Temple of the Vampire

Written by: Zane Robinson
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This details quite fully the hypocrisy and greed shown from the administration heading the ToV. One key fact I have always warned people of was that they claim you must buy their book, The Vampire Bible, to become a vampyre, and must study it over the course of many, many months and years to ascend in strength when it is quite obvious that reading a book does not make one a vampyre.

Furthermore, after reading The Vampire Bible, it is suggested that one buys the book Revelations, which further delves into The Vampire Bible, allowing you to, "...have the practical and clearly explained answers to these and many more of the most important questions asked about The Vampire Bible...," (source), insinuating that The Vampire Bible was not meant to cover everything in the first place.

How much does it cost?

[Note: All prices are calculated in USD.]

The Vampire Bible is $20 in paperback or $35 in hardcover, and Revelations is another $20. On top of that, you have to buy "The Temple Ritual Pendant" for $35, bringing this to a grand total of $90.

Alternatively, you could purchase their, "Complete Membership Package," for $75, or the "Basic Membership Package" which does not include Revelations and provides no discount, going for $55.

These prices aside, if you wish to have an, "Active Membership," you must pay $10 per month. (Their reason for charging instead of providing this for free)

Then, of course, you could by one of two (or both) versions of their, "...compilation of the best articles from the Temple's monthly newsletter...," for $20 more for each version, and, let's not forget, their rings which go for $95 each (understandable since crest rings are really expensive), or even their necklace which goes for $90, (source).

Other information

Far be it for me to question the authority of technology, but I dare say that the ability to "Turn" into a vampyre just by reading a simple book is probably never going to occur.

They also allow minors (defined as under 18 years of age) to join, (source). Now, don't get me wrong, while I respect many minors' opinions, when it comes to such matters as "Lifetime Memberships" this responsibility should not be entrusted to them.


Regardless of your disposition regarding the Temple of the Vampire (ToV for short), you should consider reading this: http://www.petitiononline.com/VampCULT/petition.html. It is a link to an interesting article revealing the internal workings of the ToV. I have long warned people of the group, explaining that they were a corrupt organization, however I was limited to only what non-members could see and whatever I managed to get their administration to tell me (it wasn't easy), therefore I say that you should also consider reading that article to gain further insight. I can't attest to the trucity or fallacy of the contents of the article, though, so make of it what you will.

Make of it what you will – this is only the author's opinion, and my recommendation; however you are, of course, free to act and believe as you please. I only ask that you take this into account when forming your opinion about the organization, as well as use this as a guideline whenever you feel uncomfortable about a particular group.

(Side note: What non-members can see is very, very little. They instruct one to view their Forum to help prove their claims, however aside from their introductory post, every single one of their Threads are made Private. To this I must ask, "Why the hypocrisy?")

Here is "The Vampire Creed" which you should all read.

(For a more light-hearted review of the Temple of the Vampire, try this.)