-control, they probably have greater self-control on average because they have to deal with the "bloodlust" all the time. But they have so much more to control. Now, I'm not a vampire.
Camazotz: Needles are *more* dangerous IMHO... unless you're trained.
SphynxCatVP: Lono - It is lonely, yes.
SphynxCatVP: But it keeps my family safe.
Isealdor: My method of keeping from having legal or personal issues is to simply maintain a heavy distinction and privacy level between my community involvement and my personal life. I'm extremely careful about who I tell what information and what information can be publicly found about me.
viola_geek: Avoiding repercussions... pretty similar to what NyteMuse said.
NyteMuse: @Lono: Segregation of the selves doesn't equal never meeting other people.
Dlos: Usually, for precautions, I keep to myself and keep vamp life separate from mundane life.
Loxfin: When you are being discriminated against or confronted it always helps to know a lot about blood safety.
Amber_Psionic: I could imagine that if my staff and students were to find out that I am psi/sang then business would most definitely be affected....
Merticus: For the most part I keep my dayside (professional) and nightside (vampire) identity and life separate... at least in so much that I can financially and work-related. Socially they blend but I'm in a unique position where it wouldn't affect me personally with crossover. We (AVA) also maintain legal counsel but again that is a unique situation as well. I am also friends with those in law enforcement and never cross into territory that would place me at risk.
NyteMuse: I use the legal name @ work and with the bio-fam (most of whom I wouldn't hang out with socially anyway) and the other name with all of my friends.
codec1: Slinky, well yes, I would say so since we have been known longer, but since the psi thing came up, it’s basicly a war of who did what first.
Slinky: I don’t care who does what.
Slinky: I find being told we should be made pariahs of extremely offensive.
Slinky: I have worked hard for energy vamps to have equality on my forums.
LordTaka: Slinky: I'm not saying you should be pariahs, I'm stating that you Are Pariahs, there is a difference in the imperative.
Isealdor: @Loxfin agreed, and really it's a good think to know, period, if you're messing with people's blood.
Amalgam1: Vampirism is a disease, just like Parkinson's. I don't want my surgeon to have Parkinson's.
LucienvW: Isealdor, I do the same. I am very selective in who I actually allow into my personal life.
ancient_arcane: I find it best to sound people out to see if they can handle it, before I tell them I'm a cat... er.. vamp.
Camazotz: I wouldn't say it's a disease Amalgam.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:NyteMuse: I do the same thing. Ren Saiyuri shouldn't be connected in any way with my legal name. Although in the time here I've come to trust people and given them my facebook but I've since even changed that name while I'm in the process of looking for a job.
NyteMuse: The only annoyance is having to run away from cameras, or get agreement from the photographer my name will not be attached.
annahksunamun: @Amalgam1 why do you call it disease?
Amalgam1: Is it not?
Typhoeus: When you move away from being solely vampire and move into energy working things change drastically.
YoungChild: I’m with Cama there, vampirism isn't a disease, but it sure is treat that way somedays.
LucienvW: I think it's always good to promote following the law!
Miizturi: More so a condition…
xeurika: Exactly!
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:I just don't take it to the level that Isealdor takes it, which is ingenius, but I've got too many pictures and information out there which makes it difficult :P
Amalgam1: That doesn't change anything.
LucienvW: I don't even see vampirism as a condition...
Amalgam1: I won't argue semantics.
SophieAnn: Can I make a point here about discrimination? That often it goes along with other things? For example if you are Goth AND vampyre people may react more than if you are just vampyre. Or maybe gay and vampyre and if people feel they can't react against being gay, they pick up on the other and use it as a target?
SophieAnn: This, the apparent discrimination can be something else, but in disguise.
codec1: Slinky, basically because we NEED the blood, psis don’t and it’s easier for them to hide.
Slinky: We are pariahs because things like the Black Veil and attitudes that we are all just energy vamps make us so.
codec1: Slinky, we are outcased for the reason of hutting another for what we need.
ancient_arcane: Typhoeus: True, calling yourself an energy-worker or psychic investigator is hugely more accepted… then you can explain vampirism in a way people get it, without all the stigma.
RevDevon: Outwardly maintain somewhat normal upward personna with community ....whether it be attending church, low profile… even though practice extreme left....
Slinky: Communities not wanting to discuss or have sangs because it’s just too much liability.
Brokenangel242: Sometime when I say something to a person they look at me like I’m stupid and retarded.
codec1: Slinky, OH! I see now, I know what you mean.
Sanguinarius: I refuse to be a pariah in the community I helped to create.
LucienvW: Discrimination is so broad within our community due to so many individual views that clash.
Merticus: What other personal steps can one take?
YoungChild: Merticus, you tell the people you trust, everyone else can be kept in the dark and you don't discuss vampirism with them until you believe they are ready to hear it.
Loxfin: Diseases are not the only thing you have to worry about with blood. It helps to know what to do with that person loses too much blood. As well as how much can be ingested before you become sick.
Ausar24: My problem is that most people that I reveal to that I am vampyre tend to think I am just "crazy" or "pretending"
Miizturi: Ausar24: I wouldn't stand for that, honestly.
codec1: Ausar24, the onlything i can say is hope they accept it, its not like you can make them accept it.
Isealdor: @Merticus: I also dont go out of my way to fit the stereotype of a vampire, which is what I see causing the most issues for people. If you're running around in full gothic clothes and wearing false fangs, people are going to treat you differently.
SphynxCatVP: And any allergens the donor has been taking that you're allergic to, such as medications.
SphynxCatVP: If levels of medications are measurable in blood tests..... :)
jade_green: My people I work with know I meditate alot at work, that's all they need to know.
xeurika: In my personal life, I don't tell anyone unless it is relevant.
Ausar24: How does one deal with a love one who doesnt take you serious?
Merticus: Yes or No: Do you keep your vampirism completely hidden from your employment and employment circle of friends?
AcrophobicPixie: Yes
jade_green: Yes
viola_geek: Yes
YoungChild: Yes, Merticus
Merticus: Yes
Sanguinarius: Personally, I don't have the nerve to wear fake fangs and capes and contacts and vampy makeup and all that...
Ghostheld: Yes
Miizturi: Yes
AsarGangle: Yes
RevDevon: Yes
Loxfin: No
Amber_Psionic: Yes
Ciunas: Yes.Well,from work anyhow.
Isealdor: @Merticus: Yes
codec1: Yes
jyu_dragon: No
SphynxCatVP: Yes, totally separate!
Slinky: No
NyteMuse: Yes
annahksunamun: @Ausar24 that's a question I've asked myself many times & have yet to come up w/an answer
xeurika: Yes
Corpus: Yes
Adya: Yes
Ausar24: I usually keep it hush hush but I do work in the body mod industry so it is a little more accepted.
Lono: Yes
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Merticus: Yes and No. Seeing as where I live I don't have much of a social circle. But employment yes, which is exactly why I maintain an alias.
annahksunamun: Yes
WickedMaraya: @Merticus ... I don't hide from anyone in my personal life or otherwise. I do limit who I tell about myself and what I tell them. If I feel that they are not openminded enough, I leave out the fact that I'm a vampire. When I go out to the club, I dress to the nines and people don't give it a second thought because I'm in a goth club with other people that are dressed up too.
YoungChild: Yes and No, Merticus, depends
Gabby: No
LordTaka: Addendum to Merticus' question? For those who self identify as a separate identity for a vampire and as a normal person, how many of you are open in real life and are active in vampire communities in real life as opposed to Internet based communities?
NyteMuse: @Taka: Define "in real life"?
LordTaka: Face to face interaction
Isealdor: Some, but mostly No
Ghostheld: Yes and No
Amber_Psionic: Yes and No
Corpus: Yes
AcrophobicPixie: Yes and No
SphynxCatVP: I'm only active online - it makes it easier to keep things separate as I have one of those faces that doesn't seem to change a whole lot
NyteMuse: No. Family Yes, but I have non-VC friends who know
NyteMuse: (All of whom are Pagan)
ancient_arcane: I call it Energy-Working, which gives me a chance to teach when they ask.
viola_geek: Family, Yes.Non-Community friends...most. Very few know.
Ciunas: I'm loosely involved with the real time London vampire 'scene'.
Slinky: yes from family and no from friends depending on who they are
codec1: I keep it from my family, but I tell those I am close with and will be with for the rest of my life :P But basically... I tell if they ask, or are interested in the subject.
Marcus_Noir: I keep some distance between the two...
Lono: Only a few of my friends know. (It’s a living near the bible belt thing)
Merticus: To rephase: Do you participate in the vampire "community" Online, Offline, or Both?
Slinky: Both. I am active online and off. Though more active online.
Zimmer: I keep my vampirism hidden from my family, but just about all of my friends know.
Loxfin: I feel you have to judge a person end if they are able to understand your lifestyle before you tell them. It's kind of a gray area for me you can't just walk up to a cop out of the blue and ask and to be your donor.
Adya: Some of my friends know.
Merticus: Both
xeurika: Yes, from work, and only to friends in the community
Ausar24: Yeah... you even mention "psychic" or "psi-vamp" and they tend to cringe.
NyteMuse: I do some face to face networking and events. I'm involved in a House, and I go to meetups. I just don't go teaching about vampirism at work.
Ciunas: Both.
Lono: Both
AcrophobicPixie: Online
AcrophobicPixie: Unless calling vamps counts as offline.
Gabby: Both
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Lono you’re kind of in the red zone, I hate to say it my friend. Down there you kinda have to keep your head down.
annahksunamun: Both
viola_geek: I am active online...relatively. Not active offline.
YoungChild: Online, Merticus, hard to get offline anything in North Dakota.
Zimmer: I apparently am able to surround myself with really accepting individuals.
annahksunamun: Online
Marcus_Noir: The only online interaction I have is VVC. Otherwise, I'm real world.
NyteMuse: Hell, I make jokes about being a vampire @ work and to the biofam, in the whole nocturnal sense.
AsarGangle: I am careful only to tell those who I think can handle it
Ausar24: I've been thinking about joining a house.
Ausar24: But I've heard both good and bad things.
Slinky: I find the more we are out as a community though the more people seem to spot me in the most mundane of places.
RevDevon: Both
Miizturi: Yes. Mostly online... it's hard to get in contact with those offline, but I do know individuals who are. So I guess that would count as offline community.
Marcus_Noir: My co-workers already think I’m a bit off as itis :P
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:Tip to all, there may be many topics going around, I just find a topic and stick with it keeping in mind exactly whose on the same topic I am. I may even set notifications for the people involved in what I'm talking about.
Merticus: Those who have told their families, work, or non-community friends... how did they react at first? Did you lose any friends or did any stop talking to you? Were you ever able to make ammends or explain "vampirism" to them so that they could understand?
WickedMaraya: @Ausar24 ... When joining a House, research them first.
Ausar24: I just don’t wear the fake fangs.
Gabby: I love having friends as close as family offline I can physically spend time with.
Marcus_Noir: I have had friends know without me telling them.
Corpus: Some friends stopped talking to me and some wanted to become donors.
NyteMuse: Some of my co-workers see me as off-ish, sort of. Or at least eccentric, and know I'm into religions and Eastern spirituality, and holistic stuff. But that's the extent.
AsarGangle: Most of those I have told had more questions than concerns
AcrophobicPixie: Mom took to it well. My stepdad gets confused and keeps forgetting that I'm not the vampire, I feed them.
* SphynxCatVP chuckles @ Pixie's comment
Gabby: Some of my family already knew it without ever having talked about it.
Adya: I’m careful about who a tell - those that I have told typically shrug, and could care less.
Ciunas: My family consider me 'abberant', but tolerate it. The few non- community friends I've told have generally not reacted well.
WickedMaraya: I don't claim the majority of my family, for personal reasons. The majority of my extended Family knows who/what I am. They have accepted it and me for who I am ... not what I am.
YoungChild: Merticus, it was easy to explain to the people I told, as soon as they understood the definition, they could associate it to me, now explaining it to my mother would be an entirerly different story.
Slinky: I don't have a conventional job.
annahksunamun: The only person I have told directly simply just asked me more questions about the fact & then moved on. It did not affect our friendship in any way.
Ausar24: Now not saying I don’t have my occasional urge for life force thru blood but i kinda think our mass numbers that syphon energy is more of an "evolutionary" advancement.
Ausar24: The ones that "knew" in my experience were otherkin.
viola_geek: For the non-community friends I've told...well, one outcome was the one I mentioned for the discrimination question. I’m still not speaking to those few. The others have been very accepting. At first, they had a ton of questions. They would also look up info and ask me about it.
Gabby: Some found out and just accepted it, none have shunned it, now friends is different, i have had many types of responses on that end.
Zimmer: Merticus: Everyone just sort of accepted it. I think they marked it up as one of my eccentricities, and sort of left it at that. Some of them already knew, without me having to tell them, and no one asked me any questions.
AcrophobicPixie: No one at work knows. They just know I talk to this guy with a weird name of Zilchy on my lunch break.
jyu_dragon: My co-workers are more conserned about my interest in other religions than my vampirism.
diss: Most of my offline friends are involved in sociology and/or identity politics, and those i've talked to about vampirism and being a donor have been very accepting. But then, these are people who consider excentricity to be quite desirable.
ZoelleZ: I have told my co-workers, and immediately tried to explain the reality of vampirism to them. I offer them websites to read, and tell them to ask any questions they want. They have, at least outwardly, seemed accepting so far.
Adya: I actually bumped into a friend on the VCMB, and we realized we knew eachother IRL. Right, Viola? :P
viola_geek: Yes, Adya :) I remember that. It was funny :P
Amber_Psionic: My mother is not understanding and I have learned to accept that she will probably never be......I am just content to allow her to have her opinion and know that we will never see eye to eye.
Slinky: Most of those who have approached me about it have been fairly accepting or just blow it off as a personality.
Miizturi: First time I told family was when I was first awakening. I didn't know how to place the words right, so of course they shot it down. So I kept it to myself then. I've been pretty much open with it (safe from using the V word) to family now. But as for friends, I'll say it.
Miizturi: And sometimes I'll tell them and they'll say something like "Tell me something that will surprise me".
AsarGangle: I think most of us can get enough of a "read" on people to know who you should or should not tell about vampyrism.
Miizturi: Co-workers don't know. And probably never will.
raznkn: I've little to nothing to add but am enjoying the chat nonetheless.
ancient_arcane: Most people that I tell think I'm into the loony new age stuff, so I demo them my energy, and that clears it up. Most of my real life friends are already aware of energy to an extent, but some of them think I'm in a cult or something.
Corpus: My family doesnt know for fear of getting kicked out but I have one more year of keeping my mouth shut anyway.
Gabby: I remember my dad, who's gay, tried to give me the safety speech, lol, I told him that was covered.
Miizturi: Most of my close friends have seen what happens to me when I don't get what I need, so it's sort of a "Oh I see." type thing.
Marcus_Noir: I came out to my mother as being a witch. She wasn't shocked though.
