Interviews can be a stressful (and often touchy) topic. Whether you are being interviewed, or the one doing the interview, most people from both sides aren't entirely sure where to start or how to go about it.

Here are many articles with tips on handling yourself when asking questions, as well as tips for interviewers on how to ask the right questions and a bit on understanding where the subject is coming from.

  • I'm Doing A Term Paper / Report / Article
    • Every few weeks we get one of those e-mails, or one of those people pops into IRC. While I understand the curiosity and interest in doing one of these (I had the "bright idea" to do that in school myself, oh so long ago...) there are a few pointers you should know before jumping in with your list of questions that may include ones already asked in the past:
  • I'm Doing a (TV or Radio) Documentary/Show
    • The people in this community come from all walks of life - students, lawyers, medical staff, IT professionals, factory workers, etc. There is no single unified appearance or occupation - while some go for the "overboard" goth look, others prefer to dress in a manner than blends in, particularly if they're working for a living.
  • Interview Advice & Guidelines
    • I've had three or four interviews, and blown off about five or six. Of those that I have done, one made it to a local paper, and that was a fiasco (ergh...); one fellow supposedly had a book contract, but he lied about that and after making a big splash, and getting all these people to pour out their life stories to him, just blew everyone off and dropped out; one was for a private publication, which ended up making a one or two sentence reference to me; and one was a part of a screening process for a private organization.
  • Notes for Interviewers
    • Ask 10 different people and you'll probably get 15 different answers. :)