Types of Vampyres

Written by: Zane Robinson
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Psi/Psy, Hybrid, and Sanguinarians. We have all heard of these terms, but it seems that nowhere in all of the Vampyre Community are there ever discussions regarding this. Every time one pops up, it is quickly deleted or heavily censored by the Webmaster/Webmistress. Why, though? This should not be.

There is clearly something very wrong going on here. Why is it that somebody would deny knowledge to another? This is simply unfathomable to me. The only thing I can guess is because of how many people would hate their "Elders" if they told them the truth. "What truth?" you ask? Well, I'm going to cover that here.

Psi vampyres/Psy vampyres

As popular opinion tells us –and we all know how reliable popular opinion is–, Psi vampyres/Psy vampyres are vampyres who must Feed off of the Energy of those around them in order to sustain their lives. This is due to them having some sort of "leak" in their aura that causes them to constantly lose energy everywhere that they go, similar to an oil leak in a car.

Although many will argue to the death about this one, Psis aren't really vampyres; they are merely humans who have convinced themselves that they have some sort of "energy leak," and have learned how to Psi Feed. I have met enough self-proclaimed "Psis" to know that their auras do not leak, and that they have no signs/symptoms of vampyrism on the Physical plane nor on the Astral whatsoever. In fact, the humans that actually are "leaky" are almost always the ones that are running around being happy and bubbly all the time, and who think that all vampyres have elongated fangs, sparkle in sunlight, live forever, and cannot/do not ingest regular "human food."* The reason these individuals are leaky is because of an excess of energy – not a lack of it.

Hybrid vampyres

Hybrid vampyrism is a rather interesting theory. It seems that everywhere one goes within the realms of mythology, there is always a "hybrid [insert myth here]" to be found. There are claims to being Hybrid Demons, Hybrid vampyre-Demons [²] , Hybrid Werewolves, Hybrid Werewolf-Demons, Hybrid Werewolf-vampyres, Hybrid Winnie The Pooh-Eeyores–you name it, the mythological community has got it! Because of this, it is understandable that a person would approach this topic with mild skepticism.**

Hybrids (self-described) say that they need both energy and blood. I have met and observed enough Hybrids to know that when they don't Feed it doesn't matter how much Energy they take in–a lack of blood is a lack of blood. The truth of the matter is that they need blood. Sure they can Psi-Feed, but so can the rest of us–vampyre and non-vampyre alike. In my experiences, the factor with the biggest role in the, "I am a Hybrid," decision-making process has to do with the fact that Psi-Feeding is an effective blood substitute. As I'm sure every vampyre has experienced at some point in their life, there is a point when we learn to Psi-Feed that we begin to ponder if blood really is necessary. After some time of only Psi-Feeding and not ingesting any blood we discover that this is not true, and that Psi-Feeding only provides us with momentary reprieve; it is often during this time that individuals go through the, "Am I a Hybrid?" phase.

I do believe that, "Hybrids," are vampyres, but disapporve of the usage of the word as it is very misleading. Let's not make matters more complicated than they need to be–people who claim to be Hybrids need blood. Vampyres need blood. Therefore, people who claim to be Hybrids are just vampyres–it's as simple as that.


Sanguinarians – derived from the root word, "sanguine," which means, "to appear to the likeness of blood," – are supposedly vampyres who must Drink blood in order to survive. Naturally, Sanguinarians are seen by some as humans who merely partake in the "vampire lifestyle," while others see them as vampyres who are not skilled enough in Psionics –which would include Psi-Feeding–, and are thus forced to live off of blood.

Amid all of the confusion regarding such starkly contrasting views, I felt it necessary to set the record straight: Sanguinarians are vampyres who have a necessity for blood.

Among the Vampyric Community there are two main groups of "vampyres," and those would be Psy-Vamps and Sanguinarians. For quite some time, the two happily lived side-by-side without affliction, until the Psy Vamps began to claim that they "knew" the reason that Sanguinarians required blood. Their reason was that blood contained the Life Force of the individual, and the Life Force was what the Sanguinarians were Hungering for, not the blood itself. The Psy Vamps went on to further state that because of this, Psy Vamps were superior to Sanguiarians in that Sanguinarians could not Psi-Feed; henceforth adopting the notion that Sanguinarians were "weak vampyres" or that Sanguinarians were "untrained vampyres."