Loxfin: I have found that you have to judge a person's reaction when you tell them you're a vampire. You have to be a very good judge of character. If the person looks at you all very eat all oddly or takes a negative tone. I simply tell them it is a pasttime tell them that you're a horror movie buff or shrug it off as though it is a part of a game you play. The best way to avoid negative discrimination is too avoid negitive confrontation.
jyu_dragon: The only person to have ever shown a less positive feeling towards my vampirism, is my mother, she just tells me to act my age.
Isealdor: @Everyone: How much impact would it have on your life to be completely "outted" to those you arent already? And what would you do in such a situation?
AcrophobicPixie: Well, I had it easy with my mother, since she's been pagan since forever.
xeurika: It would kind of be funny, but also useful if there was some kind of printable pamphlet you could give to friends or family if you decide to open up to them.
Adya: I've made some really amazing friends through the OVC... including meeting and moving in with my boyfriend, Kai.
Ciunas: I would lose my job, that's certain.
jade_green: I'd lose everything.
enraptured1: I asked a friend of mine to help me find a book, the Ethical Psychic Vampire, and he knew exactly what it was, all about it, and was perfectly fine with it.
Isealdor: xeurika: there are some resources for that sort of thing, like the parents/family section on Sanguinarius.org
Slinky: Lots of people use Sanguinarius.org for that.
Gabby: My mom took the news as, "duh, explains alot, 2+2=4
* NyteMuse giggles
YoungChild: Isealdor, considering my Mother still doesn't believe I'm bi and thinks its been a "phase" I've been stuck in for six years, vampirism would be a complete "Uh, no" moment and I'd probably be asked to talk to someone.
Marcus_Noir: I see it now... "IF YOU'RE YOUR CHILD IS A VAMPIRE" pamphlet.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:LOL They already did that Marcus
Adya: LOL Marcus!
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:I'm just trying to remember where...
NyteMuse: Xeurika, I am SO tempted to draft one of those up...
Merticus: They have "My Daddy's in prison"... why couldn't they have the same for "My Daddy and Mommy is a vampire - sanguinarian/psychic vampire".
xeurika: Exactly Merticus!
Merticus: Does anyone ever direct their friends or family to OVC/VC web sites to read?
Lono: Depends after i get my state license.. I wouldnt care...before it... it might have a significant impact.
YoungChild: Yes, Merticus
Isealdor: @Merticus: All the time :)
AcrophobicPixie: But my father would go insane if he found out. I'm just waiting for me to get married and having all these vampires show up :P
SphynxCatVP: Pixie, I'd love to be a fly on the wall for THAT one!
AcrophobicPixie: Sphynx, a vampire will be the one to give me away :P
xeurika: @NyteMuse it might be fun to draw one up.
Camazotz: @Lono... being a vamp's never affected my reiki business.
Lono: Cama in this state you need a LMT licence and to go before a board. (even to practice Reiki)
Lono: In MA I could practice reiki all I wanted and it was perfectly legal.
Slinky: There is a my mommy is a vampire childrens book....
Miizturi: Slinky: Seriously?
* SphynxCatVP giggles
Marcus_Noir: Slinky: LOL
Ciunas: Slinky: Do you know the authors name?
Adya: @slinky i want the link to that one.
Slinky: Yes
Isealdor: @Slinky that's a little... interesting
AsarGangle: lol @slinky
Gabby: Slinky, what???
Slinky: Pixie do you have the link to the childrens book?
AcrophobicPixie: http://sarasvati.sanguinarius.org/coloring.htm
SphynxCatVP: Oh that's awesome Pixie! :)
Sanguinarius: She needs to make that into a PDF and sell it.
AcrophobicPixie: But my mom was involved in the VCMB before she knew what the hell it was.
Shadowsong: Has anyone told someone and not been taken seriously, not because of vampirism, but because of your age?
Miizturi: Shadowsong: I think everyone has at one point.
YoungChild: All the time Shadowsong, being over the age of 18 has helped a lot.
RevDevon: In the past when informing others ... have used tact and watched reactions as i take it through the g-rating and on up the levels till hardcore.
WickedMaraya: @Merticus ... As far as discrimination goes, we already have people 'out' trying to broaden people's minds. I don't see that there's much of anything else that can be done except to get up sites that have factual information. But we, as a community, can't even agree on things long enough to determine what should go up as fact and what should go up as fiction.
enraptured1: If I told my family how I feel, they would say I’m a child and crazy - that I dont take life seriously.
Merticus: Ok, what else does anyone have to add to the primary discussion on discrimination... feel free to do so. Opinions, experiences, suggestions for others, etc.?
LordTaka: If I may offer a non-vampire's prospective for a moment. What you are describing isn't systematic discrimination; so much as it is individual acts of bias against your lifestyle. For example, with the custody mentioned previously, any behavior that has health repercussions will be discriminated against. It can hardly be called discrimination to put the safety of a child above a lifestyle choice. By those not in the lifestyle...
LordTaka: If you went in and explained that you believe you need to absorb the life force of other individuals in a private and ritualistic method, and did not include the fact that imbibing of blood was part of it, how much different would you be treated? If you were to even describe your condition without using the term "vampire" in a rational and non-occultic terminology, I would argue that the wide majority of this would likely be a
LordTaka: non-occultic terminology, I would argue that the wide majority of this would likely be a non-issue. That stated, do you have any experience in explaining what you are without relying on the mystic explanation or without using the term Vampire? how have people reacted?
Marcus_Noir: One of things I've noticed is people who love to scream to the world that they're a vampire FOR THE ATTENTION but then can't handle the heat when it bounces back on them!
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:@Merticus: May I offer a question for everyones consideration? Hypothetically?
Merticus: @ Kyuubi - Yes
jyu_dragon: Most people take me very seriously, might be because I am big and mean looking sometimes.
Isealdor: @WickedMaraya, @Merticus I think not tolerating a lot of the more fluff and lulz of the community would go a long way toward public/general acceptance, too.
Adya: @Marcus totally true - simply from being on forums, and reading all of the OMG I told my friend at school and they told everyone blaah blaah stories...
Merticus: @WickedMaraya - Yes, it's hard to reconcile differences of opinions within the community or between the different web sites. All we can hope for is that responsible information and publications are circulated down the pipeline for those who are interested.
Miizturi: Hell, I was once told that I would "grow out of" being interested in paganism and related topics, once I grew up and had a family of my own. Now that I'm 22, I can see that it's not gonna happen. :P
WickedMaraya: @Isealdor ... I agree. The fluff needs to be taken out as well as the BS.
Ciunas: @Taka.Yes, I've tried without using the word 'vampire'...
Isealdor: @Taka the consideration of not using the term "vampire" has been tossed around now and again, but usually doesnt get very far. However, different terminology is used in other parts of the world, like "shadows" for Germans.
Ciunas: The basic response? "Oh, you're one of those blood fetish freaks".
enraptured1: lol I’m glad I’m not the only one whose family says you’re just in a phase.
AcrophobicPixie: Miizturi - my father was dating a wiccan and thought it was "exotic" but when his oldest daughter told him, OMG You're possessed by the devil!
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:@ALL: How would one deal with having a prior mental illness even if it is kept under total control for a long time, and being a vampire/therian? Would you doubt yourself more?
YoungChild: That’s the bad thing about using the term "vampire", everyone associates blood with it.
Corpus: I find it easier to explain what you are to people not saying the word vampire till near the end.
Isealdor: @Ren I think it'd very much depend on what the mental illness was.
jade_green: No, I don't doubt myself.
Gabby: I once had a security guy at a job stop me and start a discussion about paranormal, chaos, various groups, and then he just said he knew I would know and understand, and I was corporately dressed.
Gabby: Somewhat gothy, not visibly vampish at all....he just loved me, we became instant friends.
jyu_dragon: No
* Ciunas has previous mental condition and is both vampire and therian.
* jyu_dragon has a current mental condition and is sang/psi vampire and therian.
Zimmer: Kyuubi: I don't doubt myself any more now then I did before, I'm bi polar with possible schizophrenia.
Merticus: I'm sure that if you had a diagnosed history of mental illness you'd be more apt to doubt the validity or self-identity as a vampire.
Merticus: Critical thinking and logic... least if you give pause to consider such.
Ciunas: And, no, it doesn't make me doubt myself.
xeurika: I agree Merticus.
jade_green: I'm bi-polar and when I had my breakdown they gave me anti- schizophrenia meds.
Isealdor: I think most people have gone through phases of self-doubt and questioning the validity, though.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:I ask because I myself am Bipolar, and in prior have had issues with my sense of perception within the confines of reality. Since I have gotten it under control, but it's always been an issue.
ancient_arcane: Isealdor: Unfortunatly, some of the things most consider fluff are very real and dangerous.
AcrophobicPixie: Ren - I'm bipolar, and faeotherkin, and I don't doubt myself.
AcrophobicPixie: Sometimes I wonder what parts of my personality come from the bipolar, and from being fae, but I know what I am.
Marcus_Noir: I've got a good story that fits this topic.
Camazotz: Yes Marcus? Do tell...
Marcus_Noir: Right now I'm in a class with Christopher Penczak, the noted witch author. Now Christopher is a good friend with Michelle Belanger and is completely sympathetic to us...
Marcus_Noir: So in class the topic of vampirism came up, and he did an excellent job of explaining it as a need and condition, usually, to the class...
Shadowsong: Marcus: What was the class' reaction?
Marcus_Noir: At which point, 20 people went from being a bit scared to "OH... OK"
Lono: Marcus, Christopher has actually written a very nice quote for my book, concerning vampiric healing.
Isealdor: @Marcus that's fabulous.
Merticus: Out of curiosity... how many individuals have been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar/manic depressive here? (Those who feel comfortable disclosing such.)
jade_green: I've gone through the doubting, and not feeding, and even with meds being the same I get worse, so long as I feed, everything is ok.
SphynxCatVP: Not me :)
Lono: Not me.
NyteMuse: I was diagnosed bipolar in grad school, but suspect it was a misdiagnosis.
AcrophobicPixie: Bipolar
diss: re: prior mental illness and being therian/donor, i actually needed to learn to filter the "real" from the "crazy" during my mental episodes. It is this experience with judging the validity of what my senses etc. tell me which makes me more certain that my therianthropy is "real".
Merticus: Neither - I only have a slight touch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
WickedMaraya: @Kyuubi ... I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 10 years ago. I don't doubt my vampirism because of it. I've learned to accept that I have conditions and I deal with them the best that I can.
enraptured1: Neither
annahksunamun: @Merticus, I'm schizophrenic
Amikeco: Isealdor: I think "schatten" (shadow) is more for all kinds of such people, including therians - but I know next to nothing about the 'German scene'.
Isealdor: @Amikeco it depends on the groups.
Zimmer: Merticus: I've been diagnosed bipolar, still waiting for a diagnosis of schizophrenia.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:AcrophobicPixie: I mean ultimately it’s what keeps me grounded. Constantly or at least many times rethinking my thoughts and making sure I'm not going overboard. Then I talk to people who come in with the intention of trolling which refreshes my view of 'the line'
Gabby: I have depression issues but have never been diagnosed as any of those terms.
jyu_dragon: Clinically diagnosed MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)
Loxfin: I wonder how many people feel that they would be discriminated against for being bipolar if they were to even say it...
Isealdor: @Loxfin I think anyone who doesnt fit the proverbial "norm" is going to be discriminated against to some degree or another.
AsarGangle: Bipolar and schizophrenic are catch words they use when they think somethings wrong with you but can't prove it.
Merticus: Yes, it's often used as a "catch all".
Sovereignx: I agree with Asar.
enraptured1: I went to a doctor for PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) - but that’s all.
xeurika: Hell I doubted my sanity quite a bit early on without ever being diagnosed. I'm sure it can be very tough if you have.
Ciunas: Manic Depressive
jade_green: My work place knows I'm bi-polar.
jade_green: They also know I was treated for schizophrenia.
* Amber_Psionic has PTSD and likely undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder.
Lono: I do have an anxiety disorder/PTSD which only manifested about 4 years ago after working for CBS master control and my town being ravaged by hurricane Charley. I've been in the community for 11-12 years.
diss: I've had so many diagnoses that I've given up caring.
* Camazotz isn't diagnosed with anything.
Sovereignx: Neither am I Cama.
WickedMaraya: Of course, I was a guinea pig for my psychologist for the longest time. My diagnosis changed every month. She finally decided that I was Bipolar. I am untreated though (I don't take meds or see a therapist anymore).
RevDevon: Depression and legally insane in 18 states.
RevDevon: lol...also some kind of anxiety have been med free for 14 months before that med bill was $3k a month.
AcrophobicPixie: Asar, I was diagnosed bipolar when it was considered anathema to diagnose anyone under 18 as such.
AcrophobicPixie: I was 11 at the time.
Sanguinarius: Where they want to call you schizophrenic but you don't fit the symptoms, so they call you schizoaffective.
Sanguinarius: No hallucination, voices, visions etc.
Amikeco: Isealdor: okay, good to know - so far I stayed away from most because the majority seemed to be full of nutters and lifestylers, so I know much more about US stuff.
jade_green: I was diagnosed somewhere between 13 and 15
viola_geek: The only thing I was ever diagnosed with was minor depression... but I don't really count that.
Marcus_Noir: My beloved mate is a psychologist. You should hear the conversations we have on the topic :P
Sovereignx: It just seems like it has become a catch all like ADHD for children.
AsarGangle: Don't they now say that anyone under 21 is considered brain damaged?
Ciunas: Supposedly I'm also a xenohobic sociopath and have disassociative personality disorder. If you don't fit their 'boxes',they'll slap labels on you so fast...
SphynxCatVP: The only obsession I have, it seems, is researching my ass off :)
Merticus: For those who have successfully 'come out' to people, what are some tips for minimizing the potential undesirable reactions?
YoungChild: Merticus, ask them what they know on vampirism and energy work and move from there.
diss: @Amikeco, i've also mostly stayed away from the German VC, as well as the French, because they seem to be about 10 years behind in understanding what vampirism is compared to the English-speaking VC.
jade_green: Ya'll are the only people that know, so I don't know.
AcrophobicPixie: Work people up to it slowly. Don't just go "Rawr, I'm a vampire!"
Merticus: So, attempt to educate them?
WickedMaraya: @Merticus ... My tip would be to tell only those that you feel you can trust to not turn on you.
enraptured1: My post tramautic came from a perfectly legit reason so it wasn’t already there.
viola_geek: Also test the waters on their thoughts on the supernatural in general before you decide to tell them.
Isealdor: @Merticus I think broaching the topic carefully is a key point. I tend to recommend introducing someone to the idea of vampirism and energywork, etc, first, and let them digest that and see how they accept it. If that goes well, then perhaps share that you identify as such.
* xeurika hopes being a silly smartass isn't included in DSM-V.
Sovereignx: @ Xeurika: Then I'm F-ed.
AcrophobicPixie: Yes. If you start with teaching about energy work/etc, and then work yourself up to vampies, the person is less likely to panic.
