What are Auras?

Written by: Zane Robinson
Link to original: http://awakeanddrink.org/?subpages=psionics&pages=whatareauras

“Auras.” We've all probably heard the term at some point or another, but not all of us have had a very accurate depiction of what these “things” actually are.

Auras are essentially a person's “soul.” Looking at one's aura is much like peering into their very essence – pure “them.” What is nice about auras is that it shows a person's “true self.”

You see, we have our “physical bodies” (the ones with which we eat, sleep, and clothe), then we have our auras. Auras reside on the Astral Plane (a Plane of existence parallel to the one we're used to, but without physical objects), and reflect everything that goes on in the Physical Plane. Similarly, if something occurs on the Astral Plane, it will be reflected by the individual on the Physical Plane.

To some of you, this may be an idea quite difficult to wrap your head around – and that's O.K. Over time, many civilizations have become increasingly less attuned to such things and have become more fixated on what the next shiny, new gadget will be, or how much their next paycheck will be for. Caught up in all of this, anything that comes to their attention that may challenge their current living conditions are often disregarded as fancy. This isn't any particular person or group's fault; it is simply a result of the modern age. Unfortunately the side-effect of this is a blindness to that which we could once see so clearly.

Because of this, it's alright if you have a hard time understanding the concept of auras at first, but once you get started it won't take much to more fully understand them.

As a child, did you ever see swirling clouds/fogs/mists of color? Did you ever sense a presence around you from time to time? Not an “imaginary friend,” but what legitimately seemed to be a person who was with you from time to time? These were Spirits.

As children, we are all much more sensitive to these types of Energies than we later are as adults. This is the result of being told that these don't exist, they're our imagination, etc., and we thus associate all things regarding that as fictitious despite what our instincts may tell us.

So after dulling down our senses for so many years, it's understandable that we may be, “a little rusty.”