VVC Public 2006-08-05

Written by: Voices of the Vampire Community
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Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) Public Meeting – August 5, 2006


Gabrielx: So I think everyone died this weekend lol
Gabrielx: least I know it's going around
Gabrielx: So, first let me ask this
Gabrielx: who's new here?
Gabrielx: :)
eclipso: me
DreadLordDarkness: New enough...lol
* LadyCG thinks the new people should be introduced
Gabrielx: eclipso: since your the only one lol.. mind telling us something about yourself while I get mairi in here
Gabrielx: who invited you etc?
Gabrielx: since I know they aren't present
eclipso: ok, Well as you probly all guessed I'm eclipso. Invited by Lono
LadySlinky: Hi Eclipso
eclipso: I'm one of his mods and I'm from the U.K.
eclipso: so hello all
LadyCG: welcome Eclipso
Ravena: welcome :D
eclipso: cool, thanks
Aki: Hey Eclipso
sarasvati: Welcome, eclipso :)
Gabrielx: welcome eclipso...
eclipso: thanks
DreadLordDarkness: welcome aboard
Gabrielx: any specific topics of the night we wish to bring up?
* LadyCG already brought up the fact she may not move S&M and possible retirement.. and is so out of topics for now (edit: announcement was made during "social hour", see bottom of log)
sarasvati: I have a survey I am working on, Gabe, and had wanted to ask if there were any objection to me posting it to the board for review/critique and eventual filling-out..
LadyCG: What kind of survey, Sara?
sarasvati: I have two, one for vamps, one for non-vamps, its to try and put a little more definition on what "Traits" we have vs teh general population. Instead of the observation method we had previously relied on
sarasvati: To try and avoid bias, the non-vamp one will be answered mostly by people unattached in any way (to my knowledge) to teh VC
* Gabrielx listens to saras
Gabrielx: this sounds a lot like the AVA project
Sphynx-Blaaaah: more medically based, i think
Gabrielx: is it going to be... yeah thats what I was going to ask hehe
sarasvati: To be honest, yes, I saw/answered the AVA surveys...though similar, mine has little to do with energy use, and focuses more on a compare/contrast stand...mine is also shorter (so far!)
LadySlinky: aya shorter
LadyCG: AVAs was HUGE!
Ravena: I'd support that saras, you do have some medical background and you aren't dumb
* Gabrielx agree's with ravena
sarasvati: Huge yes, but I was impressed with its completeness
LadyCG: sounds interesting to me
* CrazeDS agrees with Gabe agreeing with Ravena
sarasvati: lol, I appreciate that, Ravena :)
LadyCG: I'd like to see more medical info collected
Ravena: I mean, you're an honest to goodness doctor for goddess sake
sarasvati: Currently, I am still in the review/rework stage. Trying to make it as complete as possible without being overwhelmingly detailed. Its not ment to be the Ultimate Vampire Survey, but a starting point
CrazeDS: Starting points are good, everything starts somewhere
sarasvati: I realize with teh AVA survey out, my timing is horrible...i've been trying to gather the questions and coding for a few months, it just worked out this way :)
Gabrielx: usually does
LadyCG: I still think its a worthy project, Saras, and i think you should post it on the sight
CrazeDS: The AVA survey is HUGE..I never read it, it gives me a headache,
Gabrielx: nods
Gabrielx: alright then to business..
Gabrielx: First off this last bit of time was getting to know one another and doing socials with one another..
Gabrielx: cool deal, a lot of us want to start actually doing something
Gabrielx: *gets the pressure*
Gabrielx: lol
Gabrielx: one of the things I was hoping to accomplish tonight was to reach out to more people to get to know etc.. Re-inlisting the buddy system, which seemed to moderatly work
Gabrielx: in that getting to know others
LadyCG: I like the idea of inviting more leaders into the group
* CrazeDS liked the buddy system
* Gabrielx agrees with cg
LadyCG: to do that though.. we need to NOT change the dates for the chats. Its too frustrating for new people. We need to hold them when we say we will and work with the people who can get here.
Gabrielx: Camille and I were talking earlier about that page we've been kinda all kicking around the last two meetings as well
Camille: I like the buddy system
Gabrielx: agreed
Sphynx-Blaaaah: it's ok if you're actually at the keyboard most of the time :)
LadySlinky: as this gets bigger it will become impossible to get everyone here.
* CrazeDS agrees with Slinky
Gabrielx: yeah I'm not worried about it I just wanted to hear viewpoints
Camille: Slinky ~ it already is, but you're right
Gabrielx: from you guys
Camille: this is why we try to have multiple reps for different groups
sarasvati: *nods* This is true... as it gets bigger, we may have to rely more on a message board or mailgroup type thing
* CrazeDS nods
Camille: Chances are either Michelle or I can make it
Camille: and frankly, I want us to have an active 3rd person as another backup
LadySlinky: I would like to seee more focus. I find I have a very difficult time telling people what it is this group is for and why they should be a part of it.