Miizturi: Tips to minimalize undesirable reactions: Don't use the V word! Dance around it. Tell people what you do, rather than what you "are" in the sense of using labels.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:LOL Personally, It's the sane people I worry about.
Slinky: I would say its best to feel them out first. Stick with the facts of your situation and be prepared for some awkwardness.
WickedMaraya: @viola ... That too. If their thougths on the paranormal and such are closed off, it would probably be best to avoid telling them.
Isealdor: going out and doing the "I'm a vampire, I drink blood, what are you going to do about it?" tends not to work overly well
Merticus: @xeurika - We won't know until around 2012. Hopefully "clinical vamp" or "V" in general is left out of the DSM-V.
Marcus_Noir: In my opinion, we all should be worried about the DSM-V
xeurika: From what I've been hearing about DSM-V, literally everyone should be worried about DSM-V.
Lono: I second that xeurika on the DSM-V.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:xeurika: That's true.... There's a lot of disagreements out there I think.
WickedMaraya: I usually ask people what their thoughts on energy manipulation are ... and then go from there.
enraptured1: Agrees with Wicked.
Petit_Mort: Same here WickedMaraya.
xeurika: @Merticus, Indeed it wouldn't help things a bit.
diss: When i've talked with non-involved people about vampirism I’ve usually approached it from a sociological perspective, presenting it as something I’m academically interested in. depending on peoples' reactions, I might then also explain my involvement in the community.
jyu_dragon: I'm a sexual vampire, mind if I eat you seems to work for me.
YoungChild: When I told my best friend, I asked her how she felt around me sometimes, she said "Drained", it was easy to move from there.
* Ciunas removes her "I'm a vamp, ask me how" badge - See how open minded they are towards the idea of energy working generally.
Amikeco: I don't tell other people, I'm not stupid.
Miizturi: Same thing can go for pagans, and therians, and otherkin too. Don't say you think you're non-human. Say things like you believe people can have the spirit of an animal, or have been reincarnated from another species other than human. And for pagans, it helps just to tell people what you believe rather than "I'm a witch" or whatever.
AcrophobicPixie: The way I explained it to mom was that I described it as a disease, like fibromyalgia crossed with diabetes.
Marcus_Noir: It’s all in how you say it...
SophieAnn: Don't forget too, that is possible to be otherkin, pagan, and vampyre.
SophieAnn: And that can be even harder to fit in to one group, though think is getting better.
Gabby: I usually start with my experiences as a kid, then the puberty changes, and move on to what happens if i don't feed in one form or another.
Etheros_Twilight: If you explain anything as a disease, you are implying you want a cure =p
Marcus_Noir: Anyone here even think a mundane is going to understand "I'm a vampire" better than "I need ____ on a regular basis"?
AcrophobicPixie: Marcus - Nope.
Miizturi: SophieAnn: Yes, I'm very well aware :p
Lono: The DSM-V from what I’m hearing is saying anyone who thinks they are psychic is mentally ill.
viola_geek: Erm...this'll sound silly, but what's the DSM?
LordTaka: viola_geek: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders
LordTaka: It's essentialy the huge "These symptoms equate to this disorder" book.
xeurika: Worrying article on DSM-V from Slate http://www.slate.com/id/2223479/pagenum/2
Isealdor: @Marcus they'll understand the stereotype, not the actuality behind it.
Camazotz: If you open with "I'm a vamp"... then don't be surprised at the reaction.
AcrophobicPixie: In my experience, they understand the later statement easier.
YoungChild: Agreeing with Isealdor there.
Sanguinarius: That's why we came up with the word sanguinarian; it doesn't have the baggage that "vampire" does.
Amikeco: Marcus_Noir: No, e.g. for needed blood you can refer to certain African tribes and for needing energy you can go the Southeast Asian path to explain it.
Miizturi: You just have to go where you're most comfortable. I mean, I've read that a lot of faerie-kin don't hang out in otherkin forums, but rather pagan/wiccan sites instead. It really depends.
Typhoeus: I don't see it as a disease.
Typhoeus: What disease do you know that can have you controlling those around you?
Slinky: Psychiatrists know everyone is insane because they know sane is an unattainable ideal.
AsarGangle: Very nicely put @Slinky.
jade_green: It's no more a disease, than having to eat food or breath air.
Amikeco: Typhoeus: managerism? :D
jade_green: Meglamania
AcrophobicPixie: @jade Yes, but it's easier to explain if you look at it as a physical ailment.
ancient_arcane: You just have to prove it to those people that think you're nuts… then they will see themselves as nuts and leave you alone.
* Sanguinarius doesn't think it is a disease, maybe a condition.
Zimmer: Sangi: I agree with you about the condition.
NyteMuse: @Slinky: Yeah, definitely a conspiracy. The more conditions they diagnose you with, the more drugs you'll have to buy *snerk*
Slinky: @Nyte not quite what I was getting at.
NyteMuse: @Slinky: I know, your comment just made my brain go down that road and it looked eerily real for a second there...
Merticus: There needs to be more academic and scholarly interest paid to the vampire community in order to help at least "attempt" to head off momentum towards vampirism as a "mental illness" - or at least help form a basis for discussion with mental health professionals, etc. - a dialogue if you wish.
Camazotz: Or we just keep it out of the public eye Merticus.
Isealdor: @Merticus: Unfortunately, simple fact is that one could easily classify it as a mental illness .
Slinky: @Merticus, how do we accomplish that?
Merticus: That's an option as well, but quite frankly easier said than done. The vampire and vampire community is already out of the coffin.
Merticus: Whole underground vs in plain sight argument and not sure there is clarity on either side.
Vyrdolak: Great short story by Ursula Leguin about the tyranny of "sanity" definitions: "SQ"
Vyrdolak: Anthologized in *The Compass Rose*
Camazotz: But Merticus.. No amount of interest from scholars means anything unless there's scientific proof and understanding of what goes on.
Camazotz: Otherwise all scholars can say is 'I met these folks, they didn't seem insane to me'…
SphynxCatVP: Yea, it's impossible to stuff the vampire community back in the coffin, but individuals who aren't obsesssed with being interviewed can still stay private in real life.
Lono: Reality is just the general consensus of the masses...
Isealdor: Until we're at a point where we can actually say "this is what causes vampirism", it will always be fairly firmly placed either as akin to a religious belief or akin to a mental illness.
Merticus: Not from a scientific basis - no (not until or if ever were to be "proven") - only from a sociolgical or identity-based perspective. I view it as a success not being labeled as “insane” by scholars and the like.
Camazotz: Eastern perspective already understands us.
Miizturi: Isealdor: And it's so hard because there is so much variation within Vampirism, that one 'answer' could work for one type, but not another.
Isealdor: @Miixturi agreed, but there still needs to be some sort of science, either science at a point of being able to understand metaphysical energy, or a biological cause for vampirism found, before it wont fall into one of those two categories.
annahksunamun: @Isealdor why?
Isealdor: @annahksunamun because that's how the academic world functions, primarily.
Marcus_Noir: As I have said before, IF you are going to go around and trumpet the fact that you're a vampire to people who will equate you to Bela Lugosi and Ann Rice, then you had better be ready to deal with the negative feedback...
Merticus: That will never go away. No one should ever expect it to... simply unrealistic while we use the vampire metaphor.
LordTaka: Even if the DSM-V does list vampires and psychics as mental illness though, what difference does it make? Treatment for mental illness is done at the discretion of the individual unless a court deems that they are unable to take care of themselves.
LordTaka: Unless you harm someone, or express the direct will to hurt yourself or another person, you can belive that you are an invisible pink unicorn and there isn't a lick anyone can do about it.
SphynxCatVP: Damn straight :)
diss: Re: scientific proof: I actually don't think that we need to find a specific proof for what vampirism is. What we do need is an understanding that it's a relatively normal condition.
diss: Nobody knows what causes homosexuality, much less transsexuality, yet we are becoming more or less accepted, at least in some places/cultures.
Miizturi: Yep.
WickedMaraya: @Marcus ... I agree.
Miizturi: Indeed.
jade_green: Or at least that most expressions of vampirism are "harmless" to society at large.
ancient_arcane: Well, there's a couple options if we need 'proof' for our own safety, either demonstrate to them energy or turn them into a vampire too... safety in numbers I suppose.
NyteMuse: @Taka I'd expand upon that
NyteMuse: I mean, personally.
NyteMuse: One *should* be capable of functioning in the world at least insofar as being able to care for one's self.
NyteMuse: Job, house, clothes, food, relationships...
Camazotz: @Taka.. Harm is a matter of perspective though.
WickedMaraya: @ancient_arcane ... Turn them into a vampire? How so? :)
Slinky: Turning?
* ancient_arcane is a pink unicorn... *prances*
Sanguinarius: If it's just a metaphor, then there shouldn't be any problem with that, or having to view it as a mental illness. It's a METAPHOR...
Marcus_Noir: diss: There is empirical proof if you're GLT... we have none. All we have is self belief.
Typhoeus: I always do that!
Miizturi: diss: Not entirely. There have been articles released that have said they've found genetic markers for homosexuality. Proving, that at least in part, it is biological.
xeurika: Exactly Marcus
Sanguinarius: It's when we say I AM a vampire, that gets into the mental illness area, meaning literally (though redefined, not the walking dead or supernatural or superhuman).
Sanguinarius: "You think you are a vampire, so you must be crazy".
diss: Marcus, there is absolutely no proof for being transsexual except your self-belief.
diss: Miizturi, all research pointing to a "gay gene" has been shown to be fallacious.
Miizturi: diss: Ah. Yet, animals can be gay... so it has to be, in my mind, something biological.
diss: Miizturi, indeed, we have ample proof that homosexuality exists. but we honestly have no serious scientific theory for the causes of homosexuality.
Merticus: I've often heard the comparison of vampirism to homosexuality - or rather the identity politics of both being similar.
Merticus: The other "truth" of the matter is that *if* a biological or scientific explanation for vampirism were to be found as a hypothetical - we'd cease to be "vampires" and would be classified as something else - and not everyone under the "subcultural umbrella" would be able to neatly fit within that context.
Merticus: Some of us would go off on the "condition" aspect while others would simply be left with a label we ascribe to ourselves. Like it or not many of us individually interpret vampirism differently - justified or not.
Camazotz: I wouldn't like to be discriminated against, but I don't give a damn if folks accept me either... if that makes sense. I am what and who I am.
Miizturi: Merticus: True.
Isealdor: @Merticus agreed, a healthy portion of the community wouldn’t.
xeurika: That is true, and hadn't thought of it that way Merticus.
AcrophobicPixie: If only we had the money to do biological research on real vampires. Then maybe there'd be something found to prove it.
NyteMuse: @Pixie: I don't know if it's the money that's lacking insofar as the equipment.
annahksunamun: @Isealdor I feel that when science tries to explain things, its just brings up more questions and confusion to the matter at hand.
Slinky: I do not see how that is a problem Merticus.
LordTaka: Merticus: But if there is no rational explanation, and particularly if there is no "proof", then you are and will continue to be seen as a psychological condition.
Merticus: Yes, it's a double-edged sword or catch-22 if you will.
NyteMuse: Measuring vitality scientifically is hard.
jade_green: Actually, according to my former psychiatrist any belief that you can have any effect upon the world other than a physical act is considered crazy.
Isealdor: @annahksunamun I was responding to the issue of our classification as having a mental illness, not that it's something that has to/should necessarily be done. Personally, I'd like to see the advancements in science reach such a point that metaphysical energy is understood, but that's not the point.
Slinky: A good healthy portion of the community don't have the condition I call vampirism.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:@Merticus: I've hypothetically said before that it's possible that psychic vampires may not feed on energy that isn't proven. More so, possibly feeding on the static field of electricity around the human body. Which would make us kind of like conductors.
Merticus: @Slinky - If one day the "negatives" of vampirism were gone/alleviated etc. would you choose then to identity as a "vampire" and/or associate with the "vampire community"? In other words are you drawn here in effort to explain who you are physiologically or is there a social component as well?
Slinky: Probably not. Honestly I would probably stay for a while and eventually leave as it’s too hard a community to be a part of and causes too much negatives.
Merticus: Ok, fair enough.
Sanguinarius: You're just talking about psychic matters.
Sanguinarius: Don't forget the sang vampires :P
xeurika: Indeed Sangi, everyone.
sinnamon: It all sounds like a form of natural selection in a way.
ancient_arcane: That gets into the whole 'can vamps be cured' thing... which is a nasty long argument.
* Lono is hungry for a higgs boson particle
Sanguinarius: Cured?
Sanguinarius: Can redheads be cured?
Sanguinarius: Can tall people be cured?
LordTaka: Sanguinarius: If you've got a bottle of hair dye, yes, or for the tall people, a hacksaw.
Sanguinarius: Is it curing that tall people or redheads need? No, because tallness and redheadedness are not diseases.
Sanguinarius: Neither is vampirism.
Slinky: I would take a cure if there was one.
Slinky: I most certianly would take something that made the negatives of this condition gone.
NyteMuse: I do wonder which case would be more difficult to prove: psis feeding on vitality, or sangs feeding on something chemical in the blood.
NyteMuse: Not because one is more valid than the other, it's just that both are lacking equipment.
ancient_arcane: Psis can feed on vitae.
annahksunamun: I see it as a trait people are born with, like blue eyes or blond hair. Well, perhaps not that simply something among those lines.
AcrophobicPixie: Well, if there were a cure to vampirism, they'd come up with a cure for the opposite, right? The creating of too much energy? That'd be nice.
YoungChild: Pixie, wasn't that Ritalin in the 90s?
LordTaka: NyteMuse: From a skeptics perspective, there is slightly more evidence for psis than for sangs.
Isealdor: @Nyte: Psis, because there is no way to even measure that sort of energy yet.
Camazotz: Depends what you believe sangs are feeding on Taka.
NyteMuse: @Taka: How so?
Merticus: Exactly, many sangs would argue a more materialistic basis than psis - it's a circular agument no side will "win" or "settle" with words.
xeurika: I'm inclined to agree with Sangi, in a hypothetical where there was scientific proof I think we'd more likely fall under the "Tall" catagory rather than a pathology.
ancient_arcane: Hey... why can vampires create more energy to feed on than normal unawakened people?
Isealdor: @arcane rephrase that, please?
ancient_arcane: Isealdor: Vampires and awakened are far tastier and more filling energetically than unawakened normals.
Zimmer: Adya and Taka: Those are not cures, they are temporary fixes.
Lono: @Isealdor, they kind of did when they used a trifield meter on Michelle Belanger while she was feeding.
NyteMuse: @Lono: It's not reproducible. Even Michelle isn't positive the trifeld measured energy being passed.
Adya: @Sanguinarius: Yet somehow being short is something needs to be cured. Growth hormone injections are nearly standard for the short of stature.
LordTaka: NyteMuse: There have been studies run on and off using thermal imaging that shows, without direct physical contact, that the area above "feeding" increased in blood flow and heat.
Sanguinarius: Not as long as we... *Sangi shuts up, looks at Slinky*.
Slinky: Why do we have to be the same?
