Psionics, also known as, "Energy Manipulation," "Psychic abilities," and numerous other names, is the art of manipulating the energy that flows within, throughout, and all around every single one of us. It is something that can be performed by anybody, but is something that must be practiced, and is definitely a, "Use it or lose it," aspect of life, meaning that without exercising these skills regularly you will find yourself quite frequently backtracking to make up lost ground.

Although there is widespread debate about who can/can't do it, both non-vampy(i)res and vampy(i)res alike most definitely can do this. The only difference is that vampy(i)res have an innate ability to perform this; therefore they often go through life doing these things without knowing it, and learn considerably faster than most non-vampy(i)res.

Psionics is fun, most definitely, but because of the wide range of applications it has, it also has great potential to be used irresponsibly, and with ill-intent. While no one can stop you from abusing this ability, it is politely asked that you take responsibility for your actions and think things through before diving in head first and possibly getting yourself and/or others hurt in the process.

"With great power comes great responsiblity."

  • A Contemplation: The World on Energy
    • One definition of subtle energy is, “a loose term used to describe any energy that is not recognized and categorized by conventional scientific knowledge.” ( Some simply think of it as qi (chi) or prana, the life force. Many people are skeptical about the existence of subtle energy. Aside from the fact that belief is not required for something to exist or for something to be true, most have experienced it without any recognition.
  • Astral Projection
    • "Astral Projection" is the action of "becoming" your Soul, and moving about outside of the limits of your Physical Body.
  • Astral Seals
    • "Seals" are something often used when an individual wishes to "hide" something. Because others can view your emotions, your memories, your thoughts, etc. some people wish to create what are called "Seals" to hide these things. You shouldn't do this with current thoughts/memories, but some people have certain things that they'd rather others not see, and/or would rather forget, themselves.
  • Basics of Shielding: A Visual Approach
    • In order to understand shielding, one must first understand the basis of psionics, that is, quite basically, that everything is made up of energy and that very energy may be manipulated to various degrees. There are many things that you might wish to shield yourself against, but for purposes of this article, I will assume that your desire is to shields yourself against being drained of energy.
  • Claim Your Space, Dammit!
    • Whether it's a leech-like psi/astral creature attaching to you, attempted possession or tagalong by psychic/psionic entity, creepy things invading your personal / residential space, or a Working gone wrong (construct creation, etc.)
  • Controlling Energy Draining
    • If you are a psivamp, unintentional leeching will eventually happen, sooner or later, despite your efforts to totally prevent it - the key is to minimize the effects when it happens. If the psi-feeding connection is held too long, or is not broken properly, residual draining may occur, or the other person's energy may continue to "leak". The other person will most likely feel excessively tired or exhausted, and may fall asleep. Such tiredness is typically short-lived (hours or days at the most) but may extend for weeks depending on what else is going on or if there is persistent draining.
  • Empathy 101 - Overview on Empathy
    • Empathy is the ability to "read" and understand people's emotional states. Empathy in and of itself is not the same as telepathy (ability to "read" and understand people's thoughts) but CAN function in similar ways to a highly skilled empath, especially when combined with the mundane skill of reading body language and facial expressions.
  • Empathy 102: Empathic Filters
    • The first problem any unshielded empath notices is the overwhelming amount of impressions from other people. You don't know where "you" stop and "other people" begin, particularly when you've been around one or more people for a while. Confusion is common from having multiple emotions vying for attention, and most of them aren't yours.
  • Grounding & Centering 101
    • It is easy for anyone who is sensitive to get overloaded by excess or negative energy, or in the case of empaths, overwhelmed by energy that is highly charged with emotions that are not the empath's own emotions. Grounding is a basic technique used in most energy or magickal work that assists in shedding the the negative or excess energy and allows you to stabilize your own energy levels. There are many techniques for doing so, and not all of them are visual in nature.
  • Meditation/How to See Auras
    • “'re saying that if I want to get better at this 'Psionics' stuff I have to meditate? Well, how do I meditate?” It's a question that's asked quite a lot, and an answer that I give quite a lot. The problem is, it's a difficult matter to write an article or “how-to” about because of how individualized it generally needs to be. Everybody's different and everyone learns differently; however despite this I'm going to give it my best shot anyway.
  • PsiFeeding: Sources, Perception & Draining of Energy
    • A lot of people ask me what the energy feels like when I¹m working with it. I have always replied that how I feel energy won¹t necessarily be how anyone else feels it - and I still believe this, because there are essential differences between how I perceive things and what I see described by other sources. This doesn't mean that anyone is necessarily wrong or right - only that how we interpret things is not the same. While other people may see energy in colors or shapes or anything else, I'm aware primarily of textures and sometimes strength or temperature.
  • Psi-Feeding
    • Psi-Feeding is when you transfer the Energy from Object A to Object B. Basically, all you're doing is moving it from one place to another -- it is not nearly as "magical" as many people make it out to be.
  • Psionics: Arguments For and Against
    • As with anything in life (gravity is no exception), there are both those who say "Yea!" and those who say "Nay!" Because of this, I am going to list what we can find of those who say "Nay!" and give you my argument against them.
  • Psionics: What is It?
    • Energy is the force that is all around us. It is in the air that we breathe, the cells of our bodies, the bountiful beauties of nature, and also in what we have come to know as, "energy," (i.e. electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, and light energy).
  • Shielding 101 - What is Shielding?
    • In this usage, "shielding" refers to psi-based defenses around yourself, commonly either within or along the "edges" of your aura/energy field. "Shields" are often called many things by different people, including "wards" or "personal wards", "psi defenses" and so on, all depending on the person's experience and preferences. No matter what you call it, it's still a form of protection from outside influences such as psychic attack and empathic/telepathic overload.
  • Shielding 201: Basic Shielding Principles
    • Yes, absolutely. I use several all the time. :) However, if you're just starting out, you'll need to practice to get the knack of having all of the ones you choose up at once without conflict. (For anyone who's been doing it for a long time, it will seem automatic, like breathing.) Think of it like juggling several objects. Someone who's used to juggling several objects has no problem keeping them up - someone new will keep dropping them left and right, and are lucky if they can get them to "bounce" more than once. Depending on how focused you are will determine how fast you can master this skill.
  • Shielding 301: Overview of Shielding Techniques
    • Shields are your primary method of protection from psychic/psionic attack and possible damage, with a variety of different styles used for different purposes. While some people may settle on a preferred shielding method and stick pretty much to that, it is recommended that you learn and practice multiple shielding methods so that you're better prepared in different situations.
  • Spirits
    • Spirits are all around us, and can only be seen when one looks at the auras about them, or Astrally Projects outside of his/her own body. Our Astral Bodies' eyes can see them, just not our Physical eyes.
  • What are Auras?
    • “Auras.” We've all probably heard the term at some point or another, but not all of us have had a very accurate depiction of what these “things” actually are.