DreadLordDarkness: I make it when I can.
eclipso: i'm here for when Lono cant make it
eclipso: ie tonight
LadyCG: I think having 3 reps is a good idea
* Sphynx-Blaaaah agrees with LadySlinky
sarasvati: True, LS... telling hubby "I am chatting with a bunch of leaders of the OVC" and then the inevitable "Why"..."because I can?"
CrazeDS: focus= good. Most of out meetings are socializing...though the last one was kinda productive,...maybe...
Camille: Slinky ~ IMHO, focus = projects
Gabrielx: slinky: which brings us back to the site
LadyCG: that way SOMEONE from each group SHOULD have a shot at being here and passing on the logs
Gabrielx: also agreed
LadySlinky: Its not just projectsd its explaining the over all point
Ravena: well, it is not just up to one person to bring that focus
DreadLordDarkness: true
LadySlinky: I was trying to invite someone from one of the ukl groups.
Gabrielx: slinky: the overall original point still holds, and thats to be able to sit down and discuss issues or know one another better in our own community. The site is just as a focal point for actually getting the community involved
LadySlinky: I found myself at a loss on how to answer "well what is the group for and what does it do"
LadyCG: when *I talk to other group leaders about this group, I tell them its a chance for leaders from different groups to learn about each other, pass on info and work together. Most people seem to like the idea
Ravena: we talked about this extensively when we first got together
CrazeDS: I usually say pretty much what CG said. lol
Camille: Mission statement could be useful.
Ravena: it shouldn't be that much of a mystery as to what we are for
Camille: I wince as I say that due to the pain of hammering one out
Gabrielx: It's about keeping open lines of communication with members of the OVC
Gabrielx: nod
Camille: but I think it might help a bit with focus
Ravena: I think there was a Mission Statement thread on the forum
Sphynx-AFK: I get a lot of "why have meetings? what's wrong with email or lists?"
CrazeDS: There is, Ravena
Gabrielx: camille that was brought up in the forums kinda got a half and half shot down thumbs up
DreadLordDarkness: I believe the meetings are more personable
LadyCG: The idea of Cross Board communication is catching on, I think, among those leaders tired of the petty bickering
Ravena: I prefer meetings, I have enough lists and forums to keep track of
Camille: Sphynx ~ that one's easy. It's a much more active form of communication, we actually get to know each other that way
LadyCG: I enjoy LIVE exchanges of info
Camille: and let's face it, this community is formed or not formed pretty much entirely on personal relatioships
Ravena: and it's quicker, we don't have to wait for someone to check their email and reply etc
DreadLordDarkness: I find that its way too easy to have a communication error in reading an email from someone
Camille: thus developing them is valuable, if a pain in the ass
Camille: Gabe ~ I know.
eclipso: plus this chat gives every persons perspective at once
DreadLordDarkness: being able to convey your intentions are easier in a meeting setting than in an email
LadySlinky: chat only gives the perspective of thsoe who are there and type fast enought o keep up
Camille: Slinky ~ True, that is an unfortnate aspect of the medium.
Gabrielx: thats why I feel both play an important role
Ravena: I think that's probably why the logs are posted
Camille: Especially the speed thing.
DreadLordDarkness: Understandable but its easier to get an answer if you have a question on something than stewing over an email
eclipso: and then reading each persons thread
LadySlinky: You only get a surface answer though
eclipso: then each persons reply to that thread
eclipso: takes a long time
LadySlinky: what the person can pull out and type upi right there in a limited amount of time.
LadyCG: I grumble, but, I LIKE these chats, which is why I try and make it for them. I love the chance to talk to you all, and over the past while I've come to think of the members here as real friends
* sarasvati agrees with CG
CrazeDS: well, if something needs calirifcation, we all know how to get ahod of each other
* Gabrielx wonders why were having a conversation on two mediums we already have built together basically and doesn't need fixing?
Gabrielx: want me to add an elist to it? hehe
Ravena: hell no
eclipso: what might help is an agenda
eclipso: before the meeting that is
Ravena: I have enough crap to keep up with as it is
LadySlinky: yes
* LadyCG throws things at Gabe
sarasvati: Not right now, Gabe!
* CrazeDS throws a chair at Gabe
DreadLordDarkness: mainly where I was coming from on this topic was that its easier to clarify a misconception on a topic in chat that in email
Mairi: I'm here finally
LadySlinky: I think it is important to have the 2 mediums working together
Ravena: I'm all for these live meetings, besides, they aren't the only tool, there is the forum
Gabrielx: My question is this.. Were not a council, were not a group of people governing what happens anywhere... What's wrong with the agenda of simply talking to one another and putting a thought process up
Gabrielx: What kind of agenda do we need
Ravena: good point gabe
Gabrielx: Do we need the kind where we make a big dark deep house
LadyCG: I like what we do
LadySlinky: because most of us dont really have time for one more chat social
eclipso: when i say agenda i mean an email sent to all reps say a week before
Camille: Slinky ~ Agreed.
eclipso: with idea for the next meeting
DreadLordDarkness: I thought the whole thing was about getting to know each other better so we could facilitate communication
eclipso: points to focus on
Ravena: but we have the time to pour through countless forum messages
Camille: Though there is, IMHO, a benefit to the social.
