Pranic Energy = ATP? No...

Written by: Sarasvati
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One of the things I keep seeing on psi vamp sites is that Pranic Energy is equal to ATP, and that Pranic energy is what Sanguins get from the blood, and Psi-vamps get in other ways. I can't debate if Pranic energy is what is taken or not, but I can debate that Pranic energy is ATP, and that is what is injested.

ATP, or adenosine-triphosphate, is what allows us to live. It powers reactions in the body for digestion, hormonal signals, even muscle contraction. It helps move chemicals in and out of the blood, and allows for transport. in short, it does, or allows other things to do, almost everything. Because of this, I can see how it would be thought that it would be what vampires require. After all, for both psivamps and sanguins, starvation causes a decrease in energy and other problems.

The problem I see with comparing it to Pranic Energy, is that ATP is extremely short lived. Half life of not even a quarter of a second. Usually, ATP is created in the cell, and the cell uses it, right then. It is not a molecule meant for transport from one part of the body to another and is almost non-exsistant in the blood. Not to mention even if it were present in concentration in the blood, by the time a sanguin injested it, it would be gone.

Admitably, I don't know much about psi-vamps, but I do know I have only rarely heard of one able to do telekinesis. And that is what would be required of them if Pranic energy is ATP, and Pranic energy is what is injested. One would have to take the molecule from person A and teleport it to use in Person B.

I am not saying I don't think psi-vamps exist, let me make that clear before I get people jumping down my throat. I am saying that it is pretty well near impossible that the idea of Pranic Energy = ATP is true. ATP is not found in blood in recognizable concentrations and has a half life so short it would be useless anyway. I am simply tired of seeing this false idea perpetuated.