Controlling Energy Draining

Written by: SphynxCatVP
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If you are a psivamp, unintentional leeching will eventually happen, sooner or later, despite your efforts to totally prevent it - the key is to minimize the effects when it happens. If the psi-feeding connection is held too long, or is not broken properly, residual draining may occur, or the other person's energy may continue to "leak". The other person will most likely feel excessively tired or exhausted, and may fall asleep. Such tiredness is typically short-lived (hours or days at the most) but may extend for weeks depending on what else is going on or if there is persistent draining.

If their immune system is compromised (chronic illness), depressed (fighting off an infection such as a cold or the flu), they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or are in a depressed or melancholy state, they may get sick easier, however whether they get sick is NOT a direct result of unintentional psifeeding. Just keep in mind two things:

  1. Sometimes, shit happens no matter what.
  2. Minimize the effects as much as you can.

Ideally, you'll have to maintain control as much as possible. This means you'll need to be more aware of what your energy is doing and where it's going. This also means you'll need to be able to find YOUR energy and distinguish it from anyone else's. A type of meditation designed specifically to focus on one's own energy - looking inward, if need be - will help a lot in reaching this goal. Ideally, you should be aware of what your energy is doing at all times. It's possible you may be tired enough that your leaking energy on your own - it'll need to be patched up, of course, or the leakage blocked, but again, you need to be aware of it to know what's going on.

Realistically, it can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible to control when you've recently awakened, or have been unaware of what's been going on. Therefore, until you can get more control, you'll need to learn to use methods that minimize the impact on other individuals.

Ways to reduce effects

Crowd Feeds

Large groups, such as those found in shopping centers, grocery stores, dance clubs or amusement parks, are an ideal location to get a lot of energy easily. You'll still get the same amount of energy, just spread out over lots of people, so single individuals will only notice if they're actively monitoring for it. Think of it like asking for $100 - if you ask just one person, they may have it, but probably won't have much extra cash on hand. If you ask 100 people for $1, however, you'll still get $100, and each of the 100 people will still have extra cash.

Different Energy Sources

Energy can also come from plants, ley lines/vortexes (psi-based energy concentration points), or even electrical power plants or substations. (Provided you don't get to close - electric shocks from them can still be deadly.) Another electrical alternative is high-power electrical lines and where they met at telephone poles. Houseplants are not recommended because they don't have a lot of energy - you'll find they tend to die rapidly until you get it under control. Depending on what you relate to,


Empathy, Group Setting

If you are sensitive to people's emotional states on a regular basis, you're probably empathic. There are special considerations you need to take into account if you are empathic - shielding and filtering, for starters. You need to keep everyone else's moods from affecting your own, especially in crowd feeds because it WILL get to you otherwise. Getting input from many different emotions at the same time WILL get confusing until you get used to it and learn to filter it to a manageable level.

Empathy, One-on-one

Similar issues occur if you have just one donor for energy - over an extended period of time, you'll pick up more and more on their emotional states and moods, and it will affect you. (To what degree it affects you will depend on you and your ability to keep "theirs" separate from "yours".) You may also pick up on aspects of their personality that they may not be aware of - and it may be disturbing to them (not necessarily for "I didn't want you to know that" - could also be they may just find that aspect disturbing and don't want to think about it) if they find out what you've picked up.

A bit about tendrils

Many psivamp/hybrid vampires have reported that their energy forms tendrils as it reaches out to people and things. While it is not the place of this article to say that it applies to all psivamp/hybrid vampires, there is a visualization tricks you can use in this type of situation, and that is to pull the tendrils back in and wrap them around you. Visualize them wrapping around you like clothing or a cloak would. (If you've seen enough Japanese animation, I'm sure it'll be easy enough to picture.)

Control is not always easy to grasp when you're first starting out, and can sometime slip even when you're more experienced. Follow the tips above and it should reduce the problems you have.