Gabrielx: ok
Ravena: ?
Gabrielx: even though you don't have access eclipso
Gabrielx: I asked on the board for one
LadySlinky: Not really rav
CrazeDS: Yeah, alot of us have alot of social groups and chats, and don't need another, and would like to be on that does something, along ewith being social
Gabrielx: for everyones thoughts
Gabrielx: for topics
Gabrielx: awhile ago
Ravena: if people think this group doesn't do anything, well, look at it this way
Ravena: what is done depends on its members
Ravena: it's a team effort
LadyCG: I think it DOES do something. I think this group has already made relationships between our boards better
Camille: Ravena ~ most of us each independently maintain projects.
Ravena: of course
Camille: Though I also agree with CG
Camille: whom I never would have met
Camille: if not for this.
LadyCG: exactly!
LadyCG: *smiles
Camille: I now have someone to toss Sanguine vamps to
Camille: because, I'll be honest
* Aki nods
Ravena: but why would someone join up here if they knew they wouldn't have the time or interest to get things off the ground?
Camille: I don't know how to deal with an awakening Sang vamp
Mairi: We are talking to each other where in some case we weren't prior to the venture
CrazeDS: Yeah, I mean I nev er would have met and been able to profusely annoy gabe..hehehe
Camille: *lol*
Ravena: if the only thing this group ever accomplished was to get to know each other, then that is more than fine by me
LadyCG: thats OK, Camille.. I am now much wiser as to the ways of Psis, from knowing You and Michelle
Gabrielx: lol
Camille: Ravena ~ I think it's more finding something to get off the ground.
LadySlinky: perhaps we thought there was more to it then a gab fest?
Ravena: because nothing annoys me more than the backbiting that happens
Ravena: sometimes it happens because the person is going by rumour and not by knowing the actual person
DreadLordDarkness: amen..lol
Camille: Don't get me wrong, I like this group. Hell, I got to talking to Vorsuc
Gabrielx: there is.. bringing the community closer.. the web site that hopefully gets up can be another launching point
Ravena: you get out of it what you put into it
LadyCG: and I think this has helped cut that to a minimum. I think of people here as friends. As such I know we don't allow other boards to be trashed on S&M... especially not if they belong to someone HERE.
* LadyCG lets no one trash her friends
LadySlinky: I can't put anything into something that to me is void of form
sarasvati: As a thought, before it slips my mind, in the interest of getting to know each other... we started out and tried to make mini-intos and bios of each person or group and projects and fit it int oa single chat...what about spreading it out?
Ravena: well, no one makes you stay here LadySlinky
* LadyCG makes Slinky stay!
LadySlinky: Then I think I shall take my leave
Ravena: if you arent' happy with the fact that we strengthen relationships and form new ones..
Camille: Sara ~ that chat is hosted, in edited form, on HK
LadyCG: damn.
Gabrielx: well that was quaint
Ravena: my directness strikes again..
Camille: We're going to disagree.
* LadyCG hopes Slinky will feel better later
sarasvati: Camille, I realize that... but the details, and teh devil that is in them, are not there due to time
Camille: People are going to join and leave.
sarasvati: (Yes, CG, that time thing again!)
Camille: Sara ~ more unedited details
Ravena: it's just that criticizing and making those obversations, and then doing nothing to help things along..
Camille: Ravena ~ People will get stressed,
Camille: People will come and go
* CrazeDS waves at loves at all and falls onto her bed
Gabrielx: ok here's the fact.. a lot of us feel that if we make one centralized place it'll be good for us. We can involve not only our opinions but the communities as well. Be able to release news, opinions, events what not in a central location along with other places
Ravena: yes, I'm sorry if I offended anyone
Ravena: but I'm not going to apologize for my honest opinions
LadyCG: Everyone has off nights. There WILL be tempers and there will be disagreements. But I think friends can disagree and still stay friends. Just gotta NOT make a big deal out of disagreements
Gabrielx: who are in this room right now.. I know SOME of your opinions on it not all
DreadLordDarkness: exactly CG
LadyCG: YOu want to make a Master Board / Group of some kind, Gabe? All for one and one for all?
LadyCG: .... invite the entire OVC to it?
Ravena: there are probably a 100 forums that do just that
LadyCG: ya.. but not all of US belong to ONE
Ravena: we have a forum though
Gabrielx: Im not inviting anyone to it.. they can look if they want lol
Ravena: or do you mean make a public forum with us running it
LadyCG: yes, but not one that all our members can join
Mairi: We should be using the forum more
* Gabrielx nods to mairi
Gabrielx: I dunno ravena.. kick around ideas
Gabrielx: discuss
Gabrielx: What do you guys think
Ravena: but there's plenty of forums for people to join
Ravena: to be honest, I don't need yet another forum
DreadLordDarkness: too many forums out there for my taste
Ravena: I'm having trouble keeping up with ones I'm responsible for now
sarasvati: Sort of a vampire Wikipedia? With a newslist?
Mairi: Same here, can't keep up as it is
LadyCG: I'd be all for a giant board that welcomes our members with the leaders of all the groups Admining it. That might be a fun project!
