Genetic Biochemical Interaction Theory

Written by: Deacon Gray
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(Originally posted as Msg #4798 on the BlackRosez Yahoo Group on 21 June, 2006.)

The human body is made up of thousands billions of genetic viabilities. The difference between red hair and brown hair, blue eyes and green, exceptional intelligence and profound creativity rests inside those links.

Genetically speaking, if we know all people have identical genetic codes, which are active however can be extremely different. These differences are part of what makes each person unique. Yet even in being unique we have so many similarities as to make the differences hard to determine on a genetic level.

Genetics works much like a switch board. Some are on, some are off, and what makes those circuits active or inactive depends by and large on the biochemical interactions that take place in the body. So, with the proper mixture of bio chemical input, the genes are basically made active and produce an effect.

Some of those effects are at birth and some are later in life, but the body continually makes chemical changes. For the Vampire this would explain a great deal.

Consider for a moment that we are all mortal in most every way. At some point in our lives we became awakened to what we are, but there was typically some kind of an event, though not always, that precipitated this awakening. These events are often biophysical in nature. Puberty, exiting puberty, pregnancy, sexual interactions, fear, horror, ageing, near death experiences; the list can go on, but the key to it all is that something happened.

I suggest that a biochemical interaction in vampires takes place. This interaction, this biochemical change, allows the chemical receptor sites to open, and like a light switch being turned on, the genetic code that makes a vampire awaken become active. The majority of humanity, however, never finds the right balance to make that switch turn on, and so the vampire traits remain dormant.

Now the chemical itself would not have to be static. It does not have to be one chemical that triggers the change, indeed to make a receptor site active it typically takes a combination of different chemicals to do the job. Look at the Sodium Potassium pump, where many chemicals have to be in the right amounts, ionized or deionized, in order for the action to take place.

That said, say for example only that there are 20 chemicals that have to be aligned in order to awaken that gene. Well 19 of them are in place or at the right level for years; suddenly for males their testosterone level drops, or raises, and click everything lines up right. The genetic receptors are in alignment and the gene becomes active.

Now I would say that the more of these 20 chemicals that are in alignment, the closer one would be to exhibiting the vampire's characteristics. This would explain how people can kind of become aware of their vampiric natures slowly, then one day it just all kind of clicks, typically when they find themselves feeding.

Indeed much would be explained with this process. One could not genetically tell exactly what was taking place; the physiological differences between humans and vampires would be very hard to discern, and age would not have to be a factor as some could literally be born with their biochemical interactions at peak levels. Just like some kids can play the piano nearly from the crib, it is just something in their genetic code that clicked on.

Now considering that the gene of each may require a slightly different chemical cocktail, many things would also change along with it including the needs or requirement to feed in certain ways. Psi feeders could actually require their feeding as a means to release a biochemical agent into the blood which helps to maintain the good health and well being of the vampire. The same could be held true for the sang feeder or the eros (sexual) feeding type.

In my view this interaction explains everything, or can explain everything, as a chemical requirement variant. It could be a genetic-biochemical interaction that, like hair color, can be either passed down or skipped over in generations. Yet it would have a much more profound effect like intelligence or creativity. Perhaps even Psi or magical abilities such as astral travel.

Just a theory.