A Contemplation: The World on Energy

Written by: Ravena
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One definition of subtle energy is, “a loose term used to describe any energy that is not recognized and categorized by conventional scientific knowledge.” (healthandgoodness.com) Some simply think of it as qi (chi) or prana, the life force. Many people are skeptical about the existence of subtle energy. Aside from the fact that belief is not required for something to exist or for something to be true, most have experienced it without any recognition.

Subtle Energy and Perceptions

In very simple terms examples of subtle energy at work happen very often. – manifesting in the way we feel “bad vibes”.Almost everyone is familiar with “the creeps” or the “heebie jeebies”. These senses happen because of subtle energy – whether it is external (in the environment) or internal (the person’s perception projects the subtle energy).

Beyond the Physical

Most people have experienced meeting someone and not really being moved by their physical appearance. Then after getting to know the person, the flaws that were perceived before begin to dim and sometimes even disappear. The physical body is just the vehicle that carries a person through life. An evolved person can see through the vehicle to the person and energy inside. They base their attractions and interest in a person, whether romantic or not, on the energy signature, and not on the outward. Such people know that the physical body is only temporary and basing one's only opinion on it becomes ambiguous.

In part, this is the reason why we see ourselves different than others might see us. We are appealing to others and we cannot appreciate the qualities that make the perceiver take notice. People not in tune with their own energies may not be aware of their good qualities and as a result are not close to tapping into their own potential and personal power. Is this the reason that human beings are typically not solitary creatures? Do we need others to help us on our path of self-realization?

A lot of people can relate to meeting someone and immediately liking them or not for no apparent reason. The person didn't do anything. These can be based only on what the person looks like, but sometimes it's something we can't quite put our finger on, something seems off, the vibes are bad.This is how our perceptions are affected by subtle energy. For the most part, usually one discovers that their intuition was right, if their perception was not based on physical appearance but that "something else". Everyone has an energy signature, though not everyone would be sensitive to it or even care about it. Some people might gauge an energy signature without even being aware of it.

The Role of Fashion

Are the clothes we wear a kind of filter to hide (or in some cases enhance) aspects of our subtle body? For example, the black guy and homeboy threads; are those wearing them really “gangstas? Or do they want to project the intimidating or dangerous image because it gives them a sense of protection or works for them in some other way? Another example is goths. Perhaps they dress that way not only because black and dark colors resonates with them but also because it lets them hide by not being approachable. Obviously aesthetics is always a component of fashion, but these examples allow us to ponder if there’s something more. These fashion decisions may be made consciously, like the aforementioned aesthetics, but it is difficult to deny that people dress in part for the message it might send to others.

The Dark Side of Perception

There are some very clever people out there who are masters of manipulation and they can fool even the most skilled of energy workers. It is essential in any kind of energy related field to have confidence in your abilities, but it’s also important to have a reliable measure of your skills so that you have a realistic view. Being over confident could lead to falling victim to a manipulator who would like nothing more than to pull one over on you, it’s all the more rewarding when you tell them just how skilled you are and they get you anyway. How do you get past this kind of person? Look beyond the flattery and look at their actions and pay attention to their energy signature unfiltered by what they want you to perceive. It’s tricky but it can be done.

Soul Families and Soul Mates

The concept of soul families and soul mates is not unfamiliar to those in the metaphysical community. We can choose which beliefs we subscribe to, but for many, the idea of soul connections throughout lifetimes have at least some merit.

A soul family is a group of individuals who share a spiritual connection, hence on the soul level. There are many different ideas about what a soul family is and what its purpose might be. For the purposes of this discussion, we can simply relate the soul family to energetic perception. We want to be around people we resonate with – kindred spirits if you will. Some people live a whole lifetime never contemplating the idea of a soul family or tapping into how powerful it can be to not be alone on a spiritual level. A soul mate is a certain person whom we share a special connection with, often one that transcends words. A soul mate does not have to be a romantic person, and many believe there is more than one soul mate in that context. Some theories put all the soul mates together and this is the soul family. However, a soul family is linked by everyone, the idea of togetherness is there, so if we have two soul mates that loathe one another and would not dream of being in the same family, it kind of discounts the soul mate collection is in fact our soul family. Whatever one believes on the topic, it is worth examining what deep connections we have in our lives. Perhaps if we feel something is missing, it is in part because we have not found our soul family. It relates to subtle energy in that we are drawn to someone and connect to someone because their energy signature is similar to ours or something about their energy patterns resonates with our own.


There are not any hard facts when it comes to subtle energy. However, that does not mean we cannot contemplate its effects and entertain its existence. The belief in it though comes from the inner self; one gets that belief from personal testimony. Nothing settles it more for some though than interacting online. We can be anyone we want to be. We can tell others whatever we want, but the energetically sensitive will be able to detect the truth. It depends on the amount of skill of course – but even the most unskilled can catch a liar if they have learned to recognize the signs. For those of us who sense energy patterns in a person, interacting online is an interesting experience, Interaction online forces even the most unaware person to focus on who they are talking to and not what they look like.

What would the world be like if everyone went by the energy signature? Can you imagine the Hollywood celebrities? Would the celebrities considered beautiful by societal norms become ugly or mediocre? Would the criteria by which we choose our partners and/or friends be different? What would work be like? These are some things that are worth thinking about. Not because these things will come to pass on a world level, but because of the impact they might have for people on an individual level. Imagine not being blinded by the shallow traps a lot of people find themselves in. Imagine being able to determine your true friends or partners from those who do not have your best interests in mind. This is not the world on energy, it is you on energy. Perhaps that will be enough.