Camille: who runs a group with a number of members?
Gabrielx: *raises hand*
* LadyCG has a large group
Camille: or is part of one
Camille: (me)
Mairi: I have a large group
* Ravena is part of one
* sarasvati jsut has a webpage, no group
Mairi: Several to be honest
Camille: Do you guys think that it would be beneficial to get other members communicating
Camille: other then just group heads?
DreadLordDarkness: I'm a member of serveral have one of my own not including all my crazed women cultist out there..lol
LadyCG: I tink if we can get enough group leaders working together on such a project, we could actually have a shot at uniting the community, frankly.
Camille: Lady ~ I disagree
LadyCG: why?
Ravena: I'm not sure unity is a goal I would aim for
Camille: Lady ~ Let's use the Witches as an example.
Ravena: more of an understanding of one another
Mairi: I'm with Camille
Camille: Lady ~ no matter how much talking, you don't really get unity.
sarasvati: That would be nice in the long run...though we can now discuss our opinions and be civil about ideas, members of groups may not be so inclined depending on personalities
Camille: Lady ~ what you get are bigger and more productive groups, but not unity
Mairi: uniting isn't possible........just getting people to agree to disagree is hard work
Gabrielx: unity to me is something that probably wont happen... however open minded communication and thoughts with one another can
DreadLordDarkness: exactly Mairi
Ravena: unity should be something we focus on within our own groups or houses
LadyCG: IT can't happen if we dont' want it to.
Camille: Mairi, Gabe, agreed.
Ravena: but with the OVC as a whole, I think it's a pipe dream
Camille: Lady ~ I don't know if I want it to, to be honest.
Camille: I like you guys
Camille: but I don't knonw if I like the idea of a great big vampire group hug
Camille: I'll be honest.
Gabrielx: unity would be one mind
Gabrielx: one thought
DreadLordDarkness: Ok, to be blunt, we can agree sometimes, but not all the time..its just the way of humanity
Gabrielx: we thrive in different minds different thoughts honestly
LadyCG: Which is why the OVC is separated and segragated. We dont' actually WANT a united Vampire group in the long run
DreadLordDarkness: otherwise we are just drones or sheep
Ravena: I am not a warm and fuzzy people person lol
Ravena: I have never wanted unity
Camille: Lady ~ you and I were buddied in the first vampire pairing
Camille: that was great
Camille: I got to know a lot
Camille: I hope you did too
DreadLordDarkness: but that doesn't mean we can't work for a common goal
Camille: but it didnt make us united
Camille: it just made us communicate
Gabrielx: dread: exactly
Camille: and I think that's a good thing
Camille: I like you, I like your group.
Camille: But I'm not part of it
Gabrielx: everyone working towards common goals isn't really a unity
Camille: and I don't really want to be.
Camille: Just like while I hope you have some respect for HK
Camille: that doesn't mean we want to make some uber group out of the two of our organizations
LadyCG: I agree Camille.
Camille: even if we go after the same goals.
Ravena: I think knowing and understanding each other's views is much more realistic
Camille: So I'm not all for unity
Ravena: than unity
sarasvati: Maybe not strive for unity, then, but at least a cooperative? or a, umm... kiss? hehe
Camille: Ravena ~ *nods*
LadyCG: Most of us are not all for Unity.
LadyCG: which is why the OVC is the way it is
Mairi: I agree with Ravena about understanding each others views
Gabrielx: I don't think that's true cg
Ravena: I'm fussy with who I interact with on a personal basis
Gabrielx: the ovc is the way it is, due to ppl not knowing one another and not caring for one another
Gabrielx: it's hard to change a belief, it's easier to change a relationship
Camille: Opportunities to know about each other, hopefully to find people we like, the maturity to deal with those we don't when we have a goal
Camille: gods if we could have that, I'd be happy.
LadyCG: We don't have to go along. We just have to GET along, to make the community a friendlier place
Ravena: well, there's a few people I've met whom i wouldn't trade in
Camille: *nods*
Gabrielx: I think thats all we should really be looking for.. educating people of ourselves and who we are.. in that they will know us better and may give us a chance to know them better.. changing the way we treat one another
Gabrielx: me and mairi for example ;p
LadyCG: So.. now that we have an idea of what we do not want.. maybe we need to decide where we DO want to go with this. is it enough to just have these chats and our message board?
DreadLordDarkness: Its a start CG
DreadLordDarkness: its all a matter of slow growth after that
sarasvati: So, if we were to make a webpage for it, something like a page where each of us makes one page exaplining who we are and what we do, amy be a link to another member with similar ideas and one to a member with dissimilar ideas?
Ravena: so maybe our goal could be something like to promote understanding and good will among the different houses, groups, and people in the OVC
Camille: Lady ~ 1. I want to get to know everyone and have opportunities to establish working (and friendly) relationships with others in the community
Camille: both as an individual, as as a rep from HK
DreadLordDarkness: expand too quickly and you loose out in the long run
Ravena: not to get unity or be their best friend..
Camille: 2. I'd like to see productive things come of that - either in individual projects or in projects from the group as a whole.
