As vampy(i)res, it is a commonplace to be asked, "Where did you all come from?" or, "What makes you the way you are?" and the sad truth of it is, nobody knows.

Sure, everybody has their theories about why we are as we are, or where we came from, but nobody knows with absolute certainty the cause of our "condition." If they did, everyone would be on the same page, and you wouldn't be reading this right now.

Due to this lack of knowledge, it is important that all options are thrown out there so that they may be readily explored by the curious and driven with the means to discover the truths behind such things. To that end, it is the goal of this page to list all known potential causes/sources of vampy(i)rism.

  • An Overview of Real Vampire Origin Theories
    • Inevitably, someone new to the community will come looking for information, and among the questions asked will be something like one of the following:
  • Dracula
    • Here some light is shed on "Dracula" (no pun intened...okay maybe a little). I point out that while he was a rather charismatic man (not to mention sadistic), he wasn't very much a vampyre by any stretch of the imagination. Just a pretty awesome historical figure that kicked some serious bad guy booty, albeit using some fairly sickening methods.
  • From the Beginning to October, 1998
    • Before I was online, I corresponded with people in the vampire subculture and people who said they were vamps, researchers, etc. Eventually, I was contacted by someone who later invited me to join a network of real vampires that they were trying to form, and it had a newsletter. It had barely got off the ground, when a few viscious people, whom the founders had decided didn't fit the qualifications of what a real vampire was, started nasty rumors regarding us and the network: what we were, stood for, did, our goals, etc. Since we were very secretive (and a bit elite...read as snobbish, I suppose), -- we were instructed to talk about it with nobody outside ourselves, -- nobody outside the group knew any better. You know about sheeple and the rumor mill...ugh!
  • Genetic Biochemical Interaction Theory
    • Genetically speaking, if we know all people have identical genetic codes, which are active however can be extremely different. These differences are part of what makes each person unique. Yet even in being unique we have so many similarities as to make the differences hard to determine on a genetic level.
  • Is a Medical Cause for Sanguinarians Practical?
    • Much of my page focuses on medicine, science and looking for a medical cause to the sanguin condition. But is this a practical approach? Are we wasting our time looking in that direction?
  • Lilith
    • Many millenia ago when the world was first being created, God plopped two dandy souls on Earth named Adam and Lilith. (No, not Adam and Eve. If you think that Adam and Eve were the first souls on this planet, then you obviously have not done your homework.) Adam, being male, and Lilith, being female, were meant to reproduce and populate the Earth. Well...that didn't work out so well.
  • Pranic Energy = ATP? No...
    • One of the things I keep seeing on psi vamp sites is that Pranic Energy is equal to ATP, and that Pranic energy is what Sanguins get from the blood, and Psi-vamps get in other ways. I can't debate if Pranic energy is what is taken or not, but I can debate that Pranic energy is ATP, and that is what is injested.
  • The Evolution of the Meaning of the Word Vampire
    • There is, in fact, a good answer to your question, Darkestone! But it's NOT a simple one (or a brief one!). I'll try to keep it as clear and concise as I can, but I suggest you find a comfortable seat, because this is going to take a little while.
  • V5 Vampire Virus
    • It is thought that this virus is a sort of endogenous retrovirus, behaving much like HIV. In short, retroviruses are viruses that, once in the body, attack the genetic make-up of our bodies, altering our very DNA, and the term, "endogenous," means that it is passed on through the offspring from the parent organism. Therefore, "endogenous retrovirus," means that it is a DNA-altering virus that can be passed on to the infected individual's children.
  • Vampirism as a Virus
    • The hypothesis of vampirism having a viral cause is an old one. We see it in movies, TV shows, books and occasionally, though credited erroneously, as fact. Is there a possible truth to this, however? What would be the pros and cons of this hypothesis? Well, here you go: