House Quinotaur

Written by: Zane Robinson
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There really isn't much to say about them; they are a fairly tame bunch from what I can find. They don't even have a House-originated religion – it's just a social networking site for Quinotarii.

They believe that they originated from a Quinotaur (see also) named Merovech. As the story goes, while in his mother's womb shortly after being conceived by his mother's husband, Merovech's mother became impregnated a second time by some sort of sea creature. Upon birth, Merovech was borne of two bloods – that of his father's, and that of the sea beast's. This made Merovech the first Quinotaur, and the originator of the Quinotaurii, (source).

Some Terminology

  • Quinotaur - Who/what they believe to be their common ancestor.
  • Quinotauri - The singular form of a member of House Quinotaur.
  • Quinotaurii - The plural form of a member of House Quinotaur.

An Exchange of Energy

House Quinotaur insists on the belief that it is some form of Energy that the Quinotaurii require, and that rather than Draining energy, they "exchange" it. Here is their idea:

  1. The vampire take energy from the donor.
  2. The vampire uses some of the energy or stores it, while allowing the rest to be taken back by the donor, after the vampire has cycled it through their own subtle body.
  3. The donor takes a slightly lesser amount from the vampire.
  4. The donor cycles the energy through their subtle body, refining it and making it more potent.
  5. The vampire takes the new energy from the donor.
  6. Back to step #2, (source).

The Good and the Bad

On the downside of this House, they claim that all Quinotaurii of are descendants of Merovech; however anybody can sign up, and thus become the descendant of Merovech. [*Zane ponders* Now, who can explain to me how this is possible?]

On the upside: They provide a support network, which is always nice to have.

They do have some great Psionics resources, though.

Here is the URL to their main page:

Just push the pretty little (actually it's quite dull) link that says, "Our House."

House Quinotaur banner