Gabrielx: expand too slowly and stagnate
DreadLordDarkness: there is a middle ground
Mairi: just keep working at it is all we can do
LadyCG: yes.. and we need to find that middle ground
Camille: 3. I'd like to learn about the rest of the community - again both as an individual and as an HK rep.
DreadLordDarkness: Don't stop doing what we are, find the right pace for expansion and plod on
Camille: 4. (dreaming now) I'd like to see some of the snits between some of us ironed out so people can at least work together without wanting to hit each other.
DreadLordDarkness: stagnation comes from inaction
Camille: That's me.
Ravena: those sound reasonable cammie
* sarasvati bops Camille then reads #4... oh, sorry, yes, I gree (kidding about the bop!)
Mairi: I'm sure we can all find something about each other that we like
Mairi: and from that we can grow
sarasvati: *nods*
Gabrielx: so we have a lot of talking, a lot of ideas, a lot of agreeing.. a lot of disagreeing, each of us here. What do we walk away with on opening a page? yes or no? etc..
Camille: I'd like to restart the vampire buddy system.
Gabrielx: camille: that'll be done
Ravena: I had some good friends in it and I learned a lot of stuff
Camille: I'd like to hear what each person wants out of the group.
LadyCG: I think if we reopen the buddy system we should wait till Sept
Camille: Lady ~ why?
LadyCG: its much easier to do this kind of thing when everyone is back at work / school and not on holidays
Ravena: the buddy system is great if we can get in touch with the person who is our buddy
Camille: Lady ~ opposite for me,
Camille: and october is a BAd month
Mairi: I can talk anytime
Camille: Ravena ~ very fair.
Camille: Let's do it this month... and september... and even october... and november
Camille: start now with the people who can do it
sarasvati: I do like the idea of re-opening the buddy system... as to teh webpage, I think that is also a good idea, if it is focused on exactly what we have been discussing... opening up the ideas and opinions of each group in teh community not only so WE know, but others as well
Camille: add people as they can participate
Ravena: I just want to understand the views of other houses and people
Mairi: Why stop with just one person
Ravena: not always agree, but understand
Mairi: why not have two buddies
eclipso: why?
Camille: Mairi ~ because one lets you have only one person to hunt down
Ravena: and perhaps I just *might* make a friend or two along the way
Camille: which almost everyone can do
DreadLordDarkness: incase one isn't available?
Camille: I'd like to rotate every month
Ravena: if not, then at least I better understand someone else's views
Camille: Dread ~ Very fair.
Camille: I'd honestly be fine with two
DreadLordDarkness: I know Im pretty damn busy sometimes
Gabrielx: saras: thank you for your perspective
Camille: but I think at 3 thing's get kind anuts
Ravena: call your buddy for free!
Ravena: or use voice chat
DreadLordDarkness: Mairi can attest to trying to get intouch with me the past month
Mairi: I'll answer anyone's email
DreadLordDarkness: But I do answer emails
Camille: Ravena ~ I would be willing to give my Voip number out to people to talk to via phone.
Camille: assuming I knew it WENT NO FARTER
Ravena: yes, it's super important to maintain that discretion
Ravena: I'm like one of those paranoid people about personal info
DreadLordDarkness: Ive posted my info out there
DreadLordDarkness: but I don't mind giving it out to people who want it
Camille: Ravena ~ but do you think it'd be worth doing skype/voip chat?
Ravena: it's free
Ravena: I mean, it'd be good for those who prefer the phone
sarasvati: I am willing to give it out to those here, but as to teh phone, I don't always have time to talk (never call me on a Monday night! hehe)
Ravena: otherwise, chat or email would be fine
DreadLordDarkness: but at least everyone in my household is either kin or so ingrained with kin that it doesn't matter who you talk to..lol
Mairi: I work from home 75% of the time so I'm almost always online and at home
Ravena: well, there's voice chat too, no phone numbers need to be exchanged
Ravena: and that is allowed on most IM programs
DreadLordDarkness: in any case, here is my email addy because i gotta bail, company just rolled in
DreadLordDarkness: so if anyone wants to email
DreadLordDarkness: shoot me one
Camille: Question
Camille: : is there any other business?
Gabrielx: Call me lame but I still don't know which way were going with the site
Gabrielx: if it's a yay or nay
Camille: Gabe ~ I'd vote Yay.
eclipso: yay
sarasvati: yay
Ravena: if we go with the site, I don't think you should have to do it Gabe
Ravena: you have enough on your plate as it is
* LadyCG is still hazy on what exactly you want to do with the site....
Camille: Ravena ~ lt's do that next vote...
LadyCG: I"m good with a site
Mairi: Do we need a website
Gabrielx: lady: information center/ etc etc /
Gabrielx: or what not (that's me summing it up)
LadyCG: Ok.. sounds good to me
eclipso: a starting point for sites boards?
Mairi: What sort of information would we put on it Gabe
Camille: I do have a proposal for one thing to put up there
Camille: if people are interested
Gabrielx: mairi: anything you want mairi :)
Camille: Is anyone here familiar with Wren's nest?
SphynxCatVP: not me
eclipso: nope
Mairi: I am
Mairi: read it every morning
eclipso: what is it?