NyteMuse: We tried playing with a trifeld in June at the House Kheperu Open House, not a whole lot of luck.
NyteMuse: Additionally, the trifeld didn't measure her feeding, just passing energy. The FLIR was used to measure feeding, and only showed temperature change.
Sanguinarius: What about a thermal image camera?
NyteMuse: @Taka: In all of the thermal studies I've seen, the vamp feeding held hands near the area being fed from. The closer physical proximity could explain some of that heat transfer.
Camazotz: Why do we have to be different?
* Isealdor is with Cama, there.
YoungChild: Agreed, Cama
Isealdor: @Lono Yep, there are a couple projects underway, but it's not scientifically valid by any stretch of the imagination.
Camazotz: To me the difference is vamp, or not vamp... end of.
Camazotz: Personal peculiarities are just that.
xeurika: This community loves to argue semantics heh
Isealdor: xeurika: what makes the world go 'round ;)
Vyrdolak: I think the fundamental analogy is functional, not behavioral, and that's where the water gets muddied.
Vyrdolak: It's like...only three known species of mammal can't metabolize their own Vitamin C, humans being one of them.
Vyrdolak: I think vamps are more comparable to that than to gays, and certainly than to something totally chosen like being Pagan.
RevDevon: I would comfortaby state though that majority of vamps are at least bi and comfortable with whatever their sexuality is.
AcrophobicPixie: Rev, uh huh... I know quite a few straighter than an arrow vamps.
Sanguinarius: I'm straight.
AcrophobicPixie: I know more straight vamps than I know bi/gay vamps.
enraptured1: I’m straight.
diss: The preliminary results from the VEWRS & AVEWRS show just over 50% of repondents replying as straight.
LordTaka: Actually, there is some evidence that vampirism can be cured through therapy. If you recall the Paper Sang, she was committed to a mental institution and was released without any sang tendencies
* SphynxCatVP spews tea
Camazotz: Is that a "cure" Taka?
NyteMuse: @Taka: How do you know she was cured? How do you know she was a vamp in the first place?
Vyrdolak: I can't claim to have any inside information about Paper Sang.
Vyrdolak: And being "deprogrammed" doth not a "cure" equal.
Sanguinarius: Good point.
Miizturi: And that depends. Some of us feel being pagan wasn't a choice. Having a few beliefs since a young age that haven't changed, and paved the foundation to the outcome belief system you have in the present…
xeurika: I think part of gets lost with getting hard data is the possibility that it could be used to find ways of more effectively managing the drawbacks associated with the condition and possible enhancing the benefits.
Gabby: Does anyone know liks to actually online info for studies that have been done on the difference of vamps in their auras, vs, otherkin, or mundanes?
WickedMaraya: @Gabby ... As far as I know, there haven't been studies done like that. I know that Merticus and the AVA did the survey, but the auras and such haven't been studied (that I am aware of).
Gabby: I would totally love to be involved with studies on Kin, vamps, and auras.
Isealdor: @Taka: That assumes that she was actually a vampire initially, not simply one of the many people pulled into the community who finds a place to "fit in" here
LordTaka: NyteMuse: How do we know any of us are vampires in the first place? How do any of us know that energy work is anything other than our minds, a psychological effect we create for ourselves and share with others by way of preying on their expectations?
ancient_arcane: Taka: WingedWolf did studies and found some 'cure' for sangs.
Sanguinarius: ancient_arcane That "cure" was debunked by electricians.
ancient_arcane: Sangi: Was simply pointing him her way if he wants to research what she found.
Sanguinarius: I take psych pills and I'm just as vampy with them as I am without them (Just as crazy too!)
Sanguinarius: For depression and mood.
annahksunamun: @Sanguinarius maybe you dont really need them.
Kyuubi_No_Kitsune:<- Lithium and Ritalin
Slinky: @Merticus: If it was not for the VCMB I would leave now as it becomes clearer and clearer that sangs are not going to get answers from the community.
xeurika: To what questions Slinky, not to challenge but I'm interested in the perception?
Lono: What answers are you looking for Slinky?
Camazotz: @slinky - What do you mean by "answers from the community"?
Isealdor: @Gabby a few that are close, have been done more on the paranormal field side
jade_green: @Slinky, I'm not a sang, I have no answers.
Merticus: Those answers would lie from outside study of the community rather than anecdotal discussions and comparisons from within the community.
xeurika: Agreed Merticus
Slinky: Yes, they do lie outside the community.
SphynxCatVP: Many of the health issues cited in the VEWRS and AVEWRS surveys CAN BE alleviated or eliminated with therapeutic nutrition :P
WickedMaraya: @Sphynxcat ... That's true too.
Merticus: @Sphynx - Yes, many of them can.
Merticus: For those not familiar with VEWRS/AVEWRS: http://www.suscitatio.com/analysis.html
NyteMuse: Here's a question: How many supposed "cures" have been successfully replicated by multiple parties?
Marcus_Noir: Slinky: Then I guess your answers must lie elsewhere.
Slinky: But it is the power in numbers I was hoping the community to lend to research of the condition I refer to as sanguinarian.
Slinky: Yes I know.
Slinky: The community only seems to have the ability to find answers for energy vamps.
SphynxCatVP: If you can elminate most of the more serious problems with nutritional therapy as opposed to whining about it then you'll be a step closer to being able to live with it in relative comfort.
Lono: 2000 mg of vitamin C again sphynx?
AcrophobicPixie: If you're in the military, Water cures all. Got a cold? Drink water. Cramping from chocolate week? Drink water. Horny? Drink water...
Loxfin: hehe yea they do think water is a cure all lol
jade_green: I propose that the causes for vampirism are as individual as the stars, thus every cure would be different for each person. I hope I'm wrong.
Marcus_Noir: I disagree.
LordTaka: NyteMuse: How many members of the vampire community are willing enough to be validated to put up the money, time, and participants to give evidence towards becoming accepted in society?
NyteMuse: @Taka: Unless people aren't willing to put their money where their mouth is (in the sense of claiming they would online), it would seem a fair number. Not a majority, but I've seen claims online from probably 50-100 people.
Isealdor: @NyteMuse not many that I've seen, and personal opinion would be that none were done with people who actually were vampires to begin with, as per my personal definition of vampirism. I've seen it happen with people who absorb energy for various reasons (illnesses, chakra damage, etc).
Merticus: All we have at this point (in part) are patterns that need expanded and studied in a controlled setting.
jade_green: If it could be cured.
jade_green: If it was a disease.
ancient_arcane: Anyone have any issue with me selling vampirism?
Miizturi: Selling how, ancient_arcane?
Sanguinarius: Selling vampirism?
Slinky: I have an issue with the selling of vampirism.
Lono: How do you sell vampirism?
Guest1: Selling? How?
WickedMaraya: @ancient_arcane... Others are doing it, so maybe you should get in on the action too :)
WickedMaraya: @Lono ... Buy this book and you are a vampire. Or drink this vial of blood (which is really clamato juice) and you will become a vampire.
ancient_arcane: Selling the overlay.
ancient_arcane: "Psst hey buddy, wanna be a vampire? Just pay me $50 and I'll make you into one".
xeurika: I'm with you Slinky but we have to find a away to fund that kind of research the kind of testing it would require wouldn't be cheap.
Guest1: But is vampyrism truly an illness?
Slinky: I believe they were talking of psychic overlay.
Miizturi: Ohh.Energetic overlays?
Miizturi: Isn't the overlay system a temporary anyways?
Miizturi: Unless one's system 'takes' to it.
Sanguinarius: If you can really turn someone into a vampire, then sell it. But if you can't that's called fraud.
Slinky: @Sangi No we will have the mess to contend with as we try to support them.
NyteMuse: @arcane: I don't think it's terribly wise, and isn't something I'd ever do, but *shrug* I don't dictate others' behavior.
Isealdor: @arcane My big thing with all of the overlays and what not is that that really isnt vampirism. It may make someone have vampiric tendencies, but I personally dont consider it actually vampirism
ColeVonCat: Someone was selling a "summon a vampire" spell on MySpace once.
WickedMaraya: @Sangi- That's true. But again, it lies in the proof. For example ... I bite you and "turn" you into a vampire. It becomes your word against mine as to whether or not you are really a vampire. It's stupid, really, but there are people gullible enough out there to do that and to fall for it.
* Isealdor sees the "selling vampirism" to be pointless, since he doesn’t believe vampirism can be caused/sold.
* Petit_Mort agrees with Isealdor
ancient_arcane: Actually I think selling vampirism would be a terrible idea.
Marcus_Noir: The funny thing is that as much as most want to bash Gotham, we don't have such issues as arguing between sang and psi...
xeurika: Also from a pure research point of view, we need to have data drive conclusions, not try to find data to support a hypothesis we may already have.
Isealdor: @Marcus my experience is that the vast majority of the community doesnt still... just a few isolated individuals and pockets.
AcrophobicPixie: Until my house dissolved, I had no clue there was animosity between sangs and psis.
Camazotz: Pixie... there isn't :)
AcrophobicPixie: They all got along in our little house.
Gabby: @Marcus, Philadelphia hasn't really ever had issues/that argument either, far as I know.
Ravena: I'm not convinced a lot of self identifying vampires would like the results of such research.
Slinky: @ravena I am sure most won’t, just as the balk at a definition that may not include anyone who wants to be a vamp.
Merticus: @Ravena - I am quite certain (or should I say strongly inclined to agree) that a finality of definition or what constitutes sanguinarian/psychic vampirism is going to be distasteful to some because it's going to imply exclusion of others.
AcrophobicPixie: Cama, could have fooled me with all the bickering that goes on between some :P
Marcus_Noir: @Gabby: I'm not surprised actually
Camazotz: That's the thing Pixie, it's just some folks... not a general trend.
jade_green: I think that bickering is more a personal thing.
AcrophobicPixie: "I'm a vamp, and you're not." "No, I'm the vamp!"
AcrophobicPixie: It just makes me giggle, until people take it too seriously.
RevDevon: Having spent years trying to keep peace between houses... it just got so out of hand it’s what sent me into semi-retirement from the OVC.
Loxfin: As my house is more of a family we have better things to fight over then sang or psi... more like who sleeps on the blowup beds in the hotel when we go to events.
Slinky: @Isealdor oh but come now anything is vampirism anymore everything anyone wants to be is vampirism all you have to do is use the label.
Isealdor: @Slinky that's my point... my personal definition of vampirism isn’t the happy, all-inclusive one.
xeurika: There is a certain trap I think slinky where a refined definition that would exclude many would give those who wish to pretend a better back story and would not be any benefit.
* ancient_arcane ... What's the VVC’s definition of Vampire, and what's everyone's thoughts to it?
Ravena: I stay away from the definition
Sovereignx: Arcane, we have a FAQ page.
Isealdor: @ancient_arcane there isn’t completely a solidified definition. The closest is what's in the FAQ on the site.
Isealdor: The public site for the VVC is at http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html
Merticus: We've hashed out the definition discussion until there is honestly nothing "new" to be said. Let's try to find "fresh" topics to discuss.
Slinky: @xeurika So we should make it so broad they all fit by definition? I don't think so how about we stop making it a fun accepting joy club where everyone gets to be cool instead?
Slinky: Maybe get serious with it.
Ravena: Except for the very general "someone who needs blood and/or energy to feel healthy" other than that I tend to avoid the debates.
Slinky: @Iseador since when? I spent years with the founders of many communities coming up and agreeing on the one we use at my forums. So there has been one for some time to me.
xeurika: I'm not saying I disagree with you at all Slinky, but more that it would have to be well thought out and executed for it to be effective.
NyteMuse: @arcane: Sort of. It wasn't really possible to get everyone in the VVC to agree on a single one, and we didn't really want to, so we each posted our own thoughts on what vampirism is
Isealdor: @Slinky not getting into this discussion here, I'd be happy to discuss it in PM.
Isealdor: The definition thing has been hashed and rehashed, no need to get back into it :)
Slinky: I don't consider the VVC to be the authority and neither does VVC so if they do not agree perhaps that’s because they do not fit and do not belong?
Isealdor: @Slinky no one has said that it is.
Merticus: We never could agree on a universal definition so we posted our own interpretations here: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/memberdirectory.html
xeurika: The VVC doesn't claim to be the authority or an authority.
Slinky: So why look to them to be the authority on the definition?
Camazotz: Slinky - you think VVC should all have just one mind?
Lono: I dont define vamprism on my site... I define psychic vampirism...which to me is more specific and an area I feel more comfortable defining from my own experience.
Merticus: Everyone is welcome to have their own views on vampirism - FINIS.
Merticus: b. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic you’d like to bring up for discussion is welcome.
amber_psionic: I just realized that Sylvere is not here.....Isn't it this weekend that she is getting married?
Sanguinarius: I think so.
Xylia: Yes, she got married yesterday.
Camazotz: She's on her honeymoon.
ColeVonCat: I am not opposed to a definition of vampirism, if we could ever come up with an empirical and objective test for it.
Isealdor: Wedding was yesterday, she's on the honeymoon.
Guest1: I wish there was a House near me....jsut to get to know a few sangs & psi & hybrids.
Guest1: OK, anyone know of a House near the Black Hills of South Dakota?
YoungChild: There isn't a lot up here, I'm in North Dakota.
YoungChild: South Dakota isn't much different.
YoungChild: Except for Buffalo....=P
RevDevon: Anyone else in Northern New York or close?
Gabby: is anyone located nearby PA via multi methods of travel, who would be willing to rep kin/otherkin at a pagan festival who is open to variety?
AcrophobicPixie: Gabby - where in PA?
* Adya used to be in morrisville NY
Gabby: Well i've been told the festival is in Reading, PA
sinnamon: Is it true that when you start feeding from a donor you develop some kind of strong bond with them because you are taking their blood?
Gabby: @sinnamon, it's been true for me.
Sanguinarius: Sinnamon, sometimes it can happen.
jade_green: The strong bond forms with energy too.
* amber_psionic hasn't investigated whether there are Houses in Toronto or not.....I used to belong to a small group with my ex husband...but that got awkward after the divorce.
AcrophobicPixie: Too far. if it were closer to PGH I'd go.
viola_geek: Reading, PA?
Miizturi: Woo. Speaking of houses near by... Anyone know of any communities, clans, houses, etc in, near, or around the Chicago- land area? Even Otherkin would be better than nothing.. And hell knows I've joined meetup.com and those people are just.. eh...
Merticus: <- Atlanta, GA. Everyone feel free to indicate location if you came in late.
Camazotz: UK/USA... that's all you get.
Ravena: I think there's at least a few Houses who have taken in others to help them out in a bad situation.
AsarGangle: <- Tampa, FL
AhramDurga: I am from Rockford, IL
Gabby: <- Delaware, closer to Philadelphia, PA
Miizturi: I've almost considered joining one of the international houses online just to get some insight of any connections in my area...
jade_green: Houston, TX
YoungChild: Southwestern, North Dakota
Sanguinarius: <- Near Tucson, AZ
AcrophobicPixie: <- Western PA
Xylia: <- France, Atlanta, GA
Loxfin: Anyone in chat from North or South Carolina?
sinnamon: St. Louis, MO - it seems like there are no vamps in stl.
