Tips for Donors

Written by: Ravena
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The term donor is used to describe someone who provides blood (or pranic energy) on their own free will without being coerced. It is important that donors recognize any situations that may place them in danger or threaten their health.

A donor's ability to exercise good judgement and common sense is essential when considering whether or not to donate. New donors should familiarize themselves with how to spot a blood drinker(or energy feeder) who could potentially cause them emotional or physical harm. When thinking about whether or not to donate, please keep the following points in mind.

  • Do not allow anyone to make you feel obligated to be a donor. If someone tries to pressure you it is doubtful that they will ever care about your well being.
  • Ensure that the blood drinker practices safe procedures when withdrawing blood. Anything used should be sterilized and the area where the cut is made should be wiped with alcohol.
  • Communication should be encouraged and any concerns the donor has should be discussed prior to a donation taking place. A blood drinker who refuses to discuss the issues openly is not worth the donor's time.
  • Recognize and accept the possibility that a bond of friendship(or more) may develop as a result of the donor-vampiric association. It is a good idea to discuss what the expectations are so that no one ends up with hurt feelings. Stating the terms beforehand does not guarantee that no one will be emotionally hurt, but being prepared can help. Sometimes the donor-vampiric relationship can lead to romantic feelings, and these feelings are not always mutual. It is important to makes the terms very clear so as not to send the wrong message or create unrealistic expectations. Some vampiric individuals cannot help but get attached, and others remain detached. Others still maintain a middle ground. Whatever the case, always keep the lines of communication open to avoid painful misunderstandings.
  • There are several myths and legends regarding vampires. Hollywood plays on these myths and legends, and often cashes in on them. Vampirism is often surrounded with fantasy for the purposes of entertainment. Unfortunately there are those who take the fantasy too far. More often than not, these individuals are harmless but it is integral that a donor watch the blood drinker (or energy feeder) for any signs that he or she may be "lost in la la land".

Signs that Someone May Be Lost in "La La Land"

  • They say things like, "I have lived in the darkness for 500 years." And, "I cannot go out into the sun, it would destroy me."
  • They make references about themselves that sound suspiciously like Vampire the Masquerade or some other role playing game.
  • They think they are immortal and claim they are immune to diseases.
  • They claim they can drain someone completely of blood, or boast about consuming large amounts of blood. Humans can only handle so much blood. In fact, most vampires only ingest and teaspoon or two at a time. On a side note, psi vampires can rarely, if ever, cause death by draining someone of their energy.
  • They cannot function properly in their day to day lives because of something that happened 800 years ago in a past life or because of some astral disaster. ie "An astral dragon attacked me on the way to the store this afternoon". Or if the person is so totally focused on what happens in astral or other realms, they confuse it with their present reality. This is not to say that the astral does not exist, but as in most things, a balance is important. The key to trying to measure someone's "sanity" is to determine if things like astral or metaphysical matters are interfering with their ability to take care of things in everyday life.(work, school, family, friends, etc)
  • If they sound like they have delusions of grandeur such as supposing themselves to be superior to "those humans", it is cause for serious concern. If they make references to their "victims" and to killing people for blood, then stay clear of them. They have serious mental illness issues that you may not be equipped to deal with. While it is true that people who get carried away with fantasies are often relatively harmless, there is also the possibility their delusions may lead them to harm others. Better safe than sorry is a good motto.

Sometimes donors are faced with wanting to find someone to donate to, but not really knowing where to start. The internet is the most obvious choice because it enables people to connect regardless of locale or other obstacles. However, anyone considering meeting someone from the internet should exercise EXTREME CAUTION. Sometimes gothic or fetish events are the ideal place to meet a blood drinker. This is not because all of them like blood. In these subcultures, it is often easier to bring up the topic of vampirism and it is not considered taboo. People are more open minded to things that may be considered "weird" to the mainstream of society. That being said, vampiric individuals come from all walks of life and a good majority of them do not look like the stereotypical vampire. Stay alert and learn to recognize opportunities for talking about vampirism. A safe opportunity may present itself by discussing vampire fiction or movies. It is not too difficult to get a feel for how the person views vampirism. If they do not seem interested or if they seem horrified, nothing is really lost as no one came right out and said anything directly.

It is important for donors to practice good judgement and common sense consistently. If something does not feel right, leave the situation. Keep in mind that knowledge is power and stay informed. Never compromise on safety or health issues.