Participation In The Vampire Community - Average Hours Per Year 2011-2012

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How many total HOURS per YEAR on AVERAGE do you spend in the vampire community ACTIVELY engaged in VAMPIRE/VAMPIRISM-SPECIFIC tasks of posting discussions or replies, mentoring or providing direct assistance, attending social gatherings that aren't exclusively party/club oriented, meetings, conferences, writing articles/blogs/books, projects, or other hands-on tasks? Please do NOT include time spent leisure web surfing, reading, or other non-interactive/discussion/production tasks.

This poll is designed primarily to address lay curiosity and by no means meant to be detailed or representative of a large sample. Ideally, all activities "vampire community related" one may engage in (online or offline) would be listed along with a standard measurement of time devoted to each on either a daily, monthly, and/or yearly average in order to most accurately illuminate the parameters of vampire community participation.

The following is an aid to help conceptualize cumulative hours per year in terms of an average measurement per day.

Using Average Approximation Between Ranges

  • 1-25 Hours Per Year = 2 Minutes Per Day
  • 26-75 Hours Per Year = 8 Minutes Per Day
  • 76-150 Hours Per Year = 18 Minutes Per Day
  • 151-250 Hours Per Year = 33 Minutes Per Day
  • 251-500 Hours Per Year = 1 Hour & 2 Minutes Per Day
  • 501-750 Hours Per Year = 1 Hour & 43 Minutes Per Day
  • 751-1000 Hours Per Year = 2 Hours & 24 Minutes Per Day
  • 1001-1500 Hours Per Year = 3 Hours & 25 Minutes Per Day
  • 1501-2000 Hours Per Year = 4 Hours & 48 Minutes Per Day
  • More Than 2000 Hours = 5 Hours Or More Per Day

Results From Poll Conducted On Vampire Community News (VCN) - December 2011

Average Number of Hours Per Year Spent Engaged In The Vampire Community

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