What Every Blood Drinker Should Know

Written by: Ravena
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There are few things more disturbing than contracting a life threatening disease from sheer ignorance. In this day and age there is no real reason one cannot access the information they need to reduce the risks of blood feeding. Unfortunately, myths surrounding blood borne diseases and how they are transmitted are still rampant.

The most frightening myths are probably those surrounding HIV.

It is still common for people to suppose that one cannot become infected with HIV via oral sex or blood feeding. The arguement for this usually involves the claim that stomach acid kills HIV. After bodily fluids have dried, the risk of becoming infected is very low as drying, "reduces the amount of infectious virus by 90 to 99 percent within several hours."(according to studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control) *

However, any break in the skin between the mouth and the stomach will allow for penetration of HIV. Even tiny microscopic tears in the surface are enough to allow the HIV to slip through. Small scratches may or may not be detectable in the mouth, but they cannot be detected in the throat or the esophagus. Furthemore, there is really no way of being absolutely sure that one is free from the microscopic legions. In addition, the mouth is akin to a mucous membrane and will absorb certain things, including HIV.

People who refuse to believe the above, for whatever reason, are putting themselves and those they are sexually intimate with at tremendous risk. Freedom of choice is indeed a wonderful thing. Using it to put others at risk is completely unacceptable. If someone believes they are indestructable or somehow above getting infected with HIV or some other blood borne disease, they can live and die in their own stupid importance. However, loved ones should not be taken with them. Being honest and up front about practicing unsafe blood feeding techniques(or unsafe sex) is something donors and sexual partners deserve to know. Also, if said people have web sites or message boards, perhaps they will not present their unhealthy views as fact and spread misinformation everywhere causing those who do not know better to make life threatening choices.

Bottom line, blood drinkers should make it their business to learn the correct information about blood borne diseases and other risks associated with feeding on blood. Spreading false information shows an incredible lack of respect for the health and well being of those not only in the vampire community, but those who interact with vampires, and society as a whole.

Below is a list of links that will be of some assistance for those looking for accurate information. This is only to get you started and does not replace doing your own research.

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One can also contact the CDC National AIDS hotline at 1-800-342-AIDS