Gabby: I used to live in Charlotte, NC.
enraptured1: Not many in Kansas City, MO either.
Ravena: There is, used to be one around but I haven't seen her around in ages.
ancient_arcane: Everyone: Do you all get a "high" when feeding?
Miizturi: St. Louis After Dark isn't still around? Merticus> SLAD is no longer active. Sapphire closed the site.
Sanguinarius: High is such a brutal word...
ancient_arcane: I know I get a high from it.
Guest1: High, yes
AhramDurga: There is a feeling when feeding is taking place.
jade_green: No, sometimes it helps me sleep.
Ravena: Arcane, non applicable in my case ;)
* amber_psionic thinks it would be nice to have a meet up of everyone in here in 1 location.....and is willing to supply the hall and refreshments.
Adya: Is there anything in Kansas City?
Sanguinarius: Yes there is.
Sanguinarius: Sylvere has that meetup in KC.
ancient_arcane: Anyone else on the feeding question?
Gabby:I get a serious physical high in the way of rosiness, and flushing, also like being on speed, moreso when feeding sang.
Isealdor: @Adya Yes, there is a very active meetup group there, Gathering Dusk.
Isealdor: @Adya http://www.meetup.com/gatheringdusk/
Guest2: Anything in Miami?
Petit_Mort: <- Madison, Wisconsin
annahksunamun: Is there a house near New Paltz, NY?
Ravena: I'm sure there are plenty of houses in NY.
oomps: Not in western NY.
* NyteMuse is not familiar with NY geography.
oomps: It’s all downstate near NYC
AhramDurga: It is sad there is no houses that I know of in Rockford.
NyteMuse: Whereabouts is Albany considered?
xeurika: Who's house....Run's house....
Adya: Albany is upstate.
oomps: Downstate, near NYC
Ravena: Well, they aren't like coffee shops, one on every corner.
Ravena: But in most cases you can find one at least in your region.
Miizturi: None in/around Chicago, huh? You'd think in such a big city you would...
Adya: NY is in 4 pieces - Upstate, NYC, Long island, WAY upstate. ;)
* amber_psionic doesn't think Toronto has a House any longer.
Merticus: If anyone operates a House, group, web site, etc. list the link in the chat along with the geographic area served (if applicable).
SphynxCatVP: My site: http://sphynxcatvp.nocturna.org/ - no geographic area other than cyberspace :)
Merticus: Atlanta Vampire Alliance (House AVA) - http://www.atlantavampirealliance.com (Atlanta, GA +- 75 mile radius)
Loxfin: North and South Carolina / meetups out of Charlotte, NC / House site being re-vamped @ http://www.houseobsidian.com
NyteMuse: @Miizturi: Amusingly enough, larger more tolerant cities don't contribute to formal groups being started.
* jyu_dragon knows there is no house in East Anglia
Sanguinarius: Have you visited Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page lately? It's at http://www.sanguinarius.org/ I'm always updating it and adding new material.
Ravena: There are still vamps in Toronto though.
ancient_arcane: HoA is open to anyone that wants to visit us online. http://www.houseofancients.com , #houseofancients (we teach energy working, ranged feeding, etc)
Isealdor: @NyteMuse I wonder if some of that is because there isn’t as much "need" felt for it, because the area is more tolerant.
AhramDurga: I myself is UVAONI.ning.com
Merticus: House Konatus is in upstate NY - http://www.konatus.com
NyteMuse: Back to the NY thing, I know a House in Albany-ish, I think
NyteMuse: @Isealdor: Generally
Miizturi: NyteMuse: Hm. Wonder why that is? People just comfy with going to clubs or something?
Slinky: @miizturi It’s because in general its not a big deal.
AsarGangle: http://www.myspace.com/thevampiregathering - Tampa, FL
oomps: There are tons of houses over there in eastern new york state
NyteMuse: Not so much a NEED to band together because they don't feel so isolated away from the community.
oomps: But Western New York is 8-10 hours away.
Camazotz: Or they like being solitary.
NyteMuse: K, wasn't sure if I saw someone ask about upstate.
RevDevon: I'm wayyyy Upstate NY
ancient_arcane: I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
viola_geek: RevDevon, how way upstate? I'm in Rochester, NY.
RevDevon: I used to be in Rochester near Watertown now.
Adya: If anyone is looking for a horse upstate NY, I’m looking to free lease out my Egyptian Arabian.
oomps: I consider Upstate, Western New York and Downstate, NYC.
Ravena: So just neighbouring states that are closer in terms of drive time.
Ravena: But I mean just because a House is near you, doesn't necessarly mean you should want to join it.
Ravena: Lots of other stuff to think about.
* NyteMuse heartily AMENS Ravena
Adya: @ravena TRUE THAT
SphynxCatVP: Any of you contemplating joining a House or other group, read this: http://sphynxcatvp.nocturna.org/faq/social-houses.html
NyteMuse: http://www.houserosa.org/ Reno, NV, with chapter in Bay Area CA, and opening to distance members
xeurika: Yeah, I would always check out any group before joining up or attending.
Merticus: Link Directory To Many Groups/Houses/Sites, etc.: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/resourcelinks.html
AhramDurga: In Rockford it is hard to bring the people our kind together
Gabby: <- Has found that overall, Delaware is a solitary state, as is Eastern PA.
oomps: I’m in Buffalo, NY
Sanguinarius: Have you noticed it's always "upstate NY".but never, say, "upstate Missouri" or "Upstate Arizona"
Merticus: Aside from topics... does anyone here have any specific questions about the vampire community, vampirism, or anything along those lines? Questions you haven't found answers to elsewhere or in FAQs?
diss: Random question: Who here is a donor or vamp who also donates at least sometimes?
* Camazotz is vamp who donors sometimes.
NyteMuse: <- Vamp who also donates.
Merticus: Any other donors in the chat?
Gabby: Used to donor.
Gabby: Not so often anymore.
YoungChild: I used to donate as well.
AhramDurga: Here’s a question why do we have to always be considered evil?
Isealdor: @Ahram We're not.
AhramDurga: This I know but to other they look at us as this.
cynsanity: @Ahram stereotypical vampires of fiction, myths and folklore might be considered "evil", but we are not necessarily perceived as such by others.
Petit_Mort: Good and evil is relative to ones own moral code.
YoungChild: Agreed, Petit_Mort
cynsanity: Exactly *nods to Petit_Mort*
AhramDurga: I had to explain that to some people here in the pagan community.
Gabby: Is anyone else currently going through an unexplained, as of yet, period, where 'thirst' to feed is receeding and you are just kinda of in stasis?
jade_green: @Gabby, Nope.
SphynxCatVP: Gabby - I've heard that happens in times of high stress.
NyteMuse: @Gabby Somewhat, yes.
Gabby: LOL, well then the past 2 years have been ALL stress.
viola_geek: Gabby, kind of, I guess I'd call it that.
SphynxCatVP: I have experienced that myself in times of high stress, so I know it's plausible, even if it may not be common.
YoungChild: Gabby, I've never felt a "thirst" to feed, so I can't say.
Gabby: @Adya, et al, she was from Nola, and liked blood.
sinnamon: Does anyone have any suggests about getting enough sleep for a person who has to be awake during the day besides taking naps and pills. Pills never work for me.
Slinky: Dont take naps.
Slinky: Naps kill your ability to sleep when you need too.
Ravena: I can agree with that too Isealdor
cynsanity: @sinnamon: Meditation helps some people, and you might try herbal teas or stuff like that if you believe in them. What pills did you take?
Slinky: A routine. No TV or screens of any kind for 2 hours before sleep.
Ravena: Right, and reset your schedule to a day schedule.
sinnamon: That's the problem I can't find a good routine.
Gabby: Since my body is rebelling against my sleep schedule, I am not good for advice.
Isealdor: Question: What would/do people consider before joining a group/house/organization? What are important factors to you in having a group?
YoungChild: Sanity, Isealdor?
cynsanity: I guess 'sanity' would be me... yepp, YoungChild?
Isealdor: @YoungChild that'd be a big one for me, yes ;)
YoungChild: I'm not sure, people you know, the amount of information and support they could provide. Drama, etc.
Ravena: Isealdor, I think that first and foremost you should not be required to be anyone but who you are.
AsarGangle: @Isealdor organization - I like the fact that there are less rules and politics.
diss: Personally I don't think I'd join a house or other group. If I found myself living somewhere where a house existed, I might associate with them in an informal manner for socializing, but that's about the extent.
Isealdor: With groups, I'd personally also push for a high degree of confidentiality kept, and a group that's fairly stable and active with things that are both helpful for self-exploration and growth and usefull projects for at least parts of community.
Merticus: I'd look for groups that don't accept minors, run background checks, are established with a clear purpose or goal in mind, not bogged down with hierarchy, and otherwise pro-active rather than prone to drama or infighting (the best I could gauge at least).
Isealdor: @Merticus What are you defining as a background check? Just past behavior in/around the community and personally, or an actual background check.
Merticus: Actual background check.
Ravena: Yes, so like it's best they don't find out you have bodies in the freezer.
AsarGangle: I agree the not allowing minors is a good thing.
YoungChild: Eh, but that is an issue, Merticus, alot of minors have "issues" with vampirism.
Lono: I agree with Asar on that as well
Merticus: But past behavior and community involvement as well.
* oomps agrees with Youngchild.
Merticus: Yes, many minors do - and likewise many minors don't belong in the company of influential adults in an offline setting.
cynsanity: I would check out the backgrounds of the people of the group I'd consider to join...
YoungChild: Good point, what would you suggest they do then?
Ravena: Well, these people would be around your family and your children.
Ravena: A background check is reasonable.
cynsanity: Especially not in offline settings in which things can easily be misconstrued by, say, concerned parents.
Merticus: Seek online and or offline printed resources of direct telephone/e-mail/etc. correspondence (online if a different matter).
Merticus: I just know we attend mostly 21+ venues here that would not be ideal or appropriate for minors - hence we have a forum and other resources for such.
* YoungChild nods
Gabby: <- Wishes there was a better online and offline way to help minors going thru awakening.
Isealdor: @Gabby there's a never-ending need for people with their heads on straight to just answer questions and such in the OVC.
Ravena: It's tricky because parents aren't going to see actions as helpful
diss: If i may open a new old subject, why are so few donors actively involved in the community?
Merticus: Do you have any theories as to why donors aren't more active Diss?
diss: See, I’m a donor. Today I think there were just Pixie and me who are pure donors, and a few vamps who also donate sometimes.
YoungChild: That is my point, diss, if you are going to donate, wouldn't you want to know what you're sort of involved in? Personally, I don't like being left in the dark when it comes to my activities.
Sanguinarius: The way they are recieved and viewed/treated in the community.
Sanguinarius: A lot of times they are looked down on or mistreated so they leave, or a potential donor hears of one who's had a bad experience so they don't pursue it further.
Sanguinarius: Or they feel they are not vampires so don't belong.
Isealdor: @diss I think a number don’t feel like they really "fit in"....people tend to find the community looking for things about vampires, about vampirism, etc. The donors are sort of the "forgotten" half that arent talked about much because everything is geared and directed toward the vampires.
diss: YoungChild, that doesn't explain why so few are involved.
YoungChild: I know, it puzzles me as well, but I think I agree with Isealdor and Cama, they don't feel they belong.
Ravena: Some may want the whole experience but don't want to go through all the necessary testing etc as it takes out the whole "thrill" or tones down the "romantic" aspect ie wow cool a vampire is drinking my blood.
ThaOracle: Are donors the subject that we're talking about?
SphynxCatVP: I think so :)
diss: I've been wondering, in particular for the vamps here who are well-known (i.e. members of the VVC or similar), do you do anything to get your donors involved in the community?
Isealdor: @Sangi I dont typically see most donors mistreated just as being a donor; most donors I know are fairly good at standing up for themselves.
Sanguinarius: If I had any donors I'd encourage them to be involved, yes
Isealdor: @diss I send them to Pixie ;) Isealdor> And then they end up making their own blogs and things...
SphynxCatVP: My donor is my hubby and he's quite content to let me handle all the online nutters *grins mischeviously*
Sanguinarius: That's good, better than used to be.
Ravena: They may be turned off by some groups or persons referring to them as food or the vampires acting superior solely based on their vampirism.
ThaOracle: I personally feel as though that dealing with donors should be on a personal basis.
Camazotz: I've never had a donor who wasn't already community involved who wanted to be.
Camazotz: But then, most vamps here aren't online involved either.
cynsanity: I tried to involve my long-term donors, but they see it as a personal favour to me (donating) and are not interested in the community.
Gabby: My old donor who was Otherkin was an active membet in our Shadowlore community.
Gabby: My hubby, who is vamp, was active in the Tampa community.
Gabby: He is my most current donor... and I've been talking with him about broaching the possibility that after a while we are so synch'd that we cancel; each other out and need a new donor.
diss: Thanks for all the replies.
Ravena: Being a non vamp in the community I at one point was open to donoring - but I'd be pretty fussy on whom I'd donor to.
Ravena: Now it's N/A as I'm married and I think the whole act would be far too intimate.
* Miizturi hearts her donor
Gabby: Nothing wrong with being fussy Ravena
* codec1 loves his
YoungChild: My fiance is my donor and I asked him to join vampires.nu once I found out what I was, he didn't stick around long, but he learned more about what I do when he donates.
diss: I was wondering, if somebody were to be doing research (anthropological or sociological) on donors, would you generally be willing to pass on contact information to your non-involved donors (for the sake of e.g. doing an interview/responding to a questionnaire?)
Isealdor: @YoungChild that's one of the things I like to see, though...active promotion of education for donors, too--they need to know things as much as vampires do, for their own safety.
codec1: You would think... since I live by the "gate way to USA" there would be ONE donor in my area.
YoungChild: Of course Isealdor, like I said, I like to know what I'm getting into, they should at least have the basics.
cynsanity: @diss Yepp, definitely.
Merticus: @diss - Yes, as long as it wouldn't violate their privacy and they consented. Would follow or require general IRB standards.
Isealdor: @diss you also have to consider that a lot of vampires dont have specific donors...people often feed elementally, or from groups of people (ambient energy), etc.
YoungChild: Malls ftw
* Sanguinarius wishes she could feed at the mall... :>
cynsanity: Well, if you're an energy feeder... *sighs*
Gabby: Shoot I wish I was lucky enough to have a permanent sang donor.
* codec1 does as well....
Sanguinarius: Me too.
Zimmer: Sangi: Bunch of malls rats can't be that tasty, go to a concert instead.
diss: I was at a critical mass event the other day, any psi-vamps would have been able to gorge themselves.
Sanguinarius: Zimmer, I'm ...not talking about psi feeding :P
Zimmer: Sangi: I know, I'm just being funny.
codec1: Well... How can we get out to more people for more donors?
codec1: Is it possible that there are donors? But houses/covens are taking them all?
diss: Okay, other question, still about donors: what do you vamps want to know about us?
