A Little History Lesson

Written by: Julia Caples (DarkRose)
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Yes, I am qualified to give this lesson–I lived it. I was there in the flesh while it was being made! There is plenty of documented evidence to support my claim.

Wow! When did the definition of Vampyre/Vampire become equated with being a wimpy, whining, non-blood-drinking, live-in-fantasy-land Being?

The V community, as most of you know it, is a far cry from the V community that existed long before the Internet. I have only been an active part of the V community since the 1980's; however, there is documented evidence that it existed loooooooong before I was even born (1968). There is historical evidence that living Vampires–blood drinkers–existed and even flourished–were even revered (as they should be)–many, many moons ago.

However, since I was not there (not that I can remember) many, many moons ago, I will just briefly explain what happened at the onset of the online Vampire community. Why, you ask? Why do I feel the need to explain "ancient" history? Well, I woke up this morning and I had this bug up my ass. I don't want this bug up my ass. So, I am going to purge it. If you don't want to read the facts, ma'am, then don't...just walk away.

It is actually quite simple–don't worry, I'm not going to call anyone out. I'm not going to publicly call them out on their bullshit.

Vampires/Vampyres are blood drinkers. End of story. Not, "sangs," but blood drinkers! Please, don't sugar coat what it is. If you can't handle the truth, then go run and hide with all the rest of the brainwashed vampire sheep. (Right there, that is an Oxy Moron. Being a Vampire and sheep – can not happen). The truth is, before certain people decided that they wanted in on the V community (because they saw its potential as a money maker and as a catalyst to fame), but did not want to drink blood, those of us who were already very much integrated into the very underground world of Vampirism–no club kids or fashion victim vamps allowed–, we already knew that drinking blood–from people, not animals or eating raw meat–was much more than just a physical act. We already knew that it was a kind of transcendence, both physical and "spiritual" (whatever that means is different for everyone). I'm not blowing my own horn, but facts are facts... I even published a Vampire lifestyle magazine for blood drinkers in the 1990's. My magazine was one of the first to talk about how blood drinking is so much more than just drinking blood. Every bit of publicity that I did, I talked about the other aspects of blood drinking – beyond just the physical. Anyway...

Certain people wanted to jump on what they perceived as a gravy train–at least for them–, but they didn't want to actually drink human blood–even though their previous works and photos portrayed exactly that. They decided that they needed to be a Vampire, but they didn't want to have to prove it like us blood drinkers can. So, the whole psi-vamp revolution started. Everyone jumped on that band wagon–of course they did. No proof needed! Now, all those people with empty lives; all those people with no direction, no discernable purpose in their lives; all those people who want to be special, who want a more glamorous reason for being sick...all those people took the new definition of Vampire and proudly slapped it on their foreheads.

But that wasn't enough, no, it wasn't enough to have hordes of former role-players or club kids now claiming that they are psi-vamps; certain people even took it a step further. These people decided to make up even more bullshit, and, of course, everyone is going to listen and buy into it–being a psi-vamp allows you to be different, without actually having to prove anything. Now it was being taught to the masses of sheep that if you drink human blood, you are not as evolved as a psi-vamp. Even though the absolute, obvious truth is that whether you are a self-described psi-vamp or a blood drinking vamp, both are a physical act. Feeding off of prana, life-force, chi, etc., all require your brain and your body; there is no way around it. You can not perceive any of your prana feeding without your physical body. Even dream walking or feeding off of people through astral projection requires your brain. Newsflash, your brain is a physical part of your body. No spiritual transcendence is possible without your brain! Get over it!

So, the whole, "blood drinkers are not as evolved vamps as psi-vamps," is complete and utter propaganda. We–especially those blood drinkers that came way before the internet (which fucked it all up, mostly–not entirely fucked up; some good exists)–already knew–still know–that drinking human blood is much more than just a physical act. It might be different for every vamp, but we know. We are living proof of what we are. At least I am.

All this whining, "Woe is me," "I hate living with this curse," "I just want to be normal," "I'm so sick," "I need to feed, but I live in a town where no one understands me"...Blah,blah,blah! Vampires, are not whining bitches. We are predators. We do not live by the same rules as non-vamps. Get the fuck over it!

As far as I am concerned, I am not a revenant (which is what a true, traditional vampire is). No, I am not a Hollywood or literary vampire either. I am something completely unique; something different from any movie or book. I do use the label vampire because I drink human blood to feed my body and spirit. Blood drinkers have every right to claim that label for themselves. This new, whimpy, "Woe is me," "I can't stand this curse," "I need to find someone, so I can feed off of their energy definition," is not the definition of a vampire, such as I am. Still, it's just a word. I am certainly not defined by any word. I truly don't care who uses the word or how they define it. I was just making a point–at least I am trying to.

My point is, all you whining vamps have no idea about our origins. Where we are now is not as important as where we came from. Where we are going is what matters. Again, what is my point to this rant? I don't care where all the whining, non-vamps are headed. Why should I? Even though they make up most of the Vampire community now; even though I don't participate in the online community, I am very active offline in the real world like I have been since the 1980's. I do care about my brothers, sisters, and our future. I believe that we need to have a tighter network like we did before the whole online community took over and did more harm than good–it drove many of us even deeper underground. So, my little history lesson was directed to anyone in the online V community who really has no idea where we come from. Do you really think that we just started existing once there was the Internet? (Actually, most of the, "V community," did start existing once there was an Internet.) But for those of us that are actually living, blood drinking vampires, I believe that it is time to step away from the Internet (as much as each individual can), and reclaim what is ours. We do that by banding together like we used to do; we do that by being the tight-knit group we used to be; we do that by being the family that we used to be–not just a bunch of made up names and avatars on a screen. It's one thing to make claims about who/what you are on a computer screen. It's something else entirely to be a part of a real world Family and not be able to just say, "Oh yeah, I just fed from that guy's prana; I feel better now."

Okay, I hope this is clear. I am not starting any psi vs blood drama. I don't care what others choose to believe about themselves–I am just trying to bring those of my kind closer together. I thought that a brief history lesson might get some curiosity going and it might inspire people to do more offline (if you are able). Truly living your life as a living vampire is an amazingly beautiful and powerful thing–get out there and go live it!