Well, the truth is that Sanguinairans can Psi-Feed, but it does not satiate the Thirst. Because of this, the Psy Vamps formed the notion that Sanguinarians "weren't doing it right," or "couldn't do it," and were therefore inferior to the Psy Vamps. This, of course, is not the case, as, while Sanguinarians cannot become fulfilled via Energy, they can Psi-Feed. The only problem is that most Sanguinarians do not even bother with such efforts because the only thing that Psi-Feeding does for them is help stave off the Hunger for a little bit longer.

This is to the likeness of that "afternoon snack" that you bring to work on days when you know you're going to be gone for a couple extra hours. These "snacks" will help curb your appetite, but they will not fulfill your body's yearning for nourishment.

Psi-Feeding is a technique that is used regularly by many Sanguinarians because of its effectiveness in warding off the Hunger in those inopportune moments; however, many do not even bother with it, as the effects are only temporary, and they would rather "suffer through an extra hour of work and get home with a big meal waiting for them" than spend the extra time and thought that it takes to "find a suitable snack, grab that snack, and eat it" if only to arrive home with a big meal, regardless of which course of action they decide upon. The way they see it is:

"It's simply not worth the effort. Sure, I could Psi-Feed from a couple of saps down at the office to 'keep me over' a little bit longer, but if I'm just going to Drink later tonight anyway, I might as well just wait. It's not a lifetime."

This avoidance of Psi-Feeding only strengthens the Sanuinarians' case that it is not some, "Pranic Life Energy," that they require, but is something in the blood, itself. If they did require some sort of Life Force, then everybody who is a Sanguinarian would be begging for Psi-Feeding lessons from the supposedly superior "Psy Vamps." Sanguinarians from all over would be converting to Psi-Feeding because of how much easier it is, and because of the fewer risks involved in it as opposed to ingesting blood. The fact that Sanguinarians are never seen complaining about an "inability to Psi-Feed," and the fact that Sanguinarians often show little to no interest in Psi-Feeding whatsoever only furthers the argument of the Sanguinarians.

Sanguinarians, unlike the other two "types of vampyres," require blood as a biological necessity. As of this moment, the reason for this is unknown. Although there are many theories regarding this, the true reason is yet to be discovered. All that is known is that Sanguinarians require blood for some reason or another in order to acquire and maintain a happy and healthy life.†

Quick Summary

To sum it all up, there are three types of popularly-accepted "vampyres." These are: Psychic vampyres, Hybrids, and Sanguinarians.

Psi vampyres/Psy vampyres

Psychic vampyres are humans who believe that they have developed some type of "energy leak" in their aura, and believe that they will wither away and die if they do not Psi-Feed regularly.

This is disgustingly easy to prove false, as:

  1. Psychic vampyres harbor no physical traits whatsoever of vampyrism.
  2. Psychic vampyres harbor no Astral traits whatsoever of vampyrism.
  3. Even the novice Energy-Worker can observe the fact that these peoples' auras do not have a "leak" of any kind.
  4. Everybody should know that when a person gets excited, their Energy levels rise, thus resulting in an "overflow" of Energy within their own aura. In order to regulate the safe maximum amount of Energy that one should have, our bodies have a mechanism that allows this surplus Energy to exit the person's aura in all directions. This may appear to be a "leak" to the untrained Psionic (Energy-Worker), but as one becomes more experienced in the art of Psionics, they will come to the realization that this is only natural.

Hybrid vampyres

Hybrids are vampyres who require either blood or Energy. Hybrids (or "Hybrid vampyres" as some call them) demonstrate many, if not all, of the physical qualities possessed by vampyres, as well as the unique auric signature that all vampyres possess.

Hybrids describe their affliction as one that would require the individual to take in both blood and Energy. In truth, while many Hybrids prefer to Feed via blood, they do not have to have blood. Blood is merely preferred because blood fulfills the Thirst more quickly, and, perhaps, because of a greater physical contentment that cannot be achieved through Psi-Feeding.

Many Hybrid vampyres share the same belief about Sanguinarians as Psy vampyres do, although most Hybrid vampyres also feel similarly towards the Psy vampyres' inability to digest blood, leading them to believe that they are the only true vampyres since their bodies will accept both blood and Energy (since, you know, apparently Sanguinarians can't Psi-Feed).


Sanguinarians are vampyres who have a physiological need for blood. They demonstrate most, if not all, of the physical traits possessed by vampyres, as well as the vampyric Energy signature in their auras.

