Donors & Vampires: My Advice to You

Written by: Mike Future
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Because of the nature of the subject, this article is intended for individuals who are 18 years of age & over.

Sanguinarians face many problems both physically & mentally. But when we get right down to it, blood is the most important aspect of our condition. As we all know, a donor is a person who willingly gives a vampire their blood. This may sound simple, but the act of obtaining a donor is probably the hardest things sanguinarians experience. The process of finding a donor can teach us a lot about human nature and friendship.

How do we approach a potential donor? In a perfect world we would be able to ask a close friend to donate, and they would gladly help out. However, a lot of vamps are uncomfortable (understandably) asking a friend and so we turn to the Internet. This can pose many problems. First of all, we don't know who's on the other side of the screen. I would suggest starting out with a simple request by stating your needs, your age, general location, and an E-mail address. I also suggest that you create a separate e-mail address for this purpose. You don't want to give out too much info where anyone can see it such as a public forum. Now, in dealing with replies, avoid people who immediately start asking for your address, phone numbers, etc. Also avoid people who ask questions of a sexual nature. The screening process takes time, and you should be able to express your needs in an intelligent way. On the other hand, the potential donor needs to know about vampirism and why we need blood. It's a learning/teaching relationship. It's always better to take your time and get to know a person instead of jumping into this unprepared.

Asking a real live person can be intimidating and how you ask is very important. Take a look at your friends. Whom do you feel would be mature enough to handle this? You may have really good friends, and they might seem like the logical donor choice but they may not be ready to handle what you have to tell them. Be prepared! The best way to go about this is to explain vampirism in an intelligent & simple way at first. Focus on your beliefs about the condition. Explain that there are many theories out there, but the point is that we need blood to stay healthy. Get your thoughts together, even write them down if you have to! Take it seriously, because you may end up ruining a friendship. Let the person know up front the risks and commitment involved. Look within yourself as well...are you prepared for this? Are you ready to actually go to a doctor with your donor and get blood tests? Are you comfortable enough yet to be able to ask for blood? Again, TAKE YOUR TIME.

Once you have a donor, begin to form a routine. Find out your donor's preferences such as where they wish to have blood drawn on their body. Talk about how much you need, when, where, and how all of this will be done, etc. Pay attention to the donor, because this can be a very emotional experience for all parties involved. We vampires have the responsibility to treat donors with the utmost respect. It's easy to fall into the frame of mind where we view donors as only a source of blood, and not as a human being.

And finally, BE SAFE! Don't miss a blood test, keep yourself healthy, and use protection! Many people fall victim when they get lazy and make a ends up costing someone their health and maybe even their life. I, myself, have been a witness to one too many AIDS scares concerning people I know. Don't be stupid. The reality of all of this should be jumping from your screen right now! Take advantage of my advice.

Unfortunately, it is hard for vampires who are under 18 to find a donor. There are many laws involved, and people can end up in jail when it comes to cutting someone who is underage even if it is consensual.

This article is not intended to cover everything. Please talk with donors & vampires and get other opinions. And good luck!