Camille: Wren's nest is something the Wiccans/Pagans do, though it's branched from there
sarasvati: Nope, not heard of it
Camille: it is, for many Wiccans/Pagans
Aki: camille: I've heard of it
Camille: the first thing they check in the morning
* LadyCG is unfamiliar with it
Camille: It's a collected site of all the news to happen in the media
Mairi: Its on the witchs Vox
Camille: which could affect Witches
SphynxCatVP: Oh, WitchVox, ok
Camille: WitchVox is the larger site
Camille: Wren's nest is the subsection.
Mairi: Excellent place to get information
SphynxCatVP: it's an interesting idea, but how much can we stand of "killer claims vampirism" news stories?
Camille: Mairi ~ it, cnn, and slashdot are my morning nenws
Camille: Sphynx ~ which is why I suggest also mixing it with community announcements
Mairi: http://www.witchvox.com/
Gabrielx: how about we start posting the GOOD things we do?
Camille: Sphynx ~ because yes, otherwise it will be VERY painful.
SphynxCatVP: Sangi's got a newsletter that's been sorta doing the same thing
Camille: Sphynx ~ how often is it put out?
Mairi: ShadowLore has its newsletter, The Shadow Tymes
eclipso: what would be in it?
SphynxCatVP: monthly I think?
Camille: the benefit of this is that it's continous
sarasvati: Aye, about monthly
Camille: almost more a news blog
Camille: then a newsletter
Mairi: Camille idea is a good one
sarasvati: THat would be nice
Camille: the thing is
Camille: to pull it off
Camille: you need a wide array of people from different parts of the community
Camille: to send stuff into it...
Camille: something rather unique
sarasvati: Something anyone can add to as they find things...though may have to be moderated?
Camille: to the current VVC.
SphynxCatVP: and they need to remember to do it
Camille: Sara ~ I'd rather assign a number of mods.
SphynxCatVP: and yes, moderation is key
Camille: who can post thing
Camille: with an email account
Camille: which forwards to all of them
Mairi: I can tell you from running the Shadow Tymes getting people to send in info is going to be difficult
Camille: so that the admins post things
SphynxCatVP: otherwise you'll get not only spam, but clueless ones going "come to x-party on saturday" with no other info
Camille: Mairi ~ true, which is why you need a wide base
Camille: like the VVC.
Mairi: it may start out strong but it will eventually peter down to who ever is in charge doing all the work
sarasvati: Those that do the newsletters already, though, can addthe articles/newsclippings as the yfind them for thier own newsletters too
Camille: Mairi ~ that is a serious concern
Camille: Mairi ~ and personally, I suggest this thing have at least 3 admins
Camille: for that reason.
Camille: it is easier to admin though
Camille: because the thing is, you don't have to actually write articles
Camille: you're posting news clippings
Camille: so it's 2 min of work instead of 20
Mairi: I don't mean to be negitive but even with 3 admin. those 3 will end up doing it all
SphynxCatVP: Mairi's right
Camille: mairi ~ it's a fair concern.
SphynxCatVP: been tehre done that with a mundane project
SphynxCatVP: got burnout
Camille: to replace burned out admins
Camille: between our various groups?
SphynxCatVP: depends on how many web geeks there are :)
Camille: Sphynx ~ we can set it up
Camille: so that it doesn't require webgeekery
Mairi: I really like the Wren's Nest idea best, with 3 admin posting the info that we all submit rather than a newsletter
SphynxCatVP: then you're talking a CMS thing
SphynxCatVP: potentially daunting to the CMS-interface-newbie
Camille: Mairi ~ I am with you personally.
LadyCG: RSS feeds?
LadyCG: just an idea
Camille: Sphynx ~ there are a couple ways to do it. CMS is a definite option.
SphynxCatVP: many of the CMS's provide an RSS feed automatically
Camille: Personally
Camille: I say leave that up
SphynxCatVP: that would be an advantage to it
Camille: to a decision by the admins.
Mairi: I get around or so it seems, so I can pump articles and information into whatever we do
Mairi: but geeky I am not
Camille: in my experience, things get done best
Camille: if the admins are given technical control and decision making power
Camille: mairi ~ that's really the hard part hopefully
Camille: and the part that we'd nee
Camille: and why a group like VVC could do it, but individually we might have trouble.
sarasvati: Even something like an embeded LJ that we can all post to may work
SphynxCatVP: that's true
Camille: Sara ~ that would be one possible technical solution.
Mairi: those in charge would need to have tech control in order to keep things up to date
SphynxCatVP: and an embedded LJ can be set to do an RSS feed as well
LadyCG: that would make it simple.. its a good idea, Saras
SphynxCatVP: I've seen a few do that
Camille: Mairi ~ yes, and I also think they should choose the exact format.
eclipso: night
LadyCG: I think it would be less work for Admins if we could all post our own news in some wy
LadyCG: way, even
Mairi: I agree CG
sarasvati: Short version: Newsfeed? Yes. Mods needed, at least three. How t odo it? RSS? Imbeded LJ? blog dsicserv? Discuss...
