Egyptian Vampires

Written by: SphynxCatVP
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"My religion is [Egyptian] and I'm offended by the use of ankhs"

If you'll look carefully, you'll see that I don't use any form of ankh on MY particular site - the reason is simply because I feel they have been overused on almost every other real vampire website out there. I have no control over anyone else's site, so if you are that offended, by all means, e-mail everyone who uses ankhs on their site - don't just assume I'm one of them run to the feedback page without taking the time to look through mine first.

The popularity of that particular symbol applying to vampires in general most likely comes from two things, either or both: A movie called "The Hunger", in which the main character has a bladed ankh for blooddrinking activities, and the infamous "Vampire: The Masquerade" role-playing game. (Of the two, I suspect V:TM has a larger influence these days.)

What does the sphinx have to do with vampires?

Eh, not a damn thing to my knowledge. :) I chose the Sphinx because of the mystery it represents to a lot of people - we (being the general populace) don't know that much about the Sphinx, so it's very much a mystery. By using the Sphinx on my site, I am merely attempting to borrow some of the "mysterious atmosphere" while my site attempts to clear up some of the "mystery" of vampirism to anyone who's unfamiliar with it.

Are there any sign of vampires or vampire legends in Egypt?

Difficult to say. The only thing I've found that comes close are the characteristics attributed to lion-headed deity Sekhmet (also known as Sakhmet or Sekhet). (You can see what I'm referring to here, about halfway down the page) I haven't seen anything beyond that with anything I would recognize as having vampiric characteristics, however, I freely admit I'm NOT an Egyptologist, merely a curious bystander who finds the history and legends of Egypt fascinating.

What about your name? It's Egyptian, isn't it?

Actually, no - at least not intentionally. My nick represents my love of domestic cats, rather than anything Egyptian. :) The "VP" portion stands for "vampire page", which was the original working title of my site, way way back in 1999.