Written by: Zane Robinson
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Psi-Feeding is when you transfer the Energy from Object A to Object B. Basically, all you're doing is moving it from one place to another -- it is not nearly as "magical" as many people make it out to be.

Psi-Feeding (short for "Psionic Feeding" or "Psionically Feeding") is essentially the same as Channeling. All you're doing is "Channeling" the Energy from one person/place to another. The term, "Psi-Feeding," though, directly refers to taking Energy from something or someone else and giving it to yourself.

One of the greatest things about Psi-Feeding is that it's a pretty universally recognized term so most people should know what you are talking about when you mention it, while other terminology may vary from person-to-person since people who learn by themselves often come up with their own names for things.


To Psi-Feed you must first see the Energy from which you are going to take. (If you cannot see Energy, then "feeling" it will suffice, although it is an extremely good idea to learn how to see auras, and thus Energy.) You then use some form of visualization technique in which the other's Energy is coming from it and into you.

One such method is the "tentacle" method, in which you extend an Astral 'tentacle' from your aura to the other person's. Once this 'tentacle' is attached, you simply make it absorb their Energy from the tip, and pass it down through the tentacle's arm to your aura (since you are where its base is).

Alternatively, you could simply imagine a lightning-bolt-like stream of Energy flowing from the other person's aura to your own, thus giving you the Energy. (Personally I use the "lightning bolt" method, but it is largely personal preference.)

Another such method I read somewhere is the "utility belt" method. The "utility belt" method is a spin-off of superhero utility belts, and is done the same way as the "tentacle" method. You imagine yourself wearing a utility belt, and shoot the 'grappling hook' to the other person. You then make the grappling hook retract, thus bringing the other's Energy to you (while you are stationary).

Sources of Energy

You can Psi-Feed from people, animals, and objects all the same, although if it is an object it of course has to have and Energy signature – otherwise it obviously won't work. You see Energy similarly to how you see auras, and Energy is usually much more monotonous and is always much more shallow than an aura. It still works the same for Psi-Feeding purposes, though.

When Psi-Feeding from people or animals, you should be mindful of how much you take. Whenever you take Energy from either of the previously mentioned, within a few minutes they become more lethargic. If you take too much from them, then they can even become depressed and reclusive, while in some major circumstances they can even become sick if you take too much (due to their bodies being weaker their immune systems become weaker). This is also a good method to see if it worked or not – if they don't more lethargic within a few minutes after your Feeding from them it likely didn't work (or you simply didn't take enough to cause it).

When Psi-Feeding from objects, you don't have to worry as much about how much you take. Electricity, for example, is a relatively unlimited resource. Fire is very similar. The thing you have to watch out for, though, is when taking from various technological devices. When doing so, they may behave oddly (not save information/corrupt files, shorter battery life, shut off, display stops working, etc.), while the same is especially true for light fixtures if you take a large enough amount very suddenly.


All-in-all, Psi-Feeding can be quite fun, although it is always important to remember to exercise discretion, and to be mindful that your actions can and will affect others' lives.