Camille: CG ~ from this group maybe
LadyCG: yes Camille
Camille: but there are still things like plain old news
Mairi: anything else will be a huge undertaking until we become more of a group
Camille: the other problem is
Camille: and let's be honest
Camille: what happens when someone has a snit
SphynxCatVP: all hell breaks loose
Mairi: depends on the person
LadyCG: I say we refuse to make a big deal out of tiffs
Camille: I'd rather we pick a few dedicated admins
Camille: polite enough to leave with disagreements
Camille: then risk, esp as the group gets larger
Camille: drama in a newsfeed
LadyCG: We're all Adults here
Camille: CG ~ perhaps I'm too jaded.
LadyCG: I think we should just accept that there will be disagreements and refuse to make a big deal out of them
Mairi: drama happens when gossip is involved
LadyCG: next time we see the person who stormed out.. we just carry on like it didn't happen unless it was actually something truly horrific. *shrugs
Camille: esp as the group gets bigger
Mairi: To keep that from happening there has to be admins who would post the info
Camille: Mairi ~ that's my theory.
Mairi: sort of moderators
Camille: I am very, very jaded.
LadyCG: Are we really not adult enough to jsut... behave?
Mairi: I thought that was where you were going
Mairi: It's sad CG but not everyone can behave like adults when their nose is out of joint
Camille: CG ~ I don't know. And even if I could say that now, I'm not sure if I can say it in the future.
LadyCG: I guess I just think its sad
Camille: CG ~ agreed wholeheartedly
Mairi: It is sad CG
Camille: CG ~ but you've run a board, a huge one
Camille: tell me, am I really wrong?
LadyCG: I think we are all capeable of exercising self control
Mairi: Especially when just talking things over solves so much
Camille: we had someone storm out tonight, and I can't even say she's at fault - she left, that was fine
LadyCG: tantrums happenon S&M, all the time.. but we don't make big deals out of it. When it happens we just quietly delete the offending post and carry on like it never happened, most of the time
Camille: but it wasn't sticking around and talking
Camille: CG ~ on a newsfeed
Camille: that's a bad thig
Camille: if this has ANY success
Camille: any screw ups
Camille: litterally become community news.
Ravena: I have been around hundreds and hundreds of the ovc people in the past six years or so, and sadly, people sometimes aren't adult enough to behave
LadyCG: hopefully if it happens Camille and people see it happen, it will encourage peopel to grow up and realize its tacky
Camille: it'll just discourage people
LadyCG: but if we're goign to work together, shouldn't we be able to trust each other to be adult?
Gabrielx: agreed
LadyCG: it sounds to me like we need to accomodate a lot of trust issues
Camille: CG ~ ideally, yes.
SphynxCatVP> CG : In an ideal world, yes... trouble is, a lot of people aren't the "ideal" adults
Gabrielx: problem comes with acceptance
LadyCG: *sighs
SphynxCatVP: you've seen that recently :P
Camille: ... and it's HARD
Camille: it's HARD to be nice
Gabrielx: of other peoples beliefs, or thoughts, or just the fact it's their's. Then the other problem comes with debate. People have a hard time debating a topic and not the person involved in it
LadyCG> yes, and how did we react to it, Sphynx? we just quietly carried on <SphynxCatVP: yep
Mairi: sometimes polite is the best I can do
Camille: I've snapped a couple times in public, and I'm known as a nice self controlled one
Camille: (I am more honest on here then most places)
Camille: (thus seeming much less nice)
Mairi: I've done the same thing Camille
SphynxCatVP> CG : my point wasn't that we carried on - my point was that it happened int eh first place, from an adult
Mairi: and I hate it when I do
Camille: i have a wonderful admin team
Camille: for the boards
Camille: ... and every once in a while
Camille: I delete something of theirs.
LadyCG: We all lose it from time to time. its in our natures.. its in everyones natures.. but I dont' see how that makes us appear less of a group... just makes us sound.. dare I say it.. Human
Camille: or edit the posts of house members
Mairi: I have good people on SL and we have been 90% drama free in the 4 years we have been in existence
sarasvati: If the trust is to be an issue, andwe go with moderators, it almsot sounds as though we would have to have even the mods who post articles pass thier articles through other mods...not sure how that would be accomplished, but that would be a solution
Camille: Sara ~ yeah, there are still moderator trust issues
Camille: but hopefully we can confine it to those less likely to blow a gasket
LadyCG: I jsut dont' think an occassional bit of drama should be able to kill the idea or makes such an undertaking less credible, I guess.
Camille: CG ~ it does.
Gabrielx: Slinky’s basic point was, if we didn't have a goal or something we were actively working towards in her eyes that would create enough change and effect it may not have been the group she was thinking it was
LadyCG: well Ok... whatever.. I'll go along with whatever you all want to do, frankly
Gabrielx: it's her right to leave on that note though right?
Camille: Gabe ~ absolutely.
Camille: but instead of talking about her point, she stormed off. I'm not saying I even entirely blame her.
Gabrielx: nods, left something to be desired I must say
Camille: but if every time we disagree we do that
Camille: we will all be gone
Camille: by november..