Gwenyn: I don't think they are taking them all.
jyu_dragon: I’ve never had a problem finding donors.
Camazotz: Diss... I don't generalize donors any more than I would vamps.
Petit_Mort: I think in some cases donors are just as likely to hide in the community as vamps for many of the same reasons
SphynxCatVP: Actually, I have a donor question in general... what are good things for donors to know when thinking about donating to a vamp?
Isealdor: @codec1 people typically find their own donors, I dont think it has anything to do with Houses/Covens.
codec1: True, just wanted to ask :P
Zimmer: diss: I have people offer to be my donor all the time, problem is, I don't meet my own standards for taking a donor.
Merticus: Yes, only a few Houses or groups use donor matching services (or the equivalent), etc.
Amikeco: I sometimes wonder why donors even want to donate - I've already read quite a few responses to threads on this topic, though, but still.
* cynsanity agrees with Ami
* codec1 wants to know the same Ami
YoungChild: My fiance does because I feed tantrically, I don't think he wants me sleeping with other guys ;)
diss: To specify, i'm thinking of doing a research project. Quite academic in nature; because I’m annoyed at all the publications about vamps, but not about donors.
Petit_Mort: For some donors they find donating energy or blood to feel really good and can sometimes be addictive, but thats not always the case.
codc: Diss, I think people look at it as us, taking it outselfs from then, like... how the movies go?
Gabby: My donor used to like the lull she went into when I fed, found is relaxing and comforting.
Zimmer: I had one guy not only offer to be my donor, but to be my pet. :-/
YoungChild: O_o odd.
codc: Your pet?
Archeron: I think I heard about that Zimmer.
Zimmer: I was like, dude I'm not taking on donors right now, and I don't want a pet.
Miizturi: Yay for pets :p
* codc blinks at the thought of someone asking to be there pet.
* cynsanity blinks at the thought of someone not taking on new donors
YoungChild: Maybe if they swept my floors I'd consider it.
Gabby: I've had a few pets before, ;) and one was a furry therian kind.
Zimmer: codc: It was some weird ass personal mythology thing. Asian demon fox.
Miizturi: Kitsune are almost like faeries, I've noticed from their lore..only they're in fox form.. and sometimes serve a deity.
Gabby: @Zimmer, Kitsune doesn't exclusively mean daemon.
codc: Ah that would explain a lot then.
Gabby: But then, Sangi would agree, he wanted to be a pet.
Zimmer: cynsanity: I don't have any donors, I don't meet my own requirements.
Zimmer: Gabby: This guy claimed kitsune.
diss: Zimmer, what kind of requirements do you have for yourself?
Zimmer: Diss: Well, for myself, I want to be a registered plebotomist, I don't want people cutting themselves.
Isealdor: @Everyone, @diss, etc... What do you see as the primary motivation for donors to donate, particularly when one doesn’t have an established relationship/friendship with a person who happens to be a vampire to start with?
codc: I basically see it as a want to help another in pain, look at war, people die while trying to help another.
Zimmer: Isealdor: They like to help people in need.
YoungChild: Or they're seasoned donors and know what to expect.
Archeron: Or they are drawn to people who need them.
cynsanity: If they're not doing it out of friendship, they're getting something out of it. Those who do it for friendship want to help someone they know and like/love to not be in pain.
Petit_Mort: Well as I stated earlier, most donors I know do it because it makes them feel good to donate and they are sometimes addicted to donating to others.
Isealdor: @cyn exactly... why being a donor? And what do people feel donors (excluding ones in a friendship, etc) get out of it?
YoungChild: Do some donors get paid for what they do?
Isealdor: There are a million and one things people can do to "help people who have a need"...what draws them to their specific choice of being a donor?
Zimmer: Isealdor: I know some donors who look at it the same way as giving blood or plasma. They want to give back to people in general, to people who need it.
Isealdor: @YoungChild that would kind of disturb me.
codc: Young, some want sex afterwared as a pay back? (at least the ones I’ve met; and no I didnt take it)
cynsanity: My first long-term donor got a kick out of it.
NyteMuse: @YoungChild: How do you mean "paid"? Specifically with money or just compensation of some sort?
YoungChild: NyteMuse, compensated any way.
NyteMuse: I don't know anyone who gets monetary recompense, but one of my donors (sort of the main one at this point) gets relief from a chronic pain whenever I work on him.
NyteMuse: Which helps him sleep better.
Camazotz: A friend who sees that someone has a need and decides to help them as a result of their friendship I can understand. I can also understand if that person then goes out to actively seek others to donate to if the first situation ends. But, for someone who doesn't know any vamps to begin with, why decide to be a donor?
YoungChild: That’s why I asked Isealdor, it would weird me out a bit, like prostitution in a way.
Zimmer: I've run into people like that, they expect some kind of "payment" in return.
diss: I find it hard to say why I got into donating; I've known that I would like to donate long before I knew about real vampires.
diss: As far as i can see it's just part of my make-up.
codc: Zimmer, yep.
Archeron: I never agreed with that practice, myself.
codc: Diss, it’s like blood donors for the Red Cross.
Zimmer: codc: I've run into it in other communities to. Not just the vampire ones.
codc: Zimmer, yea I know, I’ve seen it in some BDSM, vampiric and pagan ones. (don’t ask about the pagan one)
codc: Zimmer, yea. Mine was in the energy worker community.
Zimmer: codc: My first experiance with something like that was in the pagan community.
jyu_dragon: Only payment any donor of mine gets is a taxi fare home.
Isealdor: @diss Can you explain knowing you wanted to donate before you knew about real vampires?
Camazotz: @diss.. If you didn't know about real vampires, how did you know?
Archeron: I think if you want to help, no matter what you do to help, if a payment will coe, it will be what you need when you need it.
YoungChild: diss, You donated blood before you donated to vampires?
diss: No, I never donated blood, I believed they wouldn't take it because of my medical past (which turned out to be incorrect), and then more recently (once I knew about real vampires) I've preferred to keep my blood for my vamp.
diss: As to how I knew; I've got to admit to vampire literature playing a huge role in it, in the sense that it made me realise that was something I wanted to do.
diss: But I think it was mostly that it resonated with ideas already in my mind.
Camazotz: And you decided to stick with it when you realised it was nothing like the literature?
cynsanity: What kind of "vampire literature"?!
diss: Don't laugh, Anne Rice. In my defense, I was 13 or 14.
Rath: People who slept in coffins, drank blood out of necks and turn into a bat made you realise this is what you wanted?
codc: What book diss?
nightchild: I think everyone loves Anne Rice.
cynsanity: I don't, nightchild.
Zimmer: Nightchild: I don't. She annoys me.
diss: The Interview With A Vampire trilogy. It doesn't really matter.
Zimmer: Matter of fact, I threw Interview across my bedroom only half read.
Amikeco: diss: *hehe* Though the only Anne Rice book I've read was some detective story... without any supernatural stuff involved ;)
Sanguinarius: Hey, if it makes 'em want to donate, don't knock 'em.
Rath: Anne Rice is better than Stephenie Meyer.
nightchild: Interview With A Vampire - that’s the only book I got of Anne Rice - others rented.
diss: And yes, having experienced donating, and knowing how different it is to the stories/books, I'm still convinced that it's the right thing for me.
Amikeco: diss: So you dreamt of being the beauty who gets sucked on? I mean as young teenager :D
Isealdor: @diss How do you think your perception coming in from the fictional side of things is different than someone who, say, has a friend who explains that they're a vampire and they offer to become a donor for them out of friendship?
Isealdor: Do you think it made you want to donate more, less, etc?
diss: @isealdor, that's actually a question i want to explore, how it's different for a self-motivated donor and for a "recruited" donor
Sanguinarius: Black Swan Haven, a haven and community for donors, is at http://www.blackswanhaven.org/ *
cynsanity:How do you define a "recruited" donor, diss?
codc: diss, I think a recruted donor doesn't really want it but offers anyway, and at a time, they just stop doing it after so mich, a self donor, knows what to want and keeps at it.
Merticus: @Diss or other donors - any uncomfortable emotional attachments to your vampire or vice versa really - vampire to donor?
diss: @Merticus, i can't really answer that question as i'm very emotionally attached to my vamp anyway.
Camazotz: @Merticus.. Not for me, but I don't know if you're asking folks who're vamp AND donor.
Merticus: Any of the above - both.
Rath: Well from what I've seen those who want to give blood are a bit different, its more or less makes it more of a fantasy.
Sanguinarius: Got that bond thing goin' on.
Amikeco: codc: sorry, I’m not sure I understand this; you mean a recruited donor sees donating as a regular job which needs to be done?
diss: "recruited" as in, was brought to the question by a vamp, instead of finding to vampirism by themselves.
cynsanity: Blood bonds and obsessive donors. I have bad experiences with emotionally draining, clingy donors.
Camazotz: Only time I had an issue of emotional attachment was because there was a personal relationship there as well, wasn't anything to do with the donoring.
codc: Amikeco, no, basically a recruiting donor does it out of curiosity, then after so much loses interest then stops after so long.
YoungChild: lmao, I just asked my fiance why he decided to be my donor and the response I get is: "Why the hell does that matter? I don't care."
cynsanity: @diss Okay, thanks, that's what I thought :)
DoniGrey: Well then are we not venturing into where's the line between blood fetish/and sanguine drinking.
Sanguinarius: There is no line, it's a ten lane highway.
codc: Amikeco, yes... I’ve had those.... sad and hard to break the bond.
diss: I must admit I worry about becoming the obsessive clingy donor...
cynsanity: I absolutely have to agree with Sangi.
codc: diss, Don’t worrie about it, I’m the same why with my donors :P
Sanguinarius: The only thing in common between blood fetishist and a vampire is sometimes some blood goes into the fetishist's mouth.
Amikeco: codc: Do you quickly form bonds?
cynsanity: Sangi: lol
AsarGangle: Blood play and some gets in your mouth.
* cynsanity chortles
codc: Amikeco, I try not to? But it sometimes just happens, and being what I am, it also effects them as well and not just me.
* DoniGrey nods
AsarGangle: "accidental sang feeding" Father Evan Christopher.
DoniGrey: That's why I stated it off of the comment that was made
NyteMuse: @Sangi: Don't some sangs get a rush or feeling of contentment from feeding?
Isealdor: How exactly does one "accidently" sang feed?
Sanguinarius: Yeah but that is different from sexual satisfaction.
YoungChild: That was my question, Isealdor.
codc: Isealdor, auto-feeding on one’s self....
Amikeco: codc: I don't want to feel inquisitive but is your kind of bond also related to love?
Isealdor: Autovampirism is not feeding.
Myrbree: I’d like to know that too (accidentally sang feed).
diss: I also worried about whether I was really interested in donating or whether it was a blood-fetish; I know it's not a fetish now.
Isealdor: I also wouldnt classify someone drinking blood as part of blood- play as "feeding".
codc: Amikeco, I wouldn’t really say love, I would say more of a predatorial and territorial stand point.
NyteMuse: Not all blood fetishists get "sexual satisfaction".
AsarGangle: I laughed a lot when I heard him say it.
NyteMuse: A fetish can also be classified by an obssession, not necessarily sexual.
Sanguinarius: Blood Fetishist = Sexual. Period, end of story.
Isealdor: @Nyte... that's kind of the definition of a fetish.
NyteMuse: @Isealdor: Depends on your definition and dictionary.
NyteMuse: From American Heritage:
NyteMuse: "An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence"
NyteMuse: Also "An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation."
codc: Amikeco, that’s why I dont like having a donor with more than one vamp.
cynsanity: We're talking about haematophilia as a sexual paraphilia.
Amikeco: codc: Ah, so it's also about conquering (you know what I mean, not the mean version)?
AsarGangle: Yes sangi, assuming that they are doing it as a fetish.
AsarGangle: If they don't know they are a vamp it could happen.
Sanguinarius: Jesus, it's no wonder nobody can agree on what VAMPIRE means... people disagree on established, defined definitions that are not up for dispute.
Myrbree: Sangi: Yep
Merticus: Out of curiosity - not that it has any bearing - but how many here are also members of the BDSM community / into SM relationships? And of those, how many incorporate blood *outside* of vampiric feeding?
YoungChild: Not really "part" of it, but I side with SM quite a bit, I do not partake in blood anything unless it involves steak.
NyteMuse: @Merticus: Yes and yes
Rath: Mmmm Merticus you have no idea how much I would love to get that out of vampirism. Michelle drives me insane... with what she wears.
codc: Amikeco, lol, well I maybe getting another soon who craves for that kind of attention :P
cynsanity: @Mert: several SM relationships (I wanted to type "relationshits" in a classical Freudian way), never any bloodplay. At all. My own rule, because I don't mix sex and food.
Sanguinarius: There are some, but finding them and drawing them out is the hard part. They tend to be secretive over that way.
Guest3: Hi Guys - I'm living in Ireland. Don't know if you know of any members of vampire community there? It feels rather lonely.
Camazotz: Guest3 - I sent you a PM about the Ireland question.
* Camazotz isn't involved with the BDSM community.
* NyteMuse laughs @ "relationshits"
* diss is into BDSM
diss: But also doesn't mix blood and sex.
* Isealdor follows a BDSM lifestyle, also
NyteMuse: @Sangi: Problem with linguistics is that words carry multiple meanings. Fetish does not ONLY mean sexual.
Sanguinarius: Blood fetishist by definition means sexual arousal by blood and blood play. Give me a couple hours and I'll come up with a legalese definition for it without loopholes.
Sanguinarius: This one is just a gneeral one off the cuff.
Sanguinarius: I can't believe I'm arguing about it.
* jyu_dragon is a BDSM Master
Amikeco: Sangi, then why do you care?
cynsanity: Why don't we just clear it up by saying "haematophilia"? There's no "fetish" in there that could confuse people.
Rath: I'm an engineering student working as a paralegal. I dress and act normal. I'm open about what I am, etc.
* cynsanity is not living a BDSM lifestyle, though, but is a normal boring humanities student.
Isealdor: cyn: normal? :P
* diss laughs at cyn calling herself "normal" and "boring"
Sanguinarius: Because I'm not a pervert. I'm a vampire. There - no minced words.
* Adara used to be in the BDSM community for a bit years ago, not much anymore.
Amikeco: Cyn is normal to me :p
cynsanity: Thanks, Ami. You're the voice of reason.
NyteMuse: Never said you were a pervert, Sangi. And for the record, I don't believe that blood fetishists and sangs are the same thing.
NyteMuse: All I was saying was that a fetish does not have to manifest as sexual.
diss: I'll let "normal" stand, but definitely not boring.
* Isealdor wonders why the community is so caught up in semantics and definitions all the time...
SphynxCatVP: Because that's what people do?
* NyteMuse echoes Isealdor
Camazotz: It's all we have Isealdor? ;)
cynsanity: Hey, words are fun. Said the philologist.
* SphynxCatVP just waits for the dust to settle and goes back to preaching common sense at that point
diss: Isealdor, I take it you've never sat in a circle of queers discussing what "queer" means.