Sanguinarians typically possess a greater natural affinity for Psionics than do Hybrid vampyres, while Hybrids demonstrate greater natural ability than do humans. (In short, from least to greatest: Human –-> Hybrid –-> Sanguinarian) While all Sanguinarians have the ability to Psi-Feed, most do not do so on a regular basis because of the fact that the effects of it are only temporary.

As a general rule of thumb, Sanguinarians are typically more couth and private about their beliefs of the other types, although there are a few that will go around to every Hybrid and Psy and start spouting out their opinions on how Sanguinarians are the only "true vampyre." Their argument for this is that Sanguinarians:

  1. Require blood to live, as opposed to "half-needing it" or "not needing it.".
  2. Show great potential in the field of Psionics.
  3. Almost always, if not always, demonstrate greater physical abilities than that of their Hybrid counter-parts.
  4. Discover Psionic techniques on their own accord, as opposed to most Hybrids who must be "trained."
  5. Grasp Psi techniques more quickly than most Hybrids.
  6. Are never "vampire fiction fanatics," whereas 90% of Psychic vampyres are. (Not to say that they don't enjoy vampire fiction – they just aren't obsessed with it.)
  7. Usually Awaken from a life virtually void of all vampyre-related topics, as opposed to Psy-Vamps who Awaken only after watching "Twilight" or somehting similar, and stumble across a social group that has similar beliefs as them (These are called "friends," like the ones they have at school. The actual Vampyric Community has so many different views and walks of life from people of all ages that there is no true demographic with which one may represent them.)
  8. Can contact Spirits, manipulate Energy, and understand the world around them naturally whereas most Hybrids are involved in Ouija Boards, Magick, and Pagan religions. (Not to say that religion is a defining factor, but Sanguinarians typically have an equal understanding of nature after one year as would a Pagan after practicing for 10 years.)
  9. Come from all walks of life, and dress in all manners of sociological representations, whereas most Psychic vampyres are "emo," "goth," or "punk," and most Hybrids tend to either be "emo," punk," or "goth," themselves, or closely associated with said groups without much social contact outside of them.


Hopefully this "guide," per sé, to the different "types of vampyres" will help everybody understand each group more thoroughly, and debunk all of the rumors that are encircling the Vampyric Community regarding each type.

This is, of course, only what I have observed and is by no means a collection of all beliefs regarding such people; however, I am pretty sure that I have included all of them, and have elaborated on each quite sufficiently.

This article was created with the intention of being un-biased by including each group's opinions and beliefs, while showing everybody the truth behind each group. While you may at first think, "But Zane! This was not un-biased!" pointing to the discussion of Psychic vampyres, I can proudly say with my head held high:

"While I have likely burst many of your bubbles, and even offended many of you through my efforts to expose each group for what they are, what I have stated is not biased because I have introduced each group's individual opinions and beliefs, as well as each group's opinions and beliefs on each other. If it truly bothers you that much, then what I have written above could be thought of as merely 'another group's opinions and beliefs.' While I will not leave out any group's beliefs, I will also not lie to you by telling you that certain groups are real when they aren't. If you do not agree with me, then that is your choice, but you cannot call me biased just because I have shed light upon something that you disagree with. If you wish to go to a different Community –meaning 'website'– where others share your system of beliefs, then let me know, and I will gladly find and forward you to such a group, but know that what I tell you is the truth, and follows the rules of scientific method in that it is a testable theory, whereas others' claims do not follow such common-sense rules. What I tell you stands upon a solid and sound foundation with moles‡ of information with which I may back it up with. How many other self-proclaimed 'truth-knowing/enlightened' individuals out there can tell you that? Not many. Why? Because their views have no base, and are therefore wrong."

Additional Reading:

Here is a very good article regarding the "Psi/Sang War": http://www.sanguinarius.org/articles-2/CG-blood-feeding.shtml, and gives a look into the mind of a reasonable person who would argue against me that Psy vampyres are vampyres.

Also covering the rift between Sangs and Psy vampyres: http://akrieytaz.sanguinarius.org/real/social.html#comm extraordinarily un-biasedly, which is also done here: http://akrieytaz.sanguinarius.org/real/conclusions.html#psyvamp.

  • *   An example: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HybridMonster.
  • ** For information regarding Psychic vampyres, go here: http://www.psychicvampire.org.
  • †   Read more about the suggested theories for this here.
  • ‡   For those of you who are not science-savvy: 1 mole = 6.02×10²³, or 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Sure, it was a bit of an exaggeration, but a little hyperbole never hurt anything (mostly), now has it?