Gabrielx: you're right
Gabrielx: we've worked hard past a lot of disagreements
Mairi: It's difficult to make one's point in a chat especially with so many people all trying to speak their mind too
Mairi: doing it in the forum is a bit better
Camille: Mairi ~ I do think that if you really, really want to make a point writing it out on the forum would be a good thing.
Mairi: My schedule heats up starting next month work wise....but I am willing to help whereever I am needed
Mairi: You might have to explain what you need done but you can count on my help
Gabrielx: cool mairi.. thanks for the offer.. so what we need to do is sit down or have someone do it.. and go over whats going to be on the site and make an actual rough draft so to say
Gabrielx: so people helping or doing, know what direction they are going in and what to use.. lol
Camille: I would also like to apologize to anyone I may have offended this meaning
Camille: I believe honesty is a very good policy
Camille: and that it's how things get done... but it also means I'm a lot more blunt here
Camille: because I respect people here enough to do that.
Camille: however, I still apologize to anyone that offends.
Mairi: I don't always agree with everything all of you say but no one has offended me
Ravena: I already apologized to anyone who was offended
Ravena: but not going to apologize for my honest opinions
Aki: isn't that part of why we came together? so we could be honest with each other and work past the things that do offend without the backstabbing?
LadyCG: I dont' offend easily.. you've been to S&M, Cammy, lol.
Camille: Aki ~ I hope so, and I think so.
Mairi: I really don't see how what was said here tonight would offend anyone.
Mairi: I mean no one attacked anyone for their opinions
LadyCG: I think the idea of the site is a good one. I think we accomplished something.
Mairi: I always look at it this way. IF you are speaking directly to me than it might seem like a confrontation
LadyCG: I like to plan ahead for meetings when possible
Mairi: but other than that its just an opinion that I might not agree with
Camille: I'm pleased with the meeting honestly
Mairi: I thought it went quite well myself
LadyCG: me too
Gabrielx: Do we feel we have some type of direction?
Mairi: I really like it when we can all throw idea's into a pot
* Gabrielx nods to mairi
* Aki agrees
Ravena: a mission statement might hep
Mairi: feels good being a part of something positive
Ravena: help
Ravena: but not of unity
Camille: Ravena ~ I think that's a good idea
* sarasvati feels a little more like there is direction
Camille: I'd really like to see people put up suggestions of what they think the goals of the group should be
Ravena: one that involves simply our wish to understand each other's views and possibly get to know each other
Camille: probably on the message board
Gabrielx: I hope that as this progresses the groups that may come in are also of the same view on throwing ideas in a pot
Ravena: not to agree with each other or become best friends
Camille: though I also agree with you Sara, I do think we're coming together
Ravena: to promote respect and understanding, not unity
LadyCG: Friendship.. sharing of ideas... cross board communication.. what more do we need? lol!
Ravena: I suppose sums it up
Camille: CG ~ I like projects
Camille: I'll be honest
Mairi: I like them too Camilla
Camille: I DO think it's good to complete a practical purpose even beyond the social aspects
Camille: though those are also valuable
LadyCG: well the new website idea should give everyone who needs a new project, something to sink their teeth into.
Camille: CG ~ agreed.
Camille: I wonder if Slinky would be willing to help.
Camille: or have someone in her group do so
LadyCG: Slinky is very good at projects, if she has time
Gabrielx: Any other business on the table? or questions? thoughts? etc
Camille: Gabe ~ nope except I assume you're doing the buddy lists again"?
Gabrielx: correct
Mairi: Yeah I want a new buddy
Camille: just making sure
Mairi: or two
Gabrielx: I'll be doing that up probably tomorrow
Camille: *nod*
Gabrielx: Wow, I don't even think we had a host in this meeting
Gabrielx: Kinda like it .. we still managed to go a direction
Aki: seemed to work out okay
Gabrielx: So Thank you everyone for hosting the meeting snickers
Mairi: Night all
sarasvati: I'll post the links to teh surveys for review to the boardtonight
* Gabrielx nods to sara
LadyCG: are we going to bring friends to the next meeting? is it an option?
Gabrielx: *checks to see the exact dates etc on the next meeting*
Camille: If we do an august one
LadyCG: just send me a note and let me know when to show up, lol
* LadyCG is going to head off and call it a night.
Gabrielx: 3rd saturday
Aki: sounds good
Gabrielx: 16th I think
* LadyCG hugs all around and heads off to spend time with her mate.
LadyCG: Night all
Gabrielx: I'll post it up on the board
Gabrielx: everyone has to read saras stuff anyhow :)
Gabrielx: ok guys I'm off
Gabrielx: thanks again stay safe be healthy watch out for midget aliens with daggers
* Gabrielx trots off
Ravena: well, I guess I"ll be off as well
Camille: *nods* I may as well also
Camille: seems things are winding down
Aki: all right guys
Ravena: it was good talking to you guys again.. drop me a line if you're so inclined
Aki: nods
sarasvati: I think I'll go get the surveys posted now...
sarasvati: Hasta!
Ravena: okay, I'll check em out
Aki: have fun guys