Petit_Mort: @ Isealdor because they want to make sure they are understood clearly by others who use different labels etc.
Isealdor: @diss That'd be an incorrect assumption :)
* Adara hates some of the terminology in the community, wonders why everything must have a definition.
* YoungChild laughs
Myrbree: Adara: Me too
Rath: Because Adara we are a community.
Rath: We use those useless definitions to define us.
NyteMuse: @Adara: Human fallacy
Adara: Yes, but why is there so much focus on definition?
Myrbree: Some terminology doesn’t even make sense but that’s my opinion.
NyteMuse: The human brain has this need to categorize and label.
Adara: We are what we are, why must that be defined or explained so much?
Rath: I wish we weren’t.
Rath: But it’s become too ingrained.
YoungChild: Adara, because it’s hard to say "I'm me!" then be asked who/what you are without SOME definition.
* Myrbree goes back to her corner
Merticus: Because everyone likes to be in neat boxes - it's a comfort and control issue.
AsarGangle: A bundle of sticks.......no wait that’s the other one
MikeFuture: What are we discussing?
Adara: Yes, but then we hold everyone TO those definitions and if you don't fit into a certain definition, you're called "fake".
cynsanity: It's a problem of confusing the map with the actual territory... typical human fallacy, though.
YoungChild: True Adara, but some definitions are used too loosely, others too tightly.
Isealdor: Actually, had a conversation about it a few days ago, and came up with a running theory that the definitions and such really is sort of "all we have"...the common name and terms is often what is similar across branches and people in the community.
Isealdor: So then those terms become highly valued and the definitions become highly personal because they're what people are using to identify.
Adara: Well not everyone can be defined by one name/definition.
cynsanity: Isealdor, sometimes I think it's only the terms and names that connect us at all.
Isealdor: @cyn exactly.
MikeFuture: True, it also helps people find the community, even though they may have to shift through some BS.
Rath: Adara , I think we can agree, living forever, turning into a bat, not having a reflection, and other myths of this nature can be said to be to far out there. I'm sorry by certain definitions need to stay.
jyu_dragon: Okay this is what I am: Jyujinkai is a sang/psi vampire whose soul was touched by a dragon.
YoungChild: Of course not, that is why we're fortunate to have many definitions.
Adara: Rath, true, but what I'm saying is, not everyone can be so easily defined.
Adara: Sometimes "what are you?" is not so easily answered.
AsarGangle: Question....Why is it that "crazy" people give the best feeling and most powerfull energy?
Gabby: @Rath and Adara, unless you believe in reincarnation aka the enternal soul living.
Myrbree: lol good question.
Rath: Which is understandable Gabby.
YoungChild: Adara, that is when you reply "I'm me" and start over again.
Adara: Asar, hey I'm not crazy :P
AsarGangle: Didn't say you were.
Rath: However, being an immortal human is very different, the body can’t live forever.
Adara: Well I kinda have to believe in reincarnation for various reasons, Gabby lol.
AsarGangle: I'm not crazy and neither am I - lol
Isealdor: @Asar that question makes the assumption that "crazy" people give the best feeling and most powerful energy", which I'd disagree with, so I can’t really answer.
Merticus: Thank you for a great discussion. Feel free to stick around and talk amongst yourselves.
Merticus: <<<<<END DISCUSSION LOG>>>>>:
Merticus: Post-Discussion Conversation Highlights Additional Links & Resources:
Sanguinarius: The vampire Zilchy has created a series of informative vampire Q&A videos on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/vampirezilchy
Sanguinarius: The Ethical Psychic Vampire, by Raven Kaldera - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1413461980/sangui narius
Sanguinarius: Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres, by Lady CG - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1411642996/sangui narius
Sanguinarius: Go check out my vampire dictionary, The Dictionary of Sanguinese (Second Edition), at http://www.lulu.com/content/1797153
Sanguinarius: Vampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices, by Michelle Belanger - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0738712205/sangui narius
Merticus: Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism - Joseph Laycock
Merticus: http://www.amazon.com/Vampires-Today-Truth-Modern- Vampirism/dp/0313364729/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid =1230149021&sr=1-1
Merticus: The Collective Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/thecollectivevideos
Isealdor: For anyone interested, a new Google Search Engine, custom tailored for the real vampire community. Search without getting tons of roleplay and fanfiction results: http://tiny.cc/VampireGoogle Donor Interviews:
diss: cyn, I think with the results form todays chat I'll be able to work out a test for my donor survey/interview thing.
cynsanity: A "test"?.
diss: A trial version.
cynsanity: What info did you gather today?
diss: Just loads of opinions and stuff, questions, etc.
cynsanity: It's a pity Johanna, Stefan and Ilse didn't come over when you were visiting, they'd have had buttloads of info to satiate your curiosity.
diss: Yeah, I'd really like to talk with them.
diss: Also tonight I realised one very important thing, which is that I need to talk to the donors who aren't actively involved in the VC.
diss: And that to get to them I need to go through their vamps.
AcrophobicPixie: Diss, that's going to be difficult.
AcrophobicPixie: The donors that aren't active in the VC typically want nothing to do with it other than their vamps.
codc: diss... I know one or two who are not active in the VC.
cynsanity: Plus, not all of us and our donors are of a scientific mindset. Mine would participate in a questionnaire or something out of pure curiousity, but wouldn't want to be involved in the VC. * codc Agrees with Pixie
diss: I mean, I'm aware that it's a rather large project. I've been mulling over it for a while.
cynsanity: And I don't know how it is with the others here, but I get quite territorial about my donors.
codc: I do as well cyn.
AcrophobicPixie: Cyn, my vamp is territorial.
diss: I know you do cyn!
AcrophobicPixie: But we've laid down ground rules.
cynsanity: The only time I get into fights with other people is when I either feel threatened in my core, or when my donors are threatened or I feel that to be a possibility.
cynsanity: And I don't even really like one of them.
codc: I’m usually like that when another vamp is around, there threatened, or I fell threatened in some way or form.
diss: But yeah, for now I want to set up a test, and run trough it with two or three other donors, see how it comes out.
AcrophobicPixie: I don't donate to other psivamps unless I absolutely have to (due to me overloading), and if I wish to donate sang, she has to check them out/approve of them.
cynsanity: Well, you can have 4 test persons from me for your test. Vampires In The Military:
bloodypinklady: One topic that I wanted to discuss earlier today was vampirism and military.
Malevolence: That's a great one.
bloodypinklady: I know of only one active community member who has connections to the armed forces... and that person is not here.
bloodypinklady: I imagine that don't ask, don't tell doesn't apply to bloodsuckers.:P
Loxfin: We have an active member in the armed forces.
Isealdor: bloodypinklady, I know about a dozen offhand.
Merticus: I know at least a dozen or more in the community who are active duty.
Etheros_Twilight: Vamps of war?
Parasina: I know several sangs in the military locally.
Etheros_Twilight: Would be funnier if you were talking about otherkin.
Etheros_Twilight: (dogs of war)
cynsanity: Ah yes, let loose the hounds of war...
bloodypinklady: Hmm. I'm dating a soldier and I couldn't really mark him.
Etheros_Twilight: Mark?
bloodypinklady: Soldiers returned from leave get *searched*
bloodypinklady: I'm used to drawing blood through half-inch cuts. Not so this last time.
bloodypinklady: Not sure if the no marks rule was to save face or prevent problems, but eh.
Parasina: ooooohh, you mean they go over them with a microscope looking for needle marks? * Isealdor nods* unless you actually do it with scratching, it's kind of hard to pass off the fresh cuts.
bloodypinklady: I ended up pricking his finger. Considered between the fingers, but didn't want to make him look like a heroin addict.
bloodypinklady: So for those who know soldiers serving, primarily blood or psy?
bloodypinklady: No real difference?
Isealdor: bloodypinklady: A mix, fairly even.
Parasina: The ones I know who are currently serving are sangs.
Parasina: But then I tend to have more truck with them anyway so that may be a skewed view.
Isealdor: I know 2 sangs actively deployed on ships, makes it pretty rough for them.
Parasina: I know a few just returned from Iraq.
Parasina: Meeting up here in a week or so. Discrimination Revisited:
bloodypinklady: I don't know if this was done to death earlier either: Is there such a thing as deserved discrimination when it comes to community fringe?
Parasina: Deserved? Do you mean should life stylers deserve discrimination?
Parasina: I am confused a little.
bloodypinklady: Pretty much.
Isealdor: It briefly was, in terms of people who run around wearing fake fangs and what not.
Parasina: I can't say that anyone deserves discrimination in this country regardless of how embarrassing they may be, if they do not present a proven and measurable detriment to society.
bloodypinklady: I'm not talking about folks as far gone as Sharkey, but crazy-uncle-at- a-reunion types. Mostly harmless... mostly.
Isealdor: I dont know... I see no issue with mocking the plentiful lulz that people tend to churn out.
bloodypinklady: Should there be concentrated effort to get them into the fold or let them be?
Isealdor: There are always going to be "fringe" people in any group/(sub)culture/community/society...as soon as you "get rid of" one fringe, another thing becomes the fringe, so I dont see much point.
bloodypinklady: Agreed.
Parasina: You know, while they annoy me, fringe makes it easier to move around and not be the one sticking out.
Etheros_Twilight: It’s best to look normal, but be unique.
Isealdor: I actually identify as a hybrid, meaning I feed both from blood and other sources.
Parasina: I am similar but much more a sang.
jay_ray: If you were a sang, then how would you need to fight for your rights?
Isealdor: I’ve less need to fight for any rights because I don’t put myself in situations where it becomes an issue.
Parasina: My best practice is to keep under the radar.
bloodypinklady: I agree with Isealdor: IMO, discrimination is only possible if you're not careful.
Isealdor: Well...I dont know that I'd go so far to say "only possible"... sometimes even with reasonable precautions made, things can happen.
Parasina: The problem these days is that the internet never forgets and if you get outed, it doesn't go away.
Isealdor: People and relationships change, etc.
bloodypinklady: True
Isealdor: But there's a lot you can do to help prevent it.
Brokenangel242: Isealdor is it better to not let people know you’re a vampire so we don't get discrimination.
bloodypinklady: But showing up to a group meeting with a leashed human pet... yeah, that's not being careful.
Isealdor: BrokenAngel: That's something everyone has to decide for themselves.
Brokenangel242: I was just wondering Isealdor.
Isealdor: I suppose that depends some on the context of the situation, PinkLady. If you walked into a BDSM club/dungeon that way, no one would likely even bat an eye.
Isealdor: That's more a BDSM crossover thing, though, than a true vampirism-caused discrimination issue.
bloodypinklady: I'm not so sure about the whole blood pet thing. I figure it's the popular thing to do elsewhere.
bloodypinklady: I think that would make a good talking point in the future. Urban vampirism vs. rural vampirism.
Isealdor: bloodypinklady: In terms of like places where there is more of a "vampire scene" vs those who are more solitary?
bloodypinklady: To be honest, I think it's easier to hide vampirism in cities.
Valens: It's easy to hide vampirism anywhere as long as you don't broadcast it.
bloodypinklady: I'm envious that some people are surrounded by enough like minds that they can be out and stay out, or come out whenever they wish.
bloodypinklady: And that "coming out" isn't even an issue. They can just "be".
bloodypinklady: ...but when one retard doesn't understand unacceptable behavior in public, that means a new meeting place.
bloodypinklady: Yeah, still can't get over that blood pet!
Parasina: I wonder what the split up of the 'out' demographic is in terms of their type of employment?
bloodypinklady: Yeah...there are a surprising number of folks who work behind-the- scenes for the entertainment industry.
bloodypinklady: Club promoters and DJs and the like.
Valens: If you keep your business and private life separate, it shouldn't be an issue.
Loxfin: Not always, I am my house are able to feed in an open club without a lot of head turning. Then again it is a vampire even and we have 2 vampire friendly clubs to host events.
bloodypinklady: One club. And that's being nice.
bloodypinklady: Lox: Do you find that people do their things in the clubs rather in private because they have an environment that'll support open play?
Parasina: Private and business life can cross paths a lot. You are at a cafe with your boss, a stiff executive and a member of the community, obviously vamped out comes along and makes small talk of an inappropriate nature. Oops :-o
Parasina: In urban centers, this can happen if everyone involved is not discreet.
Amikeco: Then don't talk about it offline unless needed?
Loxfin: It helps if the clubs are 21+
MalaclypseTheEldest: The Vampirism e-list (Yahoo) was my first real connection to this subject matter and got me into studying vampirism and other related things. This all started about 5-7 years ago.
bloodypinklady: For all the times people think otherwise, I really do think the vampirism yahoo group helps people.
MalaclypseTheEldest: It did for me. While I haven't been around that group in quite some time it was where everything began for me.
Sqwearl: O.K. Well just to jump out on a limb I can see a crack in and is definately going to break ... Why is it that all of the other folks who feel like I do feel the need to dress in black and have as the Goths or recently found Emo's . Whatever that is... angst.
Isealdor: Sqwearl: If you're talking about the vampire community, there actually are a ton of people who don’t dress Goth/emo etc.
bloodypinklady: Sqwearl: I used to dress Goth... then I got a professional job.
MalaclypseTheEldest: Thank you Samilyn. Same here when it comes to clothes. I tend to stick to pants that fit me in the waist by have plenty of room in the legs, with just any shirt I happen to like.
Samilyn: I think the depression and the seperation stems from the waking experience sometimes.
Samilyn: Not everyone has a good time of it.
Samilyn: But that could be conjecture.
MalaclypseTheEldest: No Goth/emo clothes for me. Although I do love trenchcoats (I just don't own any).
MalaclypseTheEldest: Not to mention its coupled with puberty a majority of the time. Which is a bad time for added stress/confusion/worry.
Samilyn: A confusing enough time compounded, and often with little to no support.
bloodypinklady: I think the clothes are just another way to show that you're different and unique before you can fully understand the thoughts and actions that will make you truly unique.
MalaclypseTheEldest: The most important thing to remember though, at least in my opinion...is that always accept the possibility that somebody (anybody) could be wrong. Including yourself.
Samilyn: I have been blessed in that many of those close to me are very much understanding, but not everyone has been, and I feel it wise not to come out to those I do not know or trust very well.
MalaclypseTheEldest: Yes, that’s very important as well, Samilyn. Although I'm not vampiric, the first person I opened up too about my situation was my best friend. My parents still do not know, and probably never will.
Sqwearl: I like the whole face to face thing… call me old fashioned but I find it easier to let some know just how genuine you are when you look them straight in the face and they understand that you are not a sheep but a predator and the only people who can really look at you are the ones who are truly the same… all the posers as I so rudly put it will cower.
bloodypinklady: I've been doing research off an on for a possible work on Jewish vampirism that isn't solely dedicated to the Kabbalah.
Samilyn: I have so many things that require my focus and energies that I must be sparing with them. I do not mean to hide, but I seek to hurt no one, and my attentions must be elsewhere. It must be liberating to live life in the face of things, but each of us make our own way within our own circumstances. I am pleased yours suits you.
Samilyn: I've stepped away from the term vampire/vampyre in my own personal expressions of myself I am simply pranavore.
Sqwearl: Not too fermiliar with terms and names but I definately know what I am.
Samilyn: In an effort to disassociate with the claims of Hollywood on the term.
Valens: But being a pranavore... wouldn't that mean you live off of nothing but energy?
Samilyn: I take energy how I can get it. Philosophical Discussion On Vampirism:
Marcus_Noir: Why do so many people feel the need to create websites, groups, and such?
codc: Moir, I don’t know.
Marcus_Noir: Sorry but I have never viewed vampirism as a team sport.
codc: Really... there should be ONE set site or group for this but who knows...
cynsanity: Personal insecurity and a need to make oneself seem more important and interesting than one actually is.
Marcus_Noir: Cyn: I honestly agree...
Marcus_Noir: Or at least my experiences would suggest just that.
cynsanity: Which, of course, attracts lots of mindless, more often than not teenage behavioural robots who want to belong to something in order to be special and have friends... those people are those who join houses.
cynsanity: At least IMO
Myrbree> <codc: Really... there should be ONE set site or group for this but who knows...
Lono: It’s a diverse lot Marcus.
codc: Well... it would be easier, I’m tired of signing up for one site, then another and so on.
Marcus_Noir: Hey I'm just being honest here...
Lono: I agree man.
Marcus_Noir: This need to huddle together and hug trees just kills me...
Lono: Which is why I think the VVC is a great idea.... my twitter page links to the VVC news.
Marcus_Noir: I don't mean to offend any one here, I'm just trying to understand...
codc: Noir.... don’t get depressed over it. I was almost going to leave the OVC till Lady CG kept me here.
Marcus_Noir: I mean my own experiences with a house and an order was just f'ing nightmares!
codc: Noir, that’s why I dont believe or am in one NO POINT.
codc: People are f'ed up as it is. It all deals with power....
Lono: Some are more specialized in sanguine, others psi, others hybrid.... and others individual house belief structures like kherete.org
codc: Basically I see the community (and no offense to anyone in here) it’s power hungry.
Lono: Some like the vcmb.org which I moderate have a bit of everything.
cynsanity: Anyone else sick of hundreds of new vampire-Ning-sites?
codc: I don’t even go to the Ning servers anymore.
diss: I can't stand Ning sites.
Marcus_Noir: The basic problem with the whole community is that it is based upon self identification to a conceptual archetype that has not empirical proof of existence or genesis...
Lono: But I think there are so many sites because each person is trying to express their own point of view or knowledge to the vampire public which is true to them....
cynsanity: Yeah, which lands us back in definition-land.
codc: Moir, I put it like this. People who try to prove there vampires, most of the time, are really rp'ers.
Marcus_Noir: And at the same time, Lono, it all looks like another attempt to garner attention.
Marcus_Noir: codc: Then 95% of the community are role players.
cynsanity: 99.9999999999999%, according to my opinion, but let's not get started on that.
codc: But I mean, I’ve seen people come and go, some just get into it, and after a year or to "drop" the vampire rping.
Marcus_Noir: It will be loud enough soon...
cynsanity: Why’s that?
diss: How come?
Marcus_Noir: Just a hunch I have a feeling, that's all.
cynsanity: In regards to numbers of participants or moods and emotions?
Marcus_Noir: There is no easy way to explain it...
Marcus_Noir: Ever throw a stone in a pool of water? * cynsanity nods
Marcus_Noir: Ripples from the waves...
cynsanity: There's the plunge, and then ripples start going outwards, forming waves...
Isealdor: So basically... who did what where?
Marcus_Noir: Yes, that is what I meant... * cynsanity loves how Isealdor can put stuff into clear terms
diss: If it's a big enough stone we get a tsunami.
cynsanity: Ooh, I loved the Tsunami. My deities were going all nuts over it.
Marcus_Noir: Isealdor, at this point I'm not sure... just had a long conversation with someone on the subject...
Isealdor: cyn: Sometimes I swear that's my life... taking anything and putting it in ways others "get" it, whereas they just stared at the original, going "huh?"
Isealdor: Marcus: I've had a few of those in the last couple days, too, so it should be interesting.
Marcus_Noir: Well I've been working on a variety of things...
cynsanity: Marcus: May one ask what kind of work?
Marcus_Noir: One of which is the conceptual archetype of the vampire as a new form of shaman... * cynsanity listens interestedly
cynsanity: What exactly do you mean by "conceptual archetype"?
cynsanity: In the Jungian sense? * diss peaks from behind cyn's shoulders to listen in also
Marcus_Noir: Correct. The collective concept generated by a culture...
Isealdor: For clarity's sake, we're talking primarily the magickal vampirism side/theory/take on things, not the energy deficient side, yes?
cynsanity: Are you then referring to the Jungian archetype of the vampire, or to the "all cultures have a vampire myth, therefore there has to be a substance behind it which can be called an archetype"-one?
cynsanity: Or to the "Akashic records"-one?
Marcus_Noir: Ok let me explain... one, I personally do not view magick as being separate from breathing... It’s either some thing you do or you don't... * cynsanity nods in agreement with Marcus
Isealdor: Agreed
Marcus_Noir: Same thing as vampirism... you do or you don't. I'm a bass player by trade and passion so I try to find the "one" in the beat always ;)
Isealdor: Marcus, "do or don't" with vampirism, or "are or aren't"?
Marcus_Noir: One of my concepts, at least in my experience, is that I do not suffer from an energy deficiency but that I just burn through energy at a higher energetic metabolic rate...
cynsanity: I have to agree with Marcus on that, at least partially. Sometimes, usually when my physical body is wreaking havoc on me, I feel "down on energy", but usually, I just burn through it far too fast.
cynsanity: I also have a higher normal metabolic rate, which always puzzles my doctors.
Marcus_Noir: Same with me...
Marcus_Noir: And one thing I've learned is that way to often we perceive our bodies as all separate, not all working in harmony with reflected unison...
Isealdor: I would actually agree to the energy metabolic rate, too, but that in turn manifests itself as a deficiency... if you process it faster, and your use is greater than your intake, you're deficient.
Marcus_Noir: One of the reasons why I've tried to get some study in on Eastern medicine...
cynsanity: I see myself forced to agree with Isealdor.
cynsanity: A higher metabolic rate is, in a way, a not-really-good-thing.
cynsanity: Whether physical or energetical.
Chainbreaker: Well it means your cells are splitting at a higher rate.
Isealdor: Agreed
Chainbreaker: So of course it’s bad.
Chainbreaker: If too high I suppose.
Marcus_Noir: I personally just do not view it as a deficiency. Just is so adjust for it.
diss: Tangentially, I think this might be a possible division between types of vampires, those with normal energy use who do not produce energy at "normal" rates, and those who do produce energy at "normal" rates but who use energy much faster.
Isealdor: The processing rate/deficiency bit is why I tend to take the approach of saying that we simply require "additional supplementation" beyond the norm.
Marcus_Noir: Bingo
cynsanity: Marcus: Yeah, I just see it as a differency, not a disease or real deficiency.
cynsanity: diss, I'd also add those with high energy metabolism and not producing enough.
diss: cyn, You mean those who produce less than normal people would but who also have the higher need? That would be very hungry vamps...
Isealdor: diss: I'd counter with that for one to not be producing energy at a "normal" rate, that falls more into the illness/injury-caused category, like the damaged chakra theories, etc... which I personally do not consider to be true vampirism. I will grant that the conditions make one vampiric, but not a vampire.
DarkElement: What do you consider makes one a vampire Isealdor?If I can pick at your brain for a moment.
cynsanity: diss, Exactly.
diss: Isealdor, I would agree with you on that, just as when I experienced sympathetic vampirism it didn't make me a vampire.
Marcus_Noir: Isealdor: Personally, I still feel that a vampire has to have a predatory aspect in some way... otherwise, it’s called a leech. Yes, I know that is an unpopular viewpoint.
Isealdor: DarkElement, It's long and complicated, so my article works better for explaining http://vampiricreflections.blogspot.com/2009/02/what-is- vampire.html * cynsanity agrees with Marcus
cynsanity: Unpopular, popular or not, I don't care, that's my POV as well.
Marcus_Noir: And this is where I bring up my usual argument...
Isealdor: Marcus: Interesting...I'd agree with the predatory feel, but not as the distinction between a leech and a vampire. A leech, in my mind, does not have the need for the energy, simply absorbs it anyway. A vampire has the need.
Chainbreaker: Couldn’t there be a permanent condition tho Isealdor, like people who have clinical depression?
Chainbreaker: Though I’m not saying those people are vampires.
Marcus_Noir: A leech has a need... it’s called survival.
`Kiddo`: Marcus: Would the predatory aspect have anything to do with other connotations to the word vampire that influence your point of view?
Isealdor: Chain: Some of the conditions could be very permanent, yes...but that doesn’t make the person a vampire. It just means they have an energetic condition that makes them vampiric.
Chainbreaker: Yeah I suppose, my mind is really bad atm - a premanent illness is an illness nonetheless
Marcus_Noir: It’s my own nature and personal experiences, and ultimately results that influence my view.
Isealdor: Marcus: I dont consider leeches as needing the energy to survive, or needing it period.
DarkElement: Did you ever get back any other results on that "experiment"?
Isealdor: DarkElement: A few, and some more are still working on it.
Isealdor: Sort of mixed results, too soon to have a reasonable data set to make any conclusions.
cynsanity: I call leeches everyone who IMO sucks energy without really needing it. And psi-vamps I personally dislike, on occasion...
Isealdor: I may end up having to push it around a little more, get more people to try it, to really get a good set.
cynsanity: "experiment"? * Isealdor agrees with cyn
DarkElement: Cyn, you personally dislike psivamps?
Isealdor: Energy working experiment, dealing with drawing energy in the form of heat from containers of water.
Marcus_Noir: Cyn: Yes... now also take into account all of the emotional vampires that infect the general community...
Isealdor: Marcus: Emotional vampires in the sense of the more psychosocial term, or in terms of vampires who actually feed off of energy let off via emotions?
Isealdor: DarkElement: It's more people come from different backgrounds, and so use terminology in different ways, and it helps to clear up the definitions so there arent misunderstandings :)
cynsanity: DarkElement: No, I dont personally dislike psivamps as a whole, but some individuals of them. Just like I dislike some sangs.
Isealdor: I don’t care how someone defines a word, so long as they say how they define it so I can relate to and understand what they're saying.
Marcus_Noir: If you follow the three body theory - physical, mental, and energetic - then it is possible for an emotional vampire to fully exist...
DarkElement: Right, I understand. Just seems like you can have double meanings depending on your perception... or intentions. I dunno how to say it.
Isealdor: Yep, parallel definitions for a lot of terms have popped up.
cynsanity: It's all a matter of communication and semantics.
cynsanity: Isealdor, Marcus, I think we really should try to make one of the next topics the semantics of vampirism...
Isealdor: Actually, that'd be interesting, cyn
Marcus_Noir: Agreed
DarkElement: I agree w/ Marcus.
cynsanity: Yeah, me too :) But I'm sick of the whole different definitions and problems to define the definitions.
Isealdor: Someone should make a dictionary, in standard dictionary form with multiple definitions for each term present.
Chainbreaker: Do you guys stick with vampirism sticking to drawing some kinda energy from other people then or? I see a lot of people refer to taking energy from various other soucres and refer to it as being vampiric or themselves as vampires.
diss: Isealdor, I like that definition of a vampire in your blog-post. and it has the added benefit of differentiation between vampire and vampiric practices.
Isealdor: diss: Thanks :)
cynsanity: By using Korzybski's General Semantics, we could eliminate a lot of problems.
Marcus_Noir: Here's my definition... you suck or you don't suck ;)
DarkElement: I consider it the need to draw energy from any source really. It's like you have a big menu of choices.
Chainbreaker: I see, however where is the line drawn?
Isealdor: Chain: Partially, there also has to be the need base in there and note for the condition not being part of some illness/injury, IMO
cynsanity: We should always differentiate vampirism from vampiric practices. A mage I know uses psi-vampirism to fill up before rituals, and he's definitely not a vamp.
Chainbreaker: Oh I know Isealdor, I get that part in your definition.
DarkElement: Mages... something akin to The Craft?
Chainbreaker: Just taking a poke at the other dimension of the definition, as what qualifies as an energy source to be used for a person to be a vampire.
cynsanity: DarkElement: Magick users.
Marcus_Noir: Perhaps Cyn, that is where the question of Need is involved.
Isealdor: Almost all magick practitioners and energy workers, etc, use vampiric practices to gather energy for their work.
diss: Actually, I've got to say that when I "feed" on a storm or similar, I don't consider myself to be doing anything vampiric.
cynsanity: Marcus: I think that the Need is the one differentiating aspect, together with the host of secondary symptoms according to type of vamp (I believe that there are more than one, two, three, four or ten origins of vampirism).
Chainbreaker: Since, if one says taking energy from any source, and having a need for it with normal functioning system, all of us who eat, drink, and or breath would be vampires.
Isealdor: Chain: Yep, why I say in addition to the norm :)
Chainbreaker: I see.
Isealdor: A lot of people when they're sick will also draw energy from those around them... doesnt make them a vampire, it makes them normal.
Marcus_Noir: Realistically, there is no litmus test for vampirism so we are wholly dependent upon self identification and agreement with a concept.
Marcus_Noir: And thus many many many personal interpretations .
Marcus_Noir: That is just energetic interaction... give and take.
cynsanity: Marcus: The problem, I think, is the concept we are/are not agreeing with. First there were sangs, then psis, then hybrids... what next? And where do we draw the line?
diss: Marcus. Self-identification; that is actually a point I find interesting. On one hand there's a huge ongoing discussion in the VC on what constitutes a vampire, which is very much in search of an essentialist definition.
Isealdor: Marcus: Very true. That's a lot of why I think individual definitions of vampirism really have fairly little bearing on the community, and debate of it is often pointless. I like sharing of theories and thoughts, but the whole "ur wrong!!" bit is what causes the issues.
diss: On the other hand, there's an equally strong discourse saying "only you can say if you're a vampire" which is essentially a constructivist discourse.
Isealdor: We're a community bound together by the fact that we self-identify as vampires, or are donors or friends to those who do... and that's really the “only” thing that truly ties the entire community together.
cynsanity: Isealdor: Exactly. Person X might be vampiric because of Thing X, and just because I'm a vamp who's one because of Thing Z, we can still both be vamps, just *NOT THE SAME*
Marcus_Noir: "The ur wrong" exists because some people are weak in their strength of identities...
Isealdor: cyn: I could go for that. Good example is the prior Admin the Realm...she subscribes to the damaged chakra theory and identifies as a vampire because of that. I define it differently, but that doesn’t mean that one of us is any less part of the community, nor should we be.
Marcus_Noir: Because of so many personal interpretations, I just break it down to my "suck